Copy of Test iteration1_ V5 by lanyuehua


									ID        Date        Section of website

      1    7/29/2011 Home page

      2    7/29/2011 Home page

      3    7/29/2011 Home page

      4    7/29/2011 Home page

      5    7/29/2011 Contact Us

      6    7/29/2011 Advertising

      7    7/29/2011 Your wedding

      8    7/29/2011 User registration / update details

      9    7/29/2011 User registration / update details
                     User Registration confirmation
     10    7/29/2011 page
                     User Registration confirmation
     11    7/29/2011 page
                     User Registration confirmation
     12    7/29/2011 page
13   7/29/2011 Home page
14   7/29/2011 User profile

15   7/29/2011 User profile
16   7/29/2011 Update User profile

17   7/29/2011 Update User profile

18   7/29/2011 Update User profile

19   7/29/2011 Update User profile

20   7/29/2011 Update User profile

21   7/29/2011 Update User profile

22   7/29/2011 Update User profile

23   7/29/2011 Update User profile

24   7/29/2011 Your wedding

25   7/29/2011 Home page

26   7/29/2011 Your wedding

27   7/29/2011 Your wedding

28   7/29/2011 Your wedding
29   7/29/2011 Upload your budget
30   7/29/2011 Budgets

31   7/29/2011 Upload your budget
32   7/29/2011 User profile

33   7/29/2011 Home page

34   7/29/2011 Homepage

35   7/29/2011 Registering for newsletter

36   7/29/2011 Shared inspirational images

37   7/29/2011 Forum
38   7/29/2011 Forum

39   7/29/2011 Forum

40   7/29/2011 Forum

41   7/29/2011 Forum

42   7/29/2011 Forum

43   8/12/2011 Buttons on left hand side

44   8/12/2011 Logo

45   8/12/2011 Logout

46   8/12/2011 Home page
47   8/12/2011 Supplier registration

48   8/12/2011 Supplier profile

49   8/12/2011 Supplier profile

50   8/12/2011 Supplier profile

51   8/12/2011 Supplier profile

52   8/12/2011 Listed suppliers

53   8/12/2011 Supplier profile

54   8/12/2011 Question

55   8/12/2011 Home page
56   8/12/2011 Forum

57   8/12/2011 Forum

58   8/12/2011 Supplier

59   8/12/2011 Forum

60   8/15/2011 emails

61   9/24/2011 Advertising

62   9/24/2011 Profile,create supplier account.

63   9/24/2011 User profile- pictire uplpoad

64   9/24/2011 Budgets

65   9/24/2011 supplier

67   9/24/2011 Sup[plier

68   9/24/2011 suppliers
69   9/24/2011 supp[liers

70   9/24/2011 suppliers

71   9/24/2011 Forum

72   9/24/2011 Forum

73   9/24/2011 Suppliers
     9/28/2011 Advertising

               User registration
Current behaviour
The links at the bottom of the page (eg "Join us on Facebook", "Contact Us" and
""Privacy Policy") are in a different format to the other pages on the website.
Please could they match the formatting on the other pages, eg on the suppliers
If I start on the home page, click away to the "Forum Page" and then click back to
the home page again, the text in the main window with the picture, shunts
down.Please could the text remain in the same position at all times when clicking
on the home page.
Facebook link at bottom of each page not pointing to Facebook page. Could the
Facebook page link point to:!/pages/SuperStarBrides/201482746547442

Twitter link at bottom of each page not pointing to twitter account.Could the
Twitter page link point to:!/SuperstarBrides
On the contact us page there is no "Confirmation by typing in image picture" to
prevent spam. Do you think that I need this? Please advise.

On the advertising page, should we recommend a max file size for the images?
Please advise eg how many Mb?

