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									                                                            NDIA Program Management Systems Committee (PMSC)

                                                                                 Agenda For May 8 and 9, 2012

                                                            Host: Deltek                                                                                 Tracie Thompson
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                                    7:30 AM -     8:00 AM    30                    Registration / Coffee / Networking                                             All
                                    8:00 AM -     8:15 AM    15         Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions & Agenda Review                         Mr. Joe Kusick, PMSC Chair
                                    8:15 AM -     8:45 AM    30                                Welcome                                                          Deltek
                                    8:45 AM -     9:15 AM    30                               PMSC Update                                       Ms. Tracie Thompson, PMSC Vice-Chair

                                    9:15 AM -     9:45 AM    30                  Current State of External Environment                                    Mr. Wade Smith

                                     9:45 AM - 10:00 AM      15                                       Break
                                    10:00 AM - 10:45 AM      45            PMSC Relevant Special Topics (ICPM, PCW, PPSS)                                 Ms. Carol Boser
Industry Only Meeting
 Tuesday, 8 May 2012

                                    10:45 AM - 11:00 AM      15                        Clearing House Update                                              Mr. Pete Wynne
                                    11:00 AM - 11:15 AM      15                        ANSI Standard Update                                               Mr. Dan Butler
                                                                               Linking and Streamlining the Defense
                                    11:15 AM - 11:45 AM      30                                                                                            Mr. Neil Albert
                                                                            Requirements, Acquisition and Budget Process
                                    11:45 AM - 12:00 PM      15                           PMSC Board Election Update                                    Mr. Gary Humphreys
                                    12:00 PM -    1:00 PM    60                                  << LUNCH >>
                                                                   Panel Discussion: Use of EV Data to make Informed decisions
                                                                              to increase confidence in performance                                         Facilitated by
                                    1:00 PM   -   2:00 PM    60
                                                                  Arthur Ibers, Lockheed Martin; Al Gaydos, Raytheon; Bob "Too                          Mr. Gary Humphreys
                                                                                Tall" Kenney, Bell Helicopter, USMC
                                    2:00 PM   -   2:30 PM    30          Value of Distributed Schedule Margin Discussion                                Mr. P.J. Pietrandrea
                                    2:30 PM   -   2:40 PM    10                            Voting Results                                               Mr. Gary Humphreys
                                    2:40 PM   -   3:00 PM    20                                  << BREAK >>
                                                                                                      PMSC Working Group Sessions
                                    3:00 PM   -   4:30 PM    90
                                                                  CAIWG, Contracts, Clearing House, Guides, Production, PM Outreach, Risk & Opportunity, XML Working Group
                                    4:30 PM   -   5:00 PM    30                 Summary / Discussions & Adjournment                         Mr. Joe Kusick, PMSC Chair
                                                                               Social/Networking Event Hosted by Deltek
                                    7:30 AM   -   8:00 AM    30                    Registration / Coffee / Networking                                            All
                                                                     Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions, Agenda Review, Working
                                    8:00 AM   -   8:10 AM    10                                                                                      Mr. Joe Kusick, PMSC Chair
                                                                                            Group Highlights

                                    8:10 AM   -   8:25 AM    15                     Welcome & Keynote Introduction                                             Deltek

                                                                    Keynote Address: Better Management and Efficiencies in a                     Ms. Elizabeth McGrath, OSD Deputy
                                    8:25 AM   -   9:15 AM    50
                                                                                   Challenging Environment                                            Chief Management Officer
                                                                                                                                                Ms. Janice Menker, NDIA Procurement
                                    9:15 AM   -   9:25 AM    10                       Presentation of Cork Award                                Committee Chairwoman and Ms. Ruth
                                                                                                                                                            Franklin, NDIA
Joint Government/Industry Meeting

                                                                     Panel Discussion: Implementing Affordability as a Team
                                                                                                                                                            Facilitated by
                                    9:25 AM   - 10:20 AM     55     (Ms. Carol Boser, LM; Mr. Gordon Kranz, PARCA; Mr. Dean
                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Gary Humphreys
                                                                               Peebels, USAF; Mr. David Ricci, NGC)
      Wednesday, 9 May 2012

                                    10:20 AM - 10:40 AM      20                                  << BREAK >>
                                    10:40 AM - 11:20 AM      40                                  PARCA Update                                             Mr. Gordon Kranz
                                                                    Panel Discussion: EVM Challenges in a Fiscally Constrained
                                    11:20 AM - 12:20 PM      60                      (NASA, FAA, MDA, Navy)                                         Facilitated by Mr. Wade Smith
                                                                    Mr. Jerald Kerby, Ms. Matoka Forbes, Mr. Dave Melton, Mr.
                                                                                            Beau Willis

