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									Natural Family Planning Research
 Grant: An Exploratory Study to
Enhance Understanding About the
 Use of Natural Family Planning
   Methods in Title X Settings

       Jacki Witt, Project Director
        Pat Kelly, Co-investigator
     Maithe Enriquez, Co-investigator
Supported by Grant # FDRPA006037-01-00,
 Office of Population Affairs, Office of Family
               Planning, DHHS
UMKC School of Nursing
              NFP Project Staff
                              Jacki Witt
                           Project Director

   Pat Kelly                      TBD                        Maithe Enriquez
Co-Investigator            Study Coordinator                 Co-Investigator

            Eve McGee

                                                         Student Research
Aimee Brockman               Susie Miller
  Admin Asst                 Admin Asst
Aims of the Natural Family
     Planning Study
1) Explore knowledge, attitudes &
institutional & socio-cultural factors that
influence the promotion, instruction or
referral for natural family planning among
agencies, health care providers & clients
who are the beneficiaries of federal
2) Make recommendations which will
inform policy & clinical practices related
To NFP in federally funded clinics
The Theory of Planned Behavior
Study Design
Input from Beneficiaries
Design and Methodology
         Clinical Training Center for Family Planning
                      Trained Preceptors

                                                        9 Preceptors in

      129 Preceptors in
38 States and Washington, DC

                                                             Updated 11/9/08
  Focus Group Facilitator Guide
    Construct                          Question                                     Probe(s)

                     What are some of your concerns about          Concerns about discussing any other
                     discussing Natural Family Planning with       method(s)? Concerns about
                     clients?                                      incorporating Level 1 infertility services?
Behavioral Beliefs                                                 Concerns about incorporating
                                                                   preconception counseling/pregnancy
                     What are the advantages of NFP that you       Disadvantages? Partner issues?
                     are aware of?                                 Use as a pregnancy planning tool?
                     What referral sources are available in your   What do you do if someone asks for more
                     community for clients wishing to use          information about natural family
                     natural methods of contraception?             planning?
                     Which people or groups of people influence    How do you individualize your
                     the content or volume/amount of your          counseling?
                     contraceptive counseling?
Normative Beliefs
                     Which people or groups of people would        How about single women?
                     support you introducing NFP to married        Adolescents?
                     Which people or groups of people influence    Professionals?
                     which method of birth control your client     Family members?
                     chooses to use?                               Partners?
                     How much control would you say you have
                     over which method of birth control your
                     clients choose?
 Control Beliefs
                     What factors make it difficult to offer       What about other methods? Any
                     natural family planning to clients?           difficulties?
                     What factors make it easy to offer natural
                     family planning to clients?                   What about other methods?
          Sample Consumer Survey
• Is this your first visit to this clinic?
   – Yes
   – No

• Geographic setting where clinic is located:
   – Rural
   – Small Town (<10,000 population)
   – City (10,000 – 99,999 population)
   – Urban (100,000-499,999population)
   – Metropolis (>500,000 population)
•   For the purpose of this study, we define natural family planning (NFP), also called
    fertility awareness methods (FAM) as family planning methods that rely on
    identifying potentially fertile days in each menstrual cycle when intercourse is
    most likely to result in a pregnancy.

•   Has a health care provider ever told you about natural family planning for
    preventing pregnancy (birth control)?
     – Yes
     – No

•   Has a health care provider ever told you about natural family planning for trying to
    get pregnant (planning a pregnancy)?
     – Yes
     – No
• Using a seven (7) point scale where 1 means “strongly
  disagree” and 7 means “strongly agree” respond to the
  following statements about natural family planning.

• I understand when the fertile time (most likely to get
  pregnant) of the menstrual cycle is for women who have
  regular cycles.
             1    2   3    4      5     6    7
• The most fertile time of the menstrual cycle (time
  when a woman is most likely to get pregnant) :
   – About 7-10 days after the first day of
   – About 12-14 days after the first day of
   – About 18-21 days after the first day of
   – None of the above
   – Don’t know or not sure
    Qualitative Analysis Plan
• Focus group proceedings will be taped and
  then transcribed
• Loaded into Atlas
• Initial codes assigned (using contructs from
• Data grouped
• Themes organized
• Initial analysis verified by facilitators
      Quantitative Analysis Plan

• Descriptive Statistics
Impact  Outcome

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