Could there be a button at the top of the page, to Submit your wedding instead of
the button to upload your budget. This should only appear if logged in. If not
logged in, display text saying "Please log in to submit your own wedding).
Could the check box for data protection default with a cross. The user then has to
remove the cross to be taken off the list.
Chenge text next to checkbox to say "Data protection : We occasionally make
your details available to carefully selected companies whose products or services
we feel may be of special interest to you by post, email and telephone. If you do
not wish to receive further free samples, special offers and product information
please untick this box."
Could the "Click here to log on" link appear at the top of the page, just under
"Registration successful".
Could you add my picture next to my name at the bottom of the page. I think that
I have already emailed this to you.
Could the formatting for this page be tidied up. The text is not well aligned at the
The home page asks for your email address to log in, which is correct. Other
pages just ask you for your username. Please could it always ask you for your
email address?
In the user profile, it says "Country" when it should say "County"
The Postcode returned comes back as "o". Please could the postcode be
Could you state the recommended file size to upload. Eg max MB?
Could the section at the bottom of the page for the profile and signature pictures,
be highlighted in a box (in a similar colour scheme to that in the forum) to
separate it from the other stuff on the page?
Could the section to upload your own gallery pictures be on a new page, linked at
the top of the user profile page by "Upload pictures".
Please remove the "Comments" box to upload your own pictures to the gallery. I
think that this should appear with just the supplier's uploaded pictures. Otherwise
anyone can just add their business name to the pictures without paying me a
When uploading your signature, could the page refresh with a message stating
that your signature has successfully uploaded?
The signature file is not carrying through to the forum. So if you upload an image
for your signature, it does not then appear in your forum message when you step
into the message. Please could this be fixed?
On the user profile page, could it say in text at the top "Cllick on Update User
Profile to add your profile picture"
On the Supplier user profile page, could it say "Click on Update User Profile to add
profile picture and forum signature and listing"
Where you can upload your own wedding, please could a balloon pop up saying
taht you must have permission to upload the pictures, where they have not
checked the box. If the box is not chwecked, they should not be able to upload
the wedding.

please could the latest wedding be listed at the top, with any new wedding
always jumping to the top. The are currently ordered with the oldest at the top.

Where a new wedding was uploaded, it did not appear to feature on the home
page. The last wedding to be uploaded should always be pulled through to the
home page. Currently, whenever I re-click on the home page, a different wedding
appears as the latest wedding feature. Could you explain what is happening here?

Under the uploaded pictures, could there be a box that says "Comments" before
the comments are actually listed... Otherwise it looks a bit odd.

At the top of the "Your wedding" page, could there be a button to submit your
own wedding. If you are not logged in, it will tell you to log in first.
Will the administrator be able to edit anything that is submitted in the "your
wedding" section? Just concened that someone might write something
If you tick the box to remain anonymous, your username still appears on the
budgets page. You should just be called "Anonymous"
The budgets should be listed with the most recent at the top.
The "I request to remain anonymous" is listed as a mandatory field, but it should
be optional, when uploading a budget sheet.
On the user profile page, could your profile picture be pulled through.
The latest picture that was uploaded appeared in the gallery, but did not appear
on the home page, under latest uploaded pictures. Please could this be fixed, so
that the most recent pictures are displayed?
Sometimes the home page user login asks fotr a username, and other times it
asks for your email address.
When you register for the newsletter, the confirmation page appears with the
option to upload your budgets on the left hand side of the screen, and the
"Upload" button does not work. This happens both if you are logged in as a user,
or just a guest to the website, without being logged in. I don;t think that this
should be appearing on the side of the page unless you are on the budgets page,
and if you are not logged in, then it should tell you to log in before you can click
on the button.
When you select an image, it pops up in a window, but the same image keeps
flashing on and off. Could the picture just remain static with a "Next" button to
scroll through them? If this is not possible, just keep the picture static when it
pops up in the window.

Where it lists the "My Discussions" section, it appears to list all doscussions, not
just discussions that I have posted. Could this just be relevant to discussions the
logged in user has posted. If you are not logged in, just remove this section.
The order of the postings in the forum is still not correct. I posted two new
comments today, and they should have been listed at the top of the forum.
Instead, they are listed at the bottom. The rule is, where there is a new post, or a
post with a new comment against it, it must jump to the top. This way, a reader is
always reading the most current conversation.
Each item listed in the forum was going to appear in a thinner box. This was
discussed in the last meeting. This will allow more converation postings to fit onto
on page.
If I step into a posting that has an emotion in it, when I try to replay, the emotion
image comes up as an error box. Could this be fixed?

