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									                           CURRICULUM VITAE

Zahid Hussain Memon
Ward No: 03, Jamea Masjid Mohalla
Johi, Dadu Sindh.
Ph: Mob: 03322788368/0254740340


        With M. Sc. (Agri.) Hons (Entomology) from Sindh Agriculture University
Tando Jam, I have an exclusive experience of working in Development Sector and have
special interest and expertise in organizing rural communities particularly formation of
organizations/groups. I possess good motivational skills to unite poor segments of the
society for their participation in Development Process. I have wide experience in social
development projects I also traveled Hard Area (Kachho) widely.
I have good command in English language as well on computer software such as MS-
Office, Excel and Internet.


   General Secretary (June 2012-Date)
          To Conduct Meetings
          To Implement decisions done in executive committee meeting
          Communication
          Record Keeping
    Agriculture Assistant (May 2012-May 2012)
   ACTED Mirpur Khas
   Job Descriptions:
          Implement agriculture livelihood and early farm recovery
          Training and capacity building of farmers
          Sustainable natural resource management and increasing crop productivity
          Training demonstration of farmers in improved methods of crop production
          improved marketing of agricultural products and sustainable market linkages
          Orchards management and improved vegetable production
          Improved Crop production methods and techniques
          Identification of appropriate crop varieties, cropping patterns and scheduling
       for the flood affected farmers of the project districts
      Planning for inputs needs of target farmers and timely distribution of inputs
      Identify market constraints especially in the area of information, price, quality
       of Products etc
      Training of farmers groups to enhance their marketing skills
      Identify and facilitate approaches to ensure access to training/information for
      Establish Linkages between farmers groups and related stakeholders
       especially agriculture business for effective service provision to community
      To manage program information effectively i.e. identify, collect/collate,
       compile, analyses and include relevant information in the project
       implementation process as well sharing the same with important stakeholders
M& E Officer Malaria (March 2011-January 2012)
District Dadu
Merlin Pakistan
Job Descriptions:
      Assist and development in field testing of data collection and need assessment
       tools and formats
      In collaboration with SPO, conduct need assessment and surveys
      Assist in Identification of Gaps in Malaria Case Management in existing
       health Care Delivery Systems in Selected Districts of Sindh Province
      Assist SPO in Training Curriculum and Guide Lines Development
      Arrange District and Province Base Training Workshops
      Assist in Identification of Malaria Diagnostic Centers which need Up
      Provide Technical and Logistical Support to make the non functional malaria
       diagnostic and curative centers fully operational
   Assist in up gradation of District Base Quality Assurance Centers, organizations
   regular cross checking of slides examined in the field, Computerize results and
   establish mechanisms where by timely feed back to field workers on their
   performance is provided.
      Collect and Computerize program Data
      Carry Out regular field visits to support and monitor project implementation
       in all target districts
      Provide regular feedback on project activities to project Officer on Regular
      Assist Senior Project Officer in data analysis and preparation of monthly and
       quarterly reports
      Ensure regular supply of ACTs and RDTs to health centers on regular basis so
       that there no stock outs
      Assist in Finance, Admin and Logistics related Functions
      Maintain Record of Flow of Malaria related logistics to individual health

Social Mobilizer (Nov 2009- March 2011)
National Bio saline Agriculture Program (NABSAP) Sanghar
Ministry of Food & Agriculture
Govt: Of Pakistan
Job Descriptions:
      Formation of saline Agriculture Farmers Associations (SAFAs)
      Registration of SAFAs
      Capacity Building of SAFAs
      Coordination with Agriculture Extension Department regarding combating
       salinity in soil in project area
      Close Coordination with Forestry and Fisheries Departments for growing salt
       tolerant plants and fish farms with community participation
      Capacity Building of Agriculture Line Department Bio Saline Agriculture
      To Organize and Conduct awareness Raising meetings and Seminars on Bio
       Saline Agriculture Technology

Public Relations Officer             (Jan 2009-Nov 2009)
Nari Development Organization Johi
Job Descriptions:
      To Organize and Conduct awareness Sessions on Human Rights
      Organize and Conduct events on combating violence against women
      Organize and Conduct awareness program on gender balance
      To Organize Capacity building trainings
      Relations building of organization with various stakeholders
      Report writing and Record Keeping

