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Village News

Volume XL, No. 10                                                                            May 21, 2010                                            The Official Newsletter of the Montgomery Village Foundation

                                                                                         MvF	Board	holds	annual	strategic	planning	

                                                             photo by Jeannie Pizzonia
                                                                                            The Montgomery Village                retreat. There was a brief discus-                      effort of MVF’s staff in identify-
                                                                                         Foundation (MVF) Board of                sion about budget assumptions                           ing ways to reduce spending,
                                                                                         Directors held its annual retreat        for the 2011 MVF Budget as                              as well as better-than-expected
                                                                                         on Friday evening, May 14 and            well. No formal decisions were                          revenues. While challenges ex-
                                                                                         Saturday, May 15 at the North            made by the Board during the                            ist, the overall picture of MVF’s
                                                                                         Creek Community Center, along            retreat, and many of the issues                         finances is very positive.
                                                                                         with EVP Dave Humpton. Fi-               will be placed on future agen-                              While the economy contin-
                                                                                         nance and Administration Di-             das of MVF committees and the                           ues to be problematic with re-
                                                                                         rector Greg Snellings gave a             MVF Board.                                              gard to its impact on assessment
                                                                                         presentation on MVF finances                                                                     delinquencies, foreclosures and
                                                                                         Friday evening. The Board re-
                                                                                                                                         FiNaNCial	plaNs	                                 bankruptcies, the first quarter
                                                                                                                                     Although it is still early in
                                                                                         viewed draft strategic goals for                                                                 of 2010 brings with it signs that
                                                                                                                                  the year, Finance Director Greg
                                                                                         2010-2011, received a briefing on                                                                the worst may be behind us as
                                                                                                                                  Snellings reported that year-
                                                                                         2010-2011 financial projections                                                                  all three categories are show-
                                                                                                                                  to-date results through April
                                                                                         and discussed other important
                                                                                                                                  continue to be favorable versus                                        See BOARD page 8
                                                                                         matters that were identified by
   Gene	Gopenko	(left)	of	the	Montgomery	County	                                                                                  budget, due to the continued
                                                                                         the Board members prior to the
   Department	of	environmental	protection	discusses	
   long-term	maintenance	needs	of	lake	Whetstone	with	
   assistant	Director	of	recreation,	parks	and	Culture	                                                                                                                                     iNsiDe	
   scott	Gole	and	Community	Manager	aimee	Winegar.                                       MvF	Management	advisory	
                                                                                         Committee	welcomes	HoC	                                                                            Do	you	hear	that?	
                                                                                                                                                                                            MvF	lawn	theater	
Dep	representative	visits	                                                               representative                                                                                     concerts	start	soon!

lake	Whetstone                                                                           by Aimee Winegar
                                                                                            Les Kaplan, Director of
                                                                                                                                     Kaplan began the meeting
                                                                                                                                  with an explanation of the                                See pages 5 and 16
by Aimee Winegar                   near future, and considers the                        Community Partnerships                   housing programs offered by
     Gene Gopenko of the Mont-     condition of the lake as one of                       for the Montgomery County                the county, noting that HOC
gomery County Department           the higher priorities among                           Housing Opportunities Com-               owns approximately 80 homes
                                   county-maintained facilities.                                                                  in Montgomery Village, mostly                             renovation	to	
of Environmental Protection                                                              mission (HOC), was a featured
                                   Whetstone representatives were                        guest at the May meeting of              in the communities of South                               begin	on	lake	
(DEP) recently met with rep-
resentatives of areas surround-    concerned about changes to the                        the MVF Management Adviso-               Village, North Village, North-                            Whetstone	dock	
ing Lake Whetstone and the         shoreline on the north side that                      ry Committee (MAC). Kaplan               gate and Eastgate. These homes                            and	boathouse
MVF Department of Recreation,      are affecting the path near the                       explained the various roles              are rented to HOC clients, and
Parks and Culture to discuss the   north dock. Gopenko agreed                            played by HOC in the county              HOC serves as the landlord.
long-term maintenance needs        that a second onsite meeting                          in providing housing services            For these units, HOC carries
of Lake Whetstone. In 2005,        should be scheduled, to include                       to low- and moderate-income
Lake Whetstone was enrolled in     representatives of WSSC. As he                        families.                                                             See HOC page 7
Montgomery County’s program        suggested, follow-up meetings
for the structural maintenance     are being scheduled.                                                                                                                  Sponsored by:

of stormwater management fa-           In reviewing the condition
cilities. This program is funded   and appearance of the lake,
by the water quality protection    the group noted its importance
                                   to the environment. Gopenko
fees paid by individual hom-
eowners on their property tax      emphasized that the community
                                   is responsible for the ongoing
                                                                                                                                      Thursday,                                             See page 9
bills and by community asso-
ciations based on the quantity
of streets and parking lots (im-
                                   “aesthetic” maintenance of the
                                   lake, including litter removal.
                                                                                                                                       June 17                                              prevent	mosquitoes	
pervious surface) that they own.       Residents should remember                                                                      See individual camps for                              from	ruining	your	
    Gopenko reported that          that any litter or trash that is                                                                     times and locations.
                                                                                                                                                                                            summer	fun	
Montgomery County DEP is           washed down the curbside                                                                  Camp Tiny Feet
in the process of formalizing      storm drains eventually ends                            Wondering what your               For ages 4 and 5
its procedures and policies to     up in the ponds and lakes.                              child’s day will be like          Whetstone Community Center, 19140 Brooke Grove Court
deal with a number of storm-       Keeping the curbs and streets                           at camp this summer?              6:30 to 7 p.m.
                                                                                                                             For more information, call Jana Serlo at 301-948-0110,
water quality issues, including    clean, therefore, does more than                        MVF’s Summer Camp
                                                                                                                             ext. 2334.
shoreline erosion and siltation.   improve the appearance of Vil-                          Open House is the per-
                                   lage communities—it improves                            fect way to discover              Camp Racing Wind
He stated that the county is                                                                                                 For ages 8 to 11
                                   the health and safety of lakes                          what MVF camps are all
aware that Lake Whetstone                                                                                                    Lake Marion Community Center, 8821 East Village Avenue
                                   and ponds, and eventually the                           about. Parents will have
will require dredging in the                                                                                                 8 to 8:30 p.m.
                                   quality of the Chesapeake Bay.                          the opportunity to meet           For more information, call Ed Kallas at 301-948-0110,
                                                                                           the camp staff and pre-           ext. 2338.
                                                                                           view the great plans in           Camp Soaring Stars
 The widely-recognized logo of                                                             store this summer. MVF            For ages 6 to 8 1/2
 Montgomery Village was actually                                                           full-time recreation su-          Stedwick Community Center, 10401 Stedwick Road                  See page 6
                                                                                                                             7:15 to 7:45 p.m.
 derived from an ancient symbol of                                                         pervisors and summer
                                                                                                                             For more information, call Lindsay Noller at 301-948-0110,
 friendship. It represents two people                                                      camp staff will be on site        ext. 2367.
                                                                                           to answer questions and                                                                          MvF	Most	Beautiful	
 clasping hands in peace and harmony.                                                                                        Teen Express
                                                                                           provide you with all the                                                                         Garden	Contest	
 Kettler Brothers adopted this symbol for                                                                                    For ages 11 to 14
                                                                                           necessary information             Lake Marion Community Center, 8821 East Village Avenue         underway
 the Village in 1966.                                                                      for the summer.                   8 to 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                             For more information, call Ed Kallas at 301-948-0110,          See page 17
 WWW.MONTGOMERYVILLAGE.COM                CoNteNts	oN	paGe	2                                                                 ext. 2338.
2                       Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                             MontgoMery	Village	news

    Contents                                      MVF BoArd AgendA                                                            MVF Meeting AgendAs

    Ad Savings Index..............2                      MontgoMerY ViLLAge FoUndAtion, inC.                                                 MvF	BoarD	oF	DireCtors
    ARB Decisions................10                          BoArd oF direCtors Meeting                                         The MVF Board of Directors will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday,
    Architectural Standards ..10                                      thursday, May 27                                        May 27 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
    AS Update ...................... 11                    north Creek Community Center – 7:30 p.m.
    At Your Leisure ...............20                                                                                                   2030	visioN	steeriNG	CoMMittee
    Business in the Village ...24                 John Fell, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley (MVF Invest-                 The 2030 Vision Steering Committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. on
    Calendar ...........................4         ment Advisor), Update on MVF's reserve investment portfolio                 Thursday, June 17 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Ar-
    Classifieds ......................30                                                                                      rowhead Road.
    Committee Updates ..........9                 residents time—As a courtesy to fellow residents and the Board,                        arCHiteCtUral	revieW	BoarD
    Community                                     please limit your remarks to no more than five minutes. While                  The Architectural Review Board (ARB) will meet at 5 p.m. on
        Management .............. 11              the Board welcomes comments from residents, comments made                   Wednesday, June 2 and June 16 in the North Creek Board Room,
    Community Service ........22                  during Residents Time are not positions of the Board.                       20125 Arrowhead Road, to review residents’ requests for exterior
    EVP’s Message ................3
                                                                                                                              modifications. The board requests that homeowners contact the
    Garden Contest ..............17               Hear operating and Capital Budget requests for 2011 MVF                     Foundation if they plan to attend and if their contractors will ac-
    Homes Corporations                            Budget                                                                      company them.
        Eastgate Express .......14                1. Call Meeting to Order
        East Village Echo .......12               2. President's Remarks                                                                            aUDit	CoMMittee
        Maryland Place                            3. Review and Approve Minutes of the April 22 Regular Meeting                  The Audit Committee will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday,
        Messages..................14                 and April 15 Work Session with LRFPC                                     June 8 at Whetstone Community Center, 19140 Brooke Grove
        Northgate News .........13                4. Treasurer’s Report and Financial Statements                              Court.
        North Village View ......12               5. Executive Vice President's Report
        Patton Ridge Report ..12                                                                                                                exeCUtive	CoMMittee
                                                  6. Acceptance of Action List                                                   The Executive Committee will meet at 7 p.m. on Monday,
        South Village Scenes .13                  7. ACTION LIST
        Stedwick Signals ........14                                                                                           June 14 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
                                                     A. Decision Items:
        Whetstone Watch .......13                       1. Consider request for appointment to TD&PF Committee                        MaNaGeMeNt	aDvisory	CoMMittee
    In the News.......................5                                                                                          The Management Advisory Committee (MAC) will meet at
                                                        2. Consider request for appointment to Recreation
    Kids Page .......................21                                                                                       7 p.m. on Monday, June 7 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125
    Lawn Theater..................16                                                                                          Arrowhead Road.
                                                        3. Consider draft schedule for 2011 Budget Process
    Letters to the Editor ..........5
                                                        4. Consider revisions to MVF Transportation Policy
    Milestones ......................25                                                                                                        reCreatioN	CoMMittee
                                                        5. Consider Communications Committee recommendation
    MV Seniors .....................23                                                                                           The Recreation Committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday,
    MVF Board Agenda ..........2                           re: MVF Marketing Campaign
                                                                                                                              June 9 in the North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
    MVF Meeting Agendas .....2                          6. Consider proposed revision to Ridgefield architectural
    Neighborhood Noteboard .5                              criteria                                                                    traNsportatioN,	DevelopMeNt	&		
    President’s Message ........3                    B. Consent Items—unless there are questions about specific                          pUBliC	FaCilities	CoMMittee
    Professional Directory ....29                       items, they will be accepted as a group:                                The Transportation, Development & Public Facilities Committee
    Real Estate .....................31                 1. Approve recommendations for CARC and Communica-                    (TD&PF) will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1 in the North
    Recreation ......................18                    tions chairs                                                       Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
    School News...................22              8. Committee Reports – barring any questions, these reports will
    Services Around Town ....26                      be accepted as a group:                                                     Note: All meeting agendas listed in this section are current as of
                                                     a. Executive Committee                                                   the deadline date for this publication. The listings do not include every
                                                     b. Architectural Review Board (ARB)                                      agenda item. This information is also available on the MVF website at
                                                     c. Audit                                                        For the most up-to-date information
                                                     d. Commercial Architectural Review (CARC)                                available, call the MVF Board/Committee Agenda hotline at 301-948-
                                                     e. Committee on Environment (COE)                                        0110, then press 4. All meeting agendas are tentative and may be changed
                                                     f. Communications                                                        without notice.
                                                     g. Election
                                                     h. Management Advisory (MAC)
        Visit MVF online at
                                                     i. Nominating                                                                                                               pUBliC	saFety	CoMMittee
                                                     j. Personnel
                                                                                                                                  The Public Safety Committee meeting on June 3 has been
                                                     k. Public Safety
            aDvertiser		                             l. Recreation
                                                                                                                               rescheduled for June 29 at 7:30 p.m. in the North Creek Board
           saviNGs	iNDex                                                                                                       Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
                                                     m. TD&PF
                                                     n. 2030 Vision Steering Committee
    Four Seasons Home                                o. Historical Book Committee
      Improvement ................27              9. Board Member Issues
    Funfit ..................................14
    Golden Bull
      Grand Café ....................11                                                                                          The Neighborhood Noteboard is located
    Griffith Energy Services ..29
    McCarthy Services ...........26
                                                                                                                                              on page 5.
      Tire Service ....................28
    Montgomery Village
      Curves ..............................6
    Montgomery Village
      Shell ................................28
                                                                                                                                MvF	summer	hours
    Patriot Electrical ...............26                                                                                           The Montgomery Village Foundation office will be open
                                                                                                                                until 7 p.m. on Thursday evenings through July 15, and open
                                                                                                                                on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. through July 17.
                                                                       for th               Covenant                               Residents will be able to get Activity Cards, register for
      Copy & Ad Deadlines                                            June
                                                                              e          United Methodist                       classes or programs, speak with a representative from the
                                                                            11                Church                            MVF Architectural Standards Department, order disclosure
                                                                                                                                materials and make assessment payments.
     Copy:	                                                           issue
     •	 e-mailed or on disk due:*                 Attention writers:
         monday, June 7 at 5 p.m.                 Copy is gratefully accepted
     •	 mailed, faxed or typed due:               Provide text on disk or e-mail to        20301 Pleasant Ridge Dr.
                                                                                              Montgomery Village
         friday, June 4 at 5 p.m.       
                                                  E-mail classifieds to classifieds@
     Display	aDs:                       
     •	 due:                                      See page 3 for more on how to                 The Rev. Phil Ayers
                                                  contact us.
         friday, June 4 at 5 p.m.                         *preferred method of receipt
                                                                                             Sunday Worship
                                                                                           8:30 a.m. • 10:00 a.m.
          Submissions received after the publication deadline will not be published        Nursery Care at both Services
                                       in that edition.                                  Sunday School - 10 am Service Only
                                                                                           Communion at 8:30 am Service
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                           Friday,	May	21,	2010                             3

 Village News
                                      President’s MessAge                                                         exeCUtiVe ViCe President’s MessAge

 serving	the	residents	
 of	Montgomery	village
                                      summer	fun	in	the	village                                                   MvGC—a	real	amenity	in	
 The Montgomery Village News
                                                                                                                  the heart	of	the	village
                                                                                                                                                         relationship should be devel-
 is the official newsletter of the                                          “Star Spangled Fourth on the 5th”
                                                                                                                                                         oped. I recall Max saying that
 Montgomery Village Foundation,                                             Independence Day Celebration
                                                                                                                                                         the golf course is important to
 Inc., and its Board of Directors.                                          on Monday, July 5?
                                                                                                                                                         the marketing of Montgomery
 Its purpose is to disseminate                                                 The 2010 Summer Recreation
                                                                                                                                                         Village, and that MVF should
 news and information in                                                    Guide has an amazing array of
                                                                                                                                                         recognize that. Well, I do.
 accordance with the Editorial                                              programs for adults and chil-
                                                                                                                                                         Thanks to Max and his friends,
 Policy of the Foundation.                                                  dren. Some are offered during
                                                                                                                                                         I have been meeting with Jack
                                                                            the day, while others are held
                                                                                                                                                         and Linda Doser to see what
                                                                            in the evening. There are swim
 MvF	Board	of		Directors                                                                                                                                 partnerships can be developed
                                                                            lessons for kids and adults, and
 Montgomery	village	Foundation                                                                                                                           so that the Montgomery Vil-
                                                                            fitness classes such as water
 10120	apple	ridge	road                                                                                                                                  lage community wins, and
                                                                            aerobics, deep water running/
 Montgomery	village,	MD		20886-                                                                                                                          that more golfers and diners
                                                                            conditioning, Aqua Pilates and
 1000                                                                                                                                                    are attracted to the club and
                                                                            an Aqua Boot Camp. Sports
                                                                                                                  by David Humpton                       the MVGC Grill (which, by the
 Phone: 301-948-0110                  by Robert Hydorn                      classes include tennis for all ages
                                                                                                                                                         way, is open to the public, has
 FAX: 301-990-7071                    MVF President                         and levels, adult exercise classes    MVF Executive Vice President
 MVF e-mail:                                                                                                                              great burgers and, for the more
                                                                            like Zumba®, yoga and Pilates,
 MV News e-mail:                                                                                                                          health-conscious, good salads
                                          I’ve always thought that          adult dance classes, basketball,          Max Keeney, who recently
 MVF 24-hour Board Voice Mail:                                                                                                                           as well).
                                      Montgomery Village should             gymnastics and karate. We also        passed away, was a long-time
 301-948-0110, press 5                                                                                                                                      Some concepts have been
                                      strive to be the best, most fun-      have some new programs for            Village resident, and I got to
 Recreation Hotline, ext. 2349                                                                                                                           developed in these meetings,
                                      filled place to live in Montgom-      varied interests like walking for     know him as a member of the
                                                                                                                                                         including having a special
 Office hours:                        ery County. I took a close look       health, techniques for meditation     Long-Range Facility Planning
                                                                                                                                                         Montgomery Village Residents
 The MVF Office, 10120 Apple          at the 2010 Summer Recreation         and how to shop like a vegan.         Committee. I wanted to relate
                                                                                                                                                         Day at MVGC on a Saturday
 Ridge Road, is open Monday -         Guide which came in the last          There’s even an Improv Comedy         to you a brief story that has
                                                                                                                                                         later this summer, offering
 Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.      issue of the Village News, and it     Workshop on Monday, June 7.           changed my perspective on
                                                                                                                                                         low cost golf rounds, special
 Acting Director of                   looks to me as if we’re definitely       So, grab your 2010 Summer          “community building” and the
                                                                                                                                                         golf clinics for young and old,
 Communications                       heading in the right direction.       Recreation Guide and make plans       importance of partnerships.
                                                                                                                                                         putting contests for prizes,
 Mike Conroy, ext. 2331 or                First off, we’ll be having more   for a wonderful, fun-filled sum-          Last December, Max invited
                                                                                                                                                         and other kids’ games, free                     free Sunday evening concerts          mer right here in the Village.        me to breakfast with a couple
                                                                                                                                                         food, etc. Other possible events
 Advertising Manager                  at our newly renovated Lawn                                                 of his friends to talk about the
   Jhenileen Libongco, ext. 2328 or   Theater than ever before. Ten           siNCere	tHaNks	to	                  Montgomery Village Founda-
                                                                                                                                                         include a “meet and greet”                                                             keviN	HoBBs                                                             social sponsored by MVGC
                                      of them this year! And we’re                                                tion’s (MVF) relationship with
 Senior Graphic Designer                                                        On behalf of the MVF Board                                               for all the homeowner and
                                      also having free concerts on the                                            the Montgomery Village Golf
   ext. 2359                                                                of Directors, I would like to                                                condominium owner associa-
                                      first Fridays in July and August.                                           Club (MVGC), or to be more
 Communications Assistant                                                   thank Kevin Hobbs, principal                                                 tion presidents to learn about
                                      Leading off the Friday concerts                                             precise, the lack of one. Max
 Intern/Circulation                                                         of Watkins Mill High School                                                  more affordable memberships
                                      will be the Rock ‘n Roll Relics,                                            noted that there was not one
   Emily Slaten, ext. 2342                                                  (WMHS), for his years of service                                             fees, low-cost golf for residents
                                      led by MVF’s own Gail Chiap-                                                mention of the golf course in
                                                                            to our community. Mr. Hobbs                                                  on Mondays and Tuesdays,
 Web site: or             pone on July 2. What a great way                                            the Residents Guide or in the
                                                                            announced his resignation as                                                 and year-round availability
 	                                    to start the July 4th weekend!                                              Village News. Why was this?
                                                                            principal last week.                                                         of the driving range. Another
 24-HoUr	MvF	                         And on Wednesday mornings                                                   One of his friends wanted to
                                                                                Mr. Hobbs served as an as-                                               idea is to plan a major charity
 eMerGeNCy	pHoNe:                     in July, we’ll have free special                                            know why there was not a
                                                                            sistant principal at WMHS for                                                golf tournament similar to the
 301-576-1204                         programs for youngsters. Yes,                                               link to the golf course from
                                                                            several years. He was appointed                                              former Harden and Weaver
 301-576-1212                         the Lawn Theater isn’t just for                                             the MVF website. I went on
                                                                            principal at Mario A. Loiderman                                              event, which put Montgomery
 800-215-1784                         Sunday evenings anymore.                                                    to try to explain that this was
                                                                            Middle School and went through                                               Village on the map region-
 Articles appearing in the Montgom-       At our seven sparkling swim-                                            a private club that had been
                                                                            the renovation of that school's fa-                                          ally. Many things are in the
 ery Village News are presented as    ming pools, we’ll be having                                                 sold by Kettler Brothers to Jack
 a community service. They do not                                           cilities, then returned to WMHS                                              works, but the MVF Board
                                      “Raft and Noodle Fun Days”                                                  Doser many years ago, and that
 necessarily represent the views of                                         as principal after the departure                                             and I know that the stronger
                                      when kids can bring a one-per-                                              it was not MVF’s place to mar-
 the Montgomery Village Founda-                                             of Pete Cahall.                                                              the relationship between MVF
 tion.                                son raft or play water basketball                                           ket this private entity. But over
                                                                                Everyone who has had the                                                 and the Montgomery Village
                                      and other pool games. You’ve                                                and over, the gentleman at the
 The advertisements in the                                                  chance to work with Mr. Hobbs                                                Golf Club, the better it will be
                                      heard of the drive-in movies?                                               table said with great passion
 Montgomery Village News are not                                            has been impressed with his                                                  for the community in general.
 intended to be an endorsement by     Well, we have the Dive-In Mov-                                              that this is an important ame-
                                                                            commitment to our students,                                                     Thanks, Max, for your ser-
 the Montgomery Village Foundation    ies! There will be two of them                                              nity, and if MVF and residents
                                                                            his dedication to his teachers                                               vice to the community and for
 of any business or individual.       this summer at the Stedwick                                                 want the golf course to stay
                                                                            and staff, and his outreach to the                                           inspiring me to take action on
                                      pool—“Cloudy with a Chance                                                  around for the future, then a
                                                                            school community and beyond.                                                 such an important issue.
                                      of Meatballs” and “Over the
                                      Hedge.”                                   We wish Mr. Hobbs much
                                          There are special treat days,     success in his future endeavors.
                                      too. On Saturday, June 5, Rita’s
                                      Italian Ices will be at the Apple
                                                                                  Next	MeetiNG
                                                                               The MVF Board of Di-
                                                                                                                     MvF	holiday	closing
                                      Ridge Pool, 10101 Apple Ridge         rectors will hold its regular               The Montgomery Village Foundation office will be closed
                                      Road, starting at 3 p.m. until        monthly meeting on Thursday,             for the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 31.
                                      the cooler is empty. Ping pong                                                    It will resume normal business on Tuesday, June 1 at
 MvF	Board	of	Directors               and pool tables will be coming
                                                                            May 27 in the North Creek Board
                                                                                                                     8:30 a.m.
 officers                                                                   Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
                                      to more MVF pools this sum-           Residents time begins promptly
 president                            mer, too.                             at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to
  Robert Hydorn                           Did I mention our stellar         attend.
 vice	president                       summer camps for kids? The               In the meantime, if you need
  Mark Firley                         37th Annual All-Comers Swim           to convey a compliment or a
 treasurer                            Meet on Saturday, June 12?            concern, you can reach me by
  Beth-Ellen Berry                    Rake-the-Lake at Lake Whet-                                                                                            "Our aim is not only to make the
                                                                            e-mail at                                                 child understand, and still less to
 Directors                            stone on Saturday, June 26? Our                                                                                        force him to memorize, but so to
                                                                                                                                                              touch his imagination as to en-
  Pamela Bort
                                                                                                                                                             thuse him to his innermost core"
  Jim Deye                                                                                                                                                          ~ Maria Montessori
  John Driscoll
  Scott Dyer
  Scott Johnson                                                                                                                    Accepting children from age 2 years through 2nd grade

