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					  Before you launch a website, you need to
  know what type of websitehosting is ideal
            for your purpose.

managed hosting
  Before you launch a website, you need to know what type of
websitehosting is ideal for your purpose The number of options available
in the market can be overwhelming You need to spend a lot of time in
taking the decision as this has a tremendous impact on the success of
your website in future Shared website hosting is a major choice as this is
the cheapest option available Majority of the small and medium business
establishments are dependent on shared website hosting Here, you
share the server with many others
 Depending on the service provider, you would share the server with
hundreds or thousands of other websites Even storage space and CPU
capabilities are shared due to which it is suitable only for the websites
with minimal traffic managed hosting        Shared website hosting is not
for you if your website has plenty of web pages and is expecting tons of
traffic This would make your website sluggish and it might even face
downtime Dedicated website hosting is expensive, but is a necessity for
established businesses
 Unlike the shared website hosting, you can place multiple domains and
websites on a single server Performance capability of these servers is
incomparable As there is division of processor power and disk space
with others, there is a greater reliability Your site would soon enjoy the
highest levels of security The sites that require custom configurations
have the privilege of installing any special software or application of their
 The access control policy can be set as per your business requirements
with the help of custom firewall The greatest benefit is however the
unique IP address that you receive When you expand your online
business, you can increase the memory, disk space and processor
capability so as to suit your needs      Managed hosting is often
regarded as an advanced dedicated hosting opportunity Here you enjoy
most of the benefits of exclusive hosting, along with many more
additional privileges
 By choosing suitable package, you can ensure that the technical aspects
of the website are being handled by the host You are free from the
burden of actual server management, a highly time consuming task As it
is the professionals who would be performing the task, you would enjoy
peace of mind This can increase the uptime of your website considerably
      VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting is revolutionary and highly
desirable solution
 It combines the advantages of shared and dedicated methods Here, the
service provider would allot the server space among many users, but
each user has a reserved space Each unit would in itself act as an
individual server You can change the configuration and settings to suit
your requirement without disturbing other members using the same
server This is a highly cost effective solution; so many are switching over
to this option
      There is a wide range of packages available at cheap prices You
need to find the best service providers who can guarantee suitable
packages for your requirements You need to take into account the
following features: type of hosting, disk space, bandwidth, pricing, uptime,
customer support, RAM, operating system, etc         Resources: Steven is
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managed hosting

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