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                                          Laboratory Information Management System

                                                   limsExpress        limsExpress    limsExpress
                                                         Basic            2007           Plus

User Licenses Included                                     5               10         Unlimited*
Price                                                   $4,995.00       $6,495.00      $7,995.00
Enlarged and Resizable Forms                                                x             x
Sample Login                                                x               x              x
Cloning                                                     x               x              x
Templates                                                                   x              x
Multiple Containers per Sample                                              x              x
Barcode Labels                                                              x              x
Reporting                                                                   x              x
Email PDF Reports                                                           x              x
Work Load                                                   x               x              x
Results                                                     x               x              x
Quality Assurance                                           x               x              x
Job Status                                                  x               x              x
Quotation System                                                            x              x
Invoicing                                                   x               x              x
Export To Accounting Programs                                               x              x
Archiving                                                   x               x              x
Outgoing Chain of Custody                                   x               x              x
Charting                                                    x               x              x
Batch QC Charting                                                           x              x
Inventory                                                   x               x              x
Instrument Maintenance                                      x               x              x
MSDS                                                        x               x              x
User Tips                                                                   x              x
Convert To Other Languages**                                                x              x
Internal Backup                                                             x              x
Schedule Samples                                                            x              x
Audit Trail                                                                                x
Security                                                                                   x
Operator 10 Interface                                                                      x
* Unlimited for a single laboratory on a local area network.
** This require customization, please call for quote.
                                limsExpress™ Remote
                                Laboratory Information Management System

                                       limsExpress              limsExpress             limsExpress
                                           Basic                     2007                  Plus

     Program Setup (one time fee)          $200.00                  $200.00               $200.00
    User Setup (one time per user)         $100.00                  $100.00               $100.00
                   Monthly Lease           $100.00                  $200.00               $300.00
             User Fee (per month)          $25.00                   $25.00                 $25.00

                      Setup Costs
                      Single User         $300.00                   $300.00               $300.00
                        (3) Users         $500.00                   $500.00               $500.00
                        (5) Users         $700.00                   $700.00               $700.00
                       (10) Users        $1,200.00                 $1,200.00             $1,200.00

                    Monthly Cost
                      Single User         $125.00                   $225.00               $325.00
                        (3) Users         $175.00                   $275.00               $375.00
                        (5) Users         $225.00                   $325.00               $425.00
                       (10) Users         $350.00                   $450.00               $550.00

      Total Cost Over (24 months)
                      Single User        $3,300.00                 $5,700.00             $8,100.00
                        (3) Users        $4,700.00                 $7,100.00             $9,500.00
                        (5) Users        $6,100.00                 $8,500.00             $10,900.00
                       (10) Users        $9,600.00                $12,000.00             $14,400.00

Advantages of limsExpress Remote
Operate one databases from multiple locations (worldwide).
Fast, powerfull, up to date server is maintained by with loads of memory.
Low startup / upfront costs.
Uninterupted power supply with generator backup.
Short term commitment (6 months).
Free technical support.
Lease instead of own for tax advantages.
Free upgrades (does not include any customization costs).
End of day backup to offsite facility for data security.
Will run on almost any windows platform even Windows mobile.
Save money, no server required, minimum PC requirements.
Speed that rivals and often beats local application installation.
Current software and updates are maintained for you.
Remote control desktop support direct to user session.
*Print reports locally on parallel or TCIP printers.

Requires a minimum six month agreement. A thirty day cancellation notice is required.
A valid credit card is required for monthly costs.
Setup costs and one months fees in advance are required for startup.
*Please note most USB printers and multfunction will not work.

    Change These Values To Update Totals For Cost Analysis

                      Number of Months                    24

                        Number of Users                   3

                        Number of Users                   5
                        Number of Users                   10

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