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                                                                                                 Planet Quest™
solar system

                        Learning about the Earth and its surrounds                               P239749       $49.90   +$6.24GST
                       is a key area of learning for young children.
                                                                                                 The first animal in space was a dog. True or False? The sun is a star. True
                      Our products are ideal to assist children with                             or False? Learning about our solar system is much more than memorising
                      this as they allow them to closely explore the                             planets! Game includes 132 true/false questions, planet cards, spinner, playing
                                                                                                 pieces and game board. Game board measures 122cm L. Recommended for
                              planets and how they operate.                                      2–4 players. For 7 years plus.

               Inflatable Solar System Set                                  BUY 2
               P171074       1 Set        $89.90    +$11.24GST              &$AVE
               P318667       2 Sets      $169.90    +$21.24GST
               Demonstrate rotation, revolution and orbit. Teach the position, order, size and
               shape of the planets and sun. When the lesson is over, hang everything from
               the ceiling on the hooks provided. Deflates for easy storage. Made of durable,
               washable plastic. Measures 91cm Sun, 55cm Jupiter, 45cm Saturn (with rings),
               35cm Neptune, 35cm Uranus, 30cm Venus, 30cm Earth, 25cm Mars, 25cm
               Mercury, 20cm Pluto, 20cm Moon, Teachers’ Activity Guide and a convenient
               foot pump are included in this set. For 5 years plus.

                                                                                                 Science Crazy™ Solar System Kit
                                                                                                 P267716       $16.90    +$2.11GST

               Solar System Bulletin Board Set                                                   Build and decorate your very own 3D Solar System! Great for a Science
                                                                                                 project. Kit includes decofoam balls to make 9 planets and the Sun, 2 rings
               P092742      Pack of 26 $25.90 +$3.24GST                                          and 3 metres of aluminium wire. Instructions included. Sun measures 14cm in
               Learn about asteroids, comets and more. Set meets National Science Teacher        diameter.
               Association (NSTA) standards. Includes English and Spanish Discovery Guides
               filled with information and activities. Saturn measures 80cm W.

                                                                                                             NEW! Playground Sized Solar System
                                                                                                             P305912       $115.90    +$14.49GST
                                                                                                             Bright fun planets are printed onto laminated non tear vests. One
                                                                                                             child wears the sun vest and holds the ends of 9 premeasured
                                                                                                             plastic cords. Children wearing the planet vests walk out to the full
                                                                                                             distance of the cord to represent the distance between the planet
                                                                                                             and the sun. The Teacher Guide includes useful information about
                                                                                                             the solar system and describes integrated activities. Vests measure
                                                                                                             22 x 64cm each. For 5 years plus.

  80                N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed on placement of order.
                                            BUY BULK
NEW! Inflatable                                                               NEW! Inflatable Light-up Globe                               BUY 2
Labelling Globe
P300830       Each    $51.90 +$6.49GST
                                                                              P300921       Each         $25.90   +$3.24GST               &$AVE

                                                                                                                                                                   our planet and environment
                                                                              P318683       Buy 2        $34.90   +$4.36GST
P300848       Buy 2 $89.95 +$11.24GST
                                                                              Provide a luminous view of the world, clear labels identify major bodies of
P318675       Buy 3 $129.90 +$16.24GST                                        water, lines of latitude and longitude, continents, countries and cities. Includes
Enrich geography, history, literature and social studies with this            5000 hour LED bulb, hook, string, repair kit and activity guide. Measures
write-on/wipe-off globe. Perfect for labelling continents, bodies of water,   approximately 30cm in diameter. Requires 3 alkaline 1.5V batteries (included).
countries and more. No words, perfect for assessments. Includes activity
guide, repair kit and display hook and string. Use with wet erase markers.
Measures 70cm in diameter.
                                                                                Inflatable Topographical
     Illustrated with national                                                  P250837
                                                                                $12.90 +$1.61GST
     and political boundaries
                                                                                Unique inflatable globe highlights
        as well as the Earth’s                                                  topographical features with labels for
         natural geography.                                                     oceans, continents, countries, major
                                                                                lakes, rivers and cities. Multilingual
                                                                                activity guide, display hook and repair
                                                                                kit included. Globe measures 30cm in

