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					Extended Family Systems
     & Advantages
• What is a Family?
• Joint Family Concepts
• Did Joint Family system exist throughout
  the World? & Why it has Disintegrated?
• Benefits of Joint Family
• Nuclear Family and its Disadvantages
        What is a Family?
• Family is a social institution
• People descended from a common
• Primary social group
• Extended Family: Multiple generations living
  under one roof with one kitchen.
• Other names:
  – Joint Family
• Nuclear Family: disintegrated Extended Family.
  Extended Family Concepts
• Membership: Father and mother; sons
  and wives; daughters until married;
  grandsons and wives; granddaughters
  until married; great grandsons and wives;
  great granddaughters until married.
• Head of the family: Father with support of
  mother. In the absence of the father, the
  most capable elder son with guidance of
  his mother and support of spouse. In the
  absence of the elder brother, a competent
  younger brother takes over.
  Extended Family Concepts
• Distribution of duties: The head of
  the family assigns members
  according to their abilities and
  availability. The mother is responsible
  for nurturance, clothing, household
  activities, gift giving and acceptance
  of gifts. She consults her daughters-
  in-law and wives of younger brothers
  and educates them for proper
  decision-making in her absence.
  Extended Family Concepts
• Religious ceremonies: The eldest son
  is to perform all these duties. His spouse
  joins him. Others share and cooperate as
  they are able.
• Basic principles:
  – Every member sees that others get the best
    and most of resources. Each person himself
    asks for the least, and last.
  – All are willing to endure to relieve the others'
  – No one owns anything. Each is a trustee for
    the joint family, extended family, society and
    the nation.
  Extended Family Concepts
• Everyone's voice and opinion has
  value and importance.
• Everyone's conduct is such that
  intentions can never be questioned.
  This includes honoring the traditions
  and fulfilling spoken and unspoken
  expectations of the extended family,
  society at large and the venerable
  principles of Sanatana Dharma.
Did Joint Family System
  exist throughout the
                       Percent distribution of number of households
                                                          7 or  Avg.
           Number of                                      mor   pop.
          households    1               3    4    5    6    e   per
              (in      per-      2    per- per- per- per- per- house-
Year      thousands)   son    persons sons sons sons sons sons hold
1790                   3.7            11.7   13.8   13.9   13.2   35.8
(Mar.)       558       %       7.8%    %      %      %      %      %     —
(June)      12,690     3.6     13.2   16.7   16.8   15.1   11.6   23.0   4.93
(Mar.)      15,964     5.1     15.0   17.6   16.9   14.2   10.9   20.4   —
(Apr.)      29,905     7.9     23.4   20.8   17.5   12.0   7.6    10.9   4.11
(Apr.)      34,949     7.1     24.8   22.4   18.1   11.5   6.8    9.3    3.67
(Apr.)1     43,468     10.9    28.8   22.6   17.8   10.0   5.1    4.9    3.37
(Mar.)      47,788     10.9    28.5   20.4   18.9   11.1   5.4    4.9    3.33
(Mar.)   52,610   13.1   27.8   18.9   17.6   11.5   5.7   5.4   3.35