                                    12:20 PM -    1:20 PM                                        << LUNCH >>

                                                                  Action Plans from 2 April 2012 Federal Agencies Meeting on Program
                                    1:20 PM   -   1:50 PM    30                                                                                         Dr. Robert Rovinsky
                                                                                        Management and EVMS
                                    1:50 PM   -   2:30 PM    40               DCMA EVM Implementation Division Update                                     Mr. David Kester
                                    2:30 PM   -   2:45 PM    15                       IC Community Update                                                Mr. Ivan Bembers*
                                    2:45 PM   -   3:00 PM    15                          << BREAK >>
                                                                  Keynote Address: Current Government Climate and the Impact                       Mr. Alan Chvotkin, Professional
                                    3:00 PM   -   4:00 PM    60
                                                                                          on Industry                                                     Services Counsel

                                    4:00 PM   -   4:30 PM    30                 Summary / Discussions & Adjournment                                  Mr. Joe Kusick, PMSC Chair

                                                                  * Individual has been invited, but has not yet accepted.
                                                  Any Government Office Representatives who wish to provide and/or present an update for the Committee,
                                                  please notify Tracie Thompson at Tracie.Thompson@ATK.COM
                                Topics - Day One - Tuesday, 8 May 2012
                                               The Chair and Vice Chair call the meeting to order, welcome all attendees,
           Call to Order, Welcome,             ensure introductions of the Committee At Large are accomplished and the
      Introductions and Agenda Review          Agenda is reviewed.

                                               Deltek will welcome the Committee and provide information regarding facility
                                               accommodations / exits identified and any security requirements
               Host Welcome

                                               The PMSC is the principal industrial body that interfaces directly with the US
                                               Government on matters relating to Performance Measurement and Earned
                                               Value Management. This presentation is designed to provide PMSC Member
                PMSC Update                    Company representatives with an overview of activities since the previous
                                               PMSC meeting.

                                               Mr. Wade Smith will provide an update on various activities external to the
  Current State of the External Environment    PMSC which affect or impact our members.

                                               Ms. Carol Boser will update the PMSC on the initiative between PMSC
                                               representatives and DCMA representatives for collaboration on topics
     NDIA / DCMA Collaboration Update          including: 1) DFARS Business Systems Rule; 2) EVM System Acceptance;
                                               and 3) EVM System Surveillance.

                                               Ms. Kathryn Flanigan will summarize any open issues which should be
           Clearing House Update               brought forward to PARCA for resolution.

                                               Mr. Dan Butler will provide an update on the progress of the update of ANSI -
                                               EIA 748 Earned Value Management Systems Standard.
           ANSI Standard Update

                                               Mr. Neil Albert will provide an update on the PMI Earned Value Standard
            PMI Standard Update

                                               Mr. Gary Humphreys will introduce the candidates for Chairperson, Vice
            PMSC Board Election                Chairperson, and Member at Large and conduct the election.

                                               Industry Program Managers will discuss the how they use EV data to manage
              Panel Discussion:                programs.
Use of EV Data to Make Informed Decisions To
    Increase Confidence In Performance

                                               Mr. P.J. Pietrandrea of Lockheed-Martin will lead a member discussion on the
        Special Interest Discussion:           use of distributed schedule margin as a best practice.
    Value of Distributed Schedule Margin

                                               This Group's charter is to analyze EVM practices and processes on production
                                               contracts and provide a common understanding of terminology, processes
                                               and Earned Value application used in a production environment. The planned
          Working Group Session:               output is: Documenting production EVM issues, typical company practices,
                Production                     difference in production process versus typical development program process
                                               (and/or outputs), and perceived expectations of production EVM process and
                                               to consolidate individual issue documentation into a white paper summarizing
                                               production EVM issues.
                             Topics - Day One - Tuesday, 8 May 2012
                                           This Working Group is focused on resolving contract related EVMS issues.
                                           The team is currently reenergizing its efforts but still awaiting some key
                                           Government participants (PARCA, EVM Center, OSD PSA). The following
                                           issues remain open and require Government participation and input to
                                           achieve closure:
                                           o Contract vs. EVM System order of precedence
                                           o Subcontractor validation
        Working Group Session:
                                           o Subcontractor surveillance compliance and surveillance
                                           o EVM implementation challenges
                                           o Use of a supplier’s previously-validated process at a new supplier site
                                           o DCMA EV Standard Surveillance Instruction (SSI)
                                           o Ownership and Control of Management Reserve
                                           o Undefinitized Contractual Actions (UCAs) / Unpriced Change Orders (UCOs)
                                           o Treatment of existing CAR’s when Business Systems DFARS is
                                           This Working Group is focused on resolving EVMS issues for member
                                           companies. The team receives and reviews industry issues related to EVMS
        Working Group Session:
                                           and provides guidance. If necessary, the Committee will intervene to work
            Clearing House
                                           with government agencies to resolve conflicts.

