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									Benidorm 1960
The Multiplier Effect
          New resort is ‘discovered’ by
          rich tourists                                Locals build
                                                       restaurants, bars and
                                                       hotels to get income
   Resort is very well known                           from rich tourists
   now, easy to get to, with
   cheap prices due to all the                     Roads, rail, airports, electricity,
   competition – so attracts                       water supply – all improved to
   Massive numbers of tourists                     attract more tourists
                                                   (Infrastructure) using taxes
                                                   from local businesses
     Resort gets even bigger –
     so more roads, railways &
     services are built using                       More locals move to the
     bigger tax income                              resort to work in
                                                    construction or for
                                                    tourism jobs
             More tourists
             arrive                       More hotels are
Example 1 = Southsea.

Why did tourism decline
     in Southsea?
In door attractions because of the weather - Blue
Reef Aquarium, The Pyramids Swimming Centre.
New attractions aiming at a different target market
– interest in naval history. Action Stations, Mary
Rose Museum.
New hotels – Holiday Inn Express
Gunwharf waterfront development.
Change of name to Portsmouth – the waterfront
New restaurants – Jamie's Italian, Brassiere Blanc
Day trips rather than holidays.
What about Benidorm?
Problems   Actions
Highlight the key points on the Benidorm
information sheet.

 Write out key points underthe following

1) growth,
2) problems (social / environmental)
3) decline.
4) rejuvenation.

Fold your card in half. Use each half for 1

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