  Linc Perley
  Richard Wright

 executive	vice	president                                                                                              7 a.m. to
  David Humpton                                                                                                         6 p.m.        20301 Fulks Farm Road • Montgomery Village, MD 20886
4                         Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                                                               MontgoMery	Village	news

                                                                                     Montgomery Village
                                                                          Calendar of Events
              Sunday                           Monday                            Tuesday                       Wednesday                              Thursday                              Friday    Saturday
                     t ...
                forge n on                                                                                                                                                           Village News 21	         22
          Don’ ls ope
                  poo         29!
                                                                                           Check it out ...                                                                          Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am        MVF Office Open

             MVF day, May
                                                                                                                                                                                     Sunrise at Montgomery           9:30 am – 12:30 pm

                   r                                                                 All-Comers Swim Meet                                                                            Village
              Satu       upda
                     your rd now.
               Get y Ca
                                                                                    Saturday, June 12, 8 a.m.
                      it                .                                        North Creek Community Center
               Activ             etails
                         8 for d
                   page                                                              20125 Arrowhead Road

    	                           23	                               24	                              25	                                 26	                                 27	                            28	                              29
                                          Horizon Run Condo                 Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am         NOL I Board Mtg.                     MVF Office Open until 7 pm         Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am        MVF Pools Open
                                          7:30 pm – NCBR                    Sunrise at Montgomery            7 pm – NOL I office at 18611                                            Sunrise at Montgomery
                                                                                                                                                  Park Place I Budget Mtg.                                           MVF Office Open
                                                                            Village                          Walkers Choice Rd., #2                                                  Village
                                                                                                                                                  6 pm –TC Pty. Rm.                                                  9:30 am – 12:30 pm
                                                                            Patton Ridge HC                  South Village HC
                                                                            7 pm – NCBR                                                           MVF Board of Directors
                                                                                                             7 pm – NCBR
                                                                                                                                                  7:30 pm – NCBR
                                                                                                             MV Community Band
                                                                                                             7 pm – SCC

    	                           30	                                31	 June                            1	                                 2	                                  3	                                4	                             5
                                          Memorial Day                      Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am         ARB, 5 pm – NCBR                     MVF Office Open until 7 pm         Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am        MVF Office Open
                                                                            Sunrise at Montgomery                                                                                    Sunrise at Montgomery           9:30 am – 12:30 pm
                                          MVF Office Closed                                                  MV Community Band
                                                                            Village                                                                                                  Village
                                                                                                             7 pm – SCC
                                                                            TD&PF Committee
                                                                            7:30 pm – NCBR

    	                             6	                                 7	                               8	                                 9	                                10	 Village News 11	                                            12
         MVF Summer Lawn                  MAC, 7 pm – NCBR                  Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am         MV Community Band                    MVF Office Open until 7 pm         Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am        MVF All – Comers Swim
         Theater, US Navy Com-                                              Sunrise at Montgomery            7 pm – SCC                                                              Sunrise at Montgomery           Meet, 8 am – North Creek
                                                                                                                                                  Whetstone HC
         modores (Jazz)                                                     Village                                                                                                  Village                         Pool (warm ups 7:30 am)
                                                                                                             Recreation Committee                 7:30 pm –NCBR
         6 pm – South Valley Park                                                                                                                                                                                    pre – registration required
                                                                            Audit Committee Mtg.             7:30 pm – NCBR
                                                                            7 pm – WCC                                                                                                                               MVF Office Open
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     9:30 am – 12:30 pm
                                                                            Northgate HC
                                                                            7 pm – NCBR

                                13	                               14	                              15	                                 16	                                 17	                            18	                              19
         MVF Summer Lawn The-             MVF Executive Committee           Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am         ARB, 5 pm –NCBR                      MVF Office Open until 7 pm         Daytime Bridge, 10:30 am        MVF Office Open
         ater, Oasis (Caribbean)          7 pm – NCBR                       Sunrise at Montgomery                                                                                    Sunrise at Montgomery           9:30 am – 12:30 pm
                                                                                                             MV Community Band                    2030 Vision Steering Commit-
         6 pm – South Valley Park                                           Village                                                                                                  Village
                                                                                                             7 pm – WMHS                          tee, 7:30 pm –NCBR
                                                                            Middle Village HC
                                                                                                             Stedwick HC
                                                                            7:30 pm –TC Pty. Rm.
                                                                                                             7:30 pm –SCC

        KEY:                                                                                                                                      All facilities are handicap accessible.            Calendar brought to you by the
        SCC ................ Stedwick Community Center, 10401 Stedwick Rd.                    MVF Office...... 10120 Apple Ridge Rd.                                                                 Montgomery Village Foundation
        TCPR .............. Thomas Choice Party Room, 19401 Brassie Pl.                       LMCC ............. Lake Marion Community Center, 8821 East Village Ave.                                         301-948-0110
        WCC ............... Whetstone Community Center, 19140 Brooke Grove Ct.                NCBR ............. North Creek Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Rd.                                        Visit
        WH Pty. Rm .... Walker House Party Room, 18700 Walkers Choice Rd.                     NCCC ............. North Creek Community Center, 20125 Arrowhead Rd.                          All information tentative and subject to change.

                                                                                   MoNtGoMery	villaGe	FoUNDatioN,	iNC.	
                                                                 MONTGOMERY VILLAGE NEWS	letters	to	tHe	eDitor	poliCy
       1. The Montgomery Village                      during the weeks prior to                       cation purposes. The sole use                       ers may be notified and given                 all letters received prior to
    News Letters to the Editor sec-                   publication.                                    of pen names, initials or the                       the opportunity to shorten the                publication deadline.
    tion is a community forum for                        3. typed letters and e-mail                  complete omission of a signa-                       letter for future publication.                   9. The Director of Com-
    Montgomery Village residents                      must be received no later than                  ture will eliminate a letter from                       7. Form letters will be print-            munications, in his/her sole
    and/or property owners. In                        5 p.m. on the Monday prior to                   consideration from publication.                     ed once, with earliest post-                  discretion, reserves the right
    addition, at the Editor’s discre-                 publication and distribution,                   A request from the author to                        mark used.                                    to withhold from publication
    tion, the Montgomery Village                      while handwritten letters                       withhold the name or mark the                           8. All e-mail is subject to               of inflammatory, slanderous,
    News may print letters of ap-                     must be received no later than                  letter anonymous will eliminate                     this policy. The e-mail subject               libelous, or lewd material,
    propriate interest to residents                   noon on the Friday, one week                    the letter from consideration.                      line must read “Letter to the                 or material which may be an
    from others, including rep-                       prior to publication. When a                        5. All letters are subject to                   Editor.”                                      invasion of privacy, material
    resentatives of local schools,                    holiday occurs on a deadline                    condensation or deferral to                             • All e-mail letters must                 deemed in bad taste and incon-
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    ited, except for Montgomery                       than noon on the subsequent                     lutely necessary. Editor is to                      ber for verification.                         the number of letters on a given
    Village Foundation and Village                    Tuesday prior to the Friday                     so indicate any condensations.                          • As with letters delivered               subject when the number is so
    homes corporation elections.                      publication and distribution.                       6. All letters may not exceed                   to the MVF office in person or                large it presents a problem.
       2. The Montgomery Village                         4. Letters must bear the                     300 words. Longer letters will                      by the U.S. Postal Service, the
    News will make every effort                       writer’s name, address and                      be eliminated from consider-                        Montgomery Village News will
    to publish all letters received                   telephone number for verifi-                    ation. As time permits, the writ-                   make every effort to publish
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                    Friday,	May	21,	2010                     5

in tHe news

Free	summer	concerts	at	the	MvF	lawn	theater
   Picnic in the Park with           U.s.	Navy	jazz	BaND	                 Johnstone, Bob Mintzer, James
                                                                                                               members of the concert and           In 2008, the Commodores
Performers begins Sunday,            tHe	“CoMMoDores”	                                                         ceremonial units, and in 1968,    released their latest compact
                                                                          Moody, Clark Terry and Eu-
June 6 with the U.S. Navy                The U.S. Navy’s premier                                               preparations began to make        disc, Directions. The Com-
                                                                          gene “Snooky” Young. In addi-
Band “Commodores.” Come              jazz ensemble, the “Commo-                                                the ensemble a separate group.    modores continue to preserve
                                                                          tion, they have opened for the
out with a picnic dinner, lawn       dores,” presents the finest in                                            In January 1969, the “Dance       the great heritage of jazz while
                                                                          Beach Boys and appeared on
chairs and blankets to enjoy         America’s truly original music.                                           Band” officially became the       also being innovative force for
                                                                          ABC’s “Good Morning Amer-
the U.S. Navy’s premier jazz         A specialty unit of the United                                            “Commodores” jazz ensemble.       the future.
                                                                          ica.” They are highly sought
ensemble. Their performances         States Navy Band in Washing-         after by the nation’s foremost
are high-energy affairs that not     ton, D.C., the group features        jazz festivals and educational
only pay tribute to the legend-      18 of the Navy’s top jazz and        conferences.
ary big bands of yesterday, but      “big band” musicians. Under              The Commodores trace
also feature original composi-       the leadership of Senior Chief       their roots to before World
tions by members of the group.       Musician Philip M. Burlin, the       War II, when band members
The concert starts at 6 p.m.         Commodores combine the best          with jazz experience formed
   Parking is available at South     of jazz and popular music.           dance bands and rehearsed on
Valley Park, 18850 Montgom-              Since their founding in          an as-needed basis for specific
ery Village Avenue, accessible       1969, the Commodores have            occasions. Responding to pub-
from Watkins Mill Road. For          become one of the most ac-           lic demand for unique types of
more information, call Jana          claimed jazz ensembles in the        music as well as the changing
Serlo at 301-948-0110, ext. 2334.    country. Many jazz legends           needs of Navy recruiting, then
                                     have appeared with the group,        Ensign Ned Muffley formed            neigHBorHood noteBoArd
                                     including Ray Charles, Louie         a dance band in 1966 from
                                     Bellson, Terry Gibbs, Bruce
                                                                                                                            HorizoN	rUN	CoNDoMiNiUM
                                                                                                                   The Horizon Run Condominium Board of Directors meeting
Letters to tHe editor                                                                                          is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 24 in the North Creek
                                                                                                               Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
    Editor:                          sor in charge. He said that the      I decided to call Senator Nancy                           MiDDle	villaGe
    On a recent visit to the         car had been there going on          King, a long-time resident              The Middle Village Homes Corporation meeting is scheduled
Montgomery Village branch            close to a month and that he         of Montgomery Village who            for 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 15 in the Thomas Choice Party
of the post office, I happened       made several phone calls about       serves the 39 th district. She       Room, 19401 Brassie Place.
to notice an old vehicle parked      having it towed, but that he         shared my concerns, acted
in the handicapped parking           was getting conflicting reports      quickly and by the next day the                    NorMaNDie	oN	tHe	lake	i
space. As you may know, we           about whose responsibility it        car was gone. What is wrong             The Normandie-on-the-Lake I (NOLI) Board of Directors meet-
only have one handicap park-         was to tow it. We discussed          with this picture? A govern-         ing is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 26 at the NOLI
ing space at the post office. The    the ongoing news story of the        ment facility with a suspicious      office, 18611 Walkers Choice Road, #2.
car seemed abandoned since it        New York City car bomber             vehicle parked in front of                                   NortHGate
had an orange sticker on it. It      and how alert citizens helped        the building for close to one           The Northgate Homes Corporation meeting is sched-
was loaded with old boxes, and       what could have been a disas-        month is a no brainer … thank        uled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8 in the North Creek Board
papers lined the dashboard.          trous situation. He admitted         you, Senator King for acting         Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
    I asked the clerk about it       that his employees were a bit        swiftly. Next time we may not
and he said it had been there        concerned that the car had not       be so lucky.                                                park	plaCe	i
for some time. The next day I        been towed.                                         Jeannie Pizzonia         The Park Place I Condominium budget meeting is scheduled
returned to the post office and         Since no one knew what                               South Village     for 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 27 in the Thomas Choice Party Room,
because the car was still there,     was in the car or in the boxes,                                           19401 Brassie Place.
I asked to speak to the supervi-
                                                                                                                                     pattoN	riDGe
                                                                                                                  The Patton Ridge Homes Corporation meeting is scheduled
   Editor:                           if they are not conversant with      information in many forms to         for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 25 in the North Creek Board Room,
   I was impressed with the          computers or have no access          residents, whether it is through     20125 Arrowhead Road.
Editor’s defense of the Village      they have the right to a hard        Village-wide distribution of pub-                         soUtH	villaGe
News and his note that our by-       copy of such information.            lications such as the Residents         The South Village Homes Corporation meeting is scheduled for
laws require that the Board of           All home and condo owners        Guide and Annual Report,             7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 26 in the North Creek Board Room,
Directors have a responsibil-        of the Foundation must comply        answering letters, mailing alerts    20125 Arrowhead Road.
ity “to inform the members           with bylaws and pay assess-          to adjacent homeowners who may
of all activities and functions      ments. They are therefore con-       be affected by specific develop-                              steDWiCk
of the Foundation” (Article          comitantly entitled to relevant      ment projects, mailing policies to      The Stedwick Homes Corporation meeting is scheduled for
XII).                                information concerning their         those who use our pools and other    7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 16 at Stedwick Community Center,
   However, with the recent          investment whether or not they       facilities, providing bylaws and     10401 Stedwick Road.
proliferation and “trendiness”       use computers. This right of ac-     covenants to new owners through         Stedwick Homes Corporation is sponsoring two neighborhood
of computers, many people            cess must be clear to residents      resale disclosures, or providing     clean-up days:
who are entitled to this infor-      for complete transparency and        copies of other reports and mate-       Saturday, May 22 at 1 p.m. for Forest Brooke North (rain date,
mation by law, but have no           compliance with the bylaws.          rial upon request—usually free       May 23). Meet at the Royal Woods Court tot lot. Bags, gloves and
access to a computer, are ex-            Giving a personal e-mail ad-     of charge, up to a certain number    drinks will be provided.
cluded. An example was per-          dress is well-intentioned and        of pages.                               Saturday, June 26 at 11 a.m. for Club Hill. Meet at the tennis
haps inadvertently included in       laudable, but again, excludes            More recently, MVF also pro-     courts. Bags, gloves and drinks will be provided.
Board President Bob Hydorn’s         many without e-mail.                 vides much of this information on                            WHetstoNe
column of May 7. Although his                     Jane Ann S. Wilder      its website, not as a replacement       The Whetstone Homes Corporation meeting is scheduled
clear intention was to be com-                         South Village      for other forms of communication,    for 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 10 in the North Creek Board
municative, the only access he                                            but as an additional convenience     Room, 20125 Arrowhead Road.
gave to important information           Editor’s note:                    to those who prefer to use the in-
was via the Internet; in this           The editorial response to which   ternet. Many residents also prefer
case, it was the Long-Range          you refer was in response to a       to correspond by e-mail.
Facility Planning Committee          letter questioning the value of          We firmly believe that educa-
report, which involves the           publishing and distributing the      tion is the key to strengthening
money and future of all Village      Village News, which is MVF’s         and bringing our community
residents.                           primary vehicle for outreach and     together, and MVF will continue
   I know for a fact that this re-   education concerning Foundation      to strive to make available to our
port is available in hard copy,      activities and issues, Board and     residents as much information
as I have a copy which was on        committee reports, HOA/COA           as possible—in many forms—to
the table at the Annual meet-        news, etc.                           build understanding and interest
ing. It is extremely important          In addition, it has always been   in making Montgomery Village
in complying with our bylaws         MVF’s custom to provide written      the best it can be.
that residents be informed that
6                              Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                   MontgoMery	Village	news

    in tHe news

    Housing	opportunities	Commission	offers	                                                                                    summertime	pest—
    voucher	program                                                                                                             mosquitoes
    by Les Kaplan                                       and is connected to almost         much total rent HOC can pay              With summer rapidly            breeding spots for mosquitoes
       In December 2009, the                            20,000 units throughout the        for various size apartments.         approaching, residents are         in your own backyard.
    Housing Opportunities Com-                          county. Its largest funding        The tenant must certify their        spending more time enjoying           1. Clean rain gutters to al-
    mission (HOC) participated                          source is the federal govern-      income every year with HOC,          the parks and paths through-       low water to flow freely.
    in a community meeting in the                       ment which funds housing           and each year their portion of       out the Village. One of the           2. Remove old tires or drill
    Village to discuss our proposed                     programs for the elderly and       the rent is recalculated. When       most annoying pests we have        drainage holes in tires used for
    purchase of Gables Rothbury.                        disabled, low-income eligible      renting to a voucher tenant, it is   in Montgomery Village is           playground equipment.
    Several attendees raised ques-                      families (about 80 percent are     up to the landlord to maintain       mosquitoes, which can ruin an         3. Store plastic wading
    tions about the HOC—who                             female heads of households),       the unit, follow the terms of        otherwise enjoyable evening        pools inside or turn them
    we are, what our goals and                          and other kinds of mixed in-       the lease, and hold the tenant       relaxing on the deck, taking in    upside down when not in use.
    finances are and other ques-                        come properties. About five        accountable for their portion        a Lawn Theater performance            4. Turn over or remove clay
    tions like that. I am pleased to                    percent of its budget comes        of the agreement. The landlord       or watching a soccer match.        pots and plastic containers.
    take this opportunity to answer                     from Montgomery County,            has a contract with HOC to pay           The Maryland Department           5. Dispose of all empty
    some of those questions.                            mostly for emergency client        the subsidy every month, and         of Agriculture’s Mosquito          beverage containers, plastic
       HOC is the official housing                      services; counseling and chil-     to make sure that program re-        Control Program is responsible     wrappers, discarded toys, etc.
    authority for Montgomery                            dren’s programs, such as day       quirements are followed.             for mosquito control in the           6. Check for trapped water
    County (with the exception                          camp; parent education; and            The last time HOC opened         state, and the Montgomery          in plastic or canvas tarps used
    of the city of Rockville, which                     after school programs. Some        the waiting lists for subsidized     Village Foundation has entered     to cover boats, pools, etc. Ar-
    has its own housing authority).                     other sources of funding in-       housing (which includes pub-         into this voluntary program        range tarps to drain the water.
    With an annual operating bud-                       clude rents, administrative        lic housing and the Housing          again for 2010. The program           7. Pump out bilges in boats.
    get of more than $200 million                       fees, financing and develop-       Choice Voucher Program),             consists of larviciding (control   Turn canoes and small boats
    per year, HOC’s mission is to                       ment fees and interest income.     30,000 families applied. Since       of immature stages of the mos-     upside down for storage.
    provide affordable housing                             Private sector manage-          they are at just about maxi-         quito) and public education.          8. Replace water in bird
    and supportive services that                        ment companies manage all          mum capacity, they can offer             Mosquitoes are insects         baths at least twice a week.
    enhance the lives of low- and                       HOC’s mixed income apart-          subsidized housing to about          that develop through four life        9. Remove pet food and
    moderate-income families and                        ment houses. It manages its        400 new households each year.        stages: egg, larva, pupa and       water dishes that are not be-
    individuals throughout Mont-                        developments for the elderly       This means that a family has         adult. Both male and female        ing used.
    gomery County. To achieve                           in Rockville, Gaithersburg and     a very slight chance of being        adult mosquitoes feed on plant        10. Flush livestock water
    this mission, HOC operates                          Silver Spring. Out of the 12,097   called up from the waiting list.     nectar as a food source. Only      troughs twice a week.
    as a public housing agency, a                       units in Montgomery Village, it    Once a family is called from         female mosquitoes feed on             11. Don't leave garbage can
    housing finance agency and a                        subsidizes about 300 (includes     the list and has been deemed         blood as a protein source for      lids lying upside down. Be sure
    housing developer.                                  housing choice voucher and         eligible, a criminal background      egg development. In Mary-          water does not collect in the
       HOC issues tax free mu-                          scattered site public housing).    check is run. When all the           land there are 62 different        bottom of garbage cans.
    nicipal bonds (more than                               HOC owns and manages            information submitted by the         species of mosquitoes; 17 of          12. Flush water in the bot-
    $1 billion) to finance single                       public housing units. We are       prospective tenant is verified,      those species have the greatest    tom of plant holders twice a
    family mortgages and multi-                         the landlords to our public        the family receives a voucher        abundance and/or impact on         week.
    family housing development,                         housing tenants. Public hous-      which they can use anywhere          human comfort, public health          13. Fix dripping outside
    and owns nearly 7,000 hous-                         ing residents have a lease         in Montgomery County. De-            and economic growth. All of        water faucets.
    ing units, including mixed                          with HOC and pay either a          pending upon the circum-             these species require stagnant        14. Turn wheelbarrows
    income apartment buildings                          flat rent or 30 percent of their   stances, they may also use their     water for breeding and larval      upside down when stored
    such as MetroPointe (Whea-                          income toward rent. HOC also       voucher in a unit that HOC           development.                       outside.
    ton), Metropolitan (Bethesda),                      manages the Housing Choice         owns. More than 20 percent                                                 15. Check around construc-
    Strathmore (North Bethesda)                         Voucher Program, whereby a         of the families served by HOC                                           tion sites or do-it-yourself
    and Timberlawn (Bethesda),                          tenant using a voucher to assist   include a person with a dis-                                            improvements to ensure that
    among other properties.                             with the rent, lives in a home     ability, and the average total                                          proper backfilling and grading
       HOC is a state chartered,                        that is owned and managed by       family income is below $18,000                                          prevent drainage problems.
    federally regulated agency,                         an independent landlord. The       per year. Income in elderly                                                16. Check ornamental
                                                        tenant has a lease directly with   households is closer to $12,000                                         ponds, tree holes and water-
                                                        their landlord, like any other     per year.                                                               holding low areas for mos-
      GET GOOD SERVICE                                  tenant, and pays 30 percent of         HOC is a public service                                             quito larvae. Call the nearest
                                                        their income toward rent. HOC      community organization. For                                             Mosquito Control Office (see
      FROM YOUR GOOD                                    pays the balance of the rent       more information about HOC                                              below) if you find, or suspect
          NEIGHBOR.                                     to the landlord. Rental price      or any of its housing programs,                                         mosquito larvae are present.
                                                        ceilings, which we call pay-       visit or call 240-        The Montgomery Village             17. If ditches do not flow
                                                        ment standards, dictate how        773-9000.                            Foundation Department of           and contain stagnant water
                                                                                                                                Recreation, Parks and Culture      for one week or longer, they
                                                                                                                                has partnered with the Mos-        can produce large numbers of
                                                                                                                                quito Control Program since        mosquitoes. Report such con-
                                                                                                                                2003. Technicians were given       ditions to a Mosquito Control
                                                                                                                                a map of park areas that could     Office. Do not attempt to clear
                                                                                                                                be potential breeding spots for    these ditches because they
                                                                                                                                mosquitoes. Each year, these       may be protected by wetland
                                                                                                                                sites are monitored on a three     regulations.
       Don’t trust just anyone for your
       insurance and financial needs,                                                                                           week rotation, and if neces-          For more information, con-
                    see me:                                                                                                     sary, a larviciding treatment      tact the Maryland Depart-
                                                                                                                                is performed according to the      ment of Agriculture Mosquito
       Jane Warfield Reilly, Agent
     19636 Club House Road, Suite 120
                                                                                                                                presence or absence of larvae.     Control Offices in Annapolis
         Montgomery Village, MD                                                                                                    Since this program doesn’t      at 410-841-5870 or visit www.
                                                                                                                                take into account private ho-
                                                                                                                                meowner property, here are         mosquito_control/index.php.
                                                                                                                                some tips for reducing the


