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					Sports & Recreation Centre
Office of Student Affairs
National University of Singapore
2 Sports Drive 1, Singapore 117561
Tel: (65) 65162384   Fax: (65) 67779280

Membership To Sports & Recreation Centre Application Form
        Category:                                                                                                  of
       Annual membership for employees of NUS affiliated organisations                                         Applicant
            Courts Booking ($61.20)    Pool (Individual. $25.70)        Pool (Family. $38.55)
       Annual membership for use of swimming pool by staff members
            Pool (Individual. $25.70)     Pool (Family. $38.55)

* Please submit the Application Form and the Membership Fee at the SRC Sports Development Office

A. Particulars of Applicant

  Name of Applicant :                                                    Age :                     Sex :
  NRIC/Passport No. :                                                    Matric / Staff No. :
  Faculty/Department :
  Mailing Address       :
  Contact No.          :                                                 Email :
  Person to contact in case of emergency:
  Name                  :                                                Contact No. :

B. Particulars of Spouse & Children (Only Applicable for Swimming Pool Membership)

  Name of Spouse            :                                         Age :                        Sex:
  NRIC/Passport No. :                                                 Nationality     :

                Name of Child                          Age                       Sex                NRIC/Passport no.

C. Declaration

    I, ____________________________, have read the attached rules and regulation with regards to the membership
    to SRC and will agree to abide by them.

           Signature of Applicant                                                                  Date

D. For Official Use Only

  Date of Submission        Amount received   Receipt No.   Expiry Date of     Application         Signature    Remarks
  of Application                                            Membership         Processed by

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                                            Terms & Conditions
For Employees of NUS Affiliated Organisations

   1. Individual one-year membership for employees of NUS affiliated organizations is available on application.
      The membership should be renewed at least one month before the expiry of the current membership.

   2. If the application is successful, members will be assigned a password each. This password will enable the
      members to gain access to the Online Sports Facilities Booking system to make bookings for courts for
      badminton, squash and tennis. Members will also be issued an identify card each. This card is to be produced
      for verification purpose when requested for.

   3. Membership fee is S$61.20 per year (inclusive of 7% GST). This will entitle the member to free usage of the
      sports facility. However, members will be subject to the same quota system as the other users (please see
      paragraph 4 below).

   4. Each member can make a maximum of one (1) advance booking per sport (tennis, badminton or squash) per
      calendar week. However, he/she may make an additional booking no more than 2 days before the day of pay if
      the facility is available.

   5. Members may bring guests along when using the facilities. There will be a nominal fee of $2.20 charge for
      each guest. Members will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.

   6. All users of SRC facilities must abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of the various sports
      facilities of the SRC. A set of these guidelines is available at the SRC website (click
      on Online Sports Facility Booking).

   7. All members and their guests must be attired in the appropriate sportswear when using the sports facilities.

   8. All users of SRC facilities must comply with the instructions given by the staff on duty.

   9. NUS reserve the right to revoke the membership of members whose conduct when using the facilities is found
      to be inappropriate. These ex-members will not be allowed to re-apply for membership for at least one year.

   10. The NUS and the SRC, its agents, volunteers and staff shall not be liable for any mishap, injury, death,
       damage or loss of personal property of the member and his guest/s during the time of usage or as a result of
       the use of the facilities.

   11. The SRC reserves the right to amend these rules without any prior notice.

Swimming Pool Membership for Staff

   1. Pool membership is valid from 1 Jan - 31 Dec each year and should be renewed at the end of each calendar
      year. Staff who apply during the course of the year need only to pay the pro-rated fee.

   2. Only University full-time staff are eligible for membership. There are 2 types of membership:
        i)   Individual Membership           ($25.70 - annually)
        ii) Family Membership                ($38.55 - annually)

   3. For Family membership, the spouse of the staff member together with their children below the age of 18 will
      be entitled free admission. Children under the age of 12 must however be escorted by parent/s.

   4. Supplementary cards for the spouse/children (Between ages 13 – 18) of the staff member may also be

   5. Staff members who do not wish to join membership to the pool may still use the swimming pool facility on
      payment of an admission fee of $1.10 per entry.

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