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									                                             ICT Advisor

                              logon-ni - SME ICT Adoption Program

                                            Job Description

JOB TITLE:        ICT Field Advisor
LOCATION:         Northern Ireland
REPORTS TO:       Team Leader – logon-ni
PLACE OF WORK:                          OMAGH & BELFAST OFFICE

The role of the ICT Advisors for the small business ICT Adoption Program is to promote on behalf of
the region, in a focused manner across NI, the benefits offered to businesses (private & public) through
the use of broadband and ICT. Advisors will have specific remits with respect to what particular
message they will deliver, but it is clear that they are promoting the use and adoption of ICT and
broadband in general and have no specific ties to any specific ICT or broadband product.

In total, there will be up to 10 advisors, consisting of 1 team leader, 5 staff who will be mobile and 4
working predominately within the Omagh office. The purpose of this activity is to encourage and
promote the early take up and use of ICT in NI by adopting ICT in order that, by realising the benefits
themselves, improved Gross Value Added is achieved within the province. The Advisors job will be to
inform potential users of the specific benefits of Broadband, giving details of when it will becoming
available to them, how to gain access to the service and how the use of the service will impact
positively on their lives and their businesses.

The role will include:
 Normal office administrative tasks
 Making calls to establish meetings with businesses that need assistance
 Organising and participating in events
 Visiting clients
 Performing demonstrations
 Making presentations
 Mentoring
 Client management
 Reporting
 Team working
 Keeping up to date with technology

Four advisors will be office based and their roles will predominately be
 Normal office administrative tasks
 Making calls to establish meetings with businesses that need assistance
 Organising and participating in events
 Performing demonstrations using the office demonstration facilities.

As employees of Commendium Ltd, the advisors will be asked to undertake other assignments from
time to time, to expand their knowledge and experience. These assignments are most likely to be within
the UK, but could be anywhere in the world.

Geographical areas of NI


   Raise awareness of the project and any other complementary initiatives that are in progress within
    the province and additionally market the benefits package that broadband brings to effective users
    of the technology and its applications.
   Work with colleagues both inside the team and external to it in partner organisations to deliver and
    target industry specific marketing programmes maintaining full flexibility of geographic coverage
    and the target sector.
   Work to target clusters of expressions of interest.
   Report on difficulties or objections from potential users back into the team in order that the
    approach and product offering can be improved to overcome the barrier to take up.
   Work closely with the Team Leader and Project Manager to ensure that success is optimised for
    the initiative.


   The Team Leader establishes the workload of the advisor. However, the Advisors will work under
    their own initiative in deciding how to deliver the agreed work programme within the sub region.
   The Advisors will work to monthly targets and will report in to the Project Team monthly.
   The job of the Advisors is approximately a 50/50 split in terms of ability to plan ahead and
   There will be a weekly reporting plan, with an official meeting at least once a month.
   Advisors will be required to perform other duties from time to time.

The main area of decision making resides in two areas:-
    1.   Deciding on the way in which the targets will be contacted and what the marketing message
         will be at each meeting.
    2.   Deciding which partner organisations should be contacted to assist the client in order to
         maximise the success of each instance of take up.


The Advisors will be liaising externally with Businesses in Northern Ireland.

The team will be working with, influencing and being influenced by the work of Business Support
organisations within the Province.

It is important to remember that the Advisors will be ambassadors for the DETI, the Project and
Commendium at all times.


Training will be given to all advisors to ensure a suitable level of skill. Advisors will be expected to
maintain and develop these skills.

Broadband Telecoms
    High level technical understanding of common broadband technologies.
    Good all round understanding of business issues and uses of broadband communications.
    Good all round ICT knowledge.
    Good all round business understanding of eCommerce including some of the following (it is
        unlikely that any single person will have a detailed knowledge of more than two): eTrading,
        websites, The Internet, email, electronic supply chain concepts, B2B, B2C and C2B
        communications, CRM.
General ICT Knowledge
    A robust use and knowledge of personal computing tools.
    Exposure to business or public sector ICT technologies at a business level.
Small Business Experience
    A robust understanding of the issues that SMEs face and overcome using ICT.
Large Business Experience
    A robust understanding of the issues that larger businesses face and overcome using ICT.

The Advisor will additionally be knowledgeable in one of the industry sectors set out below and have
the relevant knowledge/skills/experience, as well as the common skills listed for all sectors

Local Gov
 Good understanding of current eGov initiatives
 Understanding of the issues surrounding the Foot and Mouth Epidemic and the diversification of
    agriculture into tourism.
 Understanding of current initiatives to keep manufacturing alive in Northern Ireland and the
    special challenges faced by Northern Ireland Industry.
 Understanding of connection between Arts/Culture and ICT tools and services.
 Understanding of supply chain demands and requirements on the Food/Agriculture industry.
 Full understanding of the wide range of assistance programs currently in place.
Social Inclusion
 Ability to communicate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds
 Understanding of the region and different communities living in it
 Ability to locate and identify disadvantaged communities/groups
 Ability to understand barriers and analyse exclusion issues affecting the disadvantaged, and in
    particular, black and minority ethnic individuals and businesses in relation to access to Broadband.
 Understanding of regional organisations working with black and minority ethnic communities and
    other disadvantaged groups such as disabled.

Common skills across all sectors
 Robust understanding of the sector industry in NI including the supporting government
   departments and agencies.
 Understanding of marketing tools and techniques
 Good business network with the ability to create or develop one.
 Good understanding of the current issues of the day
 Excellent customer relationships
 Robust disciplines in recording meetings and dialogue
 Selling skills to persuade customers to consider broadband.
 Ability to work on one’s own and within a team.
 Personal image to reflect the Commendium appropriately.
   Ability to create and understand a business case


The normal hours of work are 40 per week, 5 days a week. Advisors are required to work additional
hours as required by the needs of the business and are entitled to a non-paid lunch break of between 30
minutes and one hour. Advisor’s normal place of work is the Omagh.

The post holder will have to demonstrate a high degree of skill in people relationship management,
both at the customer interface and at the partnership interface. Effective communication across the
whole of the business support sector will be absolutely critical to the success of this initiative. Any
barriers not removed or created by the work of the post holder have the potential to have a major
negative impact on the success of this Project.

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