            State Farm - Home Office: Bloomington, IL
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                    7

in tHe news

HoC	representative	talks	with	MaC	
Continued from page 1
all the usual responsibilities    Members spoke with Kaplan           in need of child care and af-       reality only a small number of      the terms of the lease. Clients
of homeownership, including       for approximately an hour,          fordable housing. He stressed       HCV clients are the subject of      are prohibited from becoming
routine maintenance, payment      with special focus on the per-      the county’s commitment to          complaints. He also noted that      involved in crime, drugs, or
of assessments, and ensuring      ception that there appears to       assisting the elderly, disabled     HOC cannot confirm whether          violence.
that tenants are complying        be a very large number of HCV       and those with low incomes to       or not a tenant is a participant       Kaplan reports that all
with community standards.         clients in Montgomery Village.      find appropriate housing. He        in the HCV program, but that        HOC-owned and HCV-sub-
   Kaplan also explained the      Kaplan noted that HOC does          noted that the size of the cur-     if a complaint is received about    sidized homes are inspected
Housing Choice Voucher            not guide or direct clients to      rent waiting list is a reflection   an HCV participant, HOC will        annually to ensure that they
(HCV) Program, formerly           or away from any particular         of the level of need in this area   follow up.                          are well-maintained. HOC
known as the Section 8 pro-       neighborhood, but that under        for housing services.                   HOC’s published docu-           requires landlords and clients
gram. Under this program,         the voucher program, clients            Kaplan explained the pro-       ments state that housing assis-     to notify them if a unit is dam-
participants receive rental       are empowered to choose the         cess for residents to report        tance is a privilege, not a right   aged. He concluded by em-
vouchers and enter into con-      home and neighborhood that          problems they observe at            and that HCV clients are re-        phasizing HOC’s desire to be
tracts with independent land-     best suits their needs. HOC         HOC-owned homes, or in              quired to abide by community        a positive force in communities
lords located anywhere in the     does not limit or prohibit that     homes that they believe are         rules. HOC requires its clients     by supporting the needy and
county. Subject to rent and       choice beyond determining           rented through the HCV pro-         to provide accurate informa-        providing resources to county
income guidelines, the clients    the maximum amount of the           gram. He noted that concerns        tion about the occupants and        residents.
are required to pay 30 percent    voucher. Kaplan noted that          can be reported to the asso-        income of household members,           For more information about
of their income as rent, and      clients tend to prefer neighbor-    ciation’s community manage-         and requires clients to abide by    the HOC, read the article by
the HOC voucher is paid to        hoods with bus service and          ment, and also directly to HOC                                          Les Kaplan on page 6.
the landlord for the remaining    with nearby shopping and pro-       through the website www.
portion of the rent above what    fessional services, such as those HOC encourages
the client can pay. At present,   in Montgomery Village. How-         landlords to screen all poten-
there are approximately 300
subsidized (voucher) homes in
                                  ever, fewer than five percent of
                                  all Village homes receive any
                                                                      tial renters well, and suggests
                                                                      that landlords check credit and
                                                                                                             evp	reports	online
                                                                                                                 Residents can now read and download EVP reports from
the Montgomery Village area.      form of HOC assistance.             criminal histories. Landlords
                                                                                                             the monthly Board of Directors packets online.
   The Management Advi-               Kaplan also addressed the       are responsible for maintaining
                                                                                                                 The reports, as they appear in the monthly Board meeting
sory Committee, composed of       Family Self-Sufficiency Pro-        the HCV-rented homes and
                                                                                                             packet, will be archived and available for reference.
representatives of the MVF-       gram (FSS), which works to as-      enforcing the covenants and
                                                                                                                 Residents can find the reports at www.montgomery
managed homes corporations        sist families receiving vouchers    standards. He stressed that
                                                                                                    Choose “Inside MVF” from the main menu, and
and condominiums, noted           to achieve self-sufficiency over    community residents often be-
                                                                                                             then “Monthly EVP Report” from the “Office of the EVP”
their appreciation for Kaplan’s   a five to seven year period. This   lieve, when complaining about
attendance and his interest in    program provides informa-           their neighbors, that tenants
addressing Village concerns.      tion for job-seekers and those      are HCV clients, but that in

 Whetstone Whales Swim Team Golf Fundraiser
       Join us as the Whetstone Whales Swim Team challenges the Waters Landing
                        Swim Team in the pool and on the green!

                       Monday, July 12
             7:30 a.m. Registration and Check-in
                   8:30 a.m. Shotgun Start
                         Montgomery Village Golf Club
                        Captains Choice (Best Ball) Format

    Sponsorships:                                     Prizes:
       Advertise Your Business with                      Available to golfers of all levels
       a sign at a hole for $60/hole.                    Separate Men’s and Women’s
       Include your store coupons in                     prizes                                                               ONLY
       our goodie bags.                                  Closest to the pin, and closest
                                                                                                                             per pe 80
       Sponsor lunch or a beverage                       to the line awards                                             Includ      rson!
       cart (contact Rich for details)                   Most creative excuse for score                                        es Range b
                                                                                                                       Cart, 1            alls,
                                                         Random drawings/door prizes                                           8 hole
                                                                                                                            and Pr , Lunch
   For more information, e-mail, call Rich
        at 301-926-2926 or visit
                                                                                                                         Non-golfers – please join us
                                                                                                                             for lunch for $20
                                                                                                                 Send your checks payable to the WHETSTONE
          Please note that denim jeans, T-shirts and Speedos are not permitted.                                   WHALES to Rich Szwerc; 18825 S. Meadow
                Proper attire includes collared shirts. Shorts are permitted.                                        Fence Rd.; Gaithersburg, MD 20886
8                    Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                   MontgoMery	Village	news

    in tHe news

    Board	retreat
    Continued from page 1
    ing consistent declining trends.       tural Standards Department,         also touched on better defining      be included in the visioning         been a number of important
    Quarter over quarter, activity         which is charged with ensuring      what should not be included in       discussions. These are all good      revisions of the 2009-2010
    shows a 10 percent decrease in         fair review and enforcement of      inspections such as minor land-      questions that need to be con-       plan. A number of the previ-
    delinquent units; a 30 percent         architectural criteria and guide-   scape changes, mulch colors, etc.    sidered when planning for the        ously stated goals/objectives
    decrease in active bankruptcy          lines established over the years.                                        future.                              had been included in a new
    cases and a 20 percent annual-         The Board believes that this is
                                                                                   MvF	spoNsoreD	                                                        goal or as an objective in some
    ized decrease in delinquent            an extremely important func-            orGaNizatioNs                         MvF	politiCal	                  cases. “The staff and I believe
    assessment dollars.                    tion of MVF and understands            The Board recognizes the im-            strateGy                       these goals represent impor-
       The finance presentation also       that the Architectural Review       portance of maintaining strong           The Board wants to ensure        tant current and future efforts
    included the review of draft           Board (ARB) and staff continue      relationships with many com-         that our working relationships       to improve the operations
    financial analyses for the first       to review and update architec-      munity organizations, which all      with county and state officials      of MVF and provide better
    few capital projects identified as     tural standards to accommo-         provide some community value         are as effective as they can be.     service to our residents,” said
    part of the “quick hits list” from     date new styles, architectural      to MVF residents. The Founda-        They also realize the impor-         Humpton. The budget for 2011
    the Long-Range Facility Plan-          trends and materials. They also     tion provides facility space for     tance and political power of the     will be drafted in keeping with
    ning Committee. The financial          understand the importance of        many groups, including boy           community banding together           these goals and objectives.
    information was presented to           careful enforcement to ensure       and girl scout troops, the swim      and having a united position             The draft goals include:
    the Board to get a first look at the   that the changes residents want     teams and the Montgomery             to present to our elected of-            1. Continue improvement
    estimated cost of the projects as      to make are in keeping with         Village Sports Association. In       ficials. This speaks directly to     of MVF operations (depart-
    well as the anticipated impact,        the community. As one Board         many cases, these organizations      the coordinated effort to stop       ments) and continue enhance-
    if any, on assessments. Each           member indicated, “We want          provide services and activities      HOC from purchasing Gables           ment of financial manage-
    project evaluation included any        the changes to look like they are   that MVF would otherwise             Rothbury. Humpton noted the          ment.
    necessary capital costs, ongoing       in harmony with the rest of the     have to provide. Staff indicated     importance of not only building          2. Assess/upgrade MVF
    operating costs and a recom-           neighboring homes.”                 that it would review the Com-        relationships with the elected       facilities and prioritize/imple-
    mendation on the possible                 Humpton reported that he         munity Center Use Policy and         officials, but with key staff        ment recommendations of the
    funding of the upfront capital.        thought one of the key ingredi-     other policies to ensure that the    members as well, because they        Long-Range Facility Planning
                                           ents to improving the image of      groups involved still met the        often shape the public policy        Committee.
    individual	topics	                     the work of the department was      criteria in the policy, or pres-     that is delivered. The impor-            3. Develop plan to make
    discussed	by	the	                      better education of residents       ent an updated policy to make        tance of the partnerships with       Montgomery Village Founda-
                                           and HOA leaders. It was sug-        certain that the policy is fair to   the HOAs and COAs that MVF           tion a “green” operation.
    Board                                  gested that each community          those community organizations.       has developed over the years,            4. Develop vision/plan for
                                           be provided with the criteria                                            and the fact that the Presidents’    future MV land use—“Vision
        arCHiteCtUral	                                                          paraMeters	oF	2030	                 Council is a very important
                                           and guidelines on an annual                                                                                   2030.”
          staNDarDs	                       basis and that the department
                                                                                 visioNiNG	proCess                  voice for the Village were also          5. Implement new market-
         DepartMeNt                                                                Humpton presented an over-       noted.
                                           director and staff meet annu-                                                                                 ing strategy to promote Mont-
       The MVF Board is dedicated                                              view of the work of the 2030
                                           ally with HOA boards to dis-                                              MvF	DeMoGrapHiCs                    gomery Village.
    to continuous improvement of                                               Visioning Committee and noted
                                           cuss inspection schedules, note                                              The Board reviewed two               6. Enhance resident ser-
    all departments and received                                               that he hoped that the process
                                           changes in criteria and have                                             reports on Village demograph-        vices/opportunities.
    a report from the EVP on his                                               would engage Village residents
                                           an open discussion on issues                                             ics, one presented by a Board            7. Explore/evaluate/
    initial review of the Architec-                                            in a thoughtful, well-informed
                                           of mutual concern. Discussion                                            member and the other from            implement new technology
                                                                               discussion of future land use
                                                                                                                    Montgomery County Public             systems.
                                                                               options for Montgomery Vil-
                                                                                                                    Schools. The Board wants to              8. Evaluate municipal
                                                                               lage. The goal is to work with
      2010	activity	Card	update                                                Park and Planning on this, but
                                                                               act like an independent munici-
                                                                                                                    make sure that our program
                                                                                                                    initiatives reflect the desires of
                                                                                                                                                         or special taxation status of
                                                                                                                                                         Montgomery Village (pros/
         Summer is right around            MVF Office to get one this                                               our diverse community espe-          cons).
                                                                               pality in determining what the
      the corner, but before you           year.                                                                    cially with regard to recreation         The Strategic Plan Goals
                                                                               community should look like in
      can head to the pool, make               Photos are now being                                                 and special events. In addition,     will be updated and present-
                                                                               the future. He asked the Board
      sure you have taken the              taken at the MVF Office at                                               the Board agreed that having a       ed at an upcoming Board
                                                                               to get heavily involved in any
      necessary steps to ensure            10120 Apple Ridge Road dur-                                              diverse Board, one that reflects     meeting, and the draft will be
                                                                               of the visioning sessions. The
      that you will receive your           ing regular business hours,                                              the diversity in the community,      posted on the MVF website.
                                                                               committee will be meeting with
      Activity Cards on time! You          Monday through Friday                                                    is very important. Direct out-       The MVF committees will
                                                                               a land use consultant, who will
      should have received an In-          8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thurs-                                              reach to members of the com-         review and can comment on
                                                                               help lead the effort. Residents
      formation Letter and Rights          days from 8:30 a.m. until                                                munity asking them to serve on       various goals and objectives
                                                                               will be challenged with ques-
      Form (if needed) in early            7 p.m., and Saturdays from                                               MVF committees and/or run            that pertain to their specific
                                                                               tions such as: “More housing,
      March. If you haven’t signed         9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please                                           for the MVF Board was recog-         areas of interest.
                                                                               and if so, where?”; “Do we have
      and returned it, you must            remember to bring proof of                                               nized as a potentially effective         The development of a Stra-
                                                                               adequate retail/commercial
      do so. Even if there are no          residence such as a driver’s                                             way to increase participation.       tegic Plan is a continuous ef-
                                                                               space?”; “What do we envision
      changes, MVF needs a cur-            license so that we may take                                                                                   fort and is regularly modified
                                                                               for the Village Center and MV              2010-	2011		
      rent Information Letter every        your photo.                                                                                                   to address the changing needs
                                                                               Golf Course property?”; and
      year in order to process Ac-             Residents will need a           “Is our transportation network
                                                                                                                       strateGiC	Goals                   of the organization. The Board
      tivity Cards. If you haven’t         current validation sticker                                                   The EVP presented a revised      looks forward to hearing from
                                                                               working today, and will it be
      received the Information             on their photo activity card                                             list of draft strategic goals and    residents on ideas about the
                                                                               attractive to future residents?”
      Letter/Rights Form, please           for entry to all MVF, Inc.                                               objectives, noting that there had    draft plan.
                                                                               One Board member asked if the
      notify the Foundation as             pools. Validation stickers          aging in place program would
      soon as possible.                    for the residents who have
         Residents of Northgate,           received their photo activity
      Poplar Spring, and Whet-             card in previous years will be
      stone will be receiving new
      photo activity cards this
                                           mailed in early May to those
                                           residents who have returned
                                                                               online	reporting	of	non-emergency	crime
      year, and residents from             their Information Letter and        by Sharon Levine                     cally. Persons who want an           good option for people who
      communities which received           Rights Forms (if needed)—if             Submitting an online report      officer to respond in person         need a police report number
      photo activity cards in pre-         their assessment account            of a non-emergency crime is an       could have a long wait, where-       for their insurance claims.
      vious years—East Village,            is current and there are no         efficient and easy way to report     as the online reporting option          Officer Diane Tillery, Com-
      Eastgate, Maryland Place,            architectural violations on         non-life threatening criminal        is very fast. Online reporting       munity Services Officer for
      Middle Village (Clubside),           the property.                       activity. Online reporting is        offers immediate confirmation.       the 6th District Police, hopes
      North Village, Patton Ridge,             We look forward to a            available at www.montgomery          An online report gets sent to        that more people will use
      South Village (Dockside,             fun-filled summer and hope                 a crime analyst the very next        online reporting because it is
      Millrace, Nathan’s Hill, Gro-        that everyone is able to enjoy          Although some people still       day, and a police report is also     a much better way to report
      ver’s Forge, Hamptons) and           the pools. Please call 301-         want an officer to come to their     available by the following day.      a non-emergency situation
      Stedwick—who do not yet              948-0110 if you have any            home in person, especially           If more information is needed,       than reporting by telephone
      have their photo activity            questions about the Activity        those who are not computer           the claimant will be contacted.      and requesting that an officer
      card will need to visit the          Card process.                       savvy, the number of calls for          Online reporting is also a        respond in person.
                                                                               service has increased dramati-
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                    Friday,	May	21,	2010                     9

in tHe news

Discounted	amusement	park	tickets	now	available	at	Foundation	office
   The Montgomery Village               dorney Park: Adults $32           water Country UsA: All
Foundation, Inc., Department        Junior/Senior $22                   Ages $33
of Recreation, Parks and Cul-           dutch wonderland: All
ture, in conjunction with the       Ages $28                               Call the Foundation at 301-
Maryland Recreation and Parks           Hershey Park: Adults $42,       948-0110 for more information
Association, is selling discount-   Jr./Sr. $30, Special Days (5/2-     on these super savings! Buying
ed tickets to area amusement        6/30 Sunday-Friday only)            tickets in advance is a good way
parks at the Foundation office,     $32.50                              to avoid long entry lines at the
10120 Apple Ridge Road. Pay-            King’s dominion: Adults         parks. Be sure to take advantage
ment for these tickets must be      $40, Jr./Sr. $29, Spring Spe-       of this special program. All
made in person at the Founda-       cial Days (Apr 24-25 and May        ticket sales are final, no refunds
tion office and will be accepted    weekends) $30                       or exchanges.
in cash or by credit card (Visa         sesame Place: All Ages $45,
or MasterCard) only. The Foun-      Special Days (7/1-7/31) $36
dation will not accept faxes or         six Flags America: Adults
telephone calls for amusement       $25, Season Passes $60               CoMMittee UPdAtes
park ticket sales.                      six Flags great Adventure:
   The prices are as follows:
   Busch gardens: Adults
                                    Adults $29, Hurricane Harbor
                                    $18                                  Committee	on	the	environment	update
$52, Special Days (June 1 to                                                 The Montgomery Village          occurring. He told the com-        fused aeration system was
Sept. 7) $45                                                             Foundation Committee on             mittee that he would report        installed at Lake Marion. He
                                                                         the Environment (COE) met           these areas to the county and      explained that the diffused
                                                                         on May 12 at the North Creek        asked the committee to let him     aeration system pumps oxy-
                      NotiCe:                                            Community Center. The com-
                                                                         mittee discussed the annu-
                                                                                                             know if they knew of any other
                                                                                                             problem areas.
                                                                                                                                                gen to the bottom of the pond,
                                                                                                                                                which helps reduce organic
       Lake Whetstone dock and boathouse renova-                         al goose count at the MVF-             It was also reported that the   material by speeding up the de-
                                                                         owned lakes and ponds, which        long awaited renovations to        composition process, and vents
    tion to begin Monday, May 24, with anticipated                       will take place on Saturday,        the Lake Whetstone dock and        gases such as carbon dioxide
    completion in August.                                                June 26.                            boathouse would begin soon.        which algae and weeds thrive
       Residents are asked to note:                                          Volunteers for the count        Gole noted that the boat rental    on. The committee also dis-
                                                                         were solicited from the com-        concession would not be avail-     cussed recommendations for
       • Limited parking and lake access will be                         mittee members.                     able until after the renovations   improvements to Kaufmann
    available during construction                                            Scott Gole reported that        were completed, and that the       Park and the next Lake Whet-
        • The entire dock and boathouse will be                          the county is doing a stream        areas, including the bike path,    stone cleanup, scheduled for
                                                                         restoration study for the Great     that are adjacent to the dock      Saturday, June 26.
    removed and rebuilt.                                                 Seneca Creek Watershed, and         would be closed and fenced            The next meeting of the COE
       • The lake path will be closed near the dock                      is prioritizing stream areas that   off during the construction. He    is scheduled for Wednesday,
    and re-routed around the construction site.                          need restoration. Gole com-         anticipated the dock renova-       July 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the North
                                                                         mented that he knew of two          tions would be completed by        Creek Board Room, 20125 Ar-
                                                                         areas along Whetstone Run           early August.                      rowhead Road.
       Additional information about the construc-                        where significant erosion was          Gole noted that a new dif-
    tion or lake restrictions are available by calling
    301-948-0110, ext. 2336.
                                                                         Communications	Committee	update
                                                                            The Communications Com-          focus on other departmental        date on the historical book
                                                                         mittee met on May 5 to discuss      priorities. While the committee    project and committee. Ten vol-
                                                                         several topics as they relate       understood, they expressed the     unteers have been appointed to
                                                                         to marketing the Village and        opinion that social network-       the Historical Book Committee
                                                                         overall communication en-           ing was an important tool for      and staff is currently working
                                                                         deavors.                            reaching younger residents.        on the book proposal. Once
                                                                            The committee welcomed              It was explained that some      approved by the publisher, a
                                                                         MVF Board member Scott Dyer         members of the MVF staff had       timeline will be implemented
                                                                         as the new Board liaison and        recently been brought together     to complete the project. Staff
                                                                         voted to reaffirm Steve Win-        for a signage committee to ana-    has prepared forms and pro-
                                                                         egar as the committee chair.        lyze current signs in the Vil-     cedures for collecting materials
                                                                         Staff alerted the committee         lage. In an effort to help keep    for the book project.
                                                                         that the draft policy for social    signs consistent, there was           Before the meeting was ad-
                                                                         networking had been tabled to       discussion of a new marketing      journed, the committee chair
                                                                                                             campaign. The Communica-           recognized the Village News

                                                                                                             tions Committee agreed that        for its “Newsletter of the Year”
                                                        here’s not much to grin about if you’ve had to       consistent signage and a good      award from Community Asso-
                                                       bear unsightly teeth all your life. New advances      marketing campaign were            ciations Institute (CAI).
                                                   in dentistry can give you something to smile about.       powerful tools in promoting           The next meeting of the
                                                   We can correct crooked, uneven, spotted, stained,         the Village. However, they         Communications Committee
                                                   chipped or missing teeth and give you a smile you’ll      were in favor of continuing the    will take place on Wednesday,
                                                   want to share with everyone you meet.                     current “Discover Montgom-         Sept. 1, 7:30 p.m. at the MVF of-
                                                                                                             ery Village” theme.                fice, 10120 Apple Ridge Road.
                                                   Call today and we’ll have you grinning                       Staff also gave a brief up-
                                                                 ear to ear.
                                                      Montgomery Village Professional Center
                                                   19221 Montgomery Village Avenue, Suite C-23


                             Visit us on the web at
10                Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                     MontgoMery	Village	news

     ArCHiteCtUrAL stAndArds

                                                                                                   Architectural Standards
                                                                             the Architectural standards department is here to answer your questions about mak-
                                                                          ing changes to the exterior of your property. Architectural standards is responsible for
                                                                          approving exterior changes—anything from replacing a door to building a deck or shed,
                                                                          to additions on your home. Call Judy or Judi at 301-948-0110, ext. 2355 or 2351, or send
                                                                          an e-mail to or Questions may also be mailed to
                                                                          Montgomery Village news, 10120 Apple ridge road, Montgomery Village, Md 20886,
                                                                          or faxed to 301-990-7071. specific architectural standards criteria for each community in
                                                                          Montgomery Village is available at