                                                                                                                               NEW! Earth, Moon
                                                                                                                               and Stars Mini
                                                                                                                               Bulletin Board Set
                                                                                                                               $16.75 +$2.09GST
                                                                                                                               Use the detailed illustrations
                                                                                                                               and labels in this mini bulletin

World Globe                                                     BUY 2                                                          board to teach a variety of

                                                                                                                               science concepts, reinforce
P103184        Each   $59.90 +$7.49GST                                                                                         skills, and enhance vocabulary
P194860        Buy 2 $99.90 +$12.49GST                                                                                         development. Set includes
                                                                                                                               52 interactive die-cut pieces,
Illustrated with national and political boundaries as well as the Earth’s                                                      title, and an insert guide with
natural geography, including mountains, rivers and underwater ocean                                                            suggested activities. Title
topography. Special features include calibrated meridian lines, time dial                                                      measures approximately 53 x
and sturdy plastic base. Measures 25cm in diameter.                                                                            15cm.

                                                                                                                   World Treasure Hunt™ Map
     Get children interested
                                                                                                                          P231035         $79.90    +$9.99GST
      in world geography
                                                                                                Get children interested in world geography with this HUGE,
      with this huge, vinyl                                                                    vinyl floor mat. All continents are colour-coded and labelled,
           floor mat.                                                                           and all oceans are labelled. Set includes 24 flag markers in 4
                                                                                                 colours and 21 “clue” cards containing multiple facts about
                                                                                                  natural landmarks, agriculture, climate, and more. Activity
                                                                                                                 guide included. Mat measures 183 x 122cm.

                              Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                                  81
                                       This set of 3 cardboard posters are a great
                                    addition to the classroom. Includes 1 x World Map
                                    Poster, 1 x My World of Flags Poster and 1 x Solar
                                     System Poster. Each poster measures 52 x 73cm.

our planet and environment

                                                                                                                            World Map, My World
                                                                                                                             of Flags and Solar
                                                                                                                              System Posters
                                                                                                                             Set of 3 Products
                                                                                                                             $36.50 +$4.56GST

                                                                                                               Vortex Tornado Tube
                                                                                                               P180257       $2.90   +$0.36GST
                                                                                                               Create your very own tornado in a tube. Attach a
                                                                                                               soft drink bottle to either end of the tube and bear
                                                                                                               witness to a spectacular tornado. Tube measures 5
                                                                                                               H x 3cm W. Drink bottles not included. Colours may
                                                                                                               vary. For 3 years plus.

                                                                                                                                                           Erupting Cross-Section
                                                                                                                                                           Volcano Model
                                                                                                                                                           P239608      $77.90   +$9.74GST

                             World Political Pacific Centred Laminated Wall Map                                                                            Create your very own erupting
                                                                                                                                                           volcano with this unique, no
                             P270454       $39.90   +$4.99GST
                                                                                                                                                           assembly required model – easy
                             This Pacific-centred laminated wall map clearly shows all political boundaries                                                and mess free. Detailed
                             and capital cities. Scale 1:30 000 000. Measures 101 x 63cm.                                                                  cross-section shows the inside
                                                                                                                                                           of the volcano. Activity guide
                                                                                                                                                           included. Model measures 28 H x
                                                                                                                                                           33cm W. For 6 years plus.
                                                                           New Zealand
                                                                           Laminated Wall Map
                                                                           $39.90 +$4.99GST
                                                                           This map of New Zealand
                                                                           features easy to read
                                                                           cartography, national parks, road
                                                                           distances, a distance grid and
                                                                           features bathymetric tinting.
                                                                           Scale of 1:1 600 000. Measures
                                                                           100 x 70cm.

