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Email: Web: Manchester Business School, Booth Street West, Manchester, M15 6PB, United Kingdom.

Celebrate -
the aftershow
Celebrate - this is exactly
what alumni, their partners
and staff did at the Alumni
Reunion Ball on Saturday
30 September at the
Renaissance Hotel
in Manchester.

After a drinks reception and a three-course
meal, Professor John Arnold spoke of his
impending retirement following 12 years as
director of Manchester Business School. Then
guests - including alumni from the anniversary
classes of 2001, 1996 and 1991 - danced the
night away to music courtesy of a soul band
and resident DJ.

The giant scalextric proved very popular, with
guests enjoyng a spin around the track.

There were prizes galore, thanks to a large
number of sponsors who kindly supported the
event. A big thank you goes to Manchester
United, Manchester City FC, Renaissance Hotels,
Delta Travel,, Blackwells
bookshop, Abiwel Ltd, High Pin Golfing and
restaurants, Yang Sing, Panama Hattys, Le Mont
and Heathcotes.

A fabulous brunch was held at the School on
Sunday, rounding off a great weekend of
networking and entertainment.

We‘ve already booked next year‘s ball - and
look forward to seeing everyone, particularly
the classes of 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and
2002. So get your diaries out now and put a
note under Saturday 6 October 2007 - you
have a party to attend!
Contents                            Editor‘s Welcome
Page 2                              Welcome to the winter edition
                                    of Network magazine, focusing
Page 3                              on the retail sector.
Editor‘s Welcome
                                    This issue features an exclusive interview with
Page 4                              Keith Jones, managing director of PC World,
News Home                           who spoke to us about the challenges and
                                    opportunities facing retailers (see p.9).
Page 6
News Away                           It‘s an exciting time for Manchester Business
                                    School. January 2007 sees Professor John Arnold
Page 7                              handing over the reigns as director of the School to
Working with MBS                    Professor Michael Luger. Professor Luger joins from
                                    Kenan-Flagler Business School at The University
Page 9                              of North Carolina (see Over and Out on p.4).
The Keith Jones Interview
                                    We are also pleased to announce the launch of
Page 12                             our coach referral service. Following feedback
MBS Worldwide                       from alumni, the service will give you access to
                                    leading executive coaches in the UK, Spain, USA
Page 13                             and Asia. To find our more and to meet the
Research Focus and Book Reviews     coaches, check out p.14.

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Alumni Group News
                                    Finally, thanks once again to all those who have
Page 18                             contributed to this issue and we hope you enjoy
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Alumni Diary

Page 22
Inside Track

Page 23

                                     Lisa Samberg, editor

News Home
                                                   The creation and emergence of the new MBS
                                                   during the past couple of years has been equally
                                                   impressive. As the UK‘s largest campus-based
                                                                                                         Fresh Start
                                                   business school, we have over 200 talented            Alison Edmonds will become head of Alumni
                                                   academics and an outstanding team of support          Relations in January 2007. Many of you will
                                                   staff. Our research power is now greater than         already know Alison from her time as head of
                                                   that of any other business school in the UK and       Career Management Services.
                                                   the increased size and strength created by
                                                   bringing together the four legacy partners, has       Alison said: “It‘s with much anticipation and
                                                   resulted in a further improvement in the              excitement that I join the Alumni Relations
                                                   Financial Times ranking of our MBA programme          Team. Alumni relations is key in driving
                                                   into the world‘s top 25.                              Manchester Business School forward, and I
                                                                                                         have no doubt that we will continue to deliver
                                                   We are continually working to achieve our 2015        excellent services for our alumni and am
                                                   vision of being unequivocally recognised by our       thrilled to be leading this work”.
                                                   peers and stakeholders as one of the very best
                                                   business schools in the world. A School with          It‘s farewell to Cecile Buckenmeyer, who joined
                                                   outstanding research and teaching, outstanding        the School four years ago. Cecile will be working
                                                   students at all levels - from undergraduate to        in the areas of personal development and
                                                   senior executives - and an outstanding network        cross-cultural coaching.
John Arnold                                        of support staff.
                                                                                                         Cecile said: “I‘ve enjoyed working with all of our
                                                   We recognise that in order to achieve that goal       alumni across the world, and I look forward to

Over and Out                                       we need to invest in our people and our facilities
                                                   - so far our progress is in line with our plans. We
                                                   have recruited some excellent new faculty
                                                                                                         staying in touch with the friends I have made
                                                                                                         at the School”.

