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A birds eye view of the Yangtze river

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in Yangtze river

-----the different sceneries
The sunset on
the yangtze
   The Yangtze River is a
    fantastic place where
    you can not only find
    historic buildings but
    also romantic
    memories. Just
    imagine one day you
    walk on the boat in the
    river, watching the
    scenery on both sides
    of the bank. You will
    never forget this day in
    you life.
A bird's eye    The Yangtze River has always inspired awe.
                From its headwaters in Tibet, it tumbles
view of the     down from the mountains, gathering volume
                and speed, to swirl through the provinces of
                Sichuan, Hubei and Jiangsu before reaching
Yangtze river   the East China Sea close to Shanghai.
The Yangtze
River is
famous for
its historical
sites and
scenic spots.
The Three
Gorges Cruise
is most

                 Map of Yangtze River
                       in 1912
   Located near Yichang, in Hubei province, down river from the
    magnificent Three Gorges section on the Yangtze river, this great
    dam rises up and challenges the Yangtze. This is a very massive
    project for China to undertake and it lasts16 years from 1993 to
    2009. Sun Yat Sen, as far back as 1919, proposed a dam to be built,
    but the idea was dormant up to a few years before 1989, when the
    project was given the green light. This project costs $25 billion US
    dollars and involves building a dam around 2,000m long and 181m
    high with a ship elevator and locks.
   It will be used for flood control, power generation of 18.2 gigawatts,
    and improved navigation by allowing ships to go as far as
    Chongqing by the reservoir created. The Yangtze was dammed in
    2003 and the first of the 26 power generators came online. A web of
    powerlines transfers this power to metro areas far, far away. The
    waters have started to rise and it will do so until 2009, when the
    reservoir reaches its planned level. Also, due to the reservoir, 1.13
    million people have to be moved to avoid being submerged and that
    means demolishing a lot of the existing villages, towns, parts or the
    entire city, and the infrastructure.
Three Gorges along the Yangtze             Wu Gorge
                                           Disapperars into the

River are attracting numerous              Sunset

tourists both from home and abroad.

                      Early Morning Sun
                      Catches the top of
                      Xiling Gorge

 Qutang Gorge
A draw for many travelers, the Yangtze River is
renowned for its breathtaking scenery, Qutang,
Wu Xia and Xiling - that make up the iconic Three
Because of the engineering marvel---- Three Gorges,
many scenery will change.
So let’s see the differences between the Yangtz river after
2003 and that after 2009.
                  After June,
                      2003                   After 2009

  Scenic         (The water                 (Water level
   Sites        level is 135 m)               is 175 m)
                Water will get to reach
Baidi City in   the hill side, no
   Fengjie      essentially effect on it. Being an isolated islet.
                  After June, 2003                   After 2009
   Scenic         (The water level               (Water level is
    Sites             is 135 m)                      175 m)
                                                 To be a peninsula,
                  Water will reach the foot of      protected by a dyke
                    Mt. Mingshan, all the           with the height of 30
The Ghost City:     places will remain the          meters and width of
  Fengdu            same.                           25 meters.
The Yangtze River
is a famous hot
point for tourists all
over the world.
Though it has been
changing because
of the engineering
marvel---- Three
Gorges these days,
it is still beautiful.
Many old places
has disappeared in
the water while
there are also a lot
of new views can
be seen
   Since there are
    so many
    beautiful points
    under the water,
    we may go
    diving into
    water to see
    them some day
    in the future. It
    will be perfect!

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