                             of the World
                             P276295 Set of 7
                             $25.90 +$3.24GST
                             Satellite images contain
                             key facts and figures
                             about each continent.
                             Resource guide included.
                             7 posters. Measures
                             43.2 x 61cm each.

    82                             N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed on placement of order.
                 Challenge children to consider the consequences of human activity upon the environment.

  The Environment Books
  Books provide a comprehensive overview
  of issues relating to the state of our
  natural environment. They are structured
  to challenge children to consider the
  consequences of human activity upon
  the environment. Each book includes
  comprehensive background information,
  teacher’s notes, answers and additional
  activities. 99 pages.

                                                                                                                                                                        our planet and environment
                                                            Ages 6-8                                Ages 9-10                                Ages 11+
                                                  P277764       $49.90    +$6.24GST       P277772        $49.90    +$6.24GST      P277780         $49.90    +$6.24GST

 Cross-Section Earth Model
 P171082       $36.50   +$4.56GST
                                                                                      NEW! Great Barrier Reef
                                                                                      P294009       $54.90    +$6.86GST
 This hands-on model makes illustrating the mysteries of the Earth easy.
 The outside of the model shows the oceans and continents. The Earth’s 2              Explore Australia’s Great Barrier Reef without leaving the classroom!
 hemispheres separate to show the 4 main layers of the Earth: crust, mantle,          Arrange the paper tiles on a classroom wall. Paint special colour diffusing
 outer core and inner core, their temperatures and depths. It’s easy for              paper fish. Use the full colour poster as a reference. Stencils and Teacher’s
 students to handle and examine because it’s made of soft foam and measures           Guide included. Includes a world map that indicates coral reefs across the
 12.7cm in diameter. Includes fact-filled activity guide. For 5 years plus.           planet. Makes a mural up to 1.5 x 0.75m. For 4 years plus.

Giant Inflatable Weather Set
P239525      Set of 5      $79.90   +$9.99GST
                                                                                      NEW! Weather Station
Encourage children’s natural curiosity about weather with these durable
                                                                                      P302760      $51.90    +$6.49GST
inflatable vinyl weather shapes (cloud, sun, snowflake, lightening bolt and           This weather station contains everything you need to study weather
raindrop). Activity Guide provides fun, weather-related facts and activities,         patterns in the classroom. The set includes activities on measuring
helping children learn where rain comes from and what lightening is. Realistic        temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity and precipitation,
detail and hang tabs make these a colourful addition to any room. Repair kit          and ongoing experiments on charting weather patterns. Measures
included. Largest shape measures 76cm in diameter. For 5 years plus.                  approximately 26cm L x 40cm H. For 8 years plus.

                              Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                                       83
                                       Let students build their own
                                        weather stations and study
                                         temperature, barometric
                                      pressure, humidity, wind speed,
                                        direction and map reading.

                                   Weather Kit
                                   P279703        $115.00   +$14.38GST
                                   Let students build their own weather stations and
                                   study temperature, barometric pressure, humidity,
                                   wind speed, direction and map reading. 32 page
                                   teachers’ guide and alternative assessment ideas
our planet and environment

                                   included. For grade 4 plus.

                                        Giant Wall
                                      Thermometer                                                                  BUY 2                                                               BUY 2
                                    Measures 62cm long                                                            &$AVE                                                               &$AVE

                             This Giant                                                                          NEW! Digital Window                      NEW! Analogue
                                                                                                                 Thermometer                              Window Thermometer
                              will allow                                                                         P304337 Each                             P304345 Each
                             you to plot                                                                         $32.50 +$4.06 GST                        $29.75 +$3.72GST
                             the changes                                                                         P318709 Buy 2                            P318717 Buy 2
                              in the air                                                                                                                  $44.90 +$5.61GST
                                                                                                                 $47.90 +$5.99 GST
                             Measures                                                                            Monitor outside temperature from         Monitor outside temperature from
                             approximately                                                                       within. Measures between -20°C to        within. Measures between -20°C to
                             62cm L.                                                                             60°C, 4.3 x 3cm.                         50°C, 6cm in diameter.