                                                   members, continued to attract the highest quality
This January I shall be                            students and plans are in place for undertaking
stepping down as director                          the necessary improvements to our facilities.         MBS Europe‘s
of Manchester Business                             We now have a network of over 20,000 alumni,
                                                                                                         Number One
                                                   all of whom have a crucial role to play in working
School and will be handing
over the reigns of leadership
                                                   with Professor Luger to drive the School forward
                                                   - ensuring it achieves its 2015 vision.               for Accounting
to Professor Michael Luger.                        For me, one of the highlights of my time as           Manchester Business School is ranked as
It is over 12 years since I                        director has been the friendship and support I        Europe‘s leading university for accounting
                                                   have enjoyed from you, our alumni, and I thank        research, in a survey published this summer
was appointed director of                          you all most sincerely for that. I am sure you        by Accounting and Business Research. The
MBS, and just over two,                            will give the same enthusiasm and support to          survey, which rates the quality of accounting
                                                   Professor Luger when he takes over in January.        research published in top journals across
since I became director of                         These are exciting and challenging times and I        Europe, places Manchester above LSE and The
the new School.                                    am sure that the School will continue to flourish     University of Edinburgh.
                                                   under Professor Luger‘s leadership.
During my time at the original MBS, the School                                                           The survey affirms Manchester Business
achieved a great deal including the increasingly   John Arnold, Director.                                School‘s reputation for research excellence.
high rating of the quality of our research, our                                                          It assessed the number of articles that
triple accreditation by Association to Advance                                                           appeared in 19 of Europe‘s top accounting
Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) The                                                               journals by specific authors. Articles written
European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS)                                                              by Professors Bob Scapens, Chris Humphrey,
and the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and perhaps                                                          Martin Walker and Andy Stark were singled
most important the development of a flourishing                                                          out for their academic rigour and placed them
alumni association.                                                                                      in Europe‘s Top 20 acedemic writers.
Professor Nitin Sanghavi                               A selection of clients past and present include:      The Retail Centre is acknowledged as a global
                                                       Tesco plc, ARG, BP Retail, House of Fraser,           leader in providing cutting-edge and value-
                                                       Goldsmiths, Coca-Cola, NatWest Bank, IBM,             adding information on strategic issues, retailing
                                                       Marks and Spencer, Kingfisher Group, Kelloggs         and consumer trends, strategic marketing and
                                                       and many more. The aim of the Retail Centre           leveraging business opportunities. It also has
                                                       is to develop a symbiotic relationship with           extensive experience of research and
                                                       each client, supported by the underlying              customised case study development. The team
                                                       objective of creating a long-term and mutually        prides itself on its unique ability to combine
                                                       beneficial association.                               rigour and relevance.

                                                       One of the key achievements within the last five      The real world expertise gained over the last
                                                       years has been the development of a range of          decade through working with leading retail and
                                                       company-specific programmes.These programmes          retail-related organisations is now being
                                                       have been introduced at three levels: board, senior   realised and built upon by the continued success
The Retail Centre                                      managers and middle managers. The Retail Centre
                                                       now has a proven track record of successfully
                                                                                                             of the Retail Centre. The reputation within the
                                                                                                             global retail industry is growing such that new
Established in 1995 by Professor Nitin Sanghavi,       designing and implementing tailor-made executive      relationships with major non-UK retailers are
the Retail Centre at Manchester Business School is     development programmes for national and               now being developed and the timetable for
the largest provider of retail executive education     international organisations at all three levels.      2007 is already at full capacity, as the number
in Europe. Supported by a dedicated team, its                                                                of programmes requested have doubled year on
programmes have been delivered to major retail         All programmes are delivered by senior MBS            year. The Retail Centre is in a strong position to
and retail-related organisations in the UK, Asia and   faculty who have extensive teaching, research         continue to successfully deliver its customer
South Africa. 2007 will see this extended to the       and worldwide consulting experience, and are          needs and to offer retail executive education to
US and Australia as the Retail Centre grows to         supported by contributions made by leading            an increasing number of global players for
meet the demands of its increasing list of             practitioners/consultants drawn from its              many years to come.
prestigious clients.                                   unique worldwide network.

