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                                NEW THEATRES FOR 2007
                                            Pico Rivera: Krikorain Pico Rivera 15 for   Lakeland: AMC Merchant’s Walk 10
Amstar sold to Southern Theatres            Dec.                                        closed
Colorado Cinemas to Kerasotes               Riverside: AMC Riverside Mall 16 (Tyler     Miami area
Ritz Theatres to Landmark except one.       Mall),                                      Muvico Empire 20 4250 seats in Kendall
Century to Cinemark except the drive-       Sherman Oaks: Pacific Galleria 16 to be     2005-7,
ins which goes to West Wind Drive-ins.      rebuilt as ArcLight 16 @ Sherman Oaks       Orlando
Cinema City in Canada sells out to          starting August 6
Cineplex Entertainment.                     South Pasadena: Landmark Rialto             Muvico Pointe Orlando 21 to Regal
                                            Closed August 22                            # Phoenix Theaters, 20 screens,
ALABAMA                                     Thousand Oaks: Mann Thousand Oaks           MetroWest, opening early 2006.
                                            14 (Fall 2008)                              # A 20-or-more screen theater, located
ALASKA                                      Tustin: AMC Tustin 14 opened June 27        at Winter Garden Village at Fowler
                                            Universal City: Cineplex renamed            Groves, opening in late 2006 or early
ARIZONIA                                    Citywalk Cinemas and is upgraded.           2007, details are still being finalized.
Phoenix area                                Westwood: Mann National closed and          # Cinema World, 16 screens, in the
Harkins Chris-Town 11 closed April          reopened on May 11 under new                Hunter's Creek area at the West Park
Harkins Christown 14 opened July 14         management.                                 Town Center
Harkins Norterra 14 (Spring 2007),                                                      Clermont: Proposed theater site,
Harkins Spectrum 14 (Spring 2007),          Palms Springs: Indio: Harkins 18            unknown number of screens, at Plaza
Casa Grande: Harkins Casa Grande 14         (Monroe/Avenue 42) 2007,                    Collina near Clermont (EPIC Theatres)
(Fall 2007)                                 Sacramento                                  2006
Chandler: Harkins Crossroads Town                                                       Deltona: Beacon Theaters, 16 screens,
Center 12 opened in May 18                  San Diego:                                  near Interstate 4 in Deltona.
Gilbert: Harkins San Tan Village May        Cinerama 6 closed July 27                   Winter Park: Enzian Theater , Garden
Goodyear: Harkins Estrella Falls 14 (Late   Mira Mesa IMAX for 2007                     reopened and show movies.
2007)                                       Carlsbad: AMC Carlsbad 16 2006-7
Mesa: Dickinson Gateway & IMAX 12           Chula Vista: AMC Otay Ranch 12 (2006),      Palm Coast
opened Oct 5                                National City: AMC Plaza Bontina 14         EPIC Theatres City Center 14 (2006)
Harkins Singal Butte Marketplace 14         (2008)
(2007)                                                                                  Saint Augustine
Peoria: Harkins Parke West 14 (fall 2006)   San Francisco Bay Area                      EPIC Theatres 16-plex
Surprise: Harkins Prasada 14 (Spring        SF: Vogue sold by Regal
2008)                                       Burlingame: Hyatt Cinemas closed June       Tampa Bay
Tempe: Harkins Marketplace 18 (Spring       28                                          AMC Tyrone 6 closed,
2007)                                       Concord: Solono Drive-In reopens            Plant City: Carmike Lake Walden 8
                                            Cupertino: Cupertino Square now opens       closed
ARKANSAS                                    Napa: Napa 14 planned
Dickinson theatre with IMAX                 Newark Newpark Mall 20 (Century)            Sarasota-Bradenton:
Val Buren: Malco Van Buren 8 opened         San Bruno: Century 12 proposed              Muvico University Town Center 20
July at 1636 N. 12th Court                  Sunnyvale: Century 16 proposed              (2005-7)
                                                                                        Sunstar Sarasota Crossings,,
CALIFORNIA                                  COLORADO                                    Regal cinema closed
Atascadero (Central Coast): Century 6       Denver area.
closed for rebuilding. Its opens late       Colorado Cinemas to Kerasotes               GEORGIA
2007.                                       BOULDER: Century Boulder 16 (2006-7)        Atlanta
Bakersfield: Maya Bakersfield 16                                                        Winder: Winder Central Station 16 (On
(Downtown) 2007                             Colorado Springs: Cinemark Colorado         Hold)
Fresno: Maya 14 (building)                  Crossings 14 for late 2008                  Columbus: $20K of copper wiring stolen
Los Angeles region                                                                      from old Carmike on Macon Rd.
