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					Overview                                                  Affiliates
         C.M. Capital Corporation (“CMC”) is a                    CMC is a member of the Cha Group (Cha
Silicon      Valley-based       private   investment      Group) and CMC provides investment advisory
management and advisory services company                  services and manages the Cha Group’s investments
located in Palo Alto, California. Originally founded      in the US.
in 1969 as a real estate investment company, CMC
continues to hold prime developed and undeveloped                 CMC is affiliated with Mingly Corporation,
real estates in the San Francisco Bay Area. CMC           Charter Life Sciences L.P., Focus Ventures L.P.,
has evolved over the past few decades and now it          and the C.M. Capital Foundation.
also provides substantive advisory and management
services covering a wide range of financial asset         Advisory Board
classes, including real estate.
                                                          CMC has a distinguished Investment Advisory
                                                          Board that meets regularly to review the
        CMC was one of the early pioneers of
                                                          corporation’s activities.
venture capital investing and still retains an active
interest in that asset class today.          Besides
                                                          James H. Boettcher, Founding Partner of Focus
overseeing substantial private equity investments,
CMC provides investment advice on a portfolio
consisting of fixed income securities, public             Richard M. Eigner, Partner, and International Tax
equities and hedge funds, as well as direct and                   Planning Specialist at Pillsbury Winthrop
indirect real estate investments. In addition to                  LLP
investing for its own account, CMC provides
                                                          Robert K. Jaedicke, Dean Emeritus of the Stanford
investment management and advisory services for
                                                                  Graduate School of Business
various Cha Group affiliates.
                                                          F. Van Kasper, Founder Van Kasper & Company,
Management Team                                                   retired President and CEO, Wells Fargo
                                                                  and former Chairman of Wells Fargo
Johnson M.D. Cha   Chairman of the Board                          Securities
John C. Couch      Vice Chairman & CEO                    Lawrence J. Lau, Vice Chancellor of the Chinese
Glenn R. Roger     President & COO                               University of Hong Kong, and Kwoh-ting
Jenchyn M. Luh     Managing Director &                           Li Professor of Economic Development,
                   Chairperson of Investment                     Department of Economics, Stanford
                   Committee                                     University
Eamonn Dolan       Managing Director & CIO
                                                          Stephan F. Newhouse, Former Chairman of
Elizabeth M. Hammack
                                                                  Morgan Stanley International Inc.,
                   Managing Director & Chief
                                                                  Director of Harbor Point Group Ltd., and
                                                                  JSFC, Russia
William J. Powers Managing Director & CFO
Mark Louie         Managing Director & SVP,               William F. Sharpe, Nobel Laureate and Professor
                   Business                                       Emeritus of the Stanford Graduate School
                   Development and Strategy                       of Business
Henry T. Gaw       SVP, Real Estate
Garrett Chan       VP & Sr. Real Estate Manager
Kim DeLora         VP & Controller
Mary Theresa Muniz VP & Director of

 C.M. Capital Corporation       525 University Avenue, Suite 1400, Palo Alto, Ca 94301

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