                                                                             BUY BULK

                                                                                                                 Weather Centre
                                                                                                                 P231043       $74.90    +$9.36GST
                                                                                                                 Create a weather station in your classroom with these durable
                                                                                                                 meteorological instruments. Students can measure and record barometric
                                                                                                                 pressure, relative humidity and air temperature on a daily or hourly basis
                                                                                                                 and record the trends, averages, highs and lows. The sturdy carrying case
                                                                                                                 holds a barometer, hygrometer and Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer, as
                                                                                                                 well as 3 stands for use of the instruments individually. The included activity
                                                                                                                 guide explains in detail how to use each instrument. Each instrument
                                                                                                                 measures approximately 8cm W. For 5 years plus.

                             Classroom                   Economy                       Student
                             Thermometer                 Thermometer                   Thermometer               NEW! Wall and Ground
                             P015081                     P066498 Each                  P019935 Each              Mount Rain Gauge
                             $22.50 +$2.81GST            $6.50 +$0.81GST               $6.50 +$0.81GST
                                                                                                                 P300129      $6.50    +$0.81GST
                             LARGE in size! Ranges       P195941 Set of 10             P173237 Set of 5
                             from -40°C to 50ºC and      $49.90 +$6.24GST              $20.90 +$2.61GST          This easy to use rain gauge can
                             -40ºF to 120ºF (alcohol                                                             be either placed in the ground or
                                                         Thermometer                   -30C to 110C. Basic red   mounted on a wall to help children
                             filled). Durable plastic.
                                                         mounted on a backing.         alcohol thermometer on    understand rainfall. Holds up to
                             Measures 50 H x 11cm
                                                         Thermometer measures          a moulded plastic back.   120mm. Measures 15cm H. Colours
                             W. For 6 years plus.
                                                         12cm L. Backing measures      Measures 2.3 x 15.6cm.    and designs may vary.
                                                         5 x 15cm.

    84                             N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed on placement of order.                                              85
                                                                                                    •   Earthbox® with castors

                                                                                                    •   Aeration screen
                                                                                                    •   Watering Tube

                                                                                                    •   Fertiliser
                                                                                                    •   Mulch Cover
                                                                                                    •   Instruction manual

                • Teach team building and horticultural skills, nutrition and

                  data collection, as well as a range of scientific concepts.
                • Developed in conjunction with several US Universities to
                  provide the best possible growing environment for plants.

                                                                                                                                                                                   living things
                • Increase instructional time dramatically with no weeding,
                  no hoeing and no digging
                • Are sustainable - use 60% less water than traditional
                  gardens, and the same potting medium for 6-7 seasons.
                                                                                     NEW! EarthBox® Youth Garden Set
                • Can be set up on concrete, mulch, rooftops, grass,
                  playgrounds, pavements and greenhouses.                            P306654              $129.00   +$16.13GST

                • Low to the ground so easy for children of all physical             The EarthBox® Youth Garden Set provides a hands-on resource for teaching students
                  abilities to reach.                                                about nutrition, planting, nurturing, harvesting crops, integrated pest management,
                • Grow high yields of crops.                                         the food system and sustainability. Teacher’s guides maximize benefit in the
                                                                                     classroom, providing information and activities on a range of core scientific concepts.
                                                                                     Measures 75cm L x 35cm D x 30cm H.