Downtown: Regal 15 Olympic/hwy 110          CONNECTICUT
for 2009 as part of the LA Live Project     Hartford:                                   HAWAII
ImaginAsian at 251 S. Main                  Criterion Cinemas at Blue Back Square 5     Honolulu area: Varsity closed June 17
Los Angeles: Westside 4 closed, The         Late 2006 in dwtn W. Hartford,              East Kapolei: AMC Makana Alii
Landmark 12 opens June 1
Claremont: Laemmle Claremont 7              DELAWARE                                    IDAHO
opened Jul 27                                                                           Boise area
Costa Mesa: Star-Vu Drive-In opening in     DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA                        Edwards 16 opening in 2006-7
May.                                        Dupont Circle 5 to close Jan. 2009          Town Sq. 6 closed
Fullerton: Fox opens as a concert hall.     Hyattsville MD: Consolidated Royal 14
Monterey Park: Loews Atlantic Square        opened June 1st.                            ILLINOIS
(at Hellman) for late 2007                                                              Chicago Region
Newport: Big Newport had screen             FLORIDA                                     Chicago:
enlarged                                    Daytona Beach: AMC Volusia Square           ICE Lawndale 10 closed
                                            closed (1987)
Kerasotes ShowPlace 14 Galewood            Grand Rapids: Both Cinemarks to            Toms River: Marquee The Orchard 10
Crossings opened June 29                   Celebration Cinemas.                       June 15
Lincoln Village closed in November due     Ludington: Lyric closed
to an parking lot rent increase.           Monroe: Frenchtowne cinemas closed         NEW YORK
Village Art closed April 2                 and reopened by Regal Cinemas              Albany: Bow Tie Movieland for 2007,
Suburban: Algonquin: Kerasotes             Traverse City: State reopened by           Regal Colonie Center 14 for 2008
ShowPlace 10 across A. Commons UC          Michael Moore.                             Corning: Palace 2 opened
Aurora: Kerasotes ShowPlace 12 Fox                                                                 New York City
Valley Mall UC,                            MINNESOTA                                  Broadway and 230 St. In Bronx
Cicero: Olympic theatre is restoring.      Twin Cities:                               Edison NJ: Muvico: Aviation Plaza 20 (on
Elk Grove: Classic adds 2 more screens,    St. Paul: AMC Bridges of St. Paul 12       hold),
8 total                                    (2007),                                    Greenport NY: Greenport Theatre
Glenview: Crown 10 to Kerasotes                                                       reopened May 24
Joliet: Hilltop DI reopens                 MISSISSIPPI                                Guttenburg NJ: Galaxy 3 closed opened
Rosemont: Muvico 24 Balmoral Avenue        Hattiesburg: Grand 14-18 screens           with 1 on 1985.12.09
and River Road (Site of never built        Vicksburg: Village Pemberton Square 4      Paramus NJ: Route 4 closed (opened
casino) for 2007                           closed December 2006                       ’65), AMC Garden State 16 opened in
Skokie: Crown Village 18 to Kerasotes                                                 May.
Waukegan: Lakehurst 12 closed              MISSOURI                                   Paterson NJ: Community Theatres
                                           Columbia: Ramada 4 renamed Truman 4        Downtown 10 2006
Watseka: Watseka Theatre restoring for     Kansas City Area:                          Secaucus, NJ: Xanadu 26 6500 seats,
2007                                       AMC Mainstreet 6 (Empire) 1,100 seats      additional outdoor rooftop screen and a
                                           Proposed                                   helipad. (part of Mills Corp. Project.)