                                           The proposed charter of this Working Group is to “Review, document, and
                                           communicate Government and Industry “successful practices” for effective
                                           Risk and Opportunity (R/O) Management throughout the acquisition life cycle
                                           of any Government program. Includes quantitative and qualitative processes
                                           for planning, identifying, assessing, handling, and monitoring events that
                                           could have a potential for causing a positive (Opportunity) or negative (Risk)
        Working Group Session:
                                           impact to program objectives. Consider and recommend changes to
   Risk and Opportunity Management
                                           applicable Government policies, practices and processes which, if
                                           implemented, would enable or enhance the implementation of effective R/O
                                           Management. Define the approach for effective integration of R/O
                                           Management with other program management processes including, but not
                                           limited to: Planning, Scheduling, EAC Development, and Cost Estimation”.

                                           This proposed Group's stated to “Provide Industry and Government Subject
                                           The Working objectives are mission is to promote best practices by sharing
                                           common efforts that demonstrate real measurable value to the Civilian
          Working Group Session:           Agencies and Industry by an outreach to all segments of Project
Civilian Agency / Industry Working Group   Management community.

                                           This Working Group’s stated mission is to “broaden the focus and
                                           membership of the PMSC to influence acquisition policy and share best
                                           practices among program management professionals”. To date, this Working
                                           Group has completed some suggested changes to the PMSC Charter, which
       Working Group Session:              reflect a broader program management focus. A Risk and Opportunity
    Program Management Outreach            Working Management Group was also initiated as a result of this Group’s
                                           activity. Additionally, the Group successfully implemented an online
                                           registration system for all PMSC meetings.
                                  Topics - Day Two, Wednesday, 9 May 2012
                                                   The Chair and Vice Chair call the meeting to order, welcome all attendees,
             Call to Order, Welcome,               ensure introductions of the Committee at Large are accomplished and the
   Introductions and Agenda Review , Working       Agenda is reviewed. A brief review of any new initiatives from the Working
                Group Highlights                   Groups will be presented.

                                                   Deltek will welcome the Committee and provide information about their
                                                   organization's operations, ensure all facility accommodations / exits
                  Host Welcome                     identified and any security requirements communicated.

                                                   Ms. Elizabeth McGrath, the OSD Deputy Chief Management Officer, will
                                                   address the Joint Government and Industry group regarding better
                Keynote Address
                                                   management and efficiencies in a challenging environment.

                                                   Mr. Pete Steffes, NDIA Chair, and Ms. Ruth Franklin, NDIA Procurement
                                                   Chair, will present Mr. Joe Kusick with the Cork Award.
            Cork Award Presentation

                                                   This is a joint Government / Industry roundtable discussion regarding
                                                   implementing EVM and Program Management in an affordable and effective
              Panel Discussion:
                                                   manner. Panel participants will be asked to share their views on the
      Implementing Affordability as a Team
                                                   environment and how Government and Industry are managing during this
                                                   Mr. Gordon Kranz will present an update regarding current activities in the
                                                   Performance Assessment & Root Cause Analysis (PARCA) Office.
                  PARCA Update

                                                   Service and Civilian Agency panelists will discuss how their respective
              Panel Discussion:                    organizations are managing in the current environment.
    EVM Challenges in a Fiscally Constrained

                                               Mr. Joseph Sweeney will present an update regarding current activities and
                                               initiatives within the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Portfolio
DCMA Portfolio Management & Integration Update
                                               Management & Integration Group.

                                                   Mr. David Kester will present an update regarding current activities and
                                                   initiatives within the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Earned
            DCMA EVM Center Update
                                                   Value Management organizations.

                                                   Mr. Ivan Bembers will provide an update on EVM initiatives in the
                    IC Update                      Intelligence Community.

