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  CRYSTAL CRUISES DOES IT AGAIN                                                 SEP 2009

  Greetings travel enthusiasts
  In a world first, the ultra luxury cruise line, Crystal
  Cruises has been awarded the World’s Best Large
  Ship Cruise Line for the 14th consecutive year by the
  discerning Travel + Leisure Magazine readership. The
  ultra-luxury line is the only cruise line, resort or hotel
  to have won the prestigious award each year since the
  awards’ inception.

  Now I am happy to acknowledge the loyal legion of small
  ship cruise aficionados focused on Crystal being voted
  World’s Best LARGE ship cruise line. So I need to make
  particular mention regarding the credibility of this most
  prestigious of travel awards that Crystal’s 2009 World’s Best
  Score of 88.94 is the highest of any cruise line – large OR

  I am very proud to have enjoyed the invaluable experience of
  working with Crystal Cruises for 4 years (1999-2003), aboard
  the Crystal Symphony with their shore excursions department.
  When discussing with clients the many virtues of sailing with the
  award winning Crystal Cruises, I often have to be mindful to be
  restrained. So it is with great pleasure that I can offer you the
  following information regarding a cruise line that is not only rated
  by yours truly as the best, but by many thousands of discerning
  travellers from around the globe.

  I have added below a quote from a recent media response from
  Crystal Cruises regarding the Travel and Leisure’s “World’s Best”
  Awards that were featured in the magazine’s August 2009 issue.
  Subscribers were permitted one vote each, and were asked to rate
  cruise lines on cabins, food, service, itineraries/destinations, activities
  and value, plus an optional vote for families.

  “We are so honoured and gratified that Crystal’s winning formula of
  superior service, choices, space, quality and value was treasured by
  so many discerning Travel + Leisure readers,” says Crystal Cruises’               Ross Quigly
  President Gregg Michel. “This award continues to be a tremendous
  validation of the authentic warmth and professionalism of Crystal’s              National Sales
  extraordinary staff and our unparalleled attention to detail.”                     Manager
                                                                           Making Waves - SEP 2009

Ultra luxurious is a commonly used term in association       authorities, celebrities, politicians, Smithsonian
with the line and one which by no means is wasted or         institute lecturers and accomplished sporting
exaggerated. The two ships in the line’s fleet being         identities.
the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were both
the benchmark for ship style, design and on board            Another interesting complimentary feature to
amenities and service at their inception. By September,      enhance your next Crystal cruise is the themed
once the Crystal Symphony undergoes a major                  itineraries on offer. Everything from Film and
multimillion dollar redesign the company will have           television themes are hosted by stars of the silver
invested more than $65 million in its two ships within       screen. Modern history and politics is focused
only a three-year period, a true testament to the line’s     upon and explained in depth often by the people
focus to maintain this reputation of the highest possible    responsible for the matters being discussed.
ship standards.
                                                             Food and wine themed cruises have tastings and
Which other lines offer innovative features such as          demonstrations co-ordinated by Michelin star and
restaurants with cuisine by Nobu Matsuhisa, ultimate         world famous Chef’s and master wine makers and
wine experiences with the prestigious vintage room,          complimentary to the region being travelled. An
tech concierges, or the “over the top” adventures ashore     important theme for golfers to note is the Golf
program. More to the point who has even heard of such        “links” itineraries whereby itineraries are matched
things….tech concierges, really? It is however inspired      with courses whilst on-board workshops are overseen
and innovative firsts such as these that have set Crystal    by notable golfing greats, usually from the PGA.
ahead of the rest to become so highly thought of by
even the most discerning of cruise connoisseur.

With a repeat cruise guest rate that averages almost
60% on every voyage, Crystal are extremely focused
upon ensuring every cruise is better than the last, no
easy feat. The most comprehensive enrichment program
has been developed covering options for language
tuition by Berlitz academy, music lessons in the Yamaha
studio or art appreciation by Sotheby’s institute of Art .
All this and I’ve not even begun to touch on their highly
acclaimed guest lecture series hosted by international

                      Ross Quigly - National Sales Manager
                      1300 CRUISE - 1300 278 473
                      Email:                                    1300CRUISE
                                                                                   Cruising with Confidence
                                                                          Making Waves - SEP 2009

Crystal Cruises offer two choices of ship that epitomise     My wife and I enjoyed having our (en suited) room
luxurious contemporary cruising. Strict attention to         cleaned daily as well as clothes and uniforms
detail is observed across every aspect of the ship’s         laundered daily. We also enjoyed a fully equipped
construction, design, décor and amenities. This attention    crew Gymnasium, being waited upon at every meal
to detail is matched in service levels by the better than    period in the officer’s mess, and regular company
1 to 2 staff ratio. For many of the loyal Crystal guests,    funded parties being just some of the complimentary
it is often stated that the officers and crew are key        amenities for officers and crew on board.
reasons for returning so often, now members of the
“Crystal family” as they call it.                            Add to this that we were both officers allowing us
                                                             a to enjoy all the amenities of the ship including
                                                             restaurants, bars, gymnasium, movie / show theatres,
Extending the “Crystal Family” is a very clear focus of      decks and pools and it’s little wonder that our initial
the company and the recognition of staff retainment          8 month contract flew by in only….four years. Many
in achieving that goal is openly focused upon by             of my friends and colleagues were also taken by the
Crystal corp. I can personally attest to being one of the    experience with Crystal boasting the best retention
fortunate crew aboard that realised that there are few       rate at sea with 80% of officers having over 5 years
other cruise lines looking after the personnel so well.      service and a staggering 59% having sailed for
                                                             more than 10 years.