Burning Issue                                          Dr Naomi Chambers
                                                                                                             Naomi Chambers to
Wildfires on moorland are rare events in the UK,
but a hot, dry month like July reminds us that
                                                                                                             Become President of
even in England wildfires can be a real danger,                                                              European Health Body
converting somewhere like the Peak District
from tranquil scenery to severe fire hazard.                                                                 Naomi Chambers, director of Executive
Jonathan Aylen from PREST has been looking at                                                                Education, has been appointed President-elect of
the risks, which will increase with climate change.                                                          the European Health Management Association
                                                                                                             (EHMA). She takes up the two-year office in June
The research is funded by a charity, Moors for                                                               2007 at the EHMA conference in Lyon.
the Future, and is looking at the best way to
fight fires when they do break out. Are                                                                      EHMA has a history spanning over 40 years of
traditional fire-fighting techniques using                                                                   management development in health services in
beaters and water hoses the best way to tackle                                                               Europe, and in recent years has become highly
a blaze on remote moorland? Or, should                                                                       regarded as a source of independent and intelligent
helicopters be used as a swift way to douse                                                                  analysis of health management trends.
fires as soon as they occur?
                                                                                                             With over 200 institutional members in 35
The pioneering work follows a major collaborative                                                            countries, EHMA is unique in bringing together
study on Climate Change and the Visitor                                                                      practitioners and researchers to influence
Economy which identified the uplands of the                                                                  emerging EU health policy. It also fosters
North-West as an area at risk of being damaged                                                               collaborations between academic institutions
by climate change. For further information                                                                   involved in health services research and health
contact                                                                            service purchasing and delivery organisations.

News Away
                                                                       stimulated the delegates to think how this
Anne McBride                                                           learning could be applied in Australia.                          Coast to Coast
and Paula Hyde                                                         The conference was opened by the Hon. Gary
                                                                       Hardgrave - minister assisting the Prime
                                                                       Minister and minister for vocational and
                                                                                                                                         Nik Poon and David Icharia

Down Under                                                             technical education. This was followed by key
                                                                       note presentations across the four main themes
                                                                       of the conference: building and mapping the
Dr Anne McBride and Dr Paula Hyde recently                             future; leading change; implementation and
spoke at the Australian Industry Skills Council‘s                      participation and partnership building across
2nd national conference, Making a Difference...                        the two days.
Building the Future Community Service and
Healthcare Workforce, in Brisbane.                                     Following the conference Anne and Paula also
                                                                       delivered seminars in organisations and universities
Over 300 delegates attended the conference,                            across Australia, such as The Department for
where Anne and Paula shared their efforts to                           Education and Training, Monash University and
                                                                                                                                         Eric Leaver and Todd Margolis
address workforce challenges in the UK and                             The University of New South Wales.

Dubai office for MBS Worldwide
Manchester Business School Worldwide                                   director, joined MBS Worldwide chief
opened an office in Dubai in September. The                            executive, Nigel Banister in Dubai for the
new centre, based in the Dubai Knowledge                               opening ceremony. The centre offers library
Village, provides support for more than 100                            and classroom facilities for students and will
distance-learning MBA students in the Middle                           host MBS faculty who visit the region.
East. Professor Jikyeong Kang, MBA programme
                                                                                                                                         Heather Spiro and Nik Poon

                                                                                                                                        During her recent trip across Canada, as part of
                                                                                                                                        The MBA Tour, Dr Heather Spiro met with alumni
                                                                                                                                        during her brief stay in Vancouver. David Icharia
                                                                                                                                        (MBA ‘93), Eric Leaver (MBA ‘80), Todd Margolis
                                                                                                                                        (MBA ‘93) and Nik Poon (MBA ‘84) joined
                                                                                                                                        Heather at the recruitment event, where they
                                                                                                                                        spoke to potential applicants about the
                                                                                                                                        Manchester MBA and life after graduating.
                                                                                                                                        Heather also travelled to Toronto and Montreal
Ms Randa Bessiso, director of Middle East Centre; Jikyeong Kang, MBA programmes director; Dr Ayoub Kazim, executive director of Dubai
Knowledge Village; Mr John Hawkins, HM consul general from the British Embassy in Dubai; Mr Nigel Banister, CEO MBS Worldwide.          as part of the trip.
Working with MBS
The New Face of the
International Business Project
Professor Peter Naude has stepped into Gordon
Mandry‘s shoes as director of the International
Business (IB) Project. Peter will continue to
enhance the network of excellent contacts
that Gordon has developed over the years.