       NEW! EarthBox® Year 1-3 Teacher’s Guide                                                     NEW! EarthBox® Primary School Teacher’s Guide
       P306670            $84.50   +$10.56GST                                                      P306662       $129.00    +$16.13GST
       This Teacher’s Guide features activities and teacher instructions on simple                 This teacher’s guide includes activities and teacher instructions for a range
       scientific concepts using the Earthbox®. Ideal for students aged 4 to 6 years,              of different lessons relating to the EarthBox®. Ideal for students aged 7 to
       this guide features detailed instructions for teachers on simple scientific                 12, the guide features reproducible worksheets and workbooks for students,
       concepts relating to the EarthBox®. EarthBox® Youth Garden Set (P306654)                    as well as overhead tranparencies. EarthBox® Youth Garden Set (P306654)
       sold separately.                                                                            sold separately.

     NEW! Small World Tray
     P263277 $89.90 +11.24GST

                 •   Easy carry handle.
                                                                                                            NEW! The Little Book
                 •   Pouring lip.                                                                           of Tuff Spot Activities
                 •   Made from tough, durable plastic.                                                      P275115        $49.90   +$6.24GST
                 •   Ideal for indoor and outdoor play on a table or on the floor.                          Brimming with ideas, this little book          This book
                 •   Depth of tray safely contains messy activities.                                        explores 101 uses with the Small
                                                                                                            World Tray, including small world play,
                                                                                                                                                          explores 101
                 •   Easy access octagonal shapes encourages group play.
                 •   Made from recycled materials.                                                          the hub for treasure hunts, base for        uses of the Small
                                                                                                            experiments and many more. Provides           World Tray!
                 •   Measures 94cm in diameter.                                                             detailed instructions. 68 pages.

85                                     Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                                     85
                                                                                    NEW! Lettuce Seed Raiser
                                                          CIAL OF                                                                           BUY BULK
                                                        PE P277897 FER
                                                                                    P294546 Each    $5.85            +$0.73GST

                                                       S                            P310771 Buy 10 $51.90            +$6.49GST
                                                              Growpots              Contains tray and cover, potting mix and Lettuce
                                                               Set of 5             seeds for 50 plants. Adult supervision recommended.

                                                           SAVE $11.60
                                                          1 x P272088, P272104,
                                                           P273292, P272096 &
living things

                   Tomato                                                                                      NEW!
                   Growpot                                                                                     Tomato Seed Raiser
                   P272088                                                                                     P294538 Each    $5.85           +$0.73GST
                   $12.90                                                                                      P310763 Buy 10 $51.90           +$6.49GST
                   +$1.61GST                                                                                   Contains tray and cover, potting mix
                                                                                                               and Tomato seeds for 40 plants. Adult
                                                                                                               supervision recommended.

                   Sweet Pea
                                                                                  Rocket Seed Raiser
                   Growpot                                                        P303420       Each    $5.85        +$0.73GST
                   P272104                                                        P310789       Buy 10 $51.90        +$6.49GST
                   $12.90                                                         Contains tray and cover, potting mix and
                   +$1.61GST                                                      Rocket seeds for 750 plants. Adult supervision

                   Lavender                                                                                     Sunflower Seed Raiser
                   Growpot                                                                                      P303438 Each             $5.85   +$0.73GST
                   P273292                                                                                      P310797 Buy 10          $51.90   +$6.49GST
                   $12.90                                                                                       Contains tray and cover, potting mix
                   +$1.61GST                                                                                    and Sunflower seeds for 25 plants. Adult
                                                                                                                supervision recommended.

                                                                                  Sweet Pea Seed Raiser
                                                                                  P303396       Each    $5.85        +$0.73GST
                   P272096                                                        P310755       Buy 10 $51.90        +$6.49GST
                                                                                  Contains tray and cover, potting mix and
                                                                                  Sweet Pea seeds for 12 plants. Adult
                                                                                  supervision recommended.

