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					                               THE FAIRWAYS OF PALM-AIRE, INC.
                           MINUTES OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                        February 23, 2009

Pursuant to call and upon proper notice, a meeting of the Board of Directors of The Fairways of Palm-
Aire, Inc was held on Monday, February 23, 2009, at 6:30 p.m., at the Herb Skolnick Center, Pompano
Beach, Florida.

PRESENT: Skip Sigh, President
         Jason Bates, Vice President
         Michael Cherup, Secretary
         Ralph Chiocco, Director

ABSENT: Don Siegel

ALSO PRESENT: Susan (Dedee) Westbay, from Exclusive Property Management, and 11 homeowners
were represented.

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.

MOTION: Skip Sigh made a motion to accept the agenda as presented. MOTION seconded by Ralph
Chiocco and passed unanimously.

Minutes of the meeting of January 26, 2009 were presented and MOTION was made by Skip Sigh to
approve the Minutes. MOTION seconded by Ralph Chiocco and passed unanimously.

Management Report- Management addressed that there are two (2) Units that are getting roof repairs.
These repairs are broken tiles and rotten fascia board. Management also discussed that Lift Station
Services had to be called out to the property for an emergency service due to rags being wrapped around
the motor. It was stated that someone in the community is using Clorox wipes or Scrubbing Bubbles
wipes and then flushing them down the toilet, which creates this problem of them getting stuck in the
motor. Board requested that a letter be sent to all homeowners regarding this issue. Also mentioned was
that the Annual Meeting would be held next month and all mailings have gone out to all homeowners.

Presidents Report- Skip Sigh discussed the delinquency problem in the community. The Board of
Directors read the following information to the members regarding the homeowners that were over One
Thousand ($1000.00) Dollard in arrears. Ralph Chiocco read the following Unit numbers, names and the
amount of arrearage.

   1)   Unit #   404, Manuel E Gonzalez, $19,939.77
   2)   Unit #   468, Juan Bravo, $1,575.00
   3)   Unit #   488, Michael Summers, $1,650.00
   4)   Unit #   520, Padua Export Ltd, $ 1,575.00
   5)   Unit #   521, Regulo Semidey, $ 2,174.90
   6)   Unit #   528, Lydia Borek, $1,575.00
   7)   Unit #   536, Howard & Barbara Cassel, $ 1,875.00
   8)   Unit #   568, M/M Francisco Herrera, $ 1,575.00
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Board of Directors’ Meeting
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    9)    Unit # 583, Muhammad Mujtaba/Imllaz Be, $6,083.05
    10)   Unit # 599, Mellssa Pagano, $1,875.00
    11)   Unit # 600, Brad Hare, $2,942.00
    12)   Unit # 636, Francessco Marzachi, $ 1,675.00
    13)   Unit # 648, Carmen Carolina Lauria, $ 1,575.00
    14)   Unit # 652, Antonio Lauria, $1,575.00
    15)   Unit # 656, Jesus A. Lauria Pulgar, $1,575.00
    16)   Unit # 660, Andres Lauria, $ 1575.00
    17)   Unit # 661, Gayle Serra, $1,050.00
    18)   Unit # 668, Don & Lori Siegel, $3,747.35
    19)   Unit # 692, Asdrubal Agular, $ 2,175.10
    20)   Unit # 708, Enrique J. Alvarez, $1,525.00
    21)   Unit # 716, Rafael & Alna Flores, $1,217.00

Skip Sigh also requested that management send violation letters out for various violations. Bulk trash
pick up was discussed. If homeowners have large items they are to call Waste Management for this “bulk
pickup”. Two dead trees were removed from the community at two different Units. Voting for the
Annual meeting was discussed and if any Unit owner is delinquent, their vote does not count. Board
stated that 31 of 110 homeowners could not vote. Discussion was made regarding the letter the Board of
Directors sent to all homeowners regarding delinquencies in the association.

The Maintenance Chair- Mike Cherup talked about the cost of having the attorney send out letters to the
delinquent owners. Board discussed that some of these homeowners were upside down in their mortgage.
One homeowner refinanced and never made a payment after financing. Banks are not pushing forward
with taking over the foreclosures. Some homeowners asked if there were any services that are provided
by the association that could be cut out to these homeowners. Another question was asked if the taxes are
being paid by these delinquent homeowners. Five or Six Units have tenants in the Units but are not paying
their assessments. Jason Bates will get a letter together for management to send to the tenants advising
them that they will be evicted if the Unit owners (landlords) do not pay their assessments. The Board
would like to set up a meeting with these tenants at Exclusive Property Management to discuss the rental
policy in the association. The Board stated that the minority of the community is paying for the majority
of the community. Litigation update was that the Board is still optimistic about the litigation. The
litigation is in a holding pattern at this time. Settlement discussions are private and can not be discussed.
MOTION was made by Mike Cherup to accept the proposal for the yearly audit from Accountant A. John
Bono. MOTION was seconded by Ralph Chiocco and passed unanimously.

Homeowners Forum- Homeowners are concerned about this delinquency problem in the association.
One homeowner asked if there are any items on the budget that can be cut to help with this delinquency
problem. The association runs a pretty tight budget but they will have to keep all suggestions in mind. One
homeowner requested that the minutes of the meeting be sent out to all homeowners since the minutes
were not being updated on the website. MOTION was made by Jason Bates to send out the minutes of all
Board Meetings starting with the minutes of the January 26, 2009 meeting. MOTION was seconded by
Ralph Chiocco and passed unanimously. Board discussed changing the documents but the association
will need around 100 % approval from the association to do this.
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Board of Directors’ Meeting
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There being no further business to come to the Board, MOTION was made by Jason Bates to adjourn the
meeting at 8:10 p.m. The MOTION was seconded by Mike Cherup and the motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Cherup, Secretary
Recorded by Susan ( Dedee) Westbay

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