8 Money Secrets from Warren Buffett

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					8 Money Secrets from Warren Buffett
We all have someone we respect and admire. For me, there is a person on my list of Warren
Buffett, called the "Sage of Omaha". I first heard of Buffett in 2001, when I seriously to tackle
began to invest and so I started to read, which bears his name all songs. Buffett does not run
write none of them actually, but they were nevertheless invaluable.

If you have never Buffett Forbes heard from third parties is the most rich in the world currently
and there is no doubt more of the world's major investor. He collected to make his fortune by
Kluge investment decisions and invest in the business. Here's what I learned from the buffet:

1 Rich is a State of mind
"I always knew that I, to be rich". I don't think that I have doubted for a minute never. "-Warren

The difference between rich and rich is really just a State of mind. Bad thoughts on poverty and
scarcity think the rich thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Their beliefs determine how you
perceive wealth, the decisions and the way, such as, to act towards him.

2 Success is more than just the balance of your bank
CNBC asked him, what the secret of success is: Buffett replied "when people my age get and
they have to love the people, love them, want to they are successful." It makes no difference if
they have not a thousand dollars in the Bank and $1 billion in the Bank... The success is really
making you love and do well. It is so easy. I have never met anyone who does not feel like a
success. And I have many people who have not reached and their life is miserable. »

3 Pass, if you win
"You should find yourself leaking in a chronic boat, should energy devoted to changing vessels
more productive than energy leaks be dedicated.".-Warren Buffett

It seems that probably by financial experts preaching heard healthy common sense advice and
you over the years speak. You can not possibly get ahead financially if you spend more than your
salary. Buffett is famous for a simple and frugal life. It is the only billionaire I know, those who
live in the same House, the 1958 for $31,500 bought. He introduced a Lincoln town car in 2001
for the years where he u
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Description: I leave you with this last quote "You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong." - Warren Buffett
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