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									Goal 2: To develop an understanding of human cultures and the physical and natural
world that is focused on engagement with big questions, both contemporary and
Domain 2.7: Arts

Definition: Britannica Online defines art as the “use [of] skill and imagination in the creation of
            aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others,” thereby
            influencing and affecting one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. As used here,
            the Arts encompass a diverse range of human activities, creations, and modes of expression,
            including music, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings.

The following are meant to serve as examples of assessment criteria. Instructors may use any or all of
the behavioral achievements appearing in the list under each performance level or may use their
professional judgment in developing their own assessment criteria. However, the results must be reported
using the performance levels provided here (4, 3, 2, 1).

                                                          Performance Levels
                               4                          3                 2                                  1
                     Describes, analyzes,      Describes, and            Begins to describe        Barely attempts to
                      and understands how        sometimes analyzes         how artists have           describe how artists
                      artists have               how artists have           historically used          have historically used
                      historically used          historically used          materials, inventions,     materials, inventions,
                      materials, inventions,     materials, inventions,     and technologies           and technologies
                      and technologies           and technologies          Begins to understand      Barely attempts to
                     Demonstrates              Occasionally               concepts of style and      understand the
                      aesthetic awareness        demonstrates an            aesthetics.                concept of style
   Suggested          in understanding of        understanding of          Begins to learn about
   Behavioral         styles, stylistic          styles, stylistic          the history and
                      influence, and stylistic   influence, and stylistic   criticism of the Arts,
  Achievement         change                     change                     their role in
and/or Quality of    Demonstrates an           Learns about and           communities and
     Work             understanding of the       attempts to                cultures, and their
                      history and criticism      understand the             importance in
                      of the Arts, their role    history and criticism      understanding other
                      in communities and         of the Arts, their role    disciplines
                      cultures, and their        in communities and
                      importance in              cultures, and their
                      understanding other        importance in
                      disciplines                understanding other
Raw number of
achieving at this
                                        Number of students who participated in this assessment
                                                       but failed to meet Performance Level 1.
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Semester, Year of Assessment:

Assessment Method: Course(s) Number (not section), student work product that was evaluated, brief
description of the rubric or evaluation instrument used (a copy would be appreciated), brief description
of your criterion of success (e.g., 75% of students demonstrate proficiency/basic competency on the
learning outcome).

Executive Summary: Please briefly describe your findings, and your interpretations of the findings.

Recommendations: Please provide any suggestions you have for improvement (e.g., from minor
adjustments to the course, to changes to the assessment method, to major changes in KU’s approach to
the learning goal)

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