INDIANA                                    Springfield: Dickinson theatre with IMAX   Sparta NJ: American Place cinemas 3
                                           St. Louis area:                            opened June 29
IOWA                                       Belleville IL: Skyview DI to close.
Letts: Hawk-Eye Grandview Drive-In                                                    NORTH CAROLINA
opened May 30, 2007-                       MONTANA:                                   Greensboro: Regal cinema closed
                                           Billings: Carmike Sells discount cinema
KANSAS                                     to the owner of the Amusement Park         NORTH DAKOTA
Wichita area:                              Drive-In, which had a second screen        Grand Forks: Wallace: Hollywood 12 at
Warren Premiere Palace closed June 17      installed.                                 Columbia Mall 2007
Maize: Dickinson project with IMAX         Kalispell: Signature Century 6, Liberty,
                                           Strand closed, Stadium 14 opened           OHIO
KENTUCKY                                   Libby: Drive-In closed due to a storm      Cincinnati area:
Richmond: Cinemark Richmond Center         Polson: Showboat to 4 cinemas in 2008      Anderson Township: Danbarry 14 at
12 opening late 2008                                                                  Anderson Town Center at Beechmont
                                           NEBRASKA                                   and Five Mile.
LOUISIANA                                  Fremont: Cinema III closed, Fremont 4      Toledo: National Amusements 14-plex
Baton Rouge:Perkins Rowe lifestyle         to Main Street 7                           at Fallen Timbers
center Cinemark 16, Cinemark 10 at         Grand Island: Island Twin closed
Siegen                                     Lincoln: Douglas North End Sixplex         OKLAHOMA
                                           opening 2007, Starship 9 closed            Oklahoma City:
MAINE                                                                                 Moore: Warren 20 7000 seats late 2007
Portland                                   NEVADA                                     “world’s largest 20-plex”
Regal maine Mall 16 (proposed)             Carson City: Casino Fandango 10 opens
                                           in 2007 (Galaxy),Cinemark Summit Sierra    OREGON
MARYLAND                                   16 opened                                  Eugene: Regal Valley River opened
Baltimore area:                            Las Vegas: RMP Town Square 18 Nov 16,      Portland region
Landmark HarborEast 7 opens Nov.           Fiesta Stadium 12 opened, Regal Aliente    Regal 20 SW 72/Durham opening 2007,
                                           Station 16 for 2008, Regal Durango         Clackamas Town Centre 16 2007,
MASSACHUSETTS                              Station 17 for 2008, IMAX at Regal Red     Bridgeport to get IMAX for 2007
Boston Area:                               Rock Station Casino, Regal Fiesta
Somerville: Assembly Square closed         Stadium 12 in oct., Tropicana 8 closed     PENNSYLVANIA
January 15                                                                            Allentown: Muvico Lehigh Valley 20
Buzzard Bay: Theatre reopened              NEW HAMPSHIRE                              4250 (2005-7),
                                           Hooksett: Zyacorp Cinemagic 14 &           Philedelphia:
MICHIGAN                                   IMAX opened                                Ritz Theatres to Landmark except the
Detroit area                               Portsmouth: Regal Newington 12 to Fox      16-plex in NJ, which is sold to National
Clinton Twsp: MJR Partridge Creek          Run Stadium 15 in March                    Amusements.
Fashion Park 14 (2007) 4 screens to have                                              AMC Orleans 8 closed 1963.15.05-
“Big D” digital projection (one 3D)        NEW MEXICO                                 2007.09.03
Livonia: Family cinemas not closed.        Albuquerque: Starplex Rio Rancho 14        Frazer: Muvico project at hwy 29 and
St. Clair Shores: Shore closed,            opening may 2007,                          202
Reopening as 5 stadium-seating                                                        Pittsburgh
cinemas 2007                               NEW HAMPSHIRE                              Northway 8 closed opened 1985.12.09

Flint: Cinema 10, Showcase east closed     NEW JERSEY                                 RHODE ISLAND
                                            Majestic to reopen as a concert hall in   Bolton: Empire 7 July 7
SOUTH CAROLINA                              Sept.                                     Georgetown: Georgetown 3 closed in
Greensborough: Southern Grand 18 is         Brookfield: Marcus 17 for 2007            Jan.
being built.                                Pewaukee: Capitol 11 closed, opened       Mississauga: Central Parkway closed at
Beaufort: Lady’s Island Cinema closed       with 12 in 1995                           the end of April.