The IB Project is the capstone of the full-time    not just once, but repeatedly - is testament to       a local and a global level. There‘s no such thing
MBA programme, drawing on the Manchester           the quality of consultancy they receive”.             as a typical project - it is flexible enough to cater
Method, which applies business theory to live                                                            for multi-nationals and smaller businesses.”
consultancy work. Many business schools claim      Although Peter is taking over from Gordon, he is
to incorporate a high level of practical project   no stranger to the IB Project having previously run   Peter will work alongside Glenis Normanton,
work in their programmes, however the              the project, with Professor Jeffrey Ramsbottom,       associate director of MBA projects, who has
Manchester Method is unique in that it allows      in the early 90s. He will be working closely with     worked on the International Business Project
students to bring together everything that         other members of staff, who have supervised           for over ten years. She and her dedicated team
they have learnt during the previous 15 months     projects for IB over the years.                       ensure that the projects run smoothly and
of the programme - setting us apart from                                                                 efficiently. This year, he is delighted to have the
the competition.                                   Peter said:                                           support of Dr Stephan Henneborg, who has
                                                   "The project is a cost-effective way for              recently joined the Business School as a senior
Peter explains:                                    companies to access high-level consultancy, at a      lecturer in marketing, and who has had many
“You can‘t over-estimate the contribution that     fraction of the price it would otherwise cost.        years consultancy experience with McKinseys.
Gordon Mandry has made to the School over the      Teams of dedicated MBA students provide
last 30 years. The biggest compliment I can give   strategic direction, innovative solutions and         If you are interested in sponsoring a project or
him, is to keep the format of the project pretty   measurable results. It‘s the ideal vehicle for        would like to find out more, please contact
much the same. Over the last decade the number     companies looking to revitalise their growth          Glenis Normanton on Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 6326
of alumni who have offered the School projects -   strategy and seeking new opportunities on both        Email:

“Anyone can
 sell a computer,
 but very few can
 sell computing.”
The Keith Jones Interview
Keith Jones (MBA ‘97) started his career in retail in 1982
- having dropped out of college four weeks before his
A-levels - to become a van driver for Curry‘s. Today, Keith
is managing director of PC World Stores Group.

Network met Keith to find out what inspired him to do his MBA and
to hear the key challenges and opportunities facing retailers today.
What inspired you to do your MBA and why did       Has the programme added value to your career          When did your interest in retail start, and how
you choose Manchester Business School?             in retailing?                                         did you become involved?
I was working as a sales director (one member      Definitely! I didn‘t join the programme thinking      My parents owned two shops and by the time
of a five person board) and we tried to buy the    about doubling my salary, as I was well paid          I was 12 years old I had gained quite a lot of
business. It didn‘t work out, but gave me the      before I started - although this did happen after     experience. I also have an older brother, who
thinking space to decide how to progress my        I graduated. It certainly provided me with an         is the really good retailer in our family, and
career. I wanted to find a way of formalising my   international context that was second to none.        looking at his successful career inspired me.
practical experience, with academic grounding      There were 33 countries represented in my year        The combination of experience and inspiration
and an MBA offered me that balance.                and as a result I have a very different outlook,      prompted me to start work for Curry‘s as a
                                                   both from the point of view of cultural sensitivity   Saturday assistant during my A-levels. When a
I spoke to Manchester Business School and          and also understanding the way in which               full-time position as a van driver came available,
decided that it was a great way to build this      international consumers and markets work.             I had no hesitation in taking it - much to the
formal part of my background and to add an         The MBA has certainly changed the way I               concern of my parents, headmaster and just
international dimension. Manchester was            work for the better!                                  about everyone I knew! I can honestly say that
hugely attractive, particularly as I wanted to                                                           I‘ve never regretted my decision. Although if my
build an international career, rather than one     The programme also re-endorsed the fact that          two daughters came to me at 18 and said they
based solely in the UK.                            I wanted to be a retailer, as it reaffirmed that I    wanted to do something crazy like that - I‘m
                                                   should continue doing what I was reasonably           not sure I‘d have the foresight and strength (as
                                                   good at.                                              my parents did with me) to let them follow
                                                                                                         their desire and passion.

