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					Ernesto Lanuza, Account Executive
What is MySpace?

 The largest and most impactful social
    networking site on the web

 A place where people come to discover
     what’s happening with:
         Their Friends & Family
         New Brands
         Products & Services
         Entertainment – Bands, Movies,

 An online arena that empowers the

 An open forum that personally connects
    brands with their target demo
    efficiently and effectively
The MySpace Generation

  The most viewed site on the Internet:
  - 72.8 Million unique monthly users
  - 38.4% Reach of the US online population
  - 13.1 Avg. Min. per visit
  - 41.4 Billion page views per month
  - 16.2+ Billion total minutes per month
  - 17 Visits per visitor monthly
  - 47.4 Million unique Adults 18-49
  - 44.8% Reach against all Adults 18-49

                                              Source: comScore Media Metrix, June 2008
Targeting Opportunities

     Targeting Ability
             Age            Page Specific Placements
       Connection Type           Site Home Page
           Day Part             User Home Page
       Education Level         Section Placements
           Ethnicity                Roadblocks
           Gender                   Run Of Site
       Interest Groups
        Marital Status
      Sexual Orientation
     Enthusiast Targeting
Media Placements
MySpace Ad Placements – User Home Page

                                         728x90 Leaderboard

                                         300x250 Medium
MySpace Ad Placements – Music Section

                                          Similar pricing for other
                                       sections like Comedy, Books,
                                          Horoscopes, Chat and

   728x90 Leaderboard

            300x250 Medium Rectangle
MySpace Ad Placements – Run of Site

    430x600 Half Page

                        120x600 Skyscraper
MySpace Ad Placements – Run of Site
 *ROS placements may appear anywhere on
 the site at any time.
                          728x90 Leaderboard

      300x250 Medium Rectangle
Brand Communities – At A Glance

 Connect with consumers in a credible way
 The MySpace Custom Community is a powerful tool for
 advertisers looking to promote word of mouth and viral
 ‘pass along ’.

   • Translate your brand into something today’s consumers
     can relate to: a MySpace “friend”
   • Create an ongoing CRM tool: Engage users, build
     relationships, cultivate conversations
   • Facilitate user recommendation
   • Encourage users to become brand advocates and tell
     their own stories about your brand

         Why do users add brands as friends?1
   29%   Notices of events, sales, or exclusive offerings
   28%   Recommended by a friend of mine
   23%   Want to associate myself with them
   23%   Discounts, coupons, free samples
   11%   Want to support them

                     Never Ending Friending Study, US only, April 2007 - MySpace, Carat, Isobar
School Affiliation Targeting
 New capabilities allow targeting to MySpace
 users who are affiliated with certain schools

 MySpace can target users who belong to specific
 schools while they browse specific Channels or
 more broadly through ROS.

 Clients may also request specific schools be

 Note: The schools affiliated are identified on a
 person’s User Homepage under Schools.
5. Enthusiast and Hyper Targeting

  Personal demographic
  information provided by
  MySpace users when they
  become members.
                            +   Freely expressed information by
                                consumers about their passions
                                and interests.
                                                                  =   NEXT-GENERATION
5. Enthusiast Targeting

 • Ten Enthusiast Segments reflect top user interests and the lifestyles that
   offer the most value to our partners

           MUSIC            MOVIES          FINANCE           GAMING          ELECTRONICS

           SPORTS           TRAVEL            AUTO           FASHION         HEALTH/FITNESS

      Segments are built with the highest quality standards:
        Reach:      Each segment contains at least 3 million active users
        Relevant:   Advanced algorithms select only the most relevant users for each segment
        Fresh:      Interests are continuously refreshed whenever a user logs in
        Smart:      Ongoing relevance and performance testing drives continuous refinement
Video Game Enthusiast Segment

                                          Meet John                        • Leverages MySpace’s unique platform
                                          Game buff...                       for self-expression
                                          “Save the Princess,
                                           Kill the Dragon”                • Aggregates users with shared interests
                                                                             into 10 HyperTargeted enthusiast
                                          19 years old
                                          COLLINGSWOOD, NJ                   segments
                                          United States
                                                                           • Offers efficient means of targeting
                                            VIDEO GAMES                      people around their passions

        John’s Interests

        General        Video games, Anime, Cartoons, Loitering, Skateboarding, Beating Mark’s score on Zelda… you

        Movies         Grandma’s Boy, Superfly, Gleaming the Cube, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil

        Books          I only read comic books and video game manuals

Based on actual profile from current MySpace user. To protect our users’ privacy, we have removed personal information.
LifeStage Targeting

    - LifeStage targeting will allow advertisers
   to put their relevant job opportunities in front
   of MySpace users

   - User freely expresses his occupation,
   which is used to target user

   - About Me section on user homepage will
   be used to further qualify and group the
   the user into more specific segments
Partial Customer List

     CPG & Retail       Movies & TV   Music

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