     ArB deCisions

        KeY                                      MvF	review	of	requests	                             architectural	standards	on	
      A ............. Approved
      AwM ..... Approved with modifications
                                                architectural	review	Board	                          the	web
      d ............. denied                            May	5,	2010                                     Architectural Standards         Phone extensions are listed for
      Pend ...... Pending
                                                                                                     offers a variety of information    the review staff, compliance
                                                                                                     readily accessible via the Mont-   staff and other issues, such as
                                                                                                     gomery Village website. By         resale disclosure packets.
            eastGate	                     pattoN	riDGe	                19111 STEDWICK DR -           choosing “Resident Services”           Visit www.montgomery
       20209 YANKEE HARBOR             9913 SHREWSBURY CT -         Fence, PEND                      from the main green menu  and take advantage
     PL - Deck Resubmit, A          Door Removal, AWM                  19111 STEDWICK DR -           bar and highlighting “Archi-       of the wealth of information
       20231 YANKEE HARBOR             9212 FROSTBURG WAY -         Privacy Screen, A                tectural Standards,” you may       available to you when consid-
     PL - Garage Door, A            Replacement Windows, AWM           19314 DUNBRIDGE WAY           access the following items:        ering architectural standards
       7809 YANKEE HARBOR              9507 BRIAR GLENN WAY         - Roof, A                           • Architectural Compliance      for your property. Comments
     DR - Fence, A                  - Front Door Replacement           19314 DUNBRIDGE WAY              • Architectural Review          and questions regarding archi-
       20403 SAWGRASS DR -          Resubmit, A                     - Trim, A                           • Property Improvement          tectural issues are welcomed
     Roof, AWM                         20127 WARINGWOOD                19357 FRENCHTON PL -          Request                            by the department staff.
                                    WAY - Front Door Replace-       Exterior Paint, AWM                 • Property Improvement
          east	villaGe	             ment Resubmit, A                   19359 FRENCHTON PL -
        20302 GARDENSPOT PL -                                                                        Request Form
                                       9535 DUFFER WAY -            Miscellaneous,                      • ARB Application Video
     Exterior Paint, A                                                 10644 WAYRIDGE DR -
                                    Garage Door, A                                                      • Community Criteria
        8200 RAINBOWVIEW PL -                                       Gutter Resubmitted, A
                                       9537 DUFFER WAY -                                                • Village Guidelines
     Exterior Paint, A                                                 10118 BLUE TEE TER -
                                    Garage Door, A                                                      The Property improvement
        8222 RAINBOWVIEW PL                                         Exterior Paint Resubmit, A
                                       9729 DUFFER WAY -                                             request Form is the form
     - Deck, A                                                         10356 ROYAL WOODS CT
                                    Exterior Light, A                                                used to apply for any exterior
        8222 RAINBOWVIEW PL -                                       - Landscape Resubmit, A
                                       9729 DUFFER WAY -                                             changes and is available from
     Walkway, A
                                    Fence, A                                                         the web to download or print
        19807 MACKLEN PL -                                             tHoMas	CHoiCe	
                                       9729 DUFFER WAY -                                             (Adobe Acrobat Reader is
     Front Door Replacement, A                                          CoNDoMiNiUM
                                    Patio, AWM                                                       required). If you live within a
        19807 MACKLEN PL -                                            19504 BRASSIE PL -
     Storm Door, A                       soUtH	villaGe	             Replacement Patio Door,          condominium community, the
        8503 WELBECK WAY -             9845 DOCKSIDE TER -            19651 BRASSIE PL -             application forms are listed by
     Replacement Patio Door,        Trim, AWM                       Replacement Patio Door,          condominium.
     AWM                               18751 PIER POINT PL -                                            Every community has crite-
        20506 BEAVER RIDGE RD       Heat Pump, A                          WHetstoNe                  ria and these are listed within
     - Fence, A                        18779 NATHANS PL -              9829 CANAL RD - Land-         Community Criteria. Find
        8520 TINDAL SPRINGS DR      Gate, AWM                       scape Borders, PEND              your homes corporation (East
     - Roof, AWM                                                       9829 CANAL RD - Shed, D       Village, Northgate, etc.) and
                                           steDWiCk	                   9829 CANAL RD - Stoop/        then locate your individual
       MarylaND	plaCe	                 10210 KINDLY CT          -   Walkway combination, PEND        community. All criteria are in
       19379 KEYMAR WAY -           Deck Addition, D                   9824 CANAL RD - Patio, A      PDF form to download and
     Shed, A                           19043 STEDWICK DR        -      9717 INAUGURAL WAY -          print for your reference.
                                    Deck, AWM                       Miscellaneous, A                    Do you have questions
           NortHGate	                  19043 STEDWICK DR        -
        9943 FOREST VIEW PL -                                          18905 WHETSTONE CIR -         concerning the application
                                    Miscellaneous, AWM              Gutter Guard, A                  process? Watch the ArB Ap-
     Roof, D
                                       19043 STEDWICK DR        -      19125 N PIKE CREEK PL -       plication Video to better un-
        20253 DARLINGTON DR
                                    Replacement Patio Door, A       Garage Door, A                   derstand the process of ap-
     - Patio, A
                                       19043 STEDWICK DR        -      18908 DIARY RD -              plying for exterior changes.
        20161 DARLINGTON DR -
                                    Storm Door, A                   Replacement Windows, A           The architectural standards
     Replacement Siding, A
                                       19109 STEDWICK DR        -      9424 ELGER MILL RD -          video shows the entire applica-
        9923 MAPLE LEAF DR -
                                    Walkway, AWM                    Replacement Patio Door, A        tion process and offers many
     Vinyl Siding, AWM
        20420 SHADOW OAK CT                                            19024 OXCART PL - Roof, A     helpful tips for a successful
     - Downspout/Gutter, AWM                                                                         submission.
        20420 SHADOW OAK CT -                                                                           Village guidelines are list-
     Trim, AWM                           Community Criteria for exterior features                    ed by subject matter and cover
                                                                                                     numerous items often inquired
         NortH	villaGe	
       20605 DUBOIS CT - Patio, A        on all homes in Montgomery Village is                       about—everything from attic
                                                                                                     fans to window replacements.
       20412 HIGHLAND HALL
     DR - House Addition Resub-                    available online.                                 These Village-wide guidelines
                                                                                                     offer important information
     mit 2, A                                                                                        when considering new mate-
       19 STRATH HAVEN CT -                                                                          rials and items within one’s
     Fence, A                                                                                        property. They are an invalu-
       20582 STRATH HAVEN
     DR - Replacement Patio Door,
                                               Visit                                                 able resource in the application
                                                                                                     process along with your com-
       20819 ASPENWOOD LN -
                                         www.montgomery                                              munity’s criteria.
                                                                                                        If you need to contact Archi-
     Replacement Windows, A
       9409 VINEYARD HAVEN
                                                                                tectural Standards personnel,
                                                                                                     choose “Inside MVF” from the
     DR - Shed, PEND                                                                                 green menu bar, “Architectural
                                                                                                     Standards,” and then “Contact
                                                                                                     Architectural Standards Staff.”
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                      11

ArCHiteCtUrAL stAndArds

take	security	measures	to	protect	your	home
   Use the tips below to help          seCUrity	liGHts                take	pride	in	your	                 ing condition. Replace missing      will be considered upon sub-
keep your home and family              • Security lights should be                                        or broken glass globes, and         mission of an application.
safe from common crimes.            installed under the eaves.        home                                maintain the exterior lights at
   Residents are reminded that                                                                            all times.
                                       • Security lights should not
any exterior modification to                                          DeCorative	oBjeCts	                                                        Hanging or draped wires
                                    replace the original entrance
their home must be approved                                           iN	yarD—soMetiMes	                     HoUse	NUMBers                    must be well secured and con-
                                    exterior lights.
                                                                                                              • All house numbers must        cealed. Wires should not cross
by the Architectural Review            • Exterior lights can be           less	is	More
                                                                                                          be visible at all times according   the house siding.
Board before work begins.           replaced with a similar style        Choose decorative yard
                                                                                                          to the Montgomery County
Property Improvement Re-            and color light with motion       items, lights, planters, bird
                                                                                                          Fire Code. Prune trees or bush-        Your questions and con-
quest forms are available at        sensors.                          feeders, borders, etc. propor-
                                                                                                          es that are concealing house        cerns may be beneficial for
the MVF office, 10120 Apple                                           tionately with the size of your
Ridge Road, or online at www.        seCUrity	CaMeras                 front, side or rear yards.
                                                                                                          numbers from street view.           other residents in the com-
                                       • Security cameras and oth-                                        Replace missing, hanging or         munity. Send any questions to
                                    er security equipment may be               WiNDoWs                    broken numbers.                     Mitra Shojaei, MVF compliance
   HoUse	NUMBers                    considered based on the loca-        • Treat your windows as             • Requests for additional        administrator at mshojaei@mvf.
   • Numbers should be clear-       tion and size of the camera(s).   the eyes of your house. Replace     locations of house numbers          org.
ly visible from street.                                               any broken windows or torn
   • Numbers can be either                 seCUrity	                  screens. Maintain window
black, brass, or silver in color.        storM	Doors                  grids where applicable. Add to
   • Numbers should be on
contrasting backgrounds (light
                                       • The replacement of an
                                    existing storm door with a se-
                                                                      the curb appeal by using taste-
                                                                      ful window treatments.
                                                                                                             tell	us	your	story
on dark or dark on light).          curity door may be considered,                                             Do you have an interesting life story that you
   • Entrance numbers should        provided the security door           FeNCe	aND	Gates
                                                                         •Each Montgomery Village            think the community should know, or know
be illuminated by an exterior       is painted to match the front
light.                              door color.                       community has a specific fence         someone who does?
   • Replace any missing num-                                         and gate design and color.             Let us know! E-mail
                                       privaCy	FeNCes                 Inspect your fence and gate
bers with the same size and             • All Village communities                                   or
color numbers.                                                        often to check missing, rotted
   • Stick-on numbers should
                                    have standard fence crite-        wood boards or the condition           call the Foundation
                                    ria, including style and color.   of the paint.
not be used.                        Please refer to specific com-
                                                                                                             at 301-948-0110,
                                    munity criteria on the MVF           exterior	liGHts                     ext. 2331.
                                    website, www.montgomery              • All exterior light fixtures
                                                on the front, side or rear of the
                                                                      house must be in good work-

CoMMUnitY MAnAgeMent

                                                                                                    Community Management
                                                                           MVF’s community association managers address residents’ concerns with community
                                                                        property and homes corporation or condominium association. Community Management
                                                                        handles such issues as snow removal, storm drain maintenance, sidewalk and street repairs
                                                                        and landscaping of community grounds. MVF provides management services for eastgate,
                                                                        east Village, Maryland Place, Middle Village, Patton ridge, stedwick and whetstone homes
                                                                        corporations as well as Horizon run, Park Place i and ii, thomas Choice and thomas
                                                                        Choice gardens condominiums. You can call 301-948-0110, ext. 2327; e-mail your questions to
                                                              ; mail to Montgomery Village Foundation, 10120 Apple ridge road, Montgomery
                                                                        Village, Md 20886; or fax them to 301-990-7071.

   Residents often ask what            • Electricity for the street          - Financial services, in-

                                                                                                           Gol l
their types of services their       lights and path lights            cluding monthly financial
assessments cover. Here is a           • Sidewalk maintenance         statements, payment of bills
brief overview of the services      and replacement                   and assistance with invest-

provided for MVF-managed               • Path maintenance and         ments;
associations:                       replacement                              - Covenant enforcement,
   • Unified trash removal             • Maintenance of gazebos,      including property inspections,
services                            tot lots, fences, flowerbeds,     vehicle inspections and report-

                                                                                                                              GranedkCafé irits
   • Street paving and main-        docks, bridges                    ing of code violations;
tenance                                • Monument and entry sign             - Administrative support
   • Storm drain cleaning and
                                    maintenance and flowers
                                       • Community mailings and
                                                                      to answer resident questions,
                                                                      follow up on problems, at-
                                                                                                                                St a & Sp

                                                                                                             15 OFF       %
   • Mowing and maintenance         flyers                            tend monthly board meetings,
of community greenspaces               • Street and curb painting     develop budgets and reserve
                                                                                                                                                  •Beef and Seafood
   • Tree maintenance, prun-           • Litter pickup                studies, administer contracts,                                               Restaurant
ing, removal and replacement           • Community management         process bills, and work to
                                                                                                                                                  •75 Item Salad Bar
   • Snow removal
   • Street light and path light
                                    services, including:
                                           - Assessment collection,
                                                                      ensure that all of the associa-
                                                                      tion’s business is performed in       Lunch or Dinner                       •Banquet Facilities
maintenance and repair              including mailing of the cou-     compliance with the governing         Not valid with other promotions
                                    pons and reminder notices;        documents.                            or parties over 6. Not valid on
                                                                                                                                                   for 25-300
                                                                                                            holidays. 15% gratuity will be        7 dalamar Street
                                                                                                            added to full amount of check,        (off Rt. 355 near fairgrounds)
                                                                                                            before discount.
                                                                                                            Expires June 30, 2010
12                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                  MontgoMery	Village	news

                                                                                                                     Homes corporation and condominium association articles
                HOMES CORPORATIONS                                                                                   are provided by representatives or board members from the
                                                                                                                     corporations and associations. The information and opinions

                  & CONDOMINIUM                                                                                      provided within these articles do not necessarily reflect the
                                                                                                                     views of the Montgomery Village Foundation, its Board of
                                                                                                                     Directors, representatives or staff. Residents with specific
                   ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                      questions or concerns about the information contained in
                                                                                                                     these articles should contact their community manager or
                                                                                                                     the author of the article.
       north Village View
                                                                                                                      eaSt Village echo
     improvements	continue
     by the North Village Board of       560-square feet of sidewalks         the streets. Our parks represent
                                                                                                                   spring—a	busy	time	of	year
     Directors                           within North Village. The areas      hundreds of thousand of dollars      by David Cline                      For one item alone, pruning
         Now that we are well into       being repaired are the cracks        of investment with playground                                            trees, $30,000 is budgeted.
                                                                                                                       Spring is the time of year
     the spring season, there are vis-   and other damaged surfac-            equipment, basketball courts                                             This doesn't count major tree
                                                                                                                   when nature awakens from its
     ible signs that maintenance ac-     es that represent the greatest       and greenspace. The parks are                                            damage from storms. Another
                                                                                                                   slumber and spreads pollen
     tivities are on the upswing. Our    safety risk to pedestrians and       designed for recreation, where                                           item is greenspace repair with
                                                                                                                   over everything. If you suf-
     maintenance contractor has          bicycle traffic.                     our streets are not.                                                     a line item of $8,000. Street
                                                                                                                   fer from allergies, you don't
     been hard at work with mow-             We would also like to thank          Other hazards to watch                                               sign repair and replacement
                                                                                                                   need to be told that spring
     ing and fertilizing the common      those residents who have taken       out for this spring are rabid                                            can cost $4,000, and painting
                                                                                                                   has arrived in full force. And
     areas of our community and          action based on our earlier ar-      animals. A suspected rabid                                               streets and curbs can cost an-
                                                                                                                   who hasn't washed the pollen
     there are signs everywhere that     ticle and are using their garages    raccoon was sighted stumbling                                            other $3,000.
                                                                                                                   off their car and the next day
     residents are getting out and       and driveways for parking their      around North Village this past                                               Entry signs require painting
                                                                                                                   found a green film covering
     making improvements to their        cars, rather than parking them       week and the Montgomery                                                  and planting around them and
                                                                                                                   it? It's a busy time, and every-
     properties. The maintenance         on the street or on a neighbor’s     County Animal Control Unit                                               potentially could cost $12,000.
                                                                                                                   one is paying more attention
     contractor has marked various       lawn. This certainly improves        was called to the scene. If you                                          Fence repair, trash pick-up,
                                                                                                                   to their yards and neighbor-
     trees for removal and will be       the appearance of our neigh-         see any animal acting in a                                               and tot lot repairs can add up
     removing trees based on safety      borhood.                             strange fashion, stay away from                                          to over $5,000. Then there's the
                                                                                                                       It's also a time when main-
     priorities. We cannot afford to         Along with the nice spring       it and call animal control. Since                                        electric bill. Let's add $44,000
                                                                                                                   tenance items consume a
     remove all of the marked trees      weather come a few hazards of        North Village is bordered by                                             for Pepco to keep the street
                                                                                                                   large portion of East Village's
     immediately because of the          outdoor activities, particularly     densely treed areas, we are                                              lights on our streets shining.
                                                                                                                   budget. For instance, at our
     shortfall in our maintenance        for children. Children are now       often visited by a number of                                                 How much is budgeted
                                                                                                                   April 20 board meeting, Presi-
     budget. This shortfall is due to    walking, playing and biking          wild animals including deer,                                             for maintenance for 2010?
                                                                                                                   dent Kevin Linck reported
     the extremely high cost of snow     in the streets. We must all be       raccoons, opossum, rabbits,                                              $301,600. Of course, unex-
                                                                                                                   that a major maintenance and
     removal this past winter and        aware of these little ones as we     squirrels and maybe an oc-                                               pected things happen, but East
                                                                                                                   cleanup is underway in East
     lack of income from unpaid as-      drive through North Village.         casional fox. It is a good idea                                          Village is in solid financial
                                                                                                                   Village from the winter bliz-
     sessments. The annual Private       Please drive slowly (25 mph or       to avoid contact with any wild                                           shape with its reserves so we
                                                                                                                   zards with tree work and lawn
     Property Maintenance (PPM)          less) on our streets. We often       animal that wanders into your                                            can weather storms that go
                                                                                                                   repair getting most of the labor.
     inspections of North Village are    see drivers racing through our       neighborhood.                                                            beyond what is budgeted.
                                                                                                                   To help offset the costs to the
     almost complete. If you receive     community, and heaven help               The next board meeting                                                   At its May 18 board meet-
                                                                                                                   winter storms, East Village
     a letter in the next few weeks      any small child or animal that       of the North Village Board of                                            ing, East Village directors ap-
                                                                                                                   submitted an application for
     pointing out maintenance is-        is in the way. Remember that         Directors is 7 p.m. on Monday,                                           pointed a budget committee.
                                                                                                                   funds to be covered by the Fed-
     sues, please understand that it     these are residential streets,       June 21, in the North Creek                                              In July, the board will have its
                                                                                                                   eral Emergency Management
     is a gentle reminder of things      not highways, and children           Board Room, 20125 Arrowhead                                              first review of the 2011 budget.
                                                                                                                   Agency (FEMA) for emergency
     that you should take care of to     and animals may not see you          Road.                                                                    In September, it'll publish in
                                                                                                                   repair of the December 2009
     preserve your own property          coming. Children should also                                                                                  the Village News a draft 2011
                                                                                                                   snow storm.
     investment and to maintain the      do their part in making our          north Village View: for resi-                                            budget. It will be vital that
                                                                              dents of essex Place, Highland           Money is always on the top
     overall community appearance.       community safer. Children                                                                                     residents make comments on
                                                                              Hall, Mcrory, Perry Place, Pic-      of everyone's list, and that's
         In another maintenance ac-      are encouraged to use our two                                                                                 the budget. After all, it's your
                                                                              ton, Pleasant ridge and salem’s      especially true for homes cor-
     tivity, the board of directors      parks for play activity and not                                                                               money and the board wants
                                                                              grant.                               porations like East Village.
     is initiating concrete repairs to                                                                             This is an important time of the    your input. In November, the
                                                                                                                   year when communities start         board will then approve the
        patton ridge report                                                                                        planning for the next fiscal        2011 budget and set assess-
                                                                                                                   year. It takes several months to    ment rates.
     Board	to	consider	bylaw	changes                                                                               prepare, publish and approve
                                                                                                                   a budget. Boards of directors       east Village echo: for residents
     by the Patton Ridge Board of        and expensive. Legal costs are       ways, residents are encouraged       commonly use their current          of the downs, the reach, the
     Directors                                                                                                                                         estates, essex Place ii, Candle
                                         paid from assessments collected      to attend.                           budget and look for guidance
                                                                                                                                                       ridge, gablefield, glenbrooke,
        The Montgomery Village News      from all homeowners. Thus,                                                from prior years.
                                         those of you who maintain your
                                                                                      e-Mail	list                      So what are some of the
                                                                                                                                                       Meadowgate, Ashford, Holly
     has included multiple articles in                                            Residents who have not                                               Pointe and wethersfield.
     recent weeks about the financial    homes and pay your assess-                                                items on which we spend large
                                                                              previously expressed interest
     state of our community. The         ments on time are subsidizing                                             and small sums of money?
                                                                              in receiving Patton Ridge e-mail
     “Patton Ridge Report” has not       those who do not. The Patton
                                                                              may do so by sending an e-mail
     been an exception to this trend.    Ridge Board of Directors is
                                                                              to There
     The winter storms devastated        considering bylaw changes
                                                                              is no need to include a subject
     our budget and will require us      that would enable us to be re-
                                                                              or message in your e-mail. You

     to use reserve funds to cover       imbursed for attorney’s fees for
                                                                              will then receive an acknowl-
     some cleanup costs. The weak        successful legal cases brought
                                                                              edgement of receipt that asks
     economy continues to hurt em-       by Patton Ridge against a ho-
                                                                              you to reply in order to confirm
     ployment and property values.       meowner. Any change to the
                                                                              your participation. You will not
     Assessment delinquencies con-       bylaws requires a vote by the
                                                                              be asked to provide your name

     tinue at an all-time record, thus
     robbing us of planned income.
                                         Patton Ridge homeowners. You
                                         will be hearing more about this
                                                                              or address. Please encourage             for                                 A basket of new fresh items creates
                                                                              your neighbors to sign up for                                                     three new LEDO recipes!
     Too many homeowners are not         process as we get closer to final-
                                                                              our steadily growing list.
     maintaining their properties,       izing the proposed changes.
                                                                                                                                                                White Crab Caprese Pizza
     resulting in the assessment of            Next	MeetiNG                   Patton ridge report: for resi-                                                       LEDO Crab Ravioli
     multiple fines. Currently, the         The next meeting of the           dents of Arrowhead, Fairway                                                     LEDO Crab and Artichoke Dip
     only way we can force reluctant                                          islands, Fairidge, greentee i, ii,
                                         board of directors will be on
     homeowners to pay such fines        Tuesday, May 25, at 7 p.m. in        Highfield and Partridge Place
     is through court action. Such       the North Creek Board Room,          i and ii.
     procedures are time consuming       20125 Arrowhead Road. As al-                                               19200 Montgomery Village Avenue (in the Village Shopping Center)
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                     Friday,	May	21,	2010                     13

