Common Resource Allocation System by ert554898


									Common Resource
   Martin Cattermole
             This work
Co-produced – all work done together
Testing outing commonality – working
  across 18 councils
Good attendance – from 16/18
Significant work done and tangible
  products achieved
Three phases – design of materials,
  testing, evaluation and dissemination
      Key Deliverables (1)
Framework Document:
•   Key Principles and Purpose of RAS
•   Common approach and solutions
    to key challenges
•   A co-produced approach that
    works for councils and is
    supported by people and families
   Framework Issues so far:
• Future proofing RAS
• People with High Support Needs
• One RAS or many
• Equity
• Duty to Assess
• Informal support
• Needs of family carers
      Key Deliverables (2)
RAS Components – Practical Tools that
 councils can use if they want to

•   Questionnaire
•   Scoring framework
•   Financial Framework
•   System Map
Developing a Common RAS Framework
Common RAS Framework System Map

                                                                 Process elements that relate to RAS framework
Process Elements

                         Contact              Eligible                Complete Self            Calculate and                                     Agree final
                                                                                                                           Support                                      Live
                          Local             (maybe after               Assessment             agree indicative                                    personal
                                                                                                                           planning                                     life
                         Authority          reablement)               Questionnaire              allocation                                        budget

                                                                                                                                                          ·     Actual personal
                                                                                                                                                                budget spend
Data Collection Points

                               ·     Unique identifier            ·   Scores for each     ·   Indicative personal                ·   Final personal budget
                               ·     Age of service user              SAQ question            budget allocation                      allocation after support
                               ·     Ethnicity of service user        and total score     ·   Current cost or                        planning is complete
                               ·     Gender of service user                                   estimated cost of care             ·   Reason/s for variance
                               ·     Name of Local authority                                  package                                between indicative
                               ·     Current care group                                                                              allocation and final
                               ·     Type of client                                                                                  allocation
                                                                                                                 ·   Number of indicative
                                                                                                                     allocations that have had
                                                                                                                     to be re-RAS'd
  Personal Budget Calculator
Where we have got to:

 We are working on a personal budget
              Other Issues
    We are paying attention to other
    methodologies – potential
    collaboration and learning:

•     Conventional system – price of care
      plan creates personal budget

•     Other questionnaire approaches
             Time frame
Three phases:
• Initial design of materials – by April
• Test and improve – three phases of
  testing – by Sep. 1.
• Evaluation and dissemination – by
  end Nov.
          Testing Phases
Three testing phases
• Initial test of materials with 90
  people (5 per council) – by end April
• Further testing with finance with 450
  people (25 per council) – by end
• Further testing with 360 people (20
  per council) – by end Aug.
  Some challenging issues so

• Co-production
• Consensus and compromise
• 18 councils all different!
• Mixing expert and less experienced
• Time, capacity and priority.
 In Conclusion: Key Ambitions
• Framework and solution to issues
  that has been tested across councils.
• Practical set of tools that councils can
  take and use ‘out of the box’.
• Materials that have been tested by
  people and families.
• Materials that support citizenship and

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