                                                   Mr. Alan Chvotin, Executive Vice President and Counsel for the Professional
                                                   Services Council (PSC) will discuss the current climate in government, how
                Keynote Address                    industry will be impacted, and the concerns of sequestration, etc. as well as
                                                   legislative impacts that we can expect for the next year or two.
                                      Speaker Directory
                                   (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert      Neil Albert is President of MCR, LLC and a Board Member of the PMSC. Neil is extremely
                     involved in many initiatives with the Government through various venues and is a key
                     contributor to the advancement of EVM and cost estimating.

Mr. Bill Altman      Bill Altman recently returned to work at Battelle as a Program Manager for Special Projects.
                     He retired from Battelle in September 2010 after 23 years of service rising through the ranks
                     as Program Manager, Senior Program Manager and Vice President of the Program Management
                     Office in Battelle Corporate Operations (BCO). While leading project management at Battelle,
                     he was also responsible for the Proposal Operations Center. Bill provided interface to the
                     organization on issues that deal with proposal and project management. Bill brings over 30
                     years of experience in managing and conducting advanced development programs and in the
                     evaluation of major bid opportunities. He received certification as an Earned Value
                     Professional (EVP) from the AACEI.

Mr. Ivan Bembers     Ivan Bembers is a senior Government executive with the Intelligence Community and has had
                     many increasing responsible positions in the fields of EVMS and Program Processes within
                     several of the "3 Letter Agencies". He is a noted Subject Matter Expert on EVMS and
                     participates in many of the Government Working Groups that develop guidance for policy and
                     implementation of this program management process.

Ms. Carol Boser      Carol Boser is the Corporate Vice President for Program Performance at the Lockheed Martin
                     Corporation and a Board Member of the PMSC. Carol has had many increasingly responsible
                     management positions at Lockheed Martin, both in functional Software Engineering and
                     program management. Her long and successful tenure in the Lockheed Martin Company has
                     enabled her to provide the foundational guidance for the corporate team she is leading and

Mr. Dan Butler       Dan Butler is former Chair of PMSC, and a vice president of programs with SAIC. Dan is the
                     SAIC focal point for EV, as well as a subject matter expert in numerous program and process

Mr. Eric Christoph   Eric Christoph Vice President of L-3 STRATIS Center for Performance Management. Eric is a
                     PMSC Board Member.

Mr. Alan Chvotkin    Mr. Chvotkin is one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts on federal acquisition
                     policy, legislation, and regulation. At PSC, he is responsible for the association’s legislative and
                     regulatory policy affecting PSC’s membership. Mr. Chvotkin is an active and founding member
                     of industry’s Acquisition Reform Working Group, which was established in 1993.
                     In his early career, Mr. Chvotkin served as professional staff to the Senate Budget Committee
                     and to the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. He became counsel and staff director to
                     the Senate Small Business Committee, and then counsel to the Senate Armed Services
                     Prior to joining PSC, he was a vice president of AT&T Government Services where he was
                     responsible for managing key AT&T programs and opportunities; earlier at AT&T, he was the
                     vice president responsible for the government contracts, pricing, compliance, and proposal
                     development organizations. From 1986 to 1995, he was corporate director of government
                     relations and senior counsel at Sundstrand Corporation.
                     Mr. Chvotkin is a member of the Supreme Court, American and District of Columbia Bar
                     Associations. He is also a member of the National Contract Management Association and serves
                     on its national board of advisors and as a “Fellow” of the organization. Mr. Chvotkin is also a
                     two-time “Fed 100” winner. He has a law degree from The American University’s Washington
                     College of Law, a master’s in public administration and a bachelor’s in political science.
                                            Speaker Directory
                                         (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert
Ms. Kathryn Flanigan        Kathryn Flanigan leads the PMSC Clearinghouse Member of the She is with General
                            Neil Albert is President of MCR, LLC and a Board Working Group.PMSC. Neil is extremely
                            Dynamic's many initiatives group.
                            involved in Program Controlswith the Government through various venues and is a key
                            contributor to the advancement of EVM and cost estimating.

Ms. Matoka Forbes           Matoka Forbes is the FAA's Earned Value Management Focal Point.

Mr. Al Gaydos               Al Gaydos is Vice President of Operations for the Raytheon Company Evaluation Team. Prior
                            positions include CFO of the Raytheon Integrated Information Systems (IIS) Business,
                            Operations Vice President of IIS, and various product line, engineering and leadership roles
                            within Raytheon and the former E Systems. Mr. Gaydos has successfully led many program,
                            site, and division "turn arounds" in his lengthy Industry career.