(Mar.)   57,251   15.0   28.1   17.9   16.1   11.0   5.8   6.1   3.32

(Mar.)   62,874   17.0   28.8   17.3   15.8   10.4   5.6   5.1   3.14

(Mar.)   71,120   19.6   30.6   17.4   15.6    9.0   4.3   3.5   2.94

(Mar.)   80,776   22.7   31.3   17.5   15.7    7.5   3.1   2.2   2.76

(Mar.)   86,789   23.7   31.6   17.8   15.7    7.0   2.6   1.5   2.69
(Mar.)    93,347    24.6   32.2   17.2 15.5   6.7   2.3   1.4   2.63
(Mar.)    98,990    25.0   32.1   17.0 15.5   6.7   2.3   1.4   2.65
(Mar.)    104,705   25.5   33.1   16.4 14.6   6.7   2.3   1.4   2.62
(Mar.)2   111,278   26.4   33.3   16.1 14.3   6.3   2.3   1.2   2.57
(Mar.)2   112,000   26.4   33.4   16.0 14.3   6.4   2.2   1.2   2.57
              2007 in US
• 1 out of 6 children in America lives with
  only one parent, and the number of such
  households may well increase in the
• Under the circumstances, it is only fitting
  that a number of thoughtful men and
  women should continue to search for more
  stable, "new and improved" family models.
   Why it has disintegrated?
• According to Dr. Tripathi, the value of
  traditional value system and status of
  women got badly affected with the passage
  of time because of reasons like political and
  cultural invasions, urbanization,
  industrialization, changed socio-economic
  conditions, etc.
   Why it has disintegrated?
• These factors are ever growing
  industrialization, city based living and
  to a great extent modern education
  and construct of the contemporary
  social thinking itself.
     Why it has disintegrated?
kula-kñaye praëaçyanti
kula-dharmäù sanätanäù
dharme nañöe kulaà kåtsnam
 adharmo'bhibhavaty uta
• With the destruction of the dynasty, the
  eternal family tradition is vanquished, and
  thus the rest of the family becomes involved
  in irreligion.
    Why it has disintegrated?
• In the system of the varëäçrama institution there
  are many principles of religious traditions to help
  members of the family grow properly and attain
  spiritual values. The elder members are
  responsible for such purifying processes in the
  family, beginning from birth to death. But on the
  death of the elder members, such family
  traditions of purification may stop, and the
  remaining younger family members may develop
  irreligious habits and thereby lose their chance
  for spiritual salvation. Therefore, for no purpose
  should the elder members of the family be slain.
            Is it Possible?
• "Most joint families disintegrate when the
  elders lose moral authority," says Mr. A.V.
  Subba Rao, an advocate.
• Kali Yuga is the age of Quarrel and
    Benefits of Extended Family
•   Economical
•   Ecological and Environmental
•   Social
•   Psychological
•   Cultural
•   Health
•   Spiritual
          Extended Family
• Joint families are like microcosms of an
  entire world. They are the first training
  grounds, where people learn interpersonal
  skills. People in joint families learn lessons
  of patience, tolerance, cooperation and
  adjustment. They also learn what it means
  to take collective responsibility. One for all
  and all for one.
• Speaking in support of the joint family
  system, Dr. Mona Khaitan, a professor of
  business in MassBay Community College,
  presented data suggesting the joint family
  system fares better economically.
  According to the National Family Health
  Survey of 1998-1999, while joint families
  form only 35% of the low income
  households, they form 53% of the high
  income households.
• Dr. Khaitan explained the better economic
  success of the joint family as it "enjoys the
  economies of scale; the costs are lower than if
  two or three households were to be maintained,
  making for increased income."
• In addition to the economic advantage,
  Professor Khaitan advanced the idea of
  'relational wealth', original proposed by late
  Professor Romesh Diwan of Rensselaer
  Polytechnic College in Troy, NY. This is
  intangible wealth amassed that promotes
  physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychic
  wellbeing of each individual.
 Ecological & Environmental
• Joint Families May Be
  More Environmentally Sound
  html/comp/ LONDON, ENGLAND, January
  14, 2003: Living with mom and dad, rather
  than venturing out on your own may
  actually contribute to saving the planet.
 Ecological & Environmental
• From an environmental stance, as the
  number of households with one, two, or
  three occupants increase, proportionately
  so too will energy consumption, land and
  water use and construction materials.
  Other experts, such as sociologists, agree
  that more households means more energy
• Liu calls the study a Wake-up Call!
• High divorce rates
• Working mothers – Cannot spend time
  with Kids
• Security, education and Welfare of
  Children are not met properly.
• Raise in Oldage homes corresponds to
  raise in Nuclear families and Divorce rates
• The ageing India combined with a declining joint
  family system faces a crisis in social security for
  elderly. The government pension system has
  been converted from a defined benefit system to
  a Defined Contribution one. The mandatory
  schemes like Employees' Provident Funds
  Schemes cover a relatively small segment of the
  total work force. In all, more than 80% of the
  work force is not covered by any mandatory
  retirement/social security schemes.
                                       Prof. Vaidynathan
                                       IIM, Bangalore
    (Declining Joint Family & Emerging crisis in Old Age)
• It is required for India to think of innovative
  products and systems to deal with the issues.
  Reverse mortgage on housing stock and
  converting huge stock of gold held by
  households by single premium pension products
  may help to some extent. But, it is equally
  important to stress on family values and savings
  based life style to face the long-term implications
  of the emerging crisis in the social security
• School shoot-outs in US
• School violence in India
• Juvenile delinquency due to poor family
• Psychological effects of single child (no
  sibling) and Nuclear Family
• Crime rate connected with Nuclear Family
• State expenditure on the Family insurance
  on Health
• Concept of Varna Sankara
• By the evil deeds of those who destroy the
  family tradition and thus give rise to
  unwanted children, all kinds of community
  projects and family welfare activities are
  devastated.                   --B.g:1.42
• Devayäné wished to marry him, but at first he refused to
  accept her because of her being a daughter of a brähmaëa.
  According to çästras, a brähmaëa could marry the
  daughter of a kñatriya but a kñatriya could not marry the
  daughter of a brähmaëa. They were very much cautious
  about varëa-saìkara population in the world.
• This Vedic social organization is very good in
  that it stops the promulgation of illicit sex life, or
  varëa-saìkara, which appears under different names in
  this present day. Unfortunately in this age
  although the father and mother are anxious to
  get their children married, the children refuse to
  get married by the arrangement of the parents.
  Consequently, the number of varëa-saìkara has
  increased throughout the world under different
  Nuclear Family Disadvantages
• Nuclear family system has its own
  advantages, which exactly are not
  advantages but the ways out to the
  problems in joint family. The core strength
  of the nuclear family system lies in ‘Fewer
  the members, lesser the problems.’
  Nuclear Family Disadvantages
• The problems commonly found in joint
  family system are automatically eradicated
  because there is no one to produce those
  problems, in case of nuclear families. This
  solution is achieved but at the cost of an
  ironic set of factors that do count.
  Nuclear Family Disadvantages
• This set of factors and the results of those
  factors include:
  – Loneliness and Depression:
  – Sharing Joys and Grieves:
  – Development of Children:
• Radical transformation of society as a
  whole. They believe that a "new man" and
  a "new woman" have to be created before
  a better family system can be devised.
• The prevailing social order preconditions
  everyone against achieving true
  happiness. They find human nature itself
  deformed by our present unhealthy
  civilization and therefore demand a "fresh
• The Conclusion should be clear:
                   -H.H.Bhakti Raghava Maharaj
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