When commenting or adding a post in the forum, if you use the HTML editor, the
small "X" in the top right hand corner does not work to shut the window. You just
have to use the "Close" button at the bottom. Could this be fixed?

In the "Number of replies" listed under each post, the number is counting the
original post, so is always counting one higher than it should do. Please do not
include the original post when counting the number of replies.
The "Sign up for our news letter", "To do list" and "Forum" buttons do not work
on the left hand side of the website.
Apart from the home page, the logo background colour does not blend with the
banner colour.
Once logged in, the logout button underneath the user profile picture does not
On the "sign in" and "register" buttons on the home page, they overlap the text
box below.
The Paypal image was not pulling through when I tried to register a supplier listing
with the £25 option, on the supplier registration page. Just got an image with an
"x". When I clicked on this, I got an error page, rather than going through to
PayPal. I was using Internet Expolorer.

The supplier profile , when clicking on a supplier, lists the business website, but
the personal phone number and email address. Please could the business profile
list the business email address and phone number?
Where a supplier can reset their password, it lists: "Current Password",
"Password" "Confirm Password". Could it please say "Current Password", "New
Password", "Confirm New Password".
supplier cannot upload their profile picture - could this be fixed. Also, there is no
default picture for the user profile being pulled through when editing your user

The description of the supplier product or service is not pulling through to the
supplier listings, when you search for them as a supplier and click on their profile.

Where a supplier is listed, their website should be a hyperlink to their site.

A supplier should be able to upload:
a) their profile picture
b) up to four images against their supplier profile, which they can comment on.
(This is only available for the £35 and £50 subscription)
C) Where they are the £50 subscription, they can upload as many pictures as they
like into the inspiration gallery against a category dropdown list. All their business
details will also appear under the inspirational gallery images, for the duartion of
their subscription. (When it expires, the pictures remain, but the business data no
longer pulls through, until they renew).

Currently, none of this appears possible.

What happems when a supplier's annual subscription expires? The supplier listing
should no longer be displayed on the website, and their signature should no
longer feature in the forum. Their suppplier status is lost as a forum user. The
listing is reactivated when the suppliers renews their subscriotion. Is theis
possible either within the website, or manually via email correspondence by
myself and reactivating listings through the system?
in IE, the supplier registration button does not appear to work. Works fine in
The supplier signature should only be visable once you have stepped into the
message listed. This is text only, with a hyperlink where specified.
Where there is a first post from a supplier, there should be a tag next to the
supplier's posting, stating that they are a supplier. I can see that subsequent
comments on a post have this tag, but the initial post does not. Could this be
added please?
How can I apply a configurable discount eg 10% off codes? - Can't find a way to do
this directly through Paypal. Thought that I might offer a discount in return for a
link on their page to my campervan business, or as a promotional offer to entice
more people to join.
Currently, where a comment is posted in one forum discussion board, it appears
to be displayed in all the discusion boards. Posts should only appear in the
discussion board they were posted.
Where a user generates an account, resets a password, or has a supplier account
taht is about to expire, do they get email notifications? I have not been able to
test this.

If I submit an advert for consiferation, the following error is returned:
Unknown column 'ad_type' in 'field list'. Also, how do I know who sent the email?
Should there be a box for them to enter their contact email address?
On submitting supplier registration from profile login, confirmation page brings
up warning error messages at top of page.
I can upload a piocture to the inspirational gallery, without checking the checkbox
to confirm I have permission to upload picture. Picture uploads should be
condityional on the checkbox being ticked.
If logged in, please could there be a button or link to upload your own budget,
when on the budgets page?
when registering as a supplier, have checkbox prepopularted and text as per
comment 9 above.
latest suppliers are not listed with the most recentlyly added supplier at the top.
Please could this be fixed, so the most recent supplier registed is at the top of the
most recent suppliers list.

when searching for a supplier, the list of results returned should not have the text
"Latest suppliers" at the top, as this is a list of all suppliers under the chosen
please explain the logic behind the order of the list of suppliers returned followed
by a search by category. Is it the latest supplier at the top, or ordered by the type
of registration fee you have paid as a supplier (ie £50 registrations are ranked
highter than £25 registrations?)

when clicking on the profile pic or company name of a listed supplier in a saerch
result list, the page that is returned is for the supplier listed above. However, if
you click on "read more" the correct company details are returned.
The user names do not appear by the profile pictures of the people making
comments in the forum. Please include!
First post when stepped into, should state whether that user was a supplier or
not, their user name and profile pic.