   South Village SceneS                                                      northgate newS

the	board	doesn’t	do	                                                      spring	2010	updates
anything—who	else	can	we	                                                  by Jane L. Hatch                   Sarbanes-Oxley (a law that
                                                                                                              required new and enhanced
                                                                                                                                                 article goes to press.
                                                                                                                                                    Finally, the Montgomery
                                                                              Northgate’s 2009 audit was
call?                                                                      presented to the board at the      accounting standards for pub-
                                                                                                              lic companies, management
                                                                                                                                                 Village Foundation (MVF)
                                                                                                                                                 Board of Directors asked
by the South Village Board of         neighborhood, and deteriorat-        May meeting by Howard A.
Directors                             ing common areas. The direc-         Goldklang, president and           and public accounting firms),      Northgate to comment on the
                                      tor urged the homeowner to           founder of the association’s       Northgate and other asso-          Village’s draft transportation
    A couple of weeks ago, a                                                                                  ciations Goldklang audits are      policy. This policy will be voted
member of the South Village           report these problems to SV’s        auditing firm, Goldklang, Ca-
                                      management agent, TMGA,              vanaugh & Associates. Gold-        “being held to the standards       on by the MVF board at their
(SV) Board of Directors was                                                                                   of a publicly traded company.”     May meeting.
walking her dog in Lake Whet-         but received the response that       klang has over 35 years of
                                      “it doesn’t matter, nothing ever     specialized experience in com-        Northgate once again re-           Northgate has long opposed
stone Park when she encoun-                                                                                   ceived a clean audit. Receiving    the portion of the policy that
tered two other homeowners,           happens.” The board is fully         munity association financial,
                                      aware that it appears that way,      auditing and tax services.         a clean audit is the basic pre-    encourages widening of Wight-
also walking their dogs. As                                                                                   scription for any well-managed     man Road, due to the negative
they chatted, the homeowners          but residents should know that          Mr. Goldklang is active in
                                      the board does take action but is    the auditing of condominiums       organization. Goldklang’s          impact on Overlea and The
brought up several topics of dis-                                                                             audit report affirms that North-   Points. In keeping with that, the
content. The first had to do with     circumscribed by the constraints     and community associations.
                                      placed upon it by the covenants      He is a founder and a past pres-   gate’s financial statements are    board approved the following
the proposed capital transfer                                                                                 presented fairly and are in        motion at the April meeting:
fee. As seems to be a common          and therefore must proceed           ident of the Washington Met-
                                      via prescribed steps. Residents      ropolitan Chapter of the Com-      conformity with generally ac-         “Move to oppose the pro-
misconception, the homeown-                                                                                   cepted accounting principles.      posed MVF Transportation
ers thought that they would           with major complaints can go         munity Associations Institute
                                      to the website above, and click      (CAI). On CAI’s national level,    For the past two decades, at       Policy with regard to the wid-
have to pay the fee. The director                                                                             a minimum, Northgate has           ening of Wightman and Gos-
explained that the fee would be       on “Housing/Property Issues.”        he is current chair of the audit
                                      This page will give you direc-       committee, and past president      consistently received a clean      hen Roads. Furthermore, the
levied only on new home buy-                                                                                  opinion of its financial state-    Northgate Homes Corpora-
ers as part of the closing costs      tions as to where to go with a       and past treasurer of the board
                                      complaint, and when necessary,       of trustees. Goldklang is the      ments.                             tion supports the positions of
and would only be one-tenth of                                                                                   Northgate was slightly un-      other homes corporations with
one percent of the gross selling      the appropriate forms to fill out.   author of CAI’s report “The
                                      For example, to report misuse of     Role of the Association Trea-      der its operating budget in 2009   respect to roads that directly
price of the subject real property,                                                                           as a result of belt-tightening     impact their communities.”
e.g., $200 on a house selling for     community property or to com-        surer,” co-editor and one of the
                                      plain about the general appear-      authors of the CAI report “A       measures and concerns about           The board’s opposition to
$200,000. Although the hom-                                                                                   the economy. Replacement           widening Goshen Road is
eowners were relieved to hear         ance of community property,          Guide to Replacement Reserve
                                      contact TMGA either by phone         Funds and Long-Term Reserve        reserves were fully funded.        in support of the Whetstone
that current homeowners were                                                                                     Also at the May meeting, the    Homes Corporation, which
not being charged, the director       (301-948-6666) or by clicking        Funding,” and is contributing
                                      on “SVHC Agent” and filing a         financial editor to CAI’s maga-    board approved over $6,000         supports Northgate on Wight-
also pointed out that the capital                                                                             from concrete and storm drain      man Road. A special thank
transfer fee was proposed by          report online. Be as specific and    zine, Common Ground. He is
                                      as informative as possible—the       a member of CAI's Property         reserves to resolve several        you to Whetstone for that as-
the Montgomery Village Foun-                                                                                  drainage problems in Overlea,      sistance!
dation (MVF), not SV, and that        location of the problem, a de-       Management Development
                                      scription of the problem, the        Program Faculty. Mr. Gold-         as well as additional funds to        We hope to be back in two
all SV homeowners wishing to                                                                                  repair a storm-damaged side-       weeks with more news.
express their opinion on the pro-     identity of the perpetrator (if      klang is licensed in the Com-
                                      any or if known), etc. For archi-    monwealth of Virginia, the         walk in Apple Ridge.
posed fee should contact Jane                                                                                    The Apple Ridge tot lot         northgate news: for residents
Wilder, SV’s rep to the MVF.          tectural violations, the appropri-   District of Columbia and the
                                                                           states of Delaware, Maryland       and seating areas will receive     of Apple ridge, dorsey's re-
    A second issue raised was the     ate recipient of the complaint is                                                                          gard, McKendree i & ii, over-
                                      the MVF Architectural Review         and North Carolina.                a good cleaning soon, as will
matter of SV’s enforcement of                                                                                 the Overlea sign at Wightman       lea, the Points, shadow oak
the regulations involving pickup      Board (click on “Contact MVF”).         Goldklang reiterated to                                            and williams range.
                                      At the top of the complaint          the board that, as a result        Road. In other news, entry sign
trucks and commercial vehicles.                                                                               plantings are being done as this
It is true that the board is crack-   food chain is the county, third      of the trickle-down effect of
ing down on these violations          on the “Housing/Property Is-
of the parking regulations. For       sues” page, with two links: the         whetStone watch
those residents a little hazy on      Montgomery County Office of
the rules, pickup trucks are per-
mitted to overnight in SV only
                                      Housing Code Enforcement
                                      (DCHE) and the Montgomery
                                                                           Fios,	maintenance,	budget	top	agenda
if their beds are completely cov-     County Police (MCP). For issues      by Sharon Cranford                    On May 12, Aimee Winegar        dead/dying trees to add to
ered by hard caps or taut vinyl       involving deteriorating struc-           On May 10, community           and board member Debby Ver-        its list for removal. Red oaks
tarpaulins. Commercial vehicles       tures, safety problems, sanita-      manager Aimee Winegar and          million and I met with Gene        have been planted now and
are prohibited from parking           tion or too many residents in        Whetstone board member Ed          Gopenko of the Montgomery          other varieties of trees will be
overnight in SV under any cir-        one dwelling, contact DCHE. In       Stennett and I met with a Ve-      County Department of Envi-         planted in the fall.
cumstances. For detailed infor-       many instances, you will want        rizon representative to finalize   ronmental Protection to dis-           At its May meeting, the
mation on the vehicle parking         to contact MCP as well, which        the layout for the FiOS instal-    cuss the continued subsidence      board approved and funded a
regulations, please see page 19 of    is also the correct recipient for    lation in Lakeside, the Ridges     of the lake shore path. Scott      design for enhanced plantings
the Homeowner Handbook un-            complaints involving noise,          and Goshenside of Whetstone.       Gole of Montgomery Village         at the Montgomery Village
der “Homeowner Documents”             domestic disputes, drug activity     As much as possible, FiOS will     Foundation’s Department of         Avenue entrance. We would
on the SV website, www.south          or violence.                         be installed on greenspace         Parks, Recreation and Culture      like to thank John Driscoll, (if you don’t           The board of directors would     behind houses. Where there is      attended representing MVF.         Whetstone board member and
have a computer, contact The          like to know whenever you file       no greenspace, the installation    Pam Bort and Joe and Jeannie       a professional horticulturalist,
Management Group Associ-              a complaint with anyone other        will be done in front yards. We    Pizzonia of South Village at-      for his beautiful design and
ates (TMGA) at 301-948-6666           than itself or the management        are doing everything possible      tended to discuss issues affect-   his generous offer of plantings
for a hard copy of the hand-          agent. The more resources that       to make the installation as in-    ing Lake Whetstone’s shoreline     at cost. We will be calling on
book). Many people feel that the      can be brought to bear on a prob-    conspicuous as possible.           near South Village. The three      volunteers to help with the
parking regulations are unfair        lem, the faster that problem may         Right now, it looks as if      entities—Whetstone, South          planting.
and have the effect of driving        be resolved to everyone’s satis-     Verizon will not be finished       Village and MVF—are work-              The Whetstone board has
hardworking and concerned             faction. And we always want          before October. This is a very     ing together to resolve issues     also begun preparing its 2011
residents out of our community,       to hear from our residents. The      complicated process and we         involving Lake Whetstone.          budget under the leadership of
but they are what they are. The       next meeting of the SV Board of      want to make sure it is done       Think strength in numbers.         Treasurer Brian Clark. The list
parking regulations remain a          Directors will be on Wednesday,      correctly. Due to the late com-    Thanks go to Courts of Whet-       of options may be found on the
topic of discussion for the board.    May 26, at 7:30 p.m., in the North   pletion of Verizon’s work, we      stone resident and professional    Whetstone web page by going
    One homeowner also re-            Creek Board Room, 20125 Ar-          do not anticipate doing any        engineer Bob Shewmaker for         to
marked on how, being the re-          rowhead Road.                        path repaving or concrete work     his continued monitoring of        and looking under “Communi-
cipient of board enforcement                                               in 2010.                           the lake shore path’s subsid-      ties.” Your feedback would be
action on his vehicle, he found it    south Village scenes: for resi-          As an aside, I was main-       ence.                              greatly appreciated.
particularly galling that he saw      dents of Center stage, dock-                                               The Whetstone Mainte-
                                                                           tenance chair during the re-
                                      side, grover's Forge, Hamptons,                                         nance Committee, led by Ed         whetstone watch: for residents
so many other violations in SV                                             paving of Whetstone about a
                                      Millrace, nathan's Hill and                                             Stennett, held its monthly in-     of the Courts, goshenside,
that were not being enforced. He      walker's Choice.                     dozen years ago and it was a
specifically pointed out obvious                                                                              spection on May 19. Currently      Lakeside and the ridges of
                                                                           piece of cake compared to the
                                                                                                              the committee is looking for       whetstone.
architectural and structural de-                                           FiOS installation.
ficiencies of homes, dangerous
conduct by individuals in the
14                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                  MontgoMery	Village	news

         Maryland place MeSSageS                                                 Stedwick SignalS

     a	year	in	review	(part	two	of	                                           Winter	storms	are	over,	summer	storms	are	
     two)                                                                     on	the	way
                                                                              by the Stedwick Board of           insurance and medical records,       ate to a shelter, be prepared to
     by Bill Holcomb, President,                     CriMe                    Directors                          bank account numbers, social         make separate arrangements for
     Board of Directors                     Maryland Place has been
                                                                                  The last of the snow has       security card, and documenta-        your pets.
        This is the second of two        very fortunate during the past                                          tion of your valuables                   • During emergencies, banks
                                         years to have very little crime.     melted—finally—and now
     articles regarding Maryland                                              may be a good time to prepare         • Toys and books                  and ATMs may be closed. Keep
     Place activities.                   However, crime is increas-                                                 • Tools—keep a small tool         a small amount of cash for emer-
                                         ing throughout Montgomery            for summer storms. The Mary-
       private	property	                                                      land Emergency Management          set with you during the storm        gencies.
                                         County and especially in the                                               • Pet care items—includ-              • Your friends and family
         MaiNteNaNCe                     Gaithersburg/Montgomery              Agency has provided the fol-
                                                                              lowing useful information:         ing proper identification, im-       may not be able to reach you
         The board’s new policy          Village and Germantown areas.                                           munization records, a supply         during an emergency. Develop
     called Private Property Main-       We must be ever alert, looking         	prepare	a	sUpply	               of food and water, a carrier or      a plan before the emergency and
     tenance (PPM) was continued.        out for cars and people that          kit—CHeCk	it	every	               cage, medications, and muzzle        let your family know where you
     The goal of this policy is to im-   roam around Maryland Place                                              and leash                            will be.
     prove the safety, health, beauty    late at night, as well as watch-         MoNtH	or	tWo
                                                                                  • Water—have at least three       • And remember to keep                • If the lights go out, use a
     and welfare of Maryland Place.      ing for possible drug activity                                          vehicle fuel tanks filled            flash light rather than candles as
     Through its implementation,         around our community. Crime          gallons per person
                                                                                  • Food—at least enough for                                          a light source. Candles increase
     the board hopes to work coop-       is increasing. More assaults                                                DiD	yoU	kNoW	…	                  the risk of fire.
     eratively with residents ensur-     on people are taking place in        three days; include nonperish-        • Flood damage from rising
     ing that private properties in      Montgomery Village and in            able packaged or canned food       water is not usually covered                 stay	alert
     Maryland Place are properly         areas around Maryland Place.         and juices; food for infants or    by homeowner's insurance. Do            Staying alert is your best
     maintained, thus keeping our           If anyone is interested in        the elderly; snack foods; a non-   not assume that it is included in    preparation. A storm watch is-
     home values up. PPM focuses         Neighborhood Watch, please           electric can opener; cooking       your policy. Check with your         sued for your area means that
     on exterior maintenance of          contact our community man-           tools; paper plates and plastic    insurer.                             you could experience storm
     private dwelling units and          ager, Susan Kirkland at 301-         utensils                              • Making your home more           conditions within 36 hours. A
     landscaping and yard mainte-        948-7080.                                • Clothing—include season-     disaster resistant can prevent       storm warning indicates that
     nance. There are inspections                                             al or rain gear and sturdy shoes   the need to evacuate and can         you could experience severe
     throughout the year and when                 FiNaNCes                        • Blankets and pillows         reduce damages. Check your           conditions within 24 hours.
     violations are found and not            The board meets each year in         • Special items for babies     roof, gutters and downspouts            For more information, visit
     corrected, monetary penalties       July to prepare the annual bud-      and the elderly                    to ensure that they are clear of     the Federal Emergency Manage-
     of $150 and up may be assessed.     get. The Maryland Place Homes            • Toiletries and hygiene       obstructions. Cut back trees on      ment Agency’s Hurricane Pre-
                                         Corporation (MPHC) budget            items                              your property so that they are       paredness Guide online at www.
           verizoN	Fios                  goes from January to December.           • Moist wipes                  not near your house. Remem-
        Verizon introduced FiOS          I thank those on the board who           • Flashlight and batteries     ber that you have the author-
     to Maryland Place this past         assist in preparing the budget.          • Radio—battery operated       ity to remove branches from          stedwick signals: for residents of
     year. They began in December        As everyone knows, prices keep           • Cash                         trees planted on community           Club Hill, Clusters of stedwick i,
     and completed their basic in-       going up each year. Those costs          • Keys—have an extra set of    property when they cross your        ii, iii, Forest Brooke, Frenchton
     stallation before the January/      include, weekly trash collection,    home and car keys                  property line.                       Place, ridges of stedwick and
     February snowstorms. Most of        lawn maintenance, electricity            • Important documents in a        • Many public shelters do         the Heights.
     the digging took place behind       for the street lights, MVF mana-     waterproof container, including    not allow pets. If you evacu-
     the houses on Maryland Place        gerial costs for MPHC, legal
     common property.                    fees, inspection services and
                                         vandalism. That is why each             eaStgate expreSS
                                         year we must raise assessment
                                         rates. Also, because of the eco-
                                         nomic problems the country is
                                                                              eastgate	reflects	on	2009
                                         seeing, we have to write off the     by Mary Helen Amery                insurance and trash contracts        other information you have.
                                         assessments people did not pay                                          for lower rates, added funds         If you can report the incident
                                                                                   BoarD	oF		                    to Eastgate’s reserve accounts       as it is happening that is more
                                         when they lost their homes due
                                         to bankruptcy or abandonment.         DireCtors	MeetiNG                 and the continuation of our          productive. Please remember,
                                         This has amounted to $2,893             The Eastgate Board of Di-       private property maintenance         Eastgate does not have any
                                         (April 2009 to March 2010). The      rectors met for its regularly      program. The board put out a         police powers. If a criminal act
                                         number of delinquencies has          scheduled meeting May 11,          request for community mem-           is occurring, you must call the
                                         increased in 2009 compared to        which was also the evening         bers to serve. Board members         Montgomery County Police. If
                                         2008. Although the majority of       of the annual meeting. During      serve rotating three-year terms      the police are not called, they
                                         these delinquencies are resi-        the board meeting, directors       and meet every other month—          do not know what is happen-
                                         dents who are either one or two      reviewed the financial state-      only six meetings each year! If      ing and find it more difficult to
                                         quarters behind in their pay-        ments and maintenance issues,      you have a few hours every           do their jobs.
                                         ments, most of them continue         including painting the firelanes   other month to serve your                The non-emergency number
                                         to pay but at a later time. This     and parking spaces in some         community, please contact            for the Montgomery County
                                         shadows our budget process,          Eastgate communities, and          our community manager at the         Police is 301-279-8000. You can
                                         because we cannot foresee how        looking at a lighting review       number below.                        also contact the police online
                                         many of these may become             in The Mews and Wood Edge.            During a question and an-         at www.montgomerycountymd.
                                         write-offs.                             The board also elected of-      swer period, Eastgate resi-          gov/police. It also helps for you
                                             So, it is imperative that each   ficers for the next year: Mary     dents and the board were able        to follow up your call with a
                                         of us in Maryland Place do           Helen Amery, president; Jef-       to discuss particular issues         notification to our community
                                         everything we can to keep our        frey Amtmann, vice president;      including safety, light main-        manager about the behavior
                                         costs down, for instance in trash    and Carl Paperiello, treasurer.    tenance, neighborhood watch          you witnessed.
                                         problems and vandalism.              It also reaffirmed all of East-    opportunities and more. This is          Now you’re up-to-date on
                                                                              gate’s policies. The policies      a great way for the directors to     Eastgate!
                                           FUtUre	aCtivities                  are available on the Eastgate      learn about particular concerns          Residents who have ques-
                                            As indicated in a recent          portion of the MVF website.        in our community and address         tions or comments about
                                         flyer to all residents, the WSSC                                        any issues that arise.               Eastgate should contact the
                                         will be replacing water pipes           aNNUal	MeetiNG                                                       community manager at 301-
                                         throughout Maryland Place               May 11 was also the East-         otHer	CoNCerNs                     948-0110, ext. 2327 or e-mail,
                                         later this year. This will in-       gate Annual Meeting. Some             We can’t say it enough, but
                                         clude digging up several streets     of the accomplishments of the      if you have safety or crime
                                         throughout the community.            past year include a successful     concerns, please report them to      eastgate express: for residents
                                                                              community picnic in May 2009,      the police and Eastgate’s com-       of Charlesgate, Hickory grove,
                                                     MpHC                     the first Eastgate National        munity manager. When report-         Kings Point, the Meadows, the
                                             This concludes our annual        Night Out party in August,         ing an issue, please include a       Mews, ridgefield and woods
                                         report. Please watch the Village     tree pruning in Charlesgate, tot   specific date, time, location, de-   edge.
                                         News for further articles on         lot renovations in Charlesgate     scription of the event and any
                                         what and how Maryland Place          and Ridgefield, renegotiated
                                         is doing.
MontgoMery	Village	news                      Friday,	May	21,	2010   15

                                                ate         s

  The Results are DIVINE
   Landscaping, Design and Installation
                          Patios, Walkways, Retaining
    Specializing in         Walls, Timber & Stone
     Hardscapes            Walls, Brick Pavers, Steps,
                            Flagstone & Fish Ponds
                               Clean-ups, Mulch

16    Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                           MontgoMery	Village	news


                                                                                                                      Sponsored by:

               South Valley Park
      Sunday evenings • June 6 to Aug. 29
                6 to 7:30 p.m.
       June 6                U.S. Navy Band “Commodores” (Jazz)
       June 13               Oasis (Caribbean Band)
       June 20               Montgomery Village Community Band (Show Tunes/Marches)
       June 27               Bele Bele Rhythm Collective
       July 4                No concert
       July 11               Crimestoppers (Rock/Blues)
       July 18               Flow Circus (Juggling and Magic)
       July 25               Radio King Orchestra (Swing—dancing encouraged)
       Aug. 1                Raindate
       Aug. 8                Now This - Improv (Improvisation)
       Aug. 15               U.S. Navy Band “Country Current” (Country/Bluegrass)
       Aug. 22               Raindate
       Aug. 29               U.S. Navy Band “Cruisers” (Contemporary/Pop)
     Parking is available behind Watkins Mill Elementary School on Watkins Mill Road. Handicapped parking is available at the site
     by prior arrangement; call 301-948-0110 before 5 p.m. the Friday before the concert to make arrangements. In case of rain,
     call 301-948-0110, ext. 2334 after 5 p.m. for cancellation information.
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                                   Friday,	May	21,	2010                        17

                                      Do you have a spectacular garden?
 MOST BEAUTIFUL                          Submit a photo of your garden to Montgomery Village’s Most Beautiful Garden Contest!
                                                 First, second and third place winners will be selected in the following categories:
                                                                        Single Family Homes • Townhomes

                                    Most Beautiful Garden Contest Rules:
                                    • Properties must be in compliance with Montgomery Village Foundation Architectural Standards.
                                    • Contestants must be Montgomery Village property owners.
                                    • Montgomery Village Foundation staff and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.
                                    • Professional landscapers and Most Beautiful Garden Contest sponsors are not eligible to participate.

                                    To Enter:
                                    •Write the property address, your name, telephone number and e-mail address on the back of each photo.
                                    •Mail photos to: Montgomery Village Most Beautiful Garden Contest, Montgomery Village Foundation, 10120
                                      Apple Ridge Road, Montgomery Village, MD 20886, or drop off your entry at the same address.
                                    •Digital photos can be e-mailed to Be sure to include your property address, name and telephone number
                                     in the e-mail. Write GARDEN CONTEST in the subject line.
                                    • The Montgomery Village News reserves the right to take additional photos of properties entered into the contest.
                                    • All photographs become the property of the Montgomery Village News.
                                    • All submitted photos must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, August 13, 2010.

                                                                                    Note: Prizes are subject to change without notice.

                                      Win fantastic prizes from:
                                          Gratz Lawncare
                                      Commercial & Residential Lawn Maintenance




  BEAUTIFUL                                                                                                     One Hour Free Consultation
                                                                              If you’re planning to retire in the next five years or have already taken the plunge, chances
                                                                              are you have lots of questions. Things like:
                                                                              • What are the right investment choices for my retirement nest egg?
                                                                              • How much can I withdraw annually from my nest egg and make it last 25 to 30 years
                                                                                or more?
                                                                              • Should I roll my 401(k), 403(b) or 457 Plan in to an IRA?
                                                                              • Should I take Social Security at age 62 or wait until normal retirement age—66?
                              Potomac Financial Group                         Sixty minutes of one-on-one time to discuss your personal goals and objectives with one of
                          18310 Montgomery Village Avenue                     the Washington area’s most experienced financial planners, James P.
                                      Suite 420                               Ruth, CFP® of Potomac Financial Group in Gaithersburg. Jim is
                               Gaithersburg, MD 20879                         a nationally acclaimed author and speaker on retirement and
                                    301-948-3900                              investment planning. His award winning column, Managing
                                                     Money, was read by over 500,000 readers from coast-to-coast
                                                                              every month.
                                                                              Call Cindy Gordon now at 301-948-3900 to
                                                                              schedule your personal consultation with Jim.

