Our Manpower Consultancy Activities by lanyuehua


									                              Our Manpower Consultancy Activities

    1.   We will advertise in the news paper and inform our sub agents.
    2.   Screening of prospective candidates is done in accordance with scientific interviewing technique
         adopted by experienced person in the relevant field.
    3.   We maintain well equipped trade testing centre with skilled and efficient professionals specialized in
         various field, to test and give grading according to their skills. Your representative will have a
         chance of personally observing the proceeding of test to select the right candidates.
    4.   Our interviewing technique includes panel interviewing to ascertain that candidates are conception
         ally and practically capable in their respective field. To test and interview all candidates we shall
         provide you or your representative free of charge.
    5.   We have supplied various technicians including office equipment, communication equipments, and
         specialists etc. We do have professionals such as specialist doctors, civil, electrical, mechanical and
         electronic computer hardware engineers in our data bank. You name it and we will have it. You can
         be assured that our candidates will be an asset to your organization.

                                Our Strict Employment Procedures

For recruiting of any personnel we carry out an aptitude test, such as general knowledge language
proficiency and IQ test. For skill categories we conduct trade test at our testing centre by qualified
experienced and competent staff and consultants to ascertain all aspects of the candidate. If the candidate
satisfies us, then the passport is taken into our custody along with bio data, copies of certificates and other
relevant documents. Preliminary scrutinizing is done and then fed into the computer for retrieval if and when
necessary. Our information system on candidate is methodically updated periodically.

We ascertain the candidate’s physical and mental abilities through recognized medical centers which are
appointed by gulf centre medical team. This test will be done after candidate is selected for the job. We send
full detailed medical report along with candidates to the company.

Subsequently, we obtain the authority from Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka for the export of

                                           Travel Arrangement

After confirming their selection the passport will be submitted and obtained visa. We can do the airline
ticketing on any airlines operating from Colombo. We have seat allotments from most of the airlines serving
the Middle Eastern countries at very competitive rates. Prior to departure the candidate has to attend our
orientation course. We explain job specifications, working hours, salary, overtime, leave, accommodation,
and medical and also the law of the country. We arrange all formalities up to the airport to see the
candidates off and advise our principal of the departure of the candidate in advance for further arrangement
at their end.
What we have in store for you?

Our representative will meet and assist you on arrival at the Colombo International Airport and provide you
transport to any distance. We can arrange a special rate for your accommodation in a leading hotel. We can
also make hotel arrangements in advance if notified in time.

Your Travel arrangement such as reconfirmation, transfers to airport and air fares can be arranged through
our travel agent in Colombo. We can also provide you air fares at very competitive rates through our travel
agent in case you plan an onward journey from Colombo to any destination.

Independent interviewing, if preferred can be arranged. Panel interviewing facilities are available with the
required experts in the panel.

Communication facilities such as international telephone, telex, fax, and email are available at our office for
24 hours. You may utilize these services anytime whenever you require.

Documents required for visa endorsement and S.L.B.F.E approval

    1.   Agreement letter between company and T.T. LANKA INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER

    2.   Demand Letter

    3.   Power of Attorney

    4.   Consular Letter

    5.   Visa Slip (If only for Sri Lanka original otherwise copy)

Documents necessary to get Sri Lankan embassy approval

    1.   Agreement letter between company and T.T. LANKA INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER

    2.   Demand Letter

    3.   Power of Attorney

    4.   Registration of recruitment agents from Sri Lanka

    5.   CR Copy

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