oh-deer by lanyuehua


									                                                        Oh Deer!
A variety of factors affect the ability of wildlife to successfully reproduce and to maintain their populations over time.
These factors are called LIMITING FACTORS and can be disease, predator/prey relationships, impacts of weather
conditions from season to season, accidents, environmental pollution, and habitat destruction. In this activity, we will
simulate the interaction of a population of deer with the limiting factors of food, water, and shelter.
                                                                                             (Double Line Graph)
                                   # Of                                    Population/Limiting Factors Over Time
Round        # Deer               Limiting
Number      Population            Factors
    0                                                                      26
    1                                                                      24
   2                                                                       22
   3                                                                       20
   4                                                                       18
   5                                                                       16
   6                                                                       14
   7                                                                       12
   8                                                                       10
   9                                                                       8
   10                                                                      6
Questions:                                                                 0
                                                                              0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. What are some things that animals need to survive?
              a.                                                    b.
                 c.                                                 d.

2. From the pattern of the lines on the graphs, the populations of both the deer and the limiting factors tend to
do what?

3. How are the limiting factors affected when the deer population :

        a. increases?
        b. why?

        c. decreases?
      d. why?
4. What is happening to the deer population when the limiting factors are:

        a. increasing?
        b. why?

        c. decreasing?
        d. why?

5. What is a current method used to keep deer populations from growing so large that they use up their
limiting factors (especially food) and begin to die?

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