Mr. Kim Herrington          Kim Herrington is the Vice President of Cost Management Integration at Bell Helicopter Textron
                            and a Board Member of the PMSC. Kim leads the Production Working Group for the Committee
                            and as such leads one of the key new initiatives for the Committee in documentation of
                            standard methodologies for EVM in the production environment.

Ms. Shannon House           Shannon House is the Air Force EVM Lead Focal Point responsible for improving EVM across the
                            agency. She leads the AF EVM IPT, and coordinates all AF representation on DoD and Industry
                            EVM teams. Shannon is responsible for AF EVM policy, interpretation and reviews of AF
                            programs and EVM reporting.

Mr. Gary Humphreys          Gary Humphreys is the CEO of Humphreys & Associates, Inc. As a consultant and Board
                            Member of the PMSC, Gary has provided technical support in all phases of project management
                            to clients in the United States and other countries. He has served as Vice Chairman and
                            Chairman of this NDIA PMSC, and President and Chairman of the Board of the Performance
                            Management Association, which has now become the Project Management Institute’s EVM
                            Community of Practice.

Mr. Art Ibers               Art Ibers serves as Director of Criminal Justice Solutions for Lockheed Martin’s Information
                            Systems and Global Solutions (IS&GS). Art has over twenty-seven years of large-scale
                            systems integration, engineering, and Program Management experience. Art has served as the
                            Program Manager for multiple large-scale development efforts within Lockheed Martin. In each
                            case, he has driven effective Earned Value Management rhythms and usage into and through
                            the programs, resulting in improved performance and program recoveries. Additionally, he has
                            served as the Director of Program Performance for the IS&GS-National Product Line, where he
                            oversaw the Product Line’s program performance, defined program management training and
                            curriculum, and oversaw the Program Management Qualification board.

Mr. Bob "Too Tall" Kenney   Bob "Too Tall" Kenney, is a retired USMCR Colonel, Sikorsky and Bell Executive. He believes in
                            and is a practitioner of EVM. Bob flew the CH-53, CH-46, UH-1, H-60, S-76, and several fixed
                            wing aircraft. He materially contributed to the VH-60N, VH-3D, CH-53E, MH-60S, MH-60R, HH-
                            60J (USCG Jayhawk), H-92, MV/CV-22B, UH-1Y, AH-1Z, and OH-58D+ programs and was the
                            Bell V-22 Program Manager as well as joint program office PM for the Bell/Boeing team. He
                            was most recently EVP for Government Programs at Bell Helicopter---- on each program
                            applied EVM best practices to produce favorable results.
                                    Speaker Directory
                                 (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert
    Jerald Kerby   Neil the past 22 years, Jerald has worked for NASA at the of the PMSC. Neil is extremely
                   For Albert is President of MCR, LLC and a Board Member Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC).
                   involved inhe is the NASA Earnedthe Government through various venues and is a key role,
                   Currently, many initiatives with Value Management (EVM) Program Executive. In this
                   contributor to the advancement of EVM andEVM Working Group (EVMWG) that supports the
                   he serves as the Chairperson for the NASA cost estimating.
                   implementation of EVM throughout NASA, along with the development of EVM policy and
                   handbooks within the Agency. He also is responsible for providing both classroom and hands-
                   on EVM and data analysis training to the project management community at NASA and MSFC.
                   In addition, Jerald served as project manager for the NASA EVM Capability effort where he led
                   the development of the Agency EVM Capability.

                   Jerald has served as a speaker at many Project Management Institutes (PMI) and NASA Project
                   Management conferences throughout the years. He was the keynote speaker at the University
                   of California’s Project Management Excellence symposium in 2004. In addition, he has co-
                   authored a chapter in the book entitled ‘Applied Project Management for Space Systems’. He
                   also was the co-author of an article that was published in the Spring 2005 edition of the
                   Academy Knowledge Sharing (ASK) magazine entitled ‘Putting EVM to the Test’.

                   Jerald has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Athens State University. He has a Master of
                   Science Degree from the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). He is also a Certified Public
                   Accountant (CPA).