                      Ross Quigly - National Sales Manager
                      1300 CRUISE - 1300 278 473
                      Email:                                  1300CRUISE
                                                                                  Cruising with Confidence
                                                                          Making Waves - SEP 2009

WITH CRYSTAL CRUISES, THE                                    Antarctica and cruises through the Middle East and
                                                             Africa to name but a few.
                                                             In 2010, Crystal celebrate their 20th year though
And never has the value of Crystal been so great.            their 15th year since their first ship entered
Recent economic conditions have led to an array of           service (consecutive with the number of years as
discounting and booking incentives being offered             World Leading line) and are offering a range of
by cruise lines at all ends of the spectrum, and             promotions to celebrate. Fare reductions of up to
high Luxe is no different. The result being that now         55% are offered on select sailings and can be
cruising with the world’s number one line has never          viewed via their website or by calling me me for
been so affordable and great value. Already the              specifics on availability and exact pricing.
furious discounting war over 2009 fares appears to
be abating slightly in 2010. So before fares more            For an idea how fantastic current offers are in dollar
widely correct, coupled with the strong AUD, now’s           terms, consider a 12 day Mediterranean cruise in
your time to think about your opportunity to cruise          June for as little as $3745USD or $312 per day.
with the World’s best.                                       Incredible value for all inclusive travel, six star
                                                             dining and facilities all rated the best in the world
As with their on board services, Crystal prides itself       wouldn’t you say. THEN, add in the (v212) “As You
on being leaders ashore with smart itinerary planning        Wish” promotional on board credit to the fare of
and innovative and comprehensive touring options             USD$1000 p.p. and the fare equates to $2745USD.
being offered. Extended time in port for day visits          This now draws the per day price even lower to
is complimented by overnight and even two night              $228 per day…..Now have I got you thinking?
calls in port where warranted. Some examples of
ports to look out for to enjoy nights ashore are St
Petersburg and Venice (doubles) as well as Stockholm,
Copenhagen, Sorrento, Barcelona, Sorrento, Monte
Carlo, and Istanbul …..and the list goes on. Just
another point of difference that proves the difference
“Crystal Clear” as the company say.

Additionally to Northern Europe and Mediterranean,
in 2010 and 11 the ships cover the globe with
annual World Cruises of around 110 days as well
as seasonal deployments in Asia, Alaska, Australia,

                      Ross Quigly - National Sales Manager
                      1300 CRUISE - 1300 278 473
                      Email:                                  1300CRUISE
                                                                                  Cruising with Confidence
                                                                           Making Waves - SEP 2009

ALL INCLUSIVE “SPEND AS YOU                                  or sea. With every conceivable contemporary and
                                                             traditional service and treatments being offered, the
WISH” PROGRAM FOR 2010                                       Feng Shui inspired Crystal spas are sure to impress
                                                             even the most pampered of spa junkies.

Whilst Crystal’s loyal devotees daren’t think of             There are so many great reasons for choosing
cruising with anyone else, the line’s main luxury            Crystal to enjoy a truly premium cruise experience
competitors do offer one significant difference being        that I could fill many more pages than offered in this
all inclusive fares. Although this generally leads to        article. To learn more about the line, I recommend
proportionately higher fares, the absence of a wine /        you visit for more details.
beverage account is a point that has kept some from          As you may have guessed I don’t need a lot of
looking to Crystal. To combat this, in 2010 Crystal’s        prompting to enjoy good chin wag regarding the
“As You Wish” promotion offers on board credits of           virtue of a Crystal Cruise so make your FREE CALL
between one to ten thousand dollars is available             1300 CRUISE (1300 278 473) now to learn more
with the majority of 2010 cruises, to be spent               about how a Crystal experience may suit you.
onboard…… entirely - as you wish.
                                                             Until the next time, stay safe, travel well and...
Other avenues for spending your hard earned
thousands of on board credit may be Crystal highly
acclaimed “adventures ashore” program. From co-
piloting a Jet Mig over Moscow to a Ferrari on the           Bon Voyage...... Ross
French Riviera, Crystal has been designing their Shore
side programs to be as compelling as the rest of
the operation. Other exciting options include Hot Air
Ballooning in many cities and regions, staying ashore
in Castles, and general worldwide adventure seeking
coupled with more traditional expected day tours.

Or if spoiling ones self on board is more suited than
adventures ashore, you will think you have died and
gone to a heavenly scented spa aboard the two
ships. The spas are consistently ranked as among
the best destination spa resorts in the world – land

                      Ross Quigly - National Sales Manager
                      1300 CRUISE - 1300 278 473
                      Email:                                    1300CRUISE
                                                                                   Cruising with Confidence

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