When registering an account, the tick boxes for the level of subscription should
be mutuially exclusive. Currently, you can tick all of them at the same time.
The following text at bottom of page needs formatting: "if you have any enquries on advertising, please, email us"
Automated email provides your user name and P/W to log in. You now log in with
your email address, so email should state your email address and p/w. Can
mention user name too.
Developer Comment   Status   Comment 26/09/11

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed
                                                   work in
                    Open     Still open            progress. open

                                                     this is not
                                                     as they
                                                     looked at
                             Still open. Looking for type of
                             your point of view on adverts on
                    Open     this.                   the page. Close

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Fixed

                    Open     Needs fixing.         Fixed
                                        Open     Fixed
                                        Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed
                                        Open     Fixed

I shall provide a screen shot to make
clear                                   Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed

                                                 N/A, supplier only.
                                        Open     Close
                                                 N/A, supplier only.
                                        Open     Close

                                                 N/A, supplier only.
                                        Open     Close

                                        Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed

                                        Open     Fixed

Closed - see ID 7 above.                Closed   Closed

                                        Open     yes
       User name still
       appears listed, ynder
Open   the Analymous title.
Open   Fixed

Open   Fixed
Open   Fixed

Open   Fixed

Open   Fixed

       Upload button gone,
       but still text thyere
       about uploading your
       budget. Not relevant
Open   to this page.

Open   Fixed

       This section no longer
       appears when logged
Open   on.
       No need to provide a
       choice to the user.
       There is one rule - the
       item at the top of the
       list has the latest
       "action" ie has just
       been posted or
       commented on. See
       how the Hitched
       forum works to see
       the rule. Call me if you
       are unsure. I jusr
       posted a new post,
       and it is listed at the
       bottom. It should be
       at the top, until either
       a new post or
       comment against
       another post is added.


Open   Needs fixing.

Open   Needs fixing.

Open   Needs fixing.

Open   Needs fixing.

Open   Fixed
                                  this is
Open   Needs fixing.              unclear

Open   Fixed

Open   Needs fixing.
                                      which browser are you
                               Open   using

                               Open   Fixed

                               Open   Needs fixing.

                               Open   Needs fixing.
                                      the name of the
                                      company should come
                                      through when you
                                      step into a supplier
                               Open   listed.

                               Open   Fixed

I shall provide screen shots   Open

                                      they get an e-mail
                                      with a link asking
                               Open   them to renew

                               Open   Fixed
                                                 Just to be clear, only
                                                 suppliers can add
                                                 signatures. These
                                                 should consist of just
                                                 text and a hyperlink
                                                 with anchor text
                                                 where specified.
                                                 These will appear in
                                                 any forum entries,
Screen shots                              Open   once stepped into.


                                          Open   via the admin


                                          Open   Yes





could you explain what you mean by
latest supplier and most recently added
supplier.                                        New

                                                                          this is
                                                                          sorted by
                                                 New                      signed up
                                               please call to discuss.




y enquries on advertising, please, email us"   New

fisrt name Fish                            grapes                    just
surname     Tank                                                     learning
username Fish
date of wedding7/30/2011
address     test
Postcode o
county      Cornwall
phone number 9876675
password Fish                              grapes                    justlearning
user                                       4 pics, £35               user

Login UN      NathalieSelvon
Login PW      Streetfighter7
internal UN
internal PW    317040792
                     suppleir 25

                     bikes ltd
                     tel 111

Perhaps just have signatures for suppliers
Just have comments for uploaded pictures for suppliers?
Remove pictures from the signature?
add shared inspirational images from the shared inspirational images page as well as profile page
draw screen shot of forum with signatures
draw screen shot of screen to upload profile, listing and gallery pictures

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