; Pedro Lopez _ other serial killers
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Pedro Lopez _ other serial killers


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									                                           Pedro Lopez

                                         By: Max Clinton

       Most of Pedro Lopez’s killings ranged from around 1978 to 1980, but he was released

from jail in 1998 and is thought to still be killing. He is known as “The Monster of the Andes”.

His mother was a prostitute and spent time in prison before he was 20. He was sexually abused

as a child and raped in prison. He was arrested in 1980 and had killed girls in Peru, Ecuador, and

Columbia. He confessed to over 300 murders. He was released in 1998, but was thought to be

rearrested by Columbian authorities after a murder in 2002.

       Pedro Alonzo Lopez was born in 1949 in the city of Tolmia, which is in Columbia. At the

time Columbia was in a period of “La Violencia”. Civil war was occurring and would end 9

years later with over 200,000 dead. The crime rate was 50 times higher than all other countries in

the world. Pedro was the son of a poor prostitute and was the 7th of 13 children. At the age of 8

his mother caught him molesting his younger sister and he was kicked out of the house and

forced to live on the streets. An older man found him and offered him food and shelter. Pedro

accepted the offer, but instead the older man took Pedro to an abandoned building and raped him.

This caused Pedro to become fearful of strangers. He had to beg food until an American couple

found him and took care of him. The enrolled him in a school and it seemed as though he might

live a normal life. Sadly at the age of 12 Pedro was sexually molested by a male teacher in

school and this caused him to run away from home. He returned to the streets of Columbia where

he became a car theft. In 1969 he was arrested at the age of 18 years old and sentenced to 7 years

in prison. On the second day of this time in jail he was brutally gang-raped by four older inmates.
He made a crude knife and in two weeks had killed three of them. Authorities added two years to

his sentence for this. He was released in 1978 and soon began killing.

       Pedro was quiet as a child. Being kicked out onto the streets for molesting his sister

greatly changed his personality. After being raped by the older man Pedro became terrified of

strangers. He would hide during the day in alleyways and deserted buildings. At night he would

search through trash cans and dumpsters for food. After some time he recovered from some of

the incidents that occurred when he was young, but when he was molested again by a teacher all

the anger and fear returned. After being gang-raped Pedro swore to never let anyone touch him

again and killed the inmates who raped him. The abuse from his mother and previous

experiences, plus jail caused Pedro to go insane and fear women. He blamed his mother for all

his problems.

       In 1978 Pedro was released from prison and traveled to Peru. There he stalked, raped, and

killed more than 100 girls from different Indian tribes. He was captured by an Indian tribe when

he was trying to kidnap a young girl. He was tortured for hours and they were going to bury him

alive. An American missionary stopped this and made them hand Pedro over to authorities. He

was only deported to

Ecuador. After being deported to Ecuador he traveled to regions in Ecuador and Columbia

killing hundreds of girls. He only kidnapped young girls with most being 8 to 12 years old. He

chose his victims who had “a certain look of innocence”. He would offer them small gifts then

kill them in full daylight. He raped them while strangling them and looking into their eyes.

       At first authorities thought that the increase in missing people was due to the growing se

slave rings. On April 1980 there was a flood in Ecuador that unearthed four missing children.
Days after the flood a 12 year old girl was shopping at a marketplace when a man grabbed her

and tried to flee with her. Local merchants chased him down and held him down. The police

thought Pedro was a madman and he refused to cooperate with them. The police dressed a priest

in prison clothing and put him in a cell with Pedro. Pedro soon talked to the priest, giving the

police information. After this, Pedro confessed to killing more than 110 girls in Ecuador, 100 in

Columbia, and more than 100 in Peru. The police did not believe him at first until he led them to

a grave of 53 girls. It is believed that he killed more than 350 young girls. He was released from

Ecuador prison in 1994 and rearrested one hour later under the charge of being an illegal

immigrant. He was taken to a psychiatric wing in Bogota hospital. In 998 he was taken to the

Columbian bordered and released. It is thought that he is still killing.