                           Registered Representative of and Securities advisory service offered through INVEST Financial Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC, a Federally registered investment advisor.
                                                  INVEST is not affiliated with Potomac Financial Group. Cindy Gordon is a registered sales assistant of INVEST Financial Corp.
18                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                   MontgoMery	Village	news


     it's	swim	team	season	...	here's	how	to	dive	in                                                               37th	annual	all-Comers	swim	
        Village swim teams provide
     one of the perennial favorite
                                         rent activity card along when
                                         registering for any of the swim
                                                                              Choice West, Thomas Choice
                                                                              Condominium, Center Court,
     summer activities for Village       teams to verify your Village         Center Stage, Christopher               You don’t have to be a mem-       are $1 per event. All entries are
     children ages 5 through 18 as       residency.                           Court, Heron's Cove, Nor-            ber of a swim team to partici-       due by 5 p.m. on Wednesday,
     of July 1, 2010 whose families                                           mandie-on-the-Lake I and II,         pate in the All-Comers Swim          June 9. Late entries are $2 per
     have current Montgomery Vil-
                                         WHetstoNe	WHales                     Park Place I and II and Walker's     Meet on Saturday, June 12 at         event and will be accepted at
                                             registration information:                                             North Creek Pool. Swimmers           the MVF office through Friday,
     lage Foundation activity cards.                                          Choice.
                                         Ongoing, visit www.whetstone                                              ages 6 to 18 can compete. Warm       June 11.
     Who swims on which team?
     Different Village communities
                                                                NortH	Creek	                   up is from 7:30 a.m. to 7:50 a.m.;      For additional information,
                                             Ages: 4 through 18-years-               NeptUNes                      the meet starts at 8 a.m. Awards     call the Montgomery Village
     are assigned to different teams.
                                         old                                     registration: See contact         will be given for 1st through        Foundation at 301-948-0110.
     Designated Users—Village
                                             Fee: $95 first child, $75 sec-   persons                              12th place finishes for ages 6 to    The rain date for the All-Com-
     households that pay a quar-
                                         ond child, $60 each additional          Location: North Creek Com-        12 and 1st through 6th place fin-    ers Swim Meet is Sunday,
     terly assessment for pools and
                                         child. Additional $5 registra-       munity Center, 20125 Arrow-          ishes for ages 13 to 18. Entries     June 13.
     community centers—are listed
                                         tion fee (per family) and fund-      head Road
     here. Also, "buy-in" communi-
                                         raiser fee or fundraiser buyout         Ages: 4½ (or 4 as of
     ties are listed. These are com-
     munities where property own-
     ers do not pay the Designated
                                             Ice Cream Social on Friday,
                                                                              Jan. 1, 2010) through 18-years-
                                         May 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the                                                Do you want to be the next       on the first day of class if you
     User Assessment to the MVF                                                  Fee: $95, first child, $85 sec-
                                         Whetstone Community Center,                                               Serena Williams or Roger             are interested.
     for the use of pools owned and                                           ond child, $75 each additional
                                         19140 Brooke Grove Court                                                  Federer? Or maybe you just              Classes are taught at the
     operated by the Foundation,                                              child
                                             Contact Persons: Jacquie                                              want to be active. Professional      North Creek Tennis Courts by
     but pay instead to swim in a                                                Contact Persons: Barbra
                                         Hogan (                                              tennis instructor Ski Aller can      Ski Aller. Private and group
     pool owned by a condominium                                              Kuhn (thekuhnfamily6@verizon.
                                         or Susan Young (susan@young                                               get you started with the USA         lessons and tennis machine
     or rental community. Families                                            net) or Dave Lechner (dave@
                                                                                                 1-2-3 program that is up and         drill times are offered as well.
     who live in these communities                                  
                                             The Whetstone Swim Team                                               running now. Tennis is a fun,        Review the summer recreation
     and have children who wish                                                  The North Creek Swim
                                         is for families in the following                                          life-long activity that promotes     guide at www.montgomery
     to join a Village swim team                                              Team is for families in the fol-
                                         communities: Dockside, Fair-                                              fitness, decision making and for pricing and
     can purchase a special swim                                              lowing communities: Apple
                                         way Islands, Grovers Forge,                                               strategizing skills.                 times.
     team membership for $35 per                                              Ridge, Arrowhead, Dorseys
                                         The Hamptons, Maryland                                                        Lessons are for youth to            Because classes are con-
     family which provides access                                             Regard, Essex Place, Fairidge,
                                         Place, Millrace, Nathans Hill,                                            adult, starting from basic to        ducted on outdoor tennis
     to MVF pools for swim team                                               Greentee, Highfield, Highland
                                         Poplar Spring, Whetstone, Club                                            advanced techniques. Partici-        courts, rain dates are made
     activities only.                                                         Hall, McKendree, McRory,
                                         Hill, Clubside, Clusters I, II,                                           pants are responsible for bring-     up the week after the last class
        Family buy-in costs are                                               Overlea, Partridge Place, Perry
                                         and III, Forest Brooke, French-                                           ing their own racquets, water        on the same scheduled day
     $287.28 per year, which entitles                                         Place, Pleasant Ridge, Points,
                                         ton Place, Heights, and Ridges                                            and appropriate footwear.            and time.
     an entire family to use any of                                           Salems Grant, Shadow Oak,
                                         of Stedwick.                                                              MVF has a limited number of             Contact Lindsay Noller at
     the Foundation's seven pools                                             and Williams Range.
                                             "Buy-in" communities in-                                              racquets available to loan, so       301-948-0110, ext. 2367 or e-
     for the entire summer.                                                   lake	MarioN	lasers                   please inform the instructor         mail with any
                                         clude: Horizon Run, Thom-
        Be sure to bring your cur-                                               registration days and time:                                            questions.
                                         as Choice Gardens, Thomas
                                                                              Friday, May 21, 6 to 9 p.m.;
                                                                              Ice Cream Social Saturday,
                                                                              May 29, 1 to 4 p.m.
                                                                                 Location: Lake Marion               Have	fun	learning	
                                                                              Community Center, 8821 East
                                                                              Village Avenue                         improvisational	comedy
                                                                                 Ages: 5 to 18-years-old.               Tickle your friends and family’s funny bones with improv
                                                                                 Fee: $100 first child, $90 sec-     comedy. In this one-night workshop, we’ll introduce the fun-
                                                                              ond child, $75 each additional         damentals of improv comedy popularized by the well-known
                                                                              child                                  show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” We will learn to create
                                                                                 Contact Person: Roberta             spontaneous and comedic scenes in a fun and supportive envi-
                                                                              McIntyre (71154.257@verizon.           ronment. We’ll also discuss how basic improv techniques can
                                                                              net) or Grace Kopp (gracek76@          help in your personal and professional lives. Plan to attend the
                                                                                               workshop on Monday, June 7 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Stedwick
                                                                                 The Lake Marion Swim                Community Center, 10401 Stedwick Road. Pre-registration is
                                                                              Team is for families who live in:      required. For more information, call 301-948-0110.
                                                                              East Village, Eastgate or Picton.

                                                                                                                   tennis	ladder
     adult	                              zumba®—find	out	what	                                                        Looking for a tennis part-           To join the tennis ladder,
     basketball                          everyone	is	talking	about                                                 ner? Join the new Montgom-
                                                                                                                   ery Village tennis ladder!
                                                                                                                                                        visit www.montgomeryvillage.
                                                                                                                                                        com and choose “Montgomery
        This is a great way to stay         The Zumba® program fuses          Arrowhead Road, from 6 to               Montgomery Village’s on-          Village Tennis Ladder” from
     in shape! Maintain your bas-        hypnotic Latin rhythms and           7 p.m. In addition, there is a       line tennis ladder offers a          the “Recreation & Events”
     ketball skills and stay fit! Play   easy-to-follow moves to create       Saturday class available at          great way to meet tennis play-       menu.
     pickup-style basketball at the      a one-of-a-kind fitness pro-         Stedwick Community Center,           ing neighbors and make new              For more information, con-
     Lake Marion Community Cen-          gram that will blow you away.        10401 Stedwick Road, from 9          friends. Players register on         tact Lindsay Noller at 301-
     ter gym, 8821 East Village          The routines feature interval        to 10 a.m. Program cost is $72       the website and contact each         948-0110, ext. 2367, or e-mail
     Avenue. This program is held        training sessions where fast         for once a week and $130 for         other to “challenge” players
     on Wednesday evenings from          and slow rhythms and resis-          twice a week. Drop-in fee is         to a match, which must be
     8:30 to 10 p.m. from June 9 to      tance training are combined          $10. For more information, call      played within ten days. The
     July 14. Sign up today for only     to tone and sculpt your body         301-948-0110, ext. 2334.             highest number of wins takes
     $22 for residents and $32 for       while burning fat. Add some                                               the top spot.
     non-residents. To register, call    Latin flavor and international                                               Ladders have been set
     301-948-0110.                       zest into the mix and you've                                              up for Men’s Singles, Men’s
                                         got a Zumba® class!                                                       Doubles, Women’s Singles,
                                            Summer sessions begin                                                  Women’s Doubles and Mixed
                                         on Wednesday, June 23.                                                    Doubles. Play is best out of
                                         Classes meet Mondays at Lake                                              three sets per the standard
                                         Marion Community Center,                                                  United States Tennis Associa-
                                         8821 East Village Avenue, and                                             tion rules.
                                         Wednesdays at North Creek
                                         Community Center, 20125
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                    Friday,	May	21,	2010                   19


Health	workshops	from	a	                                                  learn	to	
holistic	approach                                                         swim	at	MvF	                                  Coming	soon	...
    You can explore the ben-
efits of holistic, healthy living
                                       reflexology Basics/Feet
                                    focuses on discovering ana-
through several upcoming            tomical body mapping cor-                 MVF offers swim instruc-
workshops.                          respondences which are lo-            tion for all ages at various
    thai for two/Couples            cated on the feet. This simple        sites in the Village. No matter
Massage, taught by a licensed       technique can help reduce             your age or skill level, MVF
massage therapist, is an on-        stress and promote whole              swim instructors are ready to
the-floor clothed bodywork          body benefit. Couples should          help you learn or brush up on
technique. Couples should           register together. This work-         your swimming strokes. Tiny
register together. This one-        shop will meet on Monday,             tots, youth, teens and adults
session workshop meets              June 7 and Monday, June 14 from       can find a class to meet their
Friday, June 4 or Tuesday,          7 to 8:30 p.m. at Lake Marion         needs. Swim lessons are open
June 15 from 7 to 9:30 p.m.         Community Center, 8821 East           to non-residents at a higher
at North Creek Community            Village Avenue. The cost is $65       fee. Call 301-948-0110 for spe-
Center, 20125 Arrowhead             per resident couple and $75           cific class times and locations.
Road. The cost is $70 per resi-     per non-resident couple.              Private swim lessons are also
dent couple and $80 per non-                                              available.
resident couple.                                                                                                                Monday,	july	5
                                                                                                                 Festivities	from	7	a.m.	to	2	p.m.
Financial	seminars	for	everyone
   Looking for some financial       answer all your questions.            Security Administration will
advice? Have some questions            “Social Security” is the           also be available to answer
you’d like answered? Not
sure where the best place for
                                    fourth seminar in this series.
                                    This program will be held on
                                                                          your questions.
                                                                             This seminar costs just $3,     Water	fitness	classes
your money is? Attend our           Monday, May 24 at 7:15 p.m.           and you’ll receive handouts                                           will also offer Aqua Pilates
                                                                                                                Get in shape while you cool
final financial seminar! Scott      at Stedwick Community Cen-            and valuable information.                                             at Hurley Park Pool, from
                                                                                                             off this summer with one of
Leishear, a financial advisor       ter, 10401 Stedwick Road. A           Pre-registration is required.                                         11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Water
                                                                                                             MVF’s water fitness classes. No
with Edward Jones, will be on       representative from the Social        To register, call 301-948-0110.                                       classes will begin the week of
                                                                                                             swimming skills are needed
hand for one more seminar to                                                                                                                    June 21.
                                                                                                             and some of the classes are
                                                                                                             held in waist/chest deep water        You can finish the summer
                                                                                                             while others are held in deep      with a bang at two different
                                                                                                             water with flotation belts.        three-week Aqua Boot Camps.

   summer	Camp	update                                                                                           Karin Baker will be leading
                                                                                                             the Water Aerobics class at
                                                                                                                                                The morning Aqua Boot Camp
                                                                                                                                                will be held at Hurley Park
                                                                                                             Hurley Park Pool, 20737 High-      Pool from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.
          CaMp		                      CaMp	raCiNG	WiND                    trips and games, sports,
                                                                                                                                                on Wednesdays and Fridays.
                                       It’s not too late to sign your     challenges, swimming and           land Hall Drive, on Wednes-
      soariNG	stars                                                                                                                             Evening boot camp will be at
                                    camper up for an entertaining         more. Teen Express meets           days from 11 a.m. to noon
      There are still spaces                                                                                                                    Lake Marion Pool, 8821 East
                                    summer! Camp Racing Wind              at Lake Marion Community           and at Stedwick Pool, 10401
   available for your 6 to                                                                                                                      Village Avenue, from 7 to
                                    is a great place for your 8 to        Center, 8821 East Village          Stedwick Road, on Mondays
   8-year-old campers at Camp                                                                                                                   7:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and
                                    11-year-old to spend the sum-         Avenue, from 9 a.m. to             and Wednesdays from 7:15 to
   Soaring Stars! We have                                                                                                                       Thursdays. Aqua Boot Camp
                                    mer. Campers enjoy one field          4 p.m., with an extended           8:15 p.m.
   some new and exciting trips                                                                                                                  starts on Tuesday, Aug. 3.
                                    trip per week and participate         day option from 8 a.m. to             Wet Yet Fitness will hold a
   planned for this summer                                                                                                                         Water fitness classes are
                                    in a variety of activities, includ-   6 p.m. Spots are limited, so       deep water running and con-
   and also a new summer                                                                                                                        open to non-residents at a
                                    ing swimming. Camp Racing             sign up today.                     ditioning class at Whetstone
   concert series during the                                                                                                                    higher fee. For more informa-
                                    Wind meets at the Lake Marion            week 1                          Pool, 19401 Brooke Grove
   month of July.                                                                                                                               tion, call 301-948-0110.
                                    Community Center, 8821 East              June 21 to June 25              Court, on Mondays and Thurs-
      The new addition to
                                    Village Avenue, from 9 a.m. to           Trip: Sandy Point State         days from 7:15 to 8 p.m. They
   Camp Soaring Stars in Ses-
   sions II and III are Wednes-     4 p.m., with an extended day          Park
   day morning Kid jA.M.            option from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.             week 2
   concerts. Campers will take      Spots are filling up quickly, so         June 28 to July 2
   a little walk down to the
   lawn theater where they
                                    sign your camper up today.
                                       session 1
                                                                             Trip: Tubing on the Po-
                                                                          tomac River                        Walking	for	health	
   will get to watch different         June 21 to July 2                     week 3
                                                                                                                Join us for a walk! We’re       9:30 a.m. Walks take place on
   interactive entertainers each       Trips: Bowl America and               July 6 to July 9
                                                                                                             enjoying the walks outside         Thursdays.
   week. Beginning July 7 and       Jimmie Cone and Six Flags                Trips: Bowl America
                                                                                                             through four of Montgomery            Our last few walks of this
   ending July 28, campers          America                               and Jimmie Cone and Lake
                                                                                                             Village’s beautiful parks. Our     season are May 27 at Kaufmann
   signed up for these sessions        session 2                          Whetstone
                                                                                                             walking leader will guide us       Park, 9607 Wightman Road;
   will enjoy these four differ-       July 6 to July 16                     week 4
                                                                                                             along the trails as we exercise    June 3 at North Creek Commu-
   ent and exciting shows:             Trips: Lake Whetstone and             July 12 to July 16
                                                                                                             both body and heart and meet       nity Center, 20125 Arrowhead
      July 7                        Kings Dominion                           Trip: Kings Dominion
                                                                                                             some fellow walkers. The goal      Road; and June 10 at Lake
      Oh! Susannah (children’s         session 3                             week 5
                                                                                                             of this program is to walk two     Whetstone, 18701 Montgomery
   music)                              July 19 to July 30                    July 19 to July 23
                                                                                                             miles in 30 minutes. Partici-      Village Avenue. We’ll take a
      July 14                          Trips: Splash Down Water-             Trip: Splash Down Wa-
                                                                                                             pants will be able to reduce the   break on June 17 and gear back
      Journey to the Jungle         park and Washington Nation-           terpark
                                                                                                             walk to one mile if needed.        up for the summer on June 24.
   (wildlife exhibition)            als game                                 week 6
                                                                                                                This is a free program!         For more information, call 301-
      July 21                          session 4                             July 26 to July 30
                                                                                                             Arrive at 9:15 a.m. to warm        948-0110.
      Pirate Magic (magic              Aug. 2 to Aug. 13                     Trip: Washington Na-
                                                                                                             up; walks start promptly at
   show)                               Trips: Sandy Point State           tionals game
      July 28                       Park and Cascade Lake                    Week 7
      Unicycle Lady (one-              Fees vary based on session.           Aug. 2 to Aug. 6
   woman circus)                    For more information or to               Trip: Hershey Park
      Your camper will not          register, call 301-948-0110.             week 8
   want to miss out on the fun!                                              Aug. 9 to Aug. 13
                                         teeN	express                     Trip: Cascade Lake
   Sign up for Camp Soaring
   Stars today. Contact Lind-
                                       Let your teen join the fun!
                                    Teen Express is the coolest
                                                                             Fees vary based per ses-
                                                                          sion. For more information
   say Noller at    place for your 11 to 14-year-
   or 301-948-0110, ext. 2367
   with questions.
                                    old to be this summer. Camp-
                                    ers will enjoy fantastic field
                                                                          or to register, call 301-948-
20                        Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                                   MontgoMery	Village	news

     At YoUr LeisUre

     arts	Barn	gallery	features	new	exhibit	                                                                                           Dance	students	offer	spring	
     of	photography,	pigment	prints	and	                                                                                               recital
     sculptures                                                                                                                           The students at Dance with
                                                                                                                                       DeAnne invite you to the an-
                                                                                                                                                                             and a closet of dolls. Each class,
                                                                                                                                                                             aged 3 to 18 years and trained
         The Arts Barn Gallery pres-                           Rachael Spiegel has run             Christy Stebbins attended a         nual spring dance recital on          in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop,
     ents “Emancipation,” featuring                         after circus elephants, waded          Buddhist retreat in northeast-      Saturday, June 5 at 7 p.m. at         will have a unique costume
     the pigment prints of Bert G.F.                        through waist high floodwa-            ern New Mexico led by Ken           the Clarksburg High School            and routine for this show.
     Shankman, “Scenes from the                             ters and documented a fam-             McLeod. Its theme was “A            auditorium, 22500 Wims Road,          Come see your neighbors and
     Mediterranean,” featuring the                          ily with eight adopted special         Trackless Path.” She talked         Clarksburg. Admission is $10,         friends perform on stage in full
     photography of Rachael Spie-                           needs children. A graduate             with McLeod about her studies       tickets are sold at the door          costume.
     gel, “Traveling ‘A Trackless                           of Syracuse University where           with Minor White, who set her       performance night.                        For more information on
     Path’” featuring pigmented                             she won the Bertram J. Davis           on a spiritual path in photogra-       This year’s theme is “Danc-        Dance with Deanne, visit www.
     and Piezography® inkjet prints                         Scholar award for the out-             phy almost 40 years ago. Steb-      ing Toy Shop,” with puppets, or call
     by Christy Stebbins, and the                           standing undergraduate stu-            bins said that McLeod changed       stuffed bears, a model train          301-972-6600.
     sculpture of Donald R. Mc-                             dent majoring in photojour-            Emerson’s phrase “Go where
     Comb, on display through                               nalism, Spiegel worked as a            there is no path and leave a