                                                                                                                                     NEW! Magic
                Chilli                                                                                                               P304352 Each
                Grow Pot                                                                                                             $22.90 +$2.86GST
                                                                                                                                     P318725 Buy 2
                                                                                                                                     $36.90 +$4.61GST
                +$1.61GST                                                                                                            Perfect for sowing
                                                                                                                                     tiny seeds. Simply fill
                                                                                                                                     the pot and press the
                                                                                                                                     spring loaded trigger

                                                                                                                     BUY 2           to release a single seed.

                                                                                                                                     The Magic Seeder works
                                                                                                                                     with any seed less than
                                                                                                                                     2mm in diameter. For 5
                                                                                                                                     years plus.

  86               N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed on placement of order.
         Pocket Gardens™ are a quick, easy and mess free way to teach children how plants grow. Contains
      specially formulated compost and seeds that once cut open, just require water to germinate. Supplied in
      a sealed and leak-proof bag. Can be planted at any time of the year. Bags measure approximately 15cm

                              H x 13cm W x 6cm D. Adult supervision recommended.

SPE P300301 FER
  Pocket Garden™
       Set 1
2 Herbs & 2 Flowers
    SAVE $3.65
  1 x P300236, P300228,
        & P300293.

                                                                                                                                                                    living things
   NEW! Pocket Garden™                      NEW! Pocket Garden™                   NEW! Pocket Garden™                      NEW! Pocket Garden™
   Organic Dill                             Organic Garlic Chives                 Marigold                                 Forget Me Not
   P300236       $12.90   +$1.61GST         P300228      $12.90    +$1.61GST      P300285 $12.90        +$1.61GST          P300293 $12.90         +$1.61GST

S P P300319 F R
  Pocket Garden     ™

       Set 2
2 Herbs & 2 Flowers
    SAVE $3.65
 1 x P300244, P300251,
       & P300277.

   NEW! Pocket Garden™                      NEW! Pocket Garden™                   NEW! Pocket Garden™                      NEW! Pocket Garden™
   Organic Mint                             Organic Coriander                     Lavender                                 Cornflower
   P300244       $12.90   +$1.61GST         P300251      $12.90    +$1.61GST      P300269      $12.90    +$1.61GST         P300277 $12.90         +$1.61GST

      Great classroom activity to teach
                                                                                          CIAL OF
                                                                                        PE P277889 FER
        children the responsibility of
     looking after their own vegetable                                                 S
               or herb patch.                                                                 Pellet and
                                                                                               Tray Set
                                                                                             SAVE $3.30                    Jiffy® Peat Pellets
                                                                                          1 x P272062 & P272070.
                                                                                                                           P272062        $12.90   +$1.61GST
                                                                                                                           A quick and effective way to establish
  Mini                                                                                                                     seedlings. Includes 24 pellets.
  Vegetable Garden                                                                                                         Each measures approximately 4cm
  P243790       $25.90    +$3.24GST
                                                                                  Sow and Grow Seed                        diameter when dry.
                                                                                  and Cutting Tray
  The Mini Vegetable Garden includes high quality seed-raising mix, 5
  different types of lettuce, 3 growing labels and a pen so children know what    P272070
  they have planted, together with a durable growing box with a drip tray         $13.90 +$1.74GST
  measuring 31.5 x 47.5 x 16.5cm. Adult supervision recommended.
                                                                                  This Seed and Cutting Tray
                                                                                  is an essential addition to
                                                                                  classroom gardening activities.
                                                                                  Tray measures 30 x 25cm. Pots
                                                                                  measure 5.5H x 6cm D.

  Mini Herb Garden                                                                Sow and Grow Propagator Set
  P243782       $25.90    +$3.24GST                                               P261768       $17.75   +$2.22GST
  The Mini Herb Garden includes Chives, Coriander and Basil seeds, high quality   A complete mini-greenhouse that provides the perfect environment in which
  seed-raising mix, 3 plant labels and a growing box and drip tray measuring      to start cuttings and seeds. Includes a 24-cell insert, drip tray and a clear,
  31.5 x 47.5 x 16.5cm. Adult supervision recommended.                            lightweight green house lid. Measures 37.5 L x 24 W x 13.5cm H.