       Like many serial killers he was tested to try and understand how his mind worked. When

he was moved to the psychiatric wing he was found to be insane, but when release in 1998 he

was declared sane. To understand how his mind works you can look at his confessions. He told a

reporter he would take girls to his secret hideout where there were prepared graves. Sometimes

he would rape the earlier bodies of his victims at sunrise. At the first sign of sunrise he would

start raping the girl while strangling her. He had to see her eyes and “there is a divine moment

when I have my hands around a young girl's throat. I look into her eyes and see a certain light, a

spark, suddenly go out.”

       Like all people I think Pedro Lopez is a monster. I feel that what he did is unforgivable. I

think that the worst part of his crimes were his victims. They were just kids, 8 to 12 years old. At

least if he had murdered an adult they would have already experienced some of the joys of life,

but his victims are just kids and they can’t defend themselves. Just because he had a screwed up

childhood he took hundreds of children’s lives away. My brother is 12 years old and he someone
hurt him badly I would track them down and make them pay. I think another bad thing is that he

got released. He was in jail for only 20 years and some of that time was in the hospital. In the

USA you can get around 20 years for armed robbery and not even kill anyone. He got 20 years

for killing over 350 young girls and that is not right. That means he only got several days

(around a month) for each girl he raped and murdered. Personally, if I was the police officer who

captured him or released him at the border I would have shot him. This guy should have been

killed the moment after he was convicted of these murders.
                                           Serial Killers

                                        Edward “Ed” Gein

       Edward Gein’s killings spanned from 1947 to 1957. He exhumed corpses, skinned his
victims, and decorated his home with parts of his victims’ bodies. He used skin from his victims
and corpses to make dust bins, furniture, clothes. He was born in 1906 and had a brother, but was
very obsessed with his mother. His brother died in a mysterious fire and his father died of
alcoholism. There were 15 women as victims and Gein was admitted to a mental hospital where
he died from cancer at the age of 78.

                                            Ted Bundy

        Ted Bundy’s killings ranged from 1974 to 1978. He lured his victims in by faking
injuries or dressing up as a police officer of fireman. He would take the victim to his car, hit
them in the head with a crowbar, raped them and then strangled them, and then mutilated their
bodies. He was born in 1946 and was extremely upset when his girlfriend broke up with him.
This could have caused him to kill people. He confessed to 40 murders and executed in 1989.

                                        John Wayne Gacy

        John Wayne Gacy’s killings spanned from 1972 to 1978. He was born in 1942 and was a
precinct captain in the local Democratic Party, member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the
owner of a contracting business and a performing joker at children’s parties. He handcuffed his
victims, usually young boys, and dared them to free themselves. He would then rape them and
kill them. He confessed to more than 24 murders and most were buried at his house. Some of the
victims he dumped into a river. On May 10, 1994 he was killed by lethal injection.

                            Gary Ridgeway “The Green River Killer”

        Gary Ridgeway’s killings ranged from 1982 to 1984. He got his nickname because he
dumped most of his victims into or near the Green River. His IQ was around 80 was he was not
too smart. All of his victims were women, mostly young (around 16 to 20) and most were
prostitutes. He usually had sex with them and then killed them. In 2003 he pleaded to 48 charges
of murder, but claims to have killed 71 women. He was sentenced to 48 life sentences and is
currently in the Washington State Penitentiary.

                                           Pedro Lopez

        Most of Pedro Lopez’s killings ranged from around 1978 to 1980, but he was released
from jail in 1998 and is thought to still be killing. His mother was a prostitute and spent time in
prison before he was 20. He was sexually abused as a child and raped in prison. He was arrested
in 1980 and had killed girls in Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia. He confessed to over 300 murders
of young girls. He was released in 1998 on the border of Columbia.

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