                                                                                                                                       outdoor	entertainment	
     Sunday, July 11. An artist’s                           photojournalist at The Journal         trail” to “Go where there is no
     reception will be held on Tues-                        Tribune in Biddeford, Maine            path and leave no trace.” The
     day, June 8 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
     The Arts Barn is located at 311
                                                            and The Gazette in Maryland.
                                                            She now focuses on event and
                                                                                                   pigmented and Piezography®
                                                                                                   inkjet prints on display in this    takes	center	stage	in	
     Kent Square Road in Gaith-
                                                            family photography, but her
                                                            journalism experience brings
                                                                                                   exhibit were taken between
                                                                                                   August 2009 and April 2010.         Gaithersburg
         Bert G.F. Shankman exclu-                          a unique perspective to her            Some images challenge one’s             Nearly 50 amusing, enter-         Maryland Shakespeare Festi-
     sively photographs flowers                             work, allowing her to capture          habits of perception. Stebbins      taining and enchanting perfor-        val will offer two free perfor-
     grown in his own garden, giv-                          the moments that matter using          said, “To see is to be open, to     mances are planned as part of         mances of “Romeo and Juliet”
     ing him the opportunity to re-                         natural light and an eye for           be present. ‘A Trackless Path’      the City of Gaithersburg’s On         live on the lawn at the City
     cord their lifecycles in all kinds                     playful and earnest moments.           is a no-man’s land. One feels       Stage summer entertainment            Hall Concert Pavilion. Bring a
     of weather and light. His objec-                       Spiegel finds great joy in pho-        at sea.” The photographs span       series. From a Dave Matthews          blanket and a picnic and enjoy
     tive is to create images which                         tographing landscapes during           the seasons and depict a wide       tribute band to a musical zoo to      this classic tale of fateful love.
     are a reflection of his feelings.                      her travels. While visiting Italy      range of subject matter. They       outdoor movies and backyard           For a nominal fee at the Arts
     The “Emancipation” exhibit                             in 2007 and the Greek Islands          are records of moments that         concerts, the On Stage series         Barn in the Kentlands you can
     is based on the series of work                         in 2009, Spiegel photographed          arose in her ordinary life.         brings summer fun to every            also enjoy “Called Up to Life,”
     using digital copies of sheet                          the canals of Venice, the tow-             Donald R. McComb is a           corner of the city. Venues            “Our Town,” a One Act Festi-
     music paper from the 1860's.                           ers of San Gimignano and the           sculptor, photographer, paint-      include the City Hall Concert         val, and several performances
     Intensifying the effects of age,                       hills of Tuscany, the windmills        er, tennis and volleyball player.   Pavilion in Olde Towne, the           of the ever-popular Comedy
     he weaves layer upon layer of                          of Mykonos, the steep cliffs of        Most of his recent activity has     Arts Barn in Kentlands, and           and Mystery Society.
     these copies with the original                         Oia, and the black sand beach-         been in creating both represen-     parks throughout the city. All           What could be better than
     photograph of a flower, some-                          es of Vlihada in Santorini. Spie-      tative and abstract sculptures      outdoor performances are free.        enjoying ice cream and a mov-
     times taking the color out of                          gel grew up in Baltimore and           in alabaster and steatite stone         The air will be filled with       ie under the stars? Thursday
     the original photograph and                            lives in Gaithersburg with her         or in clay which is then fired.     delightful sounds and impor-          Night at the Movies in Gaith-
     working solely with the color                          husband Ryan and dog Ollie.            McComb studied sculpture            tant life lessons as 11 different     ersburg features two block-
     of the aged paper, retaining the                       She is a member of The Obser-          with Professor Orest Poliszc-       entertainers sing, dance and          busters in July and August,
     form and texture of the original                       vatory: Noteworthy Documen-            zuk at Montgomery College-          otherwise captivate young au-         “The Blind Side” at Robertson
     photograph. Shankman ap-                               tary Wedding Photography,              Rockville and has developed a       diences during the Thursday           Park, and “The Wizard of Oz
     plies varying densities of color                       the elite Wedding Photojour-           love of sculpting. He believes      Morning Children’s Series at          “at Malcolm King Park. Snacks
     glazing and introduces other                           nalist Association (WPJA) and          it’s good for one’s mental and      10:30 a.m. at the Concert Pavil-      and ice cream will be sold. The
     textures from water and stone                          the Women Photojournalists of          physical health (along with         ion. Featuring such performers        movies start at dusk.
     photographs until he achieves                          Washington (WPOW).                     rigorous sports activities). His    as Alphabet Dancer, Uncle                Backyard concerts in July
     a reflection of his feelings.                             Late this past summer,              sculptures are his own unique       Pete, M. R. Jones and his Suit-       and August bring the enter-
                                                                                                   designs and tend to develop         case Circus, and Katie Brady          tainment to three different
                                                                                                   and evolve at the time he gets      the Music Lady, parents and           parks in the city, with a variety
                                                                                                   his hands on the stone or clay.     children alike will start their       of styles including jazz, hip
                                                                                                   He has exhibited works at           day off with a smile.                 hop, jump blues and rocka-
                                                                                                   two art shows at BlackRock              On Friday and Saturday            billy. Enjoy the free concert at
                                                                                                   Center for the Arts in German-      evenings at the Concert Pavil-        7 p.m., and help your neigh-
                                Car insurance with                                                 town and also at Montgomery         ion you’ll find gospel music          bors in need by donating cash
                     PERSONAL SERVICE.                                                             College-Rockville. McComb
                                                                                                   holds a Bachelor’s Degree from
                                                                                                                                       and dance, funk, bluegrass,
                                                                                                                                       swing, choral sing-alongs, vari-
                                                                                                                                                                             or nonperishable food items
                                                                                                                                                                             during each of the backyard
                                                                                                   the University of Massachu-         ety bands and much more. The          performances and movies, to
                                    No extra charge.                                               setts Amherst and a Master’s        first Fridays of June, July and       be donated to local food banks.
                                                                                                   Degree from Boston State-           August will be extra special as          A complete listing of per-
                    At State Farm® you get a competitive rate and an agent                         University of Massachusetts         Jimmy Buffett, the Beatles and        formance dates, times and
                    dedicated to helping you get the coverage that’s right for you                 Boston. He was a teacher for        Dave Matthews tribute bands           descriptions can be found
                    and the discounts you deserve. Nobody takes care of you like                   many years at Gaithersburg          play all your favorite hits.          at
                    State Farm. Contact me. I’ll prove it.                                         High School and an adjunct              The City of Gaithersburg          onstage. For more information,
                                                                                                   professor at Montgomery Col-        presents a solid theatrical           call 301-258-6350.
                                                                                                   lege-Rockville. McComb is a         line-up this season as well. The
                                                                                                   member of the Art League of
                                                                                                   Germantown and the Senior
                                                                                                   Artists Alliance of Montgom-
                                                                                                   ery County.
                                                                                                                                             attention	Watkins	Mill	and	
                                                                                                       For more information and             Gaithersburg	school	Clusters!	
                                                                                                   viewing hours, call Gallery              We want to highlight you!
                    Jane W Reilly Ins Agcy Inc                                                     Director Natalya Parris at
                    Jane Warfield Reilly, Agent                                                                                          Send us the great news about
                    19636 Club House Road, Suite 120                                               301-258-6350 or 301-258-6394,         your students and programs
                    Bus: 301-948-6061                                                              or visit the gallery website          to Vis-
                                                              at            it our website at www.mont
                                                                                                   artsbarn.                    for copy dead-
                                                                                                                                         lines (select Press Room, Village
                          Providing Insurance and Financial Services                                                                     News, then Copy Deadlines).

                   State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company • State Farm Indemnity Company
            P040201 05/05                 Bloomington, IL •®
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                         Friday,	May	21,	2010                       21

Kids PAge

                                                                                                                       Dan Himmelfarb Company
                                                                                          Family owned and operated for 37 years. providing repairs, remodeling and additions.
                                                                                          Carpentry • Wood Rot • drywall • Consulting • Electrical/plumbing • painting • Termite Repairs
                                                                                           doors & Windows • leak diagnosis & Repair • Random System Service • prep home for Sale
                                                                                                 Roof Repairs • masonry Repairs and New • grouting/Caulking • gutters/Covers

                                                                                      maryland home improvement Comm. license #18344                        All WORK gUARANTEEd
                                                                                     DHC IS FULLY LICENSED, BONDED & INSURED FOR LIABILITY, WORKMANS COMP. & FLEET

                          MV Kids learn about Hot Air Balloons
         No one knows exactly when the first hot air balloon was flown or for what                                How a Hot Air Balloon works:
     purpose; however, there is a clear documented history of people using balloons                  Ascent (upward movement) – The burner heats the air in the
     for transportation and recreation. The hot air balloon is the oldest type of human          envelope, and it expands (becomes larger). Because there is more
     flight transportation.                                                                       air than the envelope can hold, the extra air is pushed out of the
         The Montgolfier brothers first flew a manned balloon in November of 1783,                mouth. Less air inside the envelope means the balloon is lighter; the
     in Paris, France. The brothers did not ride the balloon themselves. Instead, they           force of the air out of the mouth pushes the balloon up.
     sent two people picked by King Louis XVI in case something went wrong with                      Descent (downward movement) – When the air is cooled (the
     the balloon. This balloon was powered by a small fire and constructed from                  burner is not on), the air in the envelope contracts (becomes smaller).
     cloth and paper.                                                                            Because there is room in the envelope for more air, air from outside
         Since then, improvements have been made to safely carry passengers longer               rushes into the mouth to fill the envelope. This extra air makes the
     distances and to higher altitudes. The modern hot air balloon was designed and              balloon heavier, and pulls it to the ground.
     built in 1960 from plastic and used a kerosene burner to lift it off the ground.                For a very fast descent, there is a vent at the top of the envelope.
     Today, different nylon fabrics are used for the envelope, and the mouth is usu-             When this is opened, cold air rushes in and pushes the balloon to
     ally a separate piece made of fire resistant fabric. Lighter propane tanks fuel             the ground. It is also used to deflate the balloon after it lands.
     the burner and allow for maximum altitude.
         Most balloons today are used for recreation. Since hot air balloons rely on
     wind currents to propel them (move sideways), they do not make for efficient air
     transportation. They do, however, provide a relaxing, aerial view of the places
     they float over. The next time you see a hot air balloon pass by, be sure to wave                         Parts of a Hot Air Balloon:
     – the passengers have plenty of time to wave back!

                              Hot Air Balloon facts:
           • The first hot air balloon passengers were a sheep, a rooster and a duck
           • The oldest recorded human flight took place on Nov. 21, 1783, in Paris,
           • Hot air balloons were used for military purposes during the French
             Revolutionary War and the American Civil War
           • The highest recorded flight reached 102,000 feet
           • The furthest recorded flight distance is 42,810 kilometers (one time
                        around the world)
                                   • The longest flight has a recorded time of 137 hours
                                     • The balloon with the largest envelope holds                                                                                       Envelope
                                        2,600,000 ft3 of air



22                  Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                                                    MontgoMery	Village	news

     sCHooL news                                                                                                                                   CoMMUnitY serViCe

     scholarship	awarded	by	Gaithersburg	
     rotary	Club                                                                                                                                     Caregiver	volunteer	
        The Gaithersburg Rotary                                                                                                                      training

                                                                                                                   photo by William Von Boecklin
     Club has awarded its annual                                                                                                                        Hospice Caring, Inc. has been providing practical and emo-
     scholarship to Ms. Julia Na-                                                                                                                    tional support to adults and children facing life-limiting illness
     varro, a senior at Gaithersburg                                                                                                                 and grief at no charge. We have opportunities for those who
     High School. She was selected                                                                                                                   would like to become a caregiver and share in someone’s end-
     in a competition that was                                                                                                                       of-life journey, or to facilitate adult or children’s grief groups.
     open to all Gaithersburg High                                                                                                                   Our next volunteer training is scheduled for Tuesday through
     School students.                                                                                                                                Thursday, June 8 to June 10, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at The
        Ms. Navarro is an immi-                                                                                                                      Cottage, in Bohrer Park, 518 S. Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg.
     grant to the U.S. from the coun-                                                                                                                Call Hospice Caring at 301-869-4673 to register.
     try of Colombia. She earned
     and kept grades of all A and
     B through middle and high
     school, and has taken several
     advanced courses. She has re-                                                                                                                 MvF	seeks	volunteer	
                                                                                                                                                   committee	members
     ceived three awards for excel-
     lence in academics and one for     Members	of	the	Gaithersburg	rotary	Club	award	a	
     excellent performance in an        scholarship	to	Ms.	julia	Navarro
     internship program with the                                                                                                                      The Montgomery Village            the third Thursday, five times
     National Institutes of Health.     in College Park. She hopes to           member, Sam Eig and his wife,                                      Foundation is seeking volun-         a year at 7:30 p.m. in the North
     Also, she has been an active       become a lawyer and work for            Ester, almost thirty years ago.                                    teers for the following com-         Creek Board Room.
     participant in soccer, track,      the rights of children, world-          Each year, a scholarship is                                        mittees:
     lacrosse and swimming.             wide.                                   awarded to an outstanding
                                                                                                                                                      aUDit	CoMMittee                          CoMMittee
        Ms. Navarro plans to study         The Rotary scholarship pro-          student of Gaithersburg High
                                                                                                                                                      The Audit Committee ad-              This Recreation Committee
     at the University of Maryland      gram was organized by club              School.
                                                                                                                                                   vises the Board of Directors         advises the Board on mat-
                                                                                                                                                   on the financial affairs of the      ters pertaining to recreational
                                                                                                                                                   Foundation. The committee            programs and policies of the
     Five	students	receive	Bohrer	CHaraCter	                                                                                                       meetings consist of volunteers,
                                                                                                                                                   the MVF treasurer, the Director
                                                                                                                                                                                        Foundation. It provides recom-
                                                                                                                                                                                        mendations pertaining to the
     CoUNts!	scholarships                                                                                                                          of Finance and Administration
                                                                                                                                                   (MVF staff) as well as the MVF
                                                                                                                                                                                        Recreation Department budget
                                                                                                                                                                                        and makes suggestions for
         This year five inspiring       and Arnold Olali, sharing their         ing there because I was not making                                 Board Liaison(s). The primary        policies and programs for all
     students received a total of       thoughts on CHARACTER                   a difference when I did, what I                                    role of the committee is to          recreational facilities, includ-
     $10,000 in scholarship funds       COUNTS!                                 was doing…. [E]ach day I have                                      review the Foundation’s an-          ing pools, community centers
     through the W. Edward                                                      a chance to work in an enjoyably                                   nual budget and year ending          and Village-wide events. The
     Bohrer, Jr. Memorial CHAR-             “Coming from a different cul-       friendly environment. And make                                     auditors’ report and accom-          Recreation Committee meets
     ACTER COUNTS! Scholarship          ture, I have learned that caring        a difference in the lives of children                              panying financial statements.        five times a year on Wednes-
     program. Presented in part-        about other people around you           who need a child-friendly envi-                                    The committee also has the           days, 7:30 p.m. in the North
     nership with The W. Edward         first is not always a bad thing.        ronment that embraces positive                                     responsibility of reviewing          Creek Board Room.
     Bohrer Memorial Fund, DRS          Caring about people that are less       character traits.”                                                 MVF’s financial policies and
     Technologies and Rodgers           fortunate or people that do not                                 Jonel Jones                                making recommendations for             traNsportatioN,	
     Consulting, Inc., the scholar-     really have a chance to live the             Gaithersburg High School                                      changes to the annual bud-             DevelopMeNt	aND	
     ships are named for former         life one wishes for has gotten me                                                                          get format or to the audited           pUBliC	FaCilities	
     Mayor Bohrer, under whose          through several situations where           “Without responsibility, I do                                   financial statements. When
     leadership the city adopted        at the end I felt satisfaction due to   not think anyone can do their best                                                                           CoMMittee
                                                                                                                                                   necessary, the committee also
     the CHARACTER COUNTS!              my actions.”                            and get their work done on time.                                                                           The TD&PF Committee rec-
                                                                                                                                                   holds interviews of prospective
     program fourteen years ago.                            Jose Cartagena      Besides that, I believe responsibil-                                                                    ommends actions concerning
                                                                                                                                                   auditors. The committee meets
     The program rewards city                Gaithersburg High School           ity leads to the notion of ‘pay it                                                                      planning and implementation
                                                                                                                                                   three times a year on Tuesdays,
     students who embody the                                                    forward.’ When I help someone,                                                                          of public facilities, zoning and
                                                                                                                                                   at 7 p.m. at the Whetstone
     six pillars of CHARACTER               “I have learned to respect          I influence that person to be re-                                                                       roadway issues within and
                                                                                                                                                   Community Center, and once
     COUNTS!—trustworthiness,           people no matter what they look         sponsible and help the next person,                                                                     adjacent to the Village. The
                                                                                                                                                   jointly with the MVF Board
     respect, responsibility, fair-     like, what they wear, what skin         and so on.”                                                                                             committee’s goal is to involve
                                                                                                                                                   of Directors on a Thursday in
     ness, caring and citizenship.      color they are, but on what kind                                  Ngoc Ly                                                                       residents in the decision-mak-
                                                                                                                                                   August to review the budget.
         Since they were first award-   of person they are. In other words,          Gaithersburg High School                                                                           ing process relating to trans-
     ed in 1998, 55 high school se-     respect everyone and ‘do not judge                                                                            CoMMUNiCatioNs	                   portation and development
     niors have received more than      a book for its cover,’ if you know         “Before high school, I didn’t                                        CoMMittee                       in and around the Village.
     $117,000 of scholarship monies     what I mean.”                           have any sense of responsibility. ...                                 This Communications Com-          TD&PF meets bimonthly on
     to help with their college tu-                       Andres Garcia         When I met [football] coach Mac                                    mittee meets quarterly and           Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the
     ition. The following excerpts           Gaithersburg High School           [David Mencarini], responsibility                                  oversees the MVF communica-          North Creek Board Room,
     are from the application forms                                             took on a whole new meaning for                                    tions effort, including Village      20125 Arrowhead Road.
     of the 2010 scholarship win-          “Before working with children        me. He taught us that it was about                                 News policies, marketing,
     ners, Jose Cartagena, Andres       in the after school program, I          being able to see what’s important                                 promotion, public informa-              Should you have exper-
     Garcia, Jonel Jones, Ngoc Ly,      worked in a store. I stopped work-      and making the right decisions,                                    tion and online web content.         tise or interest in any of the
                                                                                owning up and admitting that                                       Members provide input on             above-referenced areas, visit
                                                                                you made a mistake and more                                        matters of editorial content,
                                                                                importantly learning from it so it                                 advertising and other Village-       (select About the Village, Vil-
                                                                                doesn’t happen again.”                                             wide communication issues.           lage Governance, and Commit-
       Watkins	Mill	High	school	                                                                    Arnold Olali
                                                                                         Quince Orchard High
                                                                                                                                                   Meetings are held on Wednes-
                                                                                                                                                   day evenings at 7:30 p.m. at the
                                                                                                                                                                                        tees) to complete a Committee
                                                                                                                                                                                        Membership Application. For
       students	awarded                                                                                    School                                  MVF office.                          additional information and
                                                                                                                                                                                        guidelines regarding com-
          As the year ends, we have many students to congratulate                                                                                      pUBliC	saFety	                   mittee membership, contact
                                                                                   The W. Edward Bohrer Me-
       on various accomplishments. The following students were ac-                                                                                      CoMMittee                       the Foundation at 301-948-
                                                                                morial Scholarship Program
       knowledged at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology                                                                                       The Public Safety Commit-        0110. The Montgomery Village
                                                                                is administered by the City’s
       annual Student Awards Ceremony on April 30: Jade williams,                                                                                  tee provides a forum to discuss      Foundation is located at 10120
                                                                                Community Services Division
       Skills USA Bronze Medal, Job Skills Demo Open (Biotechnol-                                                                                  ideas of how to promote safer        Apple Ridge Road. The North
                                                                                in cooperation with the Educa-
       ogy); Jade williams, Student of the Year (Biotechnology);                                                                                   neighborhoods thus enhance           Creek Board Room and Com-
                                                                                tional Enrichment Committee.
       and spencer Bush, Teacher’s Award (Network Operations).                                                                                     Village residents’ quality of        munity Center is located at
                                                                                For more information, call 301-
          Congratulations to the watkins Mill Concert Choir for                                                                                    life. The committee cooperates       20125 Arrowhead Road. The
                                                                                258-6395 or visit www.gaithers
       their amazing performance at the State Choral Festival. They                                                                                with law enforcement agen-           Whetstone Community Cen-
       received an overall rating of 2 (excellent). These students were                                                                            cies to facilitate community         ter is located at 19140 Brooke
       fantastic ambassadors for Watkins Mill High School.                                                                                         involvement within Montgom-          Grove Court.
                                                                                                                                                   ery Village. Meetings are held
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                   Friday,	May	21,	2010                   23

MV seniors                                                                                                    in tHe news

Different	places,	different	paces
  Reflections on aging in Montgomery Village: Opening a conversation on challenges
                                                                                                              staying	aware in	the	village
                                                                                                                  The following is information taken from the Recent News Sum-
and opportunities. Number 5                                                                                   maries of the Montgomery County Police Department. The report
by Sam Korper                       concern expressed by seniors        place developmental activity,         is not a complete listing of every incident.
    Since this series began, a      attempting to age in place.         as much of it is sponsored by
dozen Village residents have            The OLO report also exam-       the county. However, much                             aGGravateD	assaUlt
contacted me expressing their       ines the future implications of     background experience and                 - An aggravated assault occurred outside in the 18900 block
interest in aging in place, and     the growth in the senior popu-      guidance exists upon which             of Mills Choice Road on Tuesday, May 11 around 9:30 p.m.
their support for a future meet-    lation forecast for the next two    Montgomery Village might               Two factions of the family began arguing in the parking lot
ing of Village residents to         decades. Projections show that      draw.                                  when one pulled out a handgun and threatened his cousin.
informally share ideas on the       in nearly all county planning          As we consider the future,          Other family members began to struggle for the weapon and
subject. I am most appreciative     areas, the senior population is     I believe the social impact of         one or two rounds were fired into the air.
of these expressions—both in        growing at a faster rate than       the demographic changes oc-
                                    the non-senior population. By       curring in the Village should                        resiDeNtial	BUrGlary
print and as I meet and talk                                                                                      - A residential burglary occurred in the 9200 block of Chad-
with folks in person—and look       2030, almost all areas will ex-     receive some attention and
                                    perience a larger number and        assessment in parallel with the        burn Place on Tuesday, April 27 between 11:11 and 11:52 a.m.
forward to the opportunity for                                                                                 This incident was domestic. Forced entry; nothing was taken.
more direct participation.          higher percentage of seniors,       upcoming visioning process
                                    and Gaithersburg is expected        seeking to determine “... what            - A residential garage burglary occurred in the 9700
    This article continues the                                                                                 block of Duffer Way at an unknown time between Monday,
update on current aging in          to surpass Bethesda/Chevy           Montgomery Village will look
                                    Chase as the planning area          like in terms of land use over         May 3 and Tuesday, May 4. No forced entry; property was
place developments in Mont-                                                                                    taken.
gomery County. Perhaps the          with the largest number of se-      the next 20 plus years,” as
                                    niors in the county. For many       described in the recent Mont-             - A residential burglary occurred in the 10200 block of
best place to begin is with                                                                                    Crested Iris Drive between Monday, May 3 and Saturday,
recent discussions of aging         such analyses and projections,      gomery Village Foundation
                                    Montgomery Village is often         2009 Annual Report.                    May 8. There were no signs of forced entry but property
in place that have been tak-                                                                                   was removed.
ing place in the Montgomery         not specifically identified or         Looking again at the de-
County Council. On Sept. 17,        distinguished from Gaith-           scription of the visioning pro-                                roBBery
2009, a council work session        ersburg, which poses some           cess, it is difficult to find much        - A robbery occurred in the 8600 block of Fountain Valley
about community efforts and         difficulty in trying to develop     mention of an assessment of            Drive on Wednesday, May 5 around 11:30 p.m. The adult
services related to seniors         precise estimates for us here in    the inevitable changes and             female victim and a friend were in a vehicle when the suspect
and aging in place was sup-         the Village.                        social adaptations that match          approached and flashed a light in their eyes. The suspect
ported by a very thorough               The OLO report summariz-        the attention to be paid to            opened the car door, struggled for the victim’s purse, and
background report entitled          es the county government’s ac-      the physical environment. I            after obtaining the property, fled on foot toward Lewisberry
“Naturally Occurring Retire-        tive support for neighborhood       wonder whether we might                Drive.
ment Communities and Neigh-         villages. The county’s Office       give this some thought along              Suspect: B/M 6’0”, black baseball cap
borhood Villages” prepared by       of Community Partnerships,          with land use, new facilities             - An attempted street robbery occurred at Montgomery
the Office of Legislative Over-     the Department of Health            and roadways, asphalt, bricks          Village Avenue and Club House Road on Wednesday,
sight (OLO—Report Number            and Human Services’ Aging           and mortar. To do so is con-           May 5 around 2 a.m. The adult male victim stated that he
2009-11, June 16, 2009, by Leslie   and Disability Services, and        sistent with the purpose of            was approached by three suspects who, without speaking,
Rubin et al.). The OLO report       the Regional Services Centers       the Foundation to promote              punched him in the side of the head. The victim fought back
can be accessed online via the      are involved in sponsoring          health, safety and welfare of          and was able to scare them off.
Montgomery County website           community forums, resource          the residents as stated in the            Suspect: B/M 20 to 22 years, 5’10”, red shirt, black baggy
at http://www.montgomerycoun-       exchanges, an electronic dis-       Articles of Incorporation and          shorts       cussion listserv, volunteer         anticipated by the Village's              Suspects: 2 and 3: B/Ms 20 to 22 years
reports/pdf/2009-11.pdf.            training and a village “Tool        founders. This vision should
                                    Kit” (which includes survey         be intergenerational as well as                           sexUal	assaUlt
    The OLO report is an im-
                                    forms and other materials), all     intragenerational, acknowl-               - A sexual assault occurred in the 9100 block of Centerway
portant resource, and is recom-
                                    of which would be available to      edging the important relation-         Road on Thursday, May 6 between 3 and 3:30 p.m. The female
mended reading for those of
                                    assist analysis and discussion      ships and ties that exist within       victim was walking and passed the suspect who invited her
you seeking good background
                                    in Montgomery Village.              and between generations.               inside his home. The victim refused and was then pulled
information, as it describes
                                        Most recently, on Feb. 4, the      Next month I will provide           inside and sexually assaulted. The suspect was arrested later
some of the early history sur-
                                    Montgomery County Council           additional information about           that day.
rounding the aging in place
                                    held a follow-up discussion         specific neighborhood activi-             Arrested: M, age 24 of Gaithersburg
movement (reviewing such
prototypical “villages” as the      about neighborhood villages,        ties, and discuss some of the                                  sHootiNG
Beacon Hill Village starting in     receiving additional briefings      trade-offs and policy decisions           - A shooting occurred at approximately 6:12 p.m., on
2001 in Boston, Massachusetts       from county executive branch        that aging in place alternatives       Wednesday, May 19, in the 19900 block of Spur Hill Drive. A
and Capitol Hill Village in         representatives and addressing      demand. In future articles, I          23-year-old male, and a 17-year-old male were found suffer-
Washington, D.C. among oth-         questions of demand, cost and       plan to discuss specific issues        ing from gunshot wounds to the torso and transported to a
ers). It also discusses common      alternative policy approaches.      such as transportation and             local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.
challenges for seniors aging        In addition to Burning Tree,        housing, and welcome your                 Arrested: H/M, age 19
in place and the aging-related      three county neighborhood vil-      thoughts and suggestions for
demography of Montgomery            lages or organizations are Ban-     future topics.                                         tHeFt	FroM	veHiCle
County, and describes several       nockburn Neighbors Assisting                                                  - A theft from a vehicle occurred on Copps Hill Drive
of the neighborhood villages        Neighbors, Chevy Chase at               Sam Korper, a fifteen year         between Saturday, May 1 at 10 p.m. and Sunday, May 2 at
that are evolving in Montgom-       Home and Cabin John. Neigh-         Village resident, is a retired fed-    8 p.m. Suspects broke out the window and removed a GPS
ery County, such as Burning         borhoods currently exploring        eral employee who served as As-        unit.
Tree Village, that I mentioned      the development of a village        sociate Director of the National          - A theft from a vehicle occurred on Singing Pine Circle
last month.                         are Garrett Park, Carderock,        Institute on Aging at NIH and          between Saturday, May 1 at 10 p.m. and Sunday, May 2 at
    As a brief summary, the         Fallsmead and West Bradley.         has maintained a professional and      9 a.m. Suspects broke out the window and removed a GPS
most obvious thing about vil-       Several others are in an early      personal interest in the topic of      unit.
lages evolving in the county        discussion stage.                   aging. He currently serves on the
is their wide variety and, of           A background paper pre-         Montgomery County Commission
necessity, adaptability to local    pared for the council noted         on Health and is a liaison to the
circumstance. The common            that “a policy to help guide the    Commission on Aging.
service elements appear to          development and prioritiza-             For questions or comments         What’s happening in your neighborhood?
be transportation; informa-         tion of county programs and         on “Aging in Place,” e-mail
tion and referrals for services;    services for seniors is essential with the sub-          Residents can now access crime statistics and reports
friendly visitation or phone        given the demographic im-           ject line “Aging in Place.” Read-
calls; assistance with house-       perative and the older adult        ers may also write to the author                  from
hold repairs and maintenance;       population.” It is likely that      at P.O. Box 86268, Montgomery
                                    the current economic condition      Village, MD 20886, ATTN: Sam
and social and educational
                                    of the county will negatively       Korper.
                                                                                                                            Residents can also go to
programs. Of course, safety,
health care and personal care       affect the pace of the aging in                                         
are also important areas of                                                                                               for recent crime summaries.
24                 Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                               MontgoMery	Village	news

