6th Grade Parent Night

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					6th Grade Parent Night

          September 12, 2011
6th Grade Schedule

 7:50            Dismissal from Gym
 7:50 - 8:05     Homeroom
 8:05 - 8:10     Transition to Block 1
 8:10 - 9:40     Block 1
 9:40 -9:50      Transition to Block 2/Breaks/Specials
 9:50 - 10:30    Specials
 10:30 - 11:15   Recess/Lunch
 11:15 - 12:40   Block 2
 12:40 - 12:45   Transition to Writing/Block 3
 12:45 - 1:15    Writing
 1:15 - 2:40     Block 3
 2:40 - 2:45     Transition back to homeroom to
                 prepare for dismissal
Homework Policy

   6th Graders are expected to fill in their agendas
    daily and complete all assigned work on time.

   If a student, except in the case of absence from
    school, does not have an assignment completed
    on time, he/she will have the opportunity to
    complete that assignment during a lunch
    detention and return it to the teacher he/she has
    for that subject by the end of the lunch detention
    and receive 75% credit for that assignment.
Homework Policy Continued

   If the assignment is turned in completed one day late
    (the student did not make the best use of his/her time
    during the lunch detention, but made the responsible
    choice to complete the assignment anyway), the student
    will receive half-credit for the assignment.

   If the student chooses not to take advantage of these
    opportunities, they will not receive any credit for the

   Late/missing assignments will be noted in Harmony

   We expect that all of our 6th grade
    students will follow our school and
    classroom procedures and are looking
    forward to a very successful year with
    them. The demerit system takes the place
    of the conduct cards used in the lower
    grades and helps prepare our students for
    the expectations of the junior-senior high
Demerit System
 *Please note that the following list is a “work in progress” and subject to amendment as the year

To insure that your child does not receive a demerit, here are some of
   our expectations:

   I will follow the life skill of organization and be prepared for class by
    having all necessary materials and being in my seat when the bell

   I will follow the life skill of integrity by remembering to keep my cell
    phone turned off and in my backpack until after dismissal.

   Chewing gum on school property can cause extra work for the
    custodians, so I will follow the life skill of cooperation and remember to
    chew gum only when I am off WTE grounds.

   The WTE dress code policies remind me that I am in school and should
    dress appropriately for learning and for the weather. I will follow the life
    skill of pride and follow the dress code procedures as stated in the

   1st demerit – Harmony documentation
   2nd demerit – Lunch detention, Harmony
    documentation, parent e-mail or note
   3rd demerit – After School Detention (Friday
    until 3:15, Parent/Guardian pick-up required)
   4th demerit – ½ day ISS
   5th demerit – 1 day ISS
Zero Demerit Movie

   Students receiving ZERO demerits by the
    end of the grading period would earn the
    ZERO Demerit Movie. The other students
    would have detention during the movie.
Plagiarism & Cheating Policy

   Show what YOU know…not what someone else knows!

   Students have a responsibility to complete assignments with
    honesty and integrity. This means cheating and plagiarizing are
    not acceptable.

   What is plagiarism?

   Turning in someone else’s work and putting your name on it
   Copying words, pictures, and ideas without giving the author
    proper credit
If you want to use information, you
must use it correctly by:

   Giving the author credit for any ideas you used that belong to
   Putting information in your own words…This is VERY
    IMPORTANT. You may not cut and paste information from
    Wikipedia or any other source. It MUST be in your own words. I
    care about you and your progress not about how much the
    author of a Wikipedia article knows.
   Listing all sources that you used
   This means saying where you got the information you are
   Google is not acceptable. You may use Google as a search
    engine but the complete website must listed as a source for a
    picture or other information. You must include the title of
    website, book, or magazine along with the author.
   Using phrases such as “According to…,” and “In the book…”
    and then cite the source.
Cheating Includes:

   Copying assignments
   Trading assignments with another student to
    look at or copy
   Using notes without permission during a test
    or quiz
   Sharing answers before, during or after
    quizzes or tests.
Plagiarism, Continued