Social Mobilizer                         (01 Year)
   PAIMAN Project
   Village Shad Abad (VSA) Organization Johi
   Job Descriptions:
          To Conduct and Organize Awareness Session on Mother and New Born
           Health Care Issues
          To Form Village Health Committees (VHCs)
          To Organize and Conduct Capacity Building Workshop of Elected
           Representatives on Mother and Child Health Care Issues
          To Organize and Conduct Capacity Building Workshop of Religious
           Persons on Mother and Child Health Care Issues
          To Organize and Conduct Capacity Building Workshop of Notable
           Persons on Mother and Child Health Care Issues
          To Organize Interactive Theatre regarding MCH Issues
   Trainee Community Development Officer (01 Year)
   BHP Billiton Petroleum, Zamzama Gas Plant, Johi, Pakistan
Job Desriptions:
        Understanding Community Development Program Approaches
        Ensure and Follow HSEC Policy of BHP Billiton Pakistan
        Relations Building between company, community, NGOs and Government
        Ensuring running projects of BHP Funded Projects

 Qualification Board/Univ.                       Year          Division/Grade
 M. Sc. (Agri.)
 Hons.                  S A U, Tando Jam           2005              1st Division

 B. Sc. (Agri.) Hons.
                        SAU, Tando Jam             2003              1st Division

 B.Ed                   SALU Khirpur               2008                Process

 H. S. C                BISE, Hyderabad            1997               C Grade

 SSC                    BISE Hyd                   1995               A Grade

MS Office
Out Look
 MS Office
Internet surfing.


               Participated Training Workshop on Democracy & Good Governance
                Organized by SPO Hyderabad
               Participated in Training Course on Bio Saline Agriculture, Hosted and
                Organized by MinFA on 1st June to (th June, 2010 at NCRD, Islamabad.
               Participated in Capability Building Work Shop On Disaster Risk
            Reduction and District Disaster Management Authority, Organized by
            VSA Johi and LHDP Badin, Sponsored by Oxfam GB at Gymkhana Dadu
            in April, 2007.
           Participated in Training Workshop on Health Education @ ZGP, Johi
            Dadu, held on July 30th-31st, 2006. Organized by BHP Billiton Petroleum
           Participated in Training on Environmental Awareness @ ZGP, Johi Dadu
            Sindh on dated July 18th, 2006. Organized by BHP Billiton Petroleum
           Participated in 4 days Training Program entitled by “Understanding
            Teaching and Learning Processes”, held from June 23rd-26th, 2006.
            Organized by IRC Khairpur Sponsored by BHP Billiton Pakistan.
           Conducted and facilitated in One-Day SMCs Orientation Training on
            Structure, Functions, Roles and Responsibilities on SMCs held on June
            20th, 2006 in Village Shadabad Welfare Organization (VSA) Johi.
           Participated in Training Workshop on Safety Leadership @ ZGP Johi
            District Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan held on April 11th-12th, 2006. Organized by
            BHP Billiton Petroleum Pakistan.
           Certificate of Appreciation in Students Week 98, Organized by Teacher
            Students Organizing Committee, Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam
            for awarding 3rd Position in Debate competition held on 14-12-1998 at
            S.A.U Tando Jam.
           Participation Certificate in 5th Sindh Scouts Camporee (JACOBABAD)
           Award of Honorary Performance Certificate for Voluntarily Services for
            Free Eye Camp organized by Sindh Graduates Association, Johi in 1993.
           Appraisal Certificate in 5th Sindh Scouts Camporee (JACOBABAD), 15th.
            To 21st. January, 1992.
           6 months short course in computer application with special reference to
            ‘Office Automation.


1.   Z.H. Memon, 2006. Role of Agri. Extension Worker after Rainfall, Daily Awami
     Awaz, Karachi, Saturday, August 19th , 2006.
2.   Z. H. Memon, 2005. Book Review “Principles of Biological Control”, Daily
     ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’, Karachi, Thursday February 10, 2005.
3.   Z. H. Memon, 2004. Pesticides Poisoning and their Control Measures, Daily
     ‘Hilal-e-Pakistan’, Karachi, Friday April 2, 2004.
4.   Z. H. Memon, 2001. Tips for Cotton Picking. Monthly ‘Sindh Zarat’, Agri. Ext.,
     Govt. of Sindh, Hyderabad. August, 2001.
5.   Z. H. Memon, 2001. Safety Measures for Pesticides. Monthly ‘Sindh Zarat’, Agri.
     Ext., Govt. of Sindh, Hyderabad. May, 2001.
Father’s Name     :         Ali Bux Memon
Date of Birth :       25 December, 1979
Marital Status    :         Single
CNIC No.          :         41202-5173952-9
Domicile          :         Sindh Rural (Distt: Dadu)
Nationality       :         Pakistani
Mailing Address   :         Ward No. 3 Jamia Masjid Mohalla Johi District
Dadu Sindh



1. Mr. Amjad Rajput
   Agriculture Officer
   OFDA-ACTED Mirpur Khas
   Mob: 03332629953
2. Mr. Khadim Hussain
       Program Manager
Goath Seengar Foundation
  Mob: 03337075322

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