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					   An SEO consultant's role will include a
     broad subject area, from finding and
 resolving problems with the coding of your
 site which are keeping it from ranking well
to developing the popularity of your website
  through the creation of proper links. SEO
 consultants come from a range of assorted
backgrounds and this affects their preferred
    type of optimisation method. An SEO
  Consultant's fundamental role is to better
  your rank within Google and other search

seo analyse
Websites manipulating search engine rankings by using underhand SEO
methods are typically sniffed out by search engine companies such as
Google Commonly these bad practices are penalised by dropping their
rankings pending a change in heir optimisation techniques however in the
worst cases it may result in a site being totally de-listed from search
engines There are good consultants and of course there are bad ones,
just as there are in any other profession To assist you to select the right
one and avoid penalties, take a look at the following tips and pointers
Does the consultant adhere to search engine guidelines? You will find
that search engine companies publish their policies regarding the way
websites should be built and marketed
 They additionally produce a comprehensive list of practices that are not
considered acceptable and will attract penalties Make sure that the SEO
consultant follows the relevant search engine guidelines and practices
only 'white hat' SEO Does their method to SEO provide consistent and
long-term outcomes, while protecting your brand at the same time? You
would be devastated if a month or two after hiring an SEO consultant
your ranking with the search engines began to fluctuate wildly and your
site became negatively affected Your business could be affected and
your clients could get a negative impression of your brand Make sure
that you talk in depth with your consultant and establish exactly how they
plan to optimise the website prior to them starting work, you might not
understand all of what is said but the fact that you have questioned the
consultant will mean that they take a much more methodical approach to
your site
 Do the strategies appeal to web users? Websites should be optimised
with web users enjoyment in mind rather than concentrating solely on
search engine rankings All of the main search engine companies have
stated that websites should be created to provide a visitor the most
positive experience possible with well written, relevant material and an
easy to follow navigation structure A good SEO consultant will give great
advice on how to increase the relevance of your site content Whilst it is
important that this job is carried out, it is also essential to remember that
your website is primarily for your site visitors and not to simply rank as
high as possible in searches The majority of SEO consultants are happy
to provide examples of websites that they have already optimised to rank
highly, visit these websites and gauge whether the content gives a site
visitor a good user experience or if it reads like it was written by a robot
just to rank well
 Which do you think is more important; quality or quantity? The quantity of
your site visitors is nowhere near the importance of the quality of visitor It
is much more advantageous to have 100 site visitors and make 10 sales
than to have 1000 site visitors and make none The keywords you choose
to focus on for optimisation are central Lets say for example you are
marketing blue Widgets Successful optimisation of your site for 'Widgets'
due to your SEO campaign may draw huge amounts of visiting traffic to
your website but if the visitors are only looking for yellow Widgets you will
not benefit from increased sales
 If your site had been optimised with the keywords 'Blue Widgets',
however, you would have a much better chance of seeing an increase in
your number of sales What services are offered by the SEO? It is
essential to know exactly what services the SEO is going to carry out
There are many consultants who offer clients an advisory role and having
looked at and assessed your site will write a detailed report telling you
exactly what you need to do to rank well If you have an in-house
development team available that service is great Whilst other consultants
undertake all of the strategy work and then implement it for you so be
certain that you know exactly what you are getting for your money
 What amount does the consultant charge? This is the most obvious
question of all but is not easy to understand When you compare quotes,
be sure to make comparisons between services that are being offered
like for like Get to seo analyse know what the going rate would be for
optimising a website similar to yours and be wary of price quotes that
seem very high or very low You may want to avoid a consultant
guaranteeing to get you a no 1 position as it is impossible to guarantee
 How friendly are you and the SEO consultant? You do not need to
become best buddies but it is helps to have a great working relationship
with your consultant Whilst some consultants provide you with a basic
service to fulfil their contract to you, others will do their best to get the
best possible results You are sure to obtain the best possible service
from a consultant who you have a good working relationship with
seo analyse

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