   Students will continually be discussing that
    work must be their own. Cheating and
    plagiarism is a serious matter. The first time
    an assignment is plagiarized will result in
    deducting 50% of the total points. After that,
    plagiarized assignments will receive
    zero points. Also, cheating will result in
    earning zero points for an assignment.
Parent Teacher Conferences

   Conferences will be on Thursday, Oct. 27th
    from 1:20-2:40, 3:10-5:30, and 6:00-7:00 pm.
   Teachers will be available in their classrooms
    at this time, and we will not take
   Please keep in mind that you may have to
    wait a brief amount of time to meet with a
Grading Scale
   Grading Scale
   A+              100
   A               99-91
   A-              90
   B+              89
   B               88-81
   B-              80
   C+              79
   C               78-71
   C-              70
   D+              69
   D               68-61
   D-              60
   F               59-0

   Your child will receive writing instruction daily for 30
   This instruction will be focused on a Writer’s
    Workshop incorporating the six traits of writing
    (Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence
    Fluency, & Conventions).
   Your child’s Block 3 teacher will be his/her writing
    teacher as well.
   Your child will receive a Pass/Fail grade for Writing
    on the report card.

   Your child will have 90 minutes of math daily.
   We use the Everyday Mathematics program
    at William Tell.
   Each night, your child should bring home a
    Student Reference Book. This book is
    referenced on most homework assignments
    and provides examples, definitions, and

   Math Journal (Volume 1 & 2) – This will always stay
    at school. The only exception is if your child is
   Study Links Workbook – This is where the
    homework comes from. Students generally tear the
    page out and leave the workbook at home.
   Student Reference Book
   Geometry Template
   Calculator
A typical day….

   Mental Math & Reflexes
   Math Message
   Study Link Follow-Up
   Part 1 – Direct Instruction
   Part 2 – Practice, Review Concepts
   Games
   Differentiation – Readiness or Enrichment

   Daily Grade on a Skill or Concept (5 points)
   Homework Completion Grade (5 points)
   Oral/Slate Assessments (varying points)
   Tests (100 points)
   Extra Practice/Skills Link (varying points)
Language Arts – Block 2

   Read Aloud
   Core Vocabulary/ Greek and Latin Roots
   Shared Reading
   Guided Reading
     – Strategy for the Week
     – Scope and Sequence Strategy
     – Fresh Read
     – DR
     – Nonfiction read
     – ISTEP Prep
     – Vocabulary
     – Fluency
Daily Reading Practice

1.   Read the selection carefully. The subject of
     this selection is:________________.
2.   Write a title for the
3.   The author’s purpose in writing this
     selection is to: inform/entertain
4.   The genre of this selection
Daily Grammar Practice

Identify each noun (common, proper, possessive), pronoun
   (nominative, objective, possessive), adjective, verb/simple
   predicate (helping, action, linking), adverb, conjunction
   (coordinating, correlative), article, and interjection.

the scales strengthen the wings said the
Language Arts – Block 3
   Grammar/Writing - DGP
   Read Aloud
   Core Vocabulary/ Greek and Latin Roots
   Shared Reading
   Guided Reading
     – Strategy for the Week
     – Scope and Sequence Strategy
     – Fresh Read
     – DRP
     – Nonfiction read
     – ISTEP Prep
     – Vocabulary
     – Fluency
Daily Grammar Practice

Identify parts of speech including noun (type), pronoun (type and case),
   verb (type and tense), adverb, adjective, article, preposition,
   conjunction (type), interjection.

smoke drifted lazily from a multitude of
Daily Reading Practice

1.   Read the selection carefully. The subject of this
     selection is:___________.
2.   What would be an appropriate title for this
3.   The author’s purpose in writing this selection
     would be to:_____________
4.   My purpose in reading this selection is
5.   The genre of this selection is:________
Questions or Concerns?

   Please feel free to contact any member of
    the 6th grade team if you have any concerns
    or questions as the year progresses.
   Our staff email addresses are available on
    the Tell City-Troy Township School
    Corporation website (www.tellcity.k12.in.us)

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