Boxers: Why They Make Great Pets

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					                             Boxers: Why They Make Great Pets

With two boxers named Lola and Monty, Terrell Herring is a fan of the breed. Here, he
shares what makes these athletic dogs his ideal pet choice.

Boxers have powerful, stocky bodies, with compact muscles and a head in proportion to the
body. Their front limbs are straight and parallel, while back legs are muscular. Tails, which
are usually docked, are carried high. The dogs’ glossy, short-haired coat is easy to maintain,
requiring only brushing and bathing when necessary.

It’s not just the dogs’ distinctive appearance, however, that is appealing; they also have a
temperament that is hard to resist. Loyal and affectionate, boxers are known for getting along
well with children. They are protective of family and home, which makes them ideal
watchdogs. The name "boxer" is thought to have come from the fact that they use their front
paws for just about everything. Because they are energetic and athletic, most require daily
exercise, preferably in a medium-sized yard.

Intelligent, curious, and easy to train, boxers are generally friendly towards other animals.
This was an important consideration, as well, given that Herring also has a teacup Chihuahua
named Itty Bitty.

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