                                            Waukesha: Westown 8, Westpoint            Oakville: Cineplex SilverCity Oakville 9 &
SOUTH DAKOTA                                closed, Majestic 16 opened by Marcus      VIP 3 at 3531 Wyecroft for late 2007
                                            on May 4
TENNESSEE                                                                             QUEBEC
Memphis                                     WYOMING                                   Montréal
Malco: Olive Branch MS: Camp Creek 10                                                 Paramount renamed Cinémas Banque
(2007),                                                   CANADA                      Scotia on May 2
Knoxville: Regal Riviera 8 opened in                                                  Le Parisien closed April 12
August                                      ALBERTA                                   Beloeil: Cinéma Beloeil 10 for late 2007
Morristown: Carmike College Square 12       Calgary: Paramount renamed                Laval: Gigantus 16 4900 seats on hold
for 2009                                    Scotiabank Theatres on May 2nd.
                                            Canmore: Metropolitan Theatres            Quebec City: Cinemas Fortune StarCité
TEXAS                                       Beachland 5 on hold                       18 closed, Galeries de la Capitole 12 lost
AUSTIN AREA:                                Edmonton: SilverCity renamed              6 screens in the mall.
Bee cave: Cinemark Country Galleria 14                                  nd
                                            Scotiabank Cinemas on May 2 , Movies      Sherbrooke: Maison Du Cinema to 16
Cedar Park: Cinemark Cedar Park 12          12 to Cineplex                            cinemas
Burleson: Screenworks Burleson              BRITISH COLUMBIA                          SASKATCHEWAN
Commans 12 (2007)                           Vancouver area
Grande Prairie: Harkins Grande Prairie      Paramount renamed Scotiabank
18                                          Theatres on May 2nd.
Plano: Harkins Coit Center 16 (2006         Venus closed
                                            New Westminster: New West 3 closed
Houston                                     May 1
Cinemark Memorial Mall 16 opens May
25                                          MANITOBA
Santikos Silverado & IMAX 19 for 2007       Winnipeg: Both Cinema Cities to
AMC Meyer Park 16 closed                    Cineplex (June 29)

San Antonio                                 NEW BRUNSWICK
Granada 16 UC,
Tyler: Sky-Vue Drive-In (hwy 69) 120        Gander: Fraser Mall Cinema closed
cars opened in June.
UTAH                                        NOVA SCOTIA
                                            Halifax: Empire Dartmouth Crossing 12
VERMONT                                     in June 29,
                                            Bedford 6 closed May 3, Penhorn 5
VIRGINIA                                    closed May 17
Asheville: UA Biltmore 6 closed
Charlottesville: Jefferson 2 closed until   ONTARIO
2008                                        Barrie area: Collingwood Galaxy 7 opens
Christianburg: Regal new River 11                            Hamilton
closed                                      Burlington CO Burloak12 2600 seats
Richmond: Bow Tie Movieland 16 UC           (near Oakville), QEW/Burloak (spring
Regal Westchester Commons 16 Spring         2006 delayed)
2007                                        Stoney Creek:
                                            SilverCity Stoney Creek 10 Late 2007 at
WASHINGTON                                  Linc and Red Hill.
Olympia: Target Place 12 2007               Niagara Region: Cineplex Odeon
Seattle-Tacoma                              Fairview closed Jan 25
Belleville: Crossroads 8 stadium                         Toronto Region:
upgraded                                    AMC Metropolis 24 across the Eaton
Federal Way: Century 16 UC,                 Centre for 2008
                                            Bayview Village 4 closed
WEST VIRGINIA                               Fox reopened
Wheeling: Capitol closed                    Hollywood opened in Sick Children
                                            Hospital (restricted to the hospital
WISCONSIN                                   community)
Madison: Sundance Cinemas 608 6 at          Paramount renamed Scotiabank
Hilldale Mall (first for the circuit)       Theatres in January
Milwaukee                                   Revue reopened
iPIc 6 (upscale luxury-no kids)

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