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      Gratz Lawncare can cut on a         endeavor to keep the environ-                                     Also, MVF does not take responsibility regarding
      more flexible schedule. We are      ment clean. Since the 1990s                                       claims and services advertised in the Montgomery	
      interested in what works best       we have used synthetic oils                                       village	News.
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MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                                                                                           Friday,	May	21,	2010                   25


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     serViCes AroUnd town

                                       SERVICES AROUND TOWN

      RECOMMENDED ELECTRICIANS                                                   Please Note:                                         SUMMER SPECIAL!
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                                          •    oubleshooting     Repair
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                                            All T ypes of Fan Ins t allations    ARB application and approval                       REDUCED PRICES ON:
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           Please Note:                                                              A TRADITION OF QUALITY
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           cation or replacement material has been approved in concept
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04.pmd                 1                                       4/22/2004, 2:49 PM
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                                                Carpentry                                                           HOME REMODELING BY
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                                                                                                                                                  Faux Finishes and Small Repairs
       Every exterior modification must meet established ARB applica-
       tion and approval requirements regardless of whether modifi-                                                                               Over 25 Years Experience
       cation or replacement material has been approved in concept                                                 301-570-3927
       in the past. Also, MVF does not take responsibility regarding                                                               Free
       claims and services advertised in the Montgomery Village News.                                                                                       Estimate
                                                                                                                     Licensed • Bonded •Insured
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                                                                                           Friday,	May	21,	2010                           29
ProFessionAL direCtorY

                                                                                                                       Capital Dentistry
        ACCOUNTANTS                                          AUdiOlOgiSTS                                     General Dentistry and Dental Implants                OpTOmETRiSTS
               Robert Beatson, II                         the Hearing Professionals of                     Specializing in the “phobic and faint-hearted”     MOntGOMERy VILLAGE EyE CEntER
Attorney/Accountant, former IRS Attorney Montgomery Otolaryngology Consultants                                   19644 Clubhouse Road, #810                         Gabriela Miller, O.D.
All types of Federal, State, Local & Foreign Taxes FREE Screening • Licensed Audiologists • Digital Aids                                                    Eye Exams • Glasses • Contact Lenses • Emergencies
  Individual, Business, Trusts, Estates, Wills       Board Certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physicians               FAMILy DEntAL ASSOCIAtES                            Day & Evening Hours • 301-340-2951                       Lindsay Golden, M.D., F.A.C.S.                            William J. August, D.D.S.                 19221 Montgomery Village Avenue, C-11
                                                          Michael Arenstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.                        19243 Watkins Mill Road                  301-869-4070 •

           ATTORNEYS                                           Christopher Sinha, M.D.

                                                     19211 Montgomery Village Ave. B-23 301-963-6334                                                             ORThOdONTiSTS
          Gimmel, Weiman, Ersek,                                                                                  ElECTRiCiANS                                               ORtHODOntICS
          Blomberg, & Lewis, P.A.
           A full service law firm                   COmpUTER SUppORT                                      PAtRIOt ELECtRICAL tECHnICIAnS, LLC                     Chris E. tsintolas, D.D.S., M.S.
                                                                                                           Local Electrical Experts based in the Village              Specialist in Orthodontics
     Serving the community since 1973                          HAtE yOUR COMPUtER?                          We can satisfy ALL your electrical needs                     for children and adults
    301-840-8565                              Residential and Businesses                                 240-388-8653
                                                                                                                                                                      903 Russell Ave., Suite 101
      Law Office of Robert J. Haeger                
                                                                                                                                                            Serving the Community Since 1987 301-948-7513
         Helping Debtors since 1985                                  301-987-8922
                                                                                                                  hOmE hEAlTh
 Stop Foreclosures, Law Suits & Tax Levies
      Bankruptcy Chapters 13, 11 & 7                              dENTiSTS                                 Sunrise Senior Living Montgomery Village           phYSiCAl ThERApY
                                                                                                                    19310 Club House Road
 Free Consultation/reasonable Fees/Payment Plans                                                                                                             Rock Physical therapy Associates, P.C.
                                                           Steven M. Anolik, D.D.S.                              Montgomery Village, MD 20886
                301-670-9787                                                                                  301-921-0445 fax: 301-948-7144                   19201 Montg. Vill. Ave., Suite A-11
                                                            Corey B. Anolik, D.D.S.
                                                        Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry                                                                         Day-Evening-Saturday Hours
                                                     19221 Montgomery Village Ave. Suite C-23                                                                  By Physician Referral 301-948-2414

                                                                                                                                     ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS
                                                                                                                                   post	your	four-line	professional	listing	in	
                                                                                                                                       the	directory	above	for	one	year		
                                                                                                                                                 for	only	$400.		
                                                                                                                                   post	more	lines	for	$4	per	line	per	issue.	
                                                                                                                                       Call	301-948-0110,	ext.	2328	or	e-mail	
                                                                                                                               for	more	details.
30                   Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                                                    MontgoMery	Village	news


     	For	reNt                                	Help	WaNteD

           toWN	HoUse	                             the	Montgomery	village	Foundation	Department	of		                                 troUBleD	By	tHe	                                          seCretary	to	
                                                       recreation,	parks	and	Culture	is	seeking                                         eCoNoMy?	                                               CoMMUNity	
       For	rent	on	Wedge	Way		
                                                             assistaNt	pool	MaNaGers*                                           Partner with a 37-year-old                                       MaNaGer
                                             Starting at $11/hr.**                                                              NYSE company that will al-                                Must be able to provide admin-
     Available immediately. No                                                                                                  low you to make a living while                            istrative support to managers
     basement, 3 bedrooms. Walk-             Must be 18 years of age, have at least two years experience in a                   making a difference.                                      and act as corporate secretary
     ing distance to Giant, schools.         lifeguarding position and current Montgomery County pool opera-                                                                              to homes corporations and
     Acceptable credit records               tor license. American Red Cross or YMCA lifeguarding license,                            For information, visit
                                                                                                                                                                                          condos. Ideal candidate must
     required. 703-870-9414.                 CPR/AED/PR and first aid certificates required.                             
                                                                                                                                                                                          be computer literate and have
                                                                                                                                                                                          experience with MS Word and
           toWN	HoUse                        For more information, contact Petra Padilla at 301-948-0110,                            or call 240-683-6336.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Excel. Receive incoming calls
                                             ext. 2363, or e-mail Applications are avail-                                                                               and answer routine questions.
     Mv	(thomas	Choice	West)	                able at the MVF Office, 10120 Apple Ridge Road, Montgomery                                                                                   The right candidate must be
         tH	for	rent	$1,450                  Village, MD 20886 or online at                                                                                    able to work under pressure,
     Security Deposit $1,450.                *Contract completion bonus.                                                                      tHe	Next	                                   have excellent communica-
     3 level, 3 bedrooms, 2 full                                                                                                                                                          tion skills and a courteous and
                                             **Salary based on years of experience. All positions open until
     baths, Jacuzzi. For small fam-
                                             filled. EOE
                                                                                                                                     ClassiFieD	aD	                                       helpful attitude. Good benefits.
     ily or 2 people to share. No                                                                                                                                                         Contact Allison at amartin@
                                                                                                                                                                                 or fax resume to 301-
     pets, no smoking. Utilities not                                                                                                     DeaDliNe	is	                                     990-7071, ATTN: Allison. EOE
     Ref., Empl., Rental and Credit                                                                                                MoNDay,	jUNe	7
     check. Available now. 240-                                                                                                                                                           	serviCes	oFFereD
     252-0362 or 703-732-0056.
                                                                                                                                                                                           persoNalize	yoUr	
                     Montgomery                                                                                                                                                           Show off your children, pets,
                                                                                                                              Terms & Conditions:
       Village News                                                                                                           1. MVF reserves the right to:
                                                                                                                                 a. Reject advertisements that do not adhere to
                                                                                                                                     local, county, state and federal laws.
                                                                                                                                                                                          team, garden or use our
                                                                                                                                                                                          wildlife photos for great let-
                                                                                                                                                                                          terhead, note sheets, note
                                                                                                                                                                                          cards, return address labels

                       Classified Advertising Order Form
                                                                                                                                 b. Reject advertisements that compete directly           or calendars.
                                                                                                                                     with Foundation programs, events, classes,
                                                                                                                                     products and services.                               Call 301-963-4339 ask for
                                                                                                                                 c. Reject advertisements that are inflammatory,          Donna. E-mail aller_donna@
        Issue date(s) this ad is to run: ________________________________________________________________________                    slanderous, libelous, lewd or include other
                                                                                                                                     language deemed inconsistent with the
                                                                                                                                     Foundation’s mission and policies.
                                                                                                                              2. No cash refunds or credit adjustments will be
         Please check the appropriate heading for your ad:        What will your ad say? Please print clearly.                   made after the advertisement has been                     Continental Movers
                                                                                                                              3. No credit adjustments will be made after 30                  Local or Long Distance
               For Sale                                           ________________________________________________               days of publication of the original incorrect              Family-owned business since 1982
                                    You are welcome to                                                                        4. The Village News is not liable for any additional                 $80/hour for 2 men
               House for Sale                                     ________________________________________________               costs resulting from the recurring insertions of                  $90/hour for 3 men
                                     submit a photo of                                                                           the original incorrect advertisement if the error
               House for Rent        your lost pet at no          ________________________________________________               has not been reported to the Village News in
                                                                                                                                                                                          301-984-5908 or 202-438-1489
                                                                                                                                 writing by the advertiser within 30 days of      
                                     additional charge.                                                                          publication of the original incorrect insertion.
               Help Wanted                                        ________________________________________________            5. Every effort will be made to afford advertising
                                                                                                                                 position requested. Failure to comply with               IN-HOME DOG GROOMING
               Services                                           ________________________________________________               position request will not result in make-good or
                                                                                                                                 refund of payment.
                                                                                                                              6. The Village News assumes no liability if for
               Garage Sale                                        ________________________________________________               any reason it becomes necessary to omit an                   DROP OFF & ON SITE
               Child Care                                         ________________________________________________            7. The Village News is not liable for delays in                Dany’s Grooming
                                                                                                                                 delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of                   Pet Stylist
                                                                                                                                 natural disaster, action by any government or
               Lost & Found (FREE to Village Residents)           ________________________________________________               quasi-government entity, fire, flood, insurrection,
                                                                                                                                 riot, explosion, embargo, strikes whether legal  
               Giveaway (FREE to Village Residents)               ________________________________________________               or illegal, labor or material shortage, transportation
                                                                                                                                 interruption of any kind, work slowdown, or               East Montgomery Village
                                                                                                                                 any condition beyond the control of the publisher
               Other __________                                   ________________________________________________               affecting publications or delivery in any manner.         20% discount showing ad
                                                                                                                                 Timely delivery of the Village News shall be
                                                                                                                                 defined by the end of Monday immediately
       Classified Rates: $10 for 20 words or less and 40 cents for each additional word. A phone number counts as one word.      following the Friday publication date.
                                                                                                                              8. Advertiser agrees to indemnify, defend and save
       Deadline: 5 p.m. Monday prior to issue date                                                                               harmless the Village News and MVF from any
                                                                                                                                 and all liability for content including text,
                                                                                                                                 illustrations, representatives, sketches, maps,
                                           Payment Due: $________________________                                                trademarks, labels or other copyrighted matter,
                                                                                                                                 or advertisements printed or the unauthorized
       Payment MUST accompany Classified Advertising Order Form. Remit by charge card, cash or check made payable to the         use of any person’s name or photograph arising
                                                                                                                                 from the publisher’s reproduction and publishing
       Montgomery Village Foundation.                                                                                            of such advertisements pursuant to the
                                                                                                                                 advertiser’s or agency’s order. The Village
                                                                                                                                 News reserves the right to reject, discontinue
       Credit Card Number: _______________________________________ 3-digit Verification Code: ________ Exp. Date: _______        or omit any advertising or any part thereof at
       Name: _______________________________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________                     any time. This right shall not be deemed to
                                                                                                                                 have been waived by acceptance or actual
       Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________                     use of any advertising matter.
                                                                                                                              9. No cancellations accepted after publication
       City: ______________________________________________________ State: ___________ ZIP: __________________                   deadline.
MontgoMery	Village	news                                                                Friday,	May	21,	2010                        31

reAL estAte

                                                                                           Hilary R. Kam, GRI
                                                                                                Been recognized as a
                                                                                    Monthly Top Office Producer and Award Winner

                                                                                  Montgomery Village resident for 23 years
                                                                                   “If you are thinking of buying or
                                                                                   selling a home call Hilary for the
                                                                                    very best service and results.”
                                                                                          Cell phone: 301-646-7883
                                                                                          Home office: 301-963-7770
                                                                                            Office: 301-251-3040

                                                                                 Tom McKenna has sold more
                                                                                 homes in Montgomery Village
                                                                                 than anyone...PERIOD!
                                                                                 Over 2,500 successful transactions!
                                                                                 Over 1,000 in Montgomery Village!
                                                                                 Over 25 years success in sales!
                                                                                 Personal service is Tom's trademark
                                                       Tom McKenna
                                                        Associate Broker

                                                                Call Tom at 301-712-5770
                                                                    to BUY OR SELL
                                                                       “IT’S AS GOOD AS DONE”
                                                                             Each Office is Independently
                                                    The Real Estate Centre      Owned and Operated

   Homeowners discounts

        	serving	Gaithersburg


 State Farm Fire and Casualty Company
    Home Office: Bloomington, Illinois

                                                    Looking for
                                                    someone with
                                                    knowledge and
                                                    high market share
                                                    in your community?
                                                    Alan Bruzee has been
                                                    selling homes in

                      Are you facing foreclosure?   Montgomery Village
                                                    since 1977. He knows
                                                    your home and

       For answers about how to get                 If you’re thinking of
                                                    selling or buying in
          help with your home or                    Montgomery Village,
                                                    Alan Bruzee is always

              mortgage visit                        in contact with
                                                    buyers, sellers and
                                                    agents interested in
                                                    Montgomery Village.

                       More than 2,000
                       301-891-8400                 homes sold!

32            Friday,	May	21,	2010                                                                                                                    MontgoMery	Village	news

     Since 1983, selling
     the most important
       homes... yours!                                                    More Than 750 Homes Sold
                                                                         in Montgomery Village Alone!
     Licensed in MD, DC, VA                                       
                                                                   office                                    direct line
                    ...Call Dede today: 301-258-7757 x 604 • 301-921-2604
                                  WHETSTONE                                               COURTS OF                                                PARK PLACE
                                  $439,900                                                WHETSTONE                                                $219,900
                                   Outstanding colonial                                   $395,000                                                you’ll enjoy carefree
                                   loc on a cul-de-sac                                    Rent no more! Con-                                      living at its best in this
                                   with 5 BR & 3 baths                                    temporary SF w/4 BR &                                   2/3 bedroom, 2 bath
                                   – brick/siding exte-                                   2.5 BA loc on a cul-de-                                 condominium – 1st flr
                                   rior, flagstone steps                                  sac – gated & walled                                    entrance, but above
     & patio – lovely landscaping – hdwd flrs, fresh         courtyard entry & backyard – upgr windows &             ground in back – all neutral carpet & paint – living
     paint – beautiful remod kitchen w/Corian counters,      doors – new roof & attic fan – 1st flr den, kitchen     room with fireplace & access to balcony – separate
     center island, bonus serving/storage area, upgr         w/skylight, brkst rm & walk-in pantry – big LR w/frpl   dining room – den can be used as 3rd bedroom –
     appliances & designer tile – LR, separate DR, fam       & wall of windows w/access to lovely natural-scape      separate laundry rm – eat-in kitchen – util/storage
     rm w/brick frpl, built-ins, new wood laminate flr &     patio, separate DR, MBR w/2 closets, dressing area      closet on balcony – close to shopping, restaurants,
     upgr SGD to patio – laundry rm w/access to 1-car        w/sink & ceramic bath – bsmt incl laundry area          bus line & major commuting routes. MC7330026
     garage – renovated baths – bsmt with rec rm & util/     w/blt-ins & lots of storage – gas heat & newer gas
     storage closets – new gas furnace – roof replaced.      HWH – 2-car garage w/door openers, blt-ins & attic
                                                                                                                                                   COURTS OF
                                                             access. MC7300719
                                  COURTS OF                                                SHADOW OAK                                              $415,000
                                  WHETSTONE                                                $289,000                                                there’s plenty of room
                                  $419,900                                                Lovely to look at, but                                   for everyone & every-
                                  Bring your sunglasses!                                  better to live in end                                    thing in the contem-
                                  you’ll be dazzled by                                    unit tH w/3 BR & 3.5                                     porary SF home with
                                  this gorgeous con-                                      BA – Sun-drenched          4/5 BR & 3.5 BA – cul-de-sac loc – nicely landscaped
                                  temporary SF home                                       rooms, hdwd flrs, new      walled ourtyard entry & backyard, vinyl siding, re-
     w/4 BR & 2.5 BA – gated courtyard entry, vinyl          carpet, moldings, huge LR, separate DR – wonderful      finished hdwd flrs, 1st den/BR, spacious LR, DR
     siding, prof landscaping, hdwd flrs, new carpet,        renovated eat-in kitchen w/upd appliances & French      w/walk-out to deck – gorgeous remod eat-in kitchen
     6-panel doors- huge renovated kitchen w/brkfst          drs leading to fenced yrd w/brick patio – big MBR       w/new hdwd dlr, cherry cabinets, granite counters,
     rm – remod baths – 1st flr den/office, big LR, sep      w/walk-in clst & FBA – upd baths, fin bsmt w/rec        upgr stainless stell appliances – fam rm w/brick wall
     DR, fam rm w/brick wall gas frpl, walled backyard       rm, den, FBA, laundry rm & storage/util rm – roof       frpl – fin bsmt incl rec rm w/new carpet, BR, FBA &
     w/deck & patio, bsmt w/ rec rm, laundry rm, storage/    replaced, new HWH, cul-de-sac location – nOt A          laundry rm, roof, doorw & windows replaced, gas
     util rm – Andersen windows – new gas furnace, A/C       FORECLOSURE OR SHORt SALE. MC7253893                    heat, tons of storage & 2-car garage. MC7314419
     & 80-gal HWH – 2-car garage w/upd door w/open-
     ers & attic access – cul-de-sac loc. MC7284060                                        COURTS OF                                               WHETSTONE
                                                                                           WHETSTONE                                               $425,000
                                  SHADOW OAK                                               $395,000                                              Gorgeous 4 BR, 2.5 BA
                                  $289,900                                                your search ends here!                                 colonial w/renova-
                                                                                          Window wrapped con-                                    tions throughout –
                                  Beautifully renovated
                                                                                          temporary SF home                                      Vinyl siding/brick ext,
                                  townhome with deck
                                                                                          w/4 BR & 2.5 BA – vinyl                                hdwd flrs, nEW car-
                                  & finished walk-out
                                                             siding/brick ext, hdwd flrs – 1st flr den, kitchen      pet, nEW ceramic tile flrs, fresh paint, nEW
                                  basement backing to
                                                             w/skylight, new stove & counters, brkfst area &         lighting, nEW t/s kitchen w/wood cabinets/gran-
                                  wooded parkland –
                                                             walk-in pantry – Big LR w/brick frpl & Pella doors      ite counters & stainless steel appliances, LR
     3 bedrooms, 2 full baths & 2 half baths – custom
                                                             leading to private walled yard w/ huge brick patio &    w/frpl, sep DR , family rm w/frpl & w/o to flagstone
     features throughout with lovely designer upgrades
                                                             Japanese garden, separate DR, sunroom, MBR incl         patio & fenced yrd, 1st flr laundry rm, updated
     – new features include: windows, doors, hardwood
                                                             dressing area w/sink, 2 clsts & FBA – fin bsmt offers   baths, MBR incl walk-in closet, dressing area
     floors, carpet, roof, custom built-ins, granite coun-
                                                             rec rm w/brick frpl, new Berber carpet & laundry/       w/sink & FBA, bsmt w/rec rm, storage closets & big
     tertops, stainless steel appliances, fresh paint,
                                                             util/storage rm – windows, doors, roof & gutters        work/storage rm, windows replaced – 1-car garage
     new kitchen & baths. MC7299596
                                                             replaced, 2-car garage w/door opener. MC7281849         w/door opener. MC7284034


                                 Re/Max Realty Group

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