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					  Agency, Board, Commission, Branch        Meeting Title
Environmental Quality Dept.           Draft Proposed ESCO Corporation Title V Air Quality Permit Renewal
Environmental Quality Dept.           Klamath Air Quality Advisory Committee
Environmental Quality Dept.           Environmental Quality Commission meeting
Environmental Quality Dept.           Conversion Technology Rulemaking Advisory Committee Meeting
Environmental Quality Dept.           E-Cycles Manufacturer Registration Fees Rulemaking Advisory Committe
Environmental Quality Dept.           Public Hearing: Knutson Towboat
Environmental Quality Dept.           Oregon E-Cycles Registration Fee Rulemaking : Advisory Committee Me
Environmental Quality Dept.           Proposed Title V Fee Rules Hearing
Environmental Quality Dept.           E-Cycles Registration Fee Rulemaking
Environmental Quality Dept.           Riverbend Landfill Informational Meeting
Environmental Quality Dept.           Former Blue Heron Lagoon Property
     Short Description                Start Date & Time               End Date & Time
DEQ proposes to renew the air permit for ESCO Corporation. ESCO signed a Good Neighbor Agreement with groups represen
                                                         01/12/2012                     01/12/2012
DEQ and Klamath County have formed an Advisory Committee to identify and provide input for strategies to reduce PM pollutio
meeting of the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission (2 days)                         02/17/2012
Advisory committee meeting for the conversion technology rulemaking                     01/27/2012
                                                                                        manufacturers pay for Oregon’s E-Cycl
DEQ has initiated a rulemaking process to change the registration fees that electronics 01/26/2012
DEQ invites the public to comment on the Knutson Towboat Company’s proposed wastewater treatment permit, known officiall
Manufacturer Registration Fees                           02/28/2012                     02/28/2012
DEQ is proposing revisions to the Air Quality Division’s Title V fee rules.
Proposed rules to adopt changes in registration fees for04/16/2012 manufacturers.
DEQ invites the public to attend an informational meeting and provide written comment on DEQ's proposal to approve a revised
DEQ proposes to enter into a consent order for a prospective purchaser agreement with Clackamas County Service No. 1 and
    Meeting Location               City            State            Details
Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital Portland        OR
                                 219 305 Main OR
Klamath County Admin Bldg. Rm.Klamath Falls Street
DEQ, 811 SW 6th Ave. , EQC-A Portland          OR
DEQ Headquarters, 811 SW 6th Ave., Room EQC-A  OR
DEQ Headquarters, 811 SW 6th Ave., 10th floor OR
                                North Bend
North Bend Public Library, 1800 Sherman Ave. OR
811 SW 6th Avenue, 10th floor, Room EQC-A
                                Portland       OR           DEQ has initiated a rulemaking process to change the reg
DEQ, Conference Room EQC-A (10th floor), 811 SW 6th Ave.
                                Portland       OR           This proposal would increase Oregon’s Title V operating p
DEQ Headquarters, Room 10, 811 SW 6th Ave OR
                                McMinnville    OR
McMinnville Senior Center, 2250 NE McDaniel Lane
                                Portland       OR
Clackamas Community College, Gregory Forum room A South Molalla Avenue
                Public Comment Accepted                   Contact Name              Phone Number
             Yes                                        George Davis
                                                        Larry Calkins               541-567-8297 x225
                                                        Stephanie Clark
                                                        Bob Barrows
                                                        Loretta Pickerell
               yes                                      April Graybill              503-378-6967
                                                        Christie that electronics manufacturers pay for Oregon’s E-Cycles program. DEQ has
s initiated a rulemaking process to change the registration fees Nuttall            503-229-6832
               yes                                      Esther Westbrook            503-229-6457
                                                        Loretta Pickerell           503-229-5808
                                                        Bob Schwarz                 541-298-7255 xt 230
                                                        Shawn Rapp
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                             h ttp://
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