Mr. David Kester   David Kester of DCMA is the Director of the Earned Value Management Operations Directorate.
                   He reports directly to the DCMA COO, Ms. Marie Greening. Mr. Kester is the DCMA Subject
                   Matter Expert for EVMS, having held increasing responsible positions at NAVAIR and DCMA. He
                   fosters strong program management principles and is engaged in improving the EVMS skill sets
                   and application across Government and working with the NDIA and the contracting community
                   for improved program management.

Mr. Gordon Kranz   Gordon Kranz is the Deputy Director for Earned Value Management within PARCA and is
                   responsible for the establishment of EV Policy and Procedures (DIDs); Creation, approval, and
                   maintenance of EV data plans for individual contracts; Collection, validation / quality
                   assessment of EV data delivered by contractors; Dissemination of data to qualified DoD users;
                   Auditing, verification and certification of EV procedures and institutions; EVM Ombudsman; and
                   Leadership of DoD / Industry EV Focus Group. Mr. Kranz has had a long, distinguished career
                   in both Government and Industry and has held key positions in Engineering and Senior

Mr. Joe Kusick     Joe Kusick is the Director of Raytheon Earned Value Resource Center for the Raytheon
                   Company and the current Chairman of the PMSC. In the capacity of Chairman of the PMSC,
                   Joe is the primary interface in the Committee's partnership with Government stakeholders. Joe
                   provides leadership and the strategic vision for the Committee's current and future initiatives.
                   Joe is an EVM Subject Matter Expert and Senior Specialist in program, project and process
                                         Speaker Directory
                                     (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert
Ms. Elizabeth McGrath   Ms. Albert is (Beth) A. McGrath was sworn in as the Department’s first Deputy Chief
                        Neil Elizabeth President of MCR, LLC and a Board Member of the PMSC. Neil is extremely
                        involved in many initiatives with the Government through various venues and is a key 2010.
                        Management Officer, a Senate-confirmed and politically appointed position, on July 1,
                        contributor to the advancement of EVM and to better synchronize, integrate and coordinate
                        Ms. McGrath leads the Department’s efforts cost estimating.
                        DoD business operations and serves as the Principal Staff Assistant (PSA) and advisor to the
                        Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense for matters relating to management and
                        improvement of business operations. Ms. McGrath is focused on achieving sustainable and
                        enduring improvements and efficiency and effectiveness in the Department’s business related
                        enterprise policies, processes and systems. She also serves as the DoD Performance
                        Improvement Officer and is responsible for formulating the legislatively mandated
                        Departmental Strategic Management Plan.

                        Ms. McGrath serves as the Milestone Decision Authority for numerous business-focused Major
                        Automated Information Systems (MAIS) and also executes the Department’s primary
                        governance body for business transformation, the Defense Business System Management
                        Committee; establishes performance goals and measurements for the Department’s business
                        operations; implements the Department’s Continuous Process Improvement efforts; and is the
                        Vice-Chair of the Performance Accountability Council that is responsible to the President to
                        reform the government-wide security clearance process. Her responsibilities require extensive
                        integration and coordination across the Department as well as with many Federal agencies,
                        such as the Office of Management and Budget, Director for National Intelligence and the
                        Department of Veterans Affairs.

                        Previously, Ms. McGrath served as the Deputy Director for Systems Integration, Defense
                        Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) where she created a financial migration strategy that
                        was executed with a collective budget of approximately $1B. She managed the entire financial
                        architecture supporting DoD-wide standard financial systems, integrating it with the
                        Department’s evolving target, enterprise architecture. Project scope included logistics,
                        personnel, medical, acquisition and financial missions including many information technology

                        Prior to joining DFAS, Ms. McGrath served in a variety of program management roles
                        culminating in Program Executive Office-level oversight responsibility. She possesses extensive
                        knowledge of acquisition-related statutes, regulations and policies with over 20 years applied
                        acquisition experience with Major Defense Acquisition Programs and MAIS. She served as the
                        Business and Acquisition Manager on an international torpedo defense program with the United
                        Kingdom and held numerous other financial, acquisition and program management positions
                        within the Department of the Navy.

