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•!! Interview with Mrs.
  •    On Thursday during a break we had the chance to take an interview
       from Mrs. Petrea!

  1.   Did our school use to have school buses all these
       50 years?
  •    Yes, we always used to have school buses!
  •    But of course they weren’t as many as they are today! Our first
       school bus (as you see in the pictures) was a Volkswagen which
       used to carry our school’s first 32 students!!

1.   Which was you favorite and which your worse moment
     in our school?

2.   My worst moment was on the 18th of August 2000 .I received a
     message in my mobile phone which wrote that Sandy Sava had
     passed away. It was a very difficult situation for everybody. She
     was a very special woman who really cared for our school and for
     its students. Everybody admired her so much, that although it was
     a holiday period and most all of the school employees were on
     vacation there was nobody missing from her burial…She was a
     woman who knew every detail of her students personality
     ,character and skills .That’s why her loss was the worst memory for
3.   I don’t have one best moment…I guess that a good moment is
     when a student succeeds and when my work is being appreciated.
     I also enjoyed it when our school was chosen for a in Paris and I
     had the honor to be there! It was an unforgettable experience!
• Do you miss something from the past that
  doesn’t exist anymore?

• Mainly, I miss the close relationship we had with the
  students which is not easy to be achieved now due to
  the great number of students in the school
• Who are the older teachers at school ?

• When I came hear , I found Mr. Mauragannis (who was also the
  headmaster), Mrs Tresou, Mrs Gatsopoulou and Mrs Pierakou.
  Of course, there were many other teachers but I’m not
  mentioning them because they have already got their pension.
• How would you describe/characterize our

• I would prefer you to do this! Our target is the school
  to remain warm and close to the students, just as it
  was in 1961 when it first open it’s gates to it’s
And finally…the list with the 32 first
      students of our schooL!
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• Hope you enjoyed it!!

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