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									If you have found yourself in the position where you
must again begin submitting your resume to various
    companies, take heart that this is the perfect
  opportunity to make the best of your experience.

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While it is indeed a tough economic time and finding a new job is hard, it
may be easier than you might think to find the right job for you Now is
actually a great time to make the right job change, even if you don't need
to find a new job While the job pool is getting saturated with desperate
job seekers lacking disparate attractive characteristics, you can set
yourself apart by following these 5 simple resume writing tips
 Be Efficient - obviously, hiring managers are sifting through hundreds of
applications and possible candidates Put the most pertinent information
at the top of each section and organize it in a way that is easy to follow
When in doubt, leave it out-you need interesting answers to surprise
them with in the job interview anyway
 Be Precise - as the adage goes: keep it simple, but you're not stupid, so
don't let them think that you are, by rambling on with filler words and
irrelevant innocuous information Only give them enough information to
make them want to keep reading
 Make short, relevant points that are preferably bulleted Be Honest -
while it may seem like a good idea to pad your resume with big names or
numbers, you'll get caught up in semantics later on
 Get hired because you are the right person for the job, not because you
said the right resume builder online things Besides, how long can you
really get away with living a lie? Be Bold - even if your skills are far above
par, nobody will know unless you can grab their attention
 Use 12 point font, which is just big enough to avoid eye strain, and just
small enough to let you maximize the space you have Use captivating
titles and powerful keywords to not only draw attention but create a
standout image of you in their mind
 Be Smart - only give them enough relevant information that they will
have to set up an interview to learn more Explain the benefit of your
skills and your career goals and where this particular company comes
into play, focusing on the unique dynamic that only you can provide
 Whether you are in the market for a new job because you fear layoffs,
are facing layoffs with your current employer, or are looking to make a
career change, you can reach your job and career goals with the right
self-marketing strategy Learning how to sell yourself is, in fact, the most
important skill you will ever need, no matter what job you have
 While there are many more useful tricks of the resume trade that you can
use, so to speak, these 5 simple and easy resume writing tips will get you
started, and on your way to a new job and hopefully establish a strong
foundation for a much brighter future
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