                        Ms. McGrath was awarded the Meritorious Executive Presidential Rank Award for Fiscal Year
                        2008 and the Office of the Secretary of Defense Exceptional Civilian Service Award in October
                        2008. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from George Mason University, is a
Mr. Dave Melton         Dave Melton is the Director, Earned Value Management and functional lead for approximately
                        35 EVM and scheduling folks in MDA. He is responsible for implementing EVM and ensuring a
                        consistent Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) process across 12 MDA programs and 18
                        contracts worth ~ $35 billion. Dave has worked in MDA for over 10 years following his
                        retirement from the Air Force. Prior to MDA, Dave was at Defense Acquisition University, Ft.
                        Belvoir, VA, where he was the Chair, EVM Department and supervisor of 12 professors. His
                        responsibilities included developing curriculum, teaching, conducting research, and providing
                        consulting in EVM to DoD Acquisition professionals. His Air Force career included positions in
                        program offices; HQ Air Combat Command; Air Force Cost Analysis Agency; and Air Staff,
                                        Speaker Directory
                                     (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert
    Dean Peebels       Neil Albert is President of MCR, LLC and a Board Member of the PMSC. Neil is extremely
                       Dean Peebels is the Deputy Director, Infrared Space Systems at the Air Force
                       Space and many Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base CA. His duties include
                       involved in Missile initiatives with the Government through various venues and is a key
                       contributor planning for the next of EVM Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS)
                       acquisition to the advancement Space and cost estimating.
                       satellite contract and leading day-to-day business operations for the $18
                       billion program.

                       Mr. Peebels has over 24 years of acquisition experience and has worked on a
                       variety of Air Force and joint service acquisition programs including the
                       Military Satellite Communications System (MILSTAR), Joint Tactical
                       Information Distribution System (JTIDS), Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
                       (EELV), Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS), F-15,
                       Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting InfraRed for Night (LANTIRN), Unmanned
                       Combat Air System (UCAS), RQ-4A/B Global Hawk, plus over twenty automated
                       information systems. In addition to his Air Force active duty and civilian
                       service, Mr. Peebels served the Air Force for 10 years as an acquisition
                       support contractor and is a retired Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel.

Mr. P.J. Pietrandrea   P.J. Pietrandrea is a Master Planner at Lockheed-Martin.

Mr. Ken Poole          Ken Poole is a Senior Project Controls Specialist for NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center in
                       Huntsville, AL. He has over 20 years of experience with NASA. Ken has been involved in the
                       development and implementation of various agency handbooks and training courses in the
                       areas of Scheduling, WBS Development, and Earned Value Management.

Dr. Robert Rovinsky    Bob Rovinsky is Director of IT Services (AES-1) for the Office of the Chief Information Officer
                       for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He directs an office of 25 professionals
                       responsible for reviewing and improving all IT investment decisions. He led the
                       implementation of Earned Value Management in the FAA, for which he received the first Gary
                       Christle Leadership Award from the Project Management Institute’s College of Performance
                       Management. Prior to coming to the FAA, Dr. Rovinsky directed the Office of Research and
                       Statistics for Fairfax County, VA. He holds a Doctoral degree in Operations Research and a
                       Masters degree in Mathematics, both from Cornell University, and has published widely on the
                       applications of Operations Research.

Mr. Wade Smith         Wade Smith is currently the Senior Staff member of the RMS Program Management Excellence
                       (PMX) organization. He has more than 39 years of weapons design, development and
                       production experience with Raytheon, Hughes and General Dynamics. Previously he was the
                       Deputy Product Line Manager for Land Combat. In that role, he was responsible for providing
                       product line leadership in program execution of TOW (tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-
                       guided), Stinger, Javelin, Excalibur and Non Line of Sight Launch System. Prior to his role in
                       Land Combat, he was the Deputy Product Line Manager for Directed Energy Weapons, focusing
                       on the design and development of technologies for high power microwave and high power solid
                       state laser weapons.
                                         Speaker Directory
                                     (Alphabetical by Last Name)
Mr. Neil Albert
    Joseph E. Sweeney   Mr. Albert E. Sweeney, a member and a Board Executive the PMSC. Neil is extremely
                        Neil Joseph is President of MCR, LLCof the Senior Member ofService, is the Director of Defense
                        involved in many initiatives with the Government through various venues and is a key
                        Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Portfolio Management & Integration (PM&I) Directorate
                        contributor to the advancement of EVM and cost estimating.
                        responsible for senior-level strategic customer acquisition enterprise engagements, customer-
                        related policy, training & tools, and integrated weapon system portfolio analysis. From April
                        2009 to Mar 2010 Mr. Sweeney served as Acting Executive Director of DCMA Naval Sea
                        Systems Division (and Deputy Executive Director from Apr 2007 to Mar 2009). Naval Sea
                        Systems was one of six Divisions within DCMA responsible for management of over 100,000
                        contracts valued at approximately $100 billion, more than 1,500 personnel, and 6 major
                        contract management offices that provide contract management services at over 4,500
                        contractor locations. From 2003-07 Mr. Sweeney was Deputy Commander of DCMA Space
                        Sensors & Communications which included contract management operations at Raytheon
                        Integrated Defense Systems, and Boeing C3 Networks. From 2000-03 he was Director of
                        Program Support & Customer Relations, DCMA East District. Other DoD assignments include:
                        Industrial Engineer/Program Integrator at DCASPRO Raytheon Company, DCMA Customer
                        Liaison at Air Force Materiel Command, Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom Air Force Base,
                        and Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Industry assignments include: Industrial Engineer in
                        Semiconductor Manufacturing, Cost Engineering Department, IBM Corp, NY; and a Sales
                        Engineer, Advanced Materials, Raytheon Company, Research Division, MA.