                               Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                              87

                                                                NEW! Bug Catcher
                                                                P304329 Pack of 5                      Diorama Box                                                BUY BULK
                                                                $38.90 +$4.86GST
                                                                P318733 Pack of 10
                                                                                                       P268052       Pack of 10 $34.90        +$4.36GST           &$AVE
                                                                                                       P268060       Pack of 20 $59.90        +$7.49GST
                                                                $54.90 +$6.86GST
                                                                                                       Great for school projects and observations. Decorate and add your
                   BUY BULK
                                                                Collect mini-beasts the safe
                                                                                                       own personal touch with markers, glitter, paper and much more!

                                                                way. Includes safety filter
                                                                                                       Features clear plastic window at the front. Measures 25 x 16 x 16cm.
                                                                and colour coded suction and
                                                                breather tubes. For 5 years plus
                                                                with adult supervision.
living things

                Bug Keeper
                P117820       Each          $12.90    +$1.61GST
                P264978       Set of 4      $46.90    +$5.85GST
                Catch insects and observe their daily life!
                Measures 21 H x 13cm in diameter. For
                4 years plus.

                                       BUY BULK                                                      Life Cycles Bulletin Board Set
                                        &$AVE                                                        P275990       Set of 4       $25.90   +$3.24GST
                                                                                                     This 4 piece bulletin board set outlines the lifecycles of chickens, frogs,
                                                                                                     butterflies and plants. Removable header and resources included. Each poster
                                                                                                     measures 43.2 x 61cm.

                                                                                                          Great resource book
                                                                                                             for teachers to
                                                                                                           introduce children
                                                                                                             to the world of
                                                                            BUY BULK
                                                                                                              living things!

                                                                                                      NEW! The Little
                                                                                                      Book of Living Things
                                                                                 Eye Spy              P275107
                                                                              Bug Viewer              $51.90 +$6.49GST
                                                  P014258     Each $5.50              +$0.69GST       A great starting point to develop
                                                                                                      young children’s awareness
                                                  P246108 Set of 5 $19.90             +$2.49GST
                                                                                                      of the world around them.
                      Catch them, view them, free them. Get a closer look at all sorts of small       Covering plants as well as
                      creatures. The nifty plastic container has a magnifying lid, with air holes     animals, learning the process of
                       to keep your catch alive while you size them up on the measuring grid.         life, looking after living things
                          Examine bugs, flowers, stamps, coins and more! Measures 7.5 x 7.5 x         and creating habitats. A5 size,
                                                                        6.5cm. For 4 years plus.      78 pages.

                                                                                 NEW! Chick Life                        Eggs 1-20 contain realistic illustrations,
                                                                                 Cycle Exploration                    the final egg opens to reveal a plastic 3-D
                                                                                 Set                                  chick. Each egg measures 9.5cm L. Storage
                                                                                 P317990                               tray measures 38 x 21.5cm. Suitable from
                                                                                 $79.90 +$9.99GST                                   kindergarten.
                                                                                 No incubator required!
                                                                                 Discover the development
                                                                                 of a chick day-by-day before
                                                                                 it hatches by cracking
                                                                                 open this set of 21 eggs.
                                                                                 Eggs 1-20 contain realistic
                                                                                 illustrations, the final egg
                                                                                 opens to reveal a plastic
                                                                                 3-D chick. Multilingual
                                                                                 activity guide included,
                                                                                 definitions, facts and
                                                                                 photocopiable labels. Each
                                                                                 egg measures 9.5cm L.
                                                                                 Storage tray measures 38
                                                                                 x 21.5cm. Suitable from

  88                 N.B. Prices are current at time of print but are subject to change. Prices will be confirmed on placement of order.

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