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									County:        Santa Fe
Name:          Santa Fe County, the City of Santa Fe,
               Rancho Viejo de Santa Fe, and Greet Enterprises, Inc.
File No.:      RG-20516 et al. (C) into SP-4842

Notice is hereby given that on December 20, 2011, Santa Fe County, P.O. Box 276, Santa Fe,
NM 87504, the City of Santa Fe, P.O. Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504, Rancho Viejo de Santa
Fe, Inc., c/o Law & Resource Planning Associates, 201 Third St., NW, Suite 1750, 87102, and
Greer Enterprises, Inc., 215 W. San Francisco St., No. 300, Santa Fe, NM 87504, filed
Application No. RG-20516 et al. (C) into SP-4842 with the STATE ENGINEER for Permit to
Add an Alternate Point of Diversion. The applicants seek to add as an alternate point of
diversion the Buckman Direct Diversion (BDD), located on lands owned by the United States
Forest Service within a 500 foot radius of a point where X=525,982 feet and Y=1,759,620 feet,
NMCS, Central Zone, NAD 27, approximately 3.3 miles downstream from Highway 502 (Otowi
Bridge) for direct diversion of 411.459 acre-feet per annum (afa) of water rights currently
permitted and used to offset depletions on the Rio Grande resulting from diversions from wells
RG-20516 et al. (i.e., Buckman well field). The Buckman wells are located as follows: RG-
20516-S: NW ¼ NW ¼ NE ¼ of Section 1, Township 18 North, Range 7 East; RG-20516-S-2:
NW ¼ NW ¼ SE ¼ of Sec. 1, T18N, R7E; RG-20516-S-3: SW ¼ SE ¼ of Sec. 1, T18N, R7E;
RG-20516-S-4: NE ¼ SE ¼ of Sec. 1, T18N, R7E; RG-20516-S-5: (projected) SW ¼ NW ¼ of
Sec. 36, T19N, R7E (Caja del Rio Grant), also as X=527,167 feet and Y=1,759,246 feet; RG-
20516-S-6: (projected) SW ¼ SW ¼ Sec. 36, T19N, R7E, also as X=527,865 feet and
Y=1,757,053 feet; RG-20516-S-7: (projected) NE ¼ NE ¼ SW ¼ Sec.36, T19N, R7E, also as
X=529,304 feet and Y=1,758,756 feet; RG-20516-S-8: (projected) SW ¼ NE ¼ SE ¼ of Sec. 35,
T19N, R7E, also as X=525,349 and Y=1,758,350 feet; RG-20516-S-9: NW ¼ SW ¼ SW ¼ Sec.
31, T19N, R8E. All X and Y coordinates refer to NMCS, Central Zone, NAD 27 and are located
within the Caja del Rio Grant, Santa Fe County. The above wells are more commonly described
as the City of Santa Fe’s Buckman Wells located on land in Santa Fe County, approximately 15
miles northwest of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico or approximately 2.3 miles south of the
Town of White Rock, New Mexico. The water rights described by this application are requested
either for direct diversion from BDD or will continue to be used to offset well field depletions.
Those water rights are identified as follows: SD-05023 into RG-20516 (12.994 acre-feet per
annum), SD-06348 into RG-20516 et al. (10.50 afa), SD-02810 into RG-20516 et al. (11.07 afa),
SD-06497 into RG-20516 et al. (246.79 afa), SD-05214 and SD-05215 into RG-20516 et al.
(15.83 afa). The above identified water rights are owned by Santa Fe County. In addition request
for alternate point of diversion for water rights permitted as offsets at the Buckman well field,
but owned by other parties are identified as follows: SD-03942-A into RG-20516 et al., owned
by Greer Enterprises, Inc, (50.085 afa); SD-06764 into RG-20516 et al., owned by
Jenkins/Boylan/Siebert (4.20 afa), and RG-1811-A-C-A et seq. into RG-20516 et al., owned by
TM Golf/Rancho Viejo (60.0 afa). The total water rights requested for permit for alternate point
of diversion is 411.459 afa. In addition to offsetting depletions on the Rio Grande as currently
permitted, the water rights requested for direct diversion by means of alternate point of diversion
will be used for domestic, municipal, industrial, commercial and utility related purposes. The
place of use is described as lands within the Santa Fe County/City of Santa Fe respective water
utility service areas, pursuant to agreement between the County and City, as such service areas
are currently configured and as may be configured in the future. The applicants state that the
County intends to exercise the water rights under this application primarily for diversion at the
BDD to supply water to the County water utility for its customers. In years that not all of the
water rights are required for direct diversion, the City and County desire to retain the current
permit authorizations to make the rights available to the City for use as offsets under RG-20516
et al.

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