                        Mr. Sweeney is a Member of the Defense Acquisition Corps and Navy Acquisition Professional
                        Community. He is Joint Professional Military Education qualified, and DAWIA Certified Level III
                        in 4 acquisition career fields: Program Management; Systems Planning, Research,
                        Development & Engineering; Life Cycle Logistics; and Production, Quality & Manufacturing. He
                        graduated with Distinction from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Industrial
                        Engineering. He has a M.S. degree in Engineering Management from Western New England
                        College, and a M.A. degree in National Security & Strategic Studies, Naval War College. He is a
                        graduate of the Federal Executive Institute’s “Leadership for a Democratic Society” program,
                        the “Senior Executive Fellowship Program” at Harvard University, JFK School of Government,
                        and has an Executive Certificate in “Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management”
                        from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

                        Mr. Sweeney is a CAPT in the Naval Air Systems Command Reserve. His personal awards
                        include the DCMA Distinguished Civilian Service Award, DCMA Meritorious Civilian Service
                        Award, DLA Meritorious Civilian Service Award, DLA Superior Service Medal, Navy Meritorious
                        Service Medals, Navy Commendation Medals, Joint Service Achievement Medals, and Navy
                        Achievement Medals.

Ms. Tracie Thompson     Tracie Thompson is Alliant Tech Systems' Florida Earned Value and Program Controls Manager,
                        and the Vice Chairperson of the NDIA Program Management Systems Committee. She has over
                        25 years of earned value, program control, and management experience at defense
                        contractors including Honeywell, HTSI, and ATK.

Mr. Beau Willis         Beau Willis is the Director at the Navy CEVM. Beau is a key Government advocate for the
                        Government participation with Industry. Beau was instrumental in the establishment of and is
                        a key contributor to the Production EVM Working Group.
FROM:       NDIA PMSC Planning Committee
SUBJECT:    Meals for PMSC Participants

Deltek will provide a continental breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks each day for all
participants. The cost is not anticipated to be in excess of the allowable Government Per
Diem for the Washington D.C. area.

Please review this information and consult with your designated agency ethics official for
guidance on whether you can accept, or if reimbursement is required. If necessary,
payment can be rendered in cash or check (payable to Deltek) during the event.

Questions should be addressed to Tracie Thompson at 727-743- 3004
CAIWG     Civilian Agency and Industry Working Group
CDRL      Contract Data Requirements List
CRI       Compliance Review Instruction
CPR       Contract Performance Report
DCAA      Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCMA      Defense Contract Management Agency
DIG       DCMA Interprative Guide
DOD       Department of Defense
EVMS      Earned Value Management System
GASP      Generally Accepted Scheduling Principles
ICPM      Industrial Committee on Program Management
IMP       Integrated Master Plan
IMS       Integrated Master Schedule
MDA       Missile Defense Agency
NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAVAIR    Naval Air Systems Command
NDIA      National Defense Industrial Association
PARCA     Performance Assessment and Root Cause Analysis
PMI       Project Management Institute
PMI/      Project Management Institute/
EVM-CoP   Earned Value Management-Community of Practice
PMSC      Program Management Systems Committee
PPSS      Program Planning and Scheduling Subcommittee
PASEG     Planning & Scheduling Excellence Guide
SCEA      The Society of Cost Engineering and Analysis
SSI       Standard Surviellance Instruction
SSOM      Standard Survieillance Operating Manual
WBS       Work Breakdown Structure
              Hotel and Meeting Location


         Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA, 22202-3505

Rate: $237.00 + tax per night

             For reservations, Call (703) 920-3230 and reference code:
                    DDMDDMA - NDIA PMSC Meeting
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