                                                       Price deflation is another. This year you will be       panelled TVs, which are attached to a computer
                                                       able to buy a laptop 15% - 20% cheaper than             and are part of a home computing entertainment
                                                       you could last year, and last year you bought it        system. The new store that I am opening in the
                                                       cheaper than the year before. This means that I         North West has a very specific area called ‘The
                                                       have to run 18% faster this year just to stand          Connected Home‘ which brings together all
                                                       still on size - now that‘s a challenge!                 these products. These are a big part of a new,
                                                                                                               exciting proposition in consumer electronics.
                                                       I also have new competitors - everyone is
                                                       looking at my lunch and fancies a little bit!           Secondly, we‘ve got an opportunity to sell office
                                                       Tesco and even Marks & Spencer are starting to          supplies, as 30% of our customers are actually
                                                       move into selling mixed electrical products,            small business people.
                                                       whilst Woolworths and Toys R Us have been
                                                       selling PCs for a while.                                And the third part of our opportunity, is around
                                                                                                               mobility - selling mobile telecoms and laptops
                                                       I have a very clear strategy for PC World, which        that have an integrated SIM card - allowing
                                                       is to move from selling computers to selling            customers to use computing products whilst
                                                       computing, which I think that few of our                on the go.
                                                       competitors, if any can do as well as we can.
                                                                                                               So there‘s lots of developments around
                                                       The idea of new competitors, and indeed new             products, in customer service terms and new
                                                       channels, is probably one of the most powerful          channels (indeed for me, as I am responsible for
                                                       challenges facing most retailers today. Consumers       the international dynamic of the business). I‘ve
How do you think your background has helped            are changing, as they no longer shop in a single        got opportunities to access a new market and a
your career?                                           dimensional or conventional way. They might             new country every year. I‘ve got a business
I regularly hold breakfast meetings with               shop in a shop, online, via catalogue or by             proposition in PC World which is unique -
colleagues from all levels of the business - as it‘s   telephone. All these channels have to be joined         arguably there are very few markets where we
important for them to meet me and more                 together in a truly multi-channel strategy. So          wouldn‘t have the opportunity to be incredibly
importantly, for me to meet them. My back-             I‘m moving my strategy, from one that sells in          successful and differentiated against any
ground opens the gate for me, as once they             shops, to one that sells multi-channel.                 known competitor.
realise that I‘m just a van driver in disguise, and
I have probably done the job they are doing, it        Then there‘s customer service. Customers                So the future of retailing for me is very clear.
allows me to relate to them better. I regularly        become more demanding every day, and our                It‘s borne out of a customer-centric perspective,
come away feeling exited and energised about           objective is to ensure that we at least meet, if        so being really close and in touch with our
something they‘ve said and that I have to go away      not exceed customers expectations which is              customers is very important.
and do. It keeps me in touch with the business         tough to do. I have 8,000 staff, so I depend
and the real people who run the business.              upon them constantly getting it right, which            I‘m also responsible for our service group, called
                                                       doesn‘t always happen.                                  The Tech Guys. I‘ve got 2000 engineers now -
What are the key challenges and opportunities                                                                  and expect to have up to 3000 in the future
facing retailers today and tomorrow?                   Opportunities are also plentiful. We‘ve got             who will be able, to keep IT simple, and keep it
There are lots of challenges and opportunities.        products we can sell at incredibly low prices as        working. Increasingly, our competitors are more
Retail is a really exciting place to be at the         a result of buying globally. I buy PCs for all of our   than happy to sell you the box, but they don‘t
moment, not only because of the conventional           groups (the UK‘s PC World and internationally,          want to know too much about you when
reasons - it‘s fast which has always been the          PC City), so I will buy over 2.5 million PCs this       something has gone wrong.
case, is reasonably dynamic and benefits from          year. When you are buying that many, you‘ve
a lot of change. Change is occurring much              got a reasonably strong negotiating position -          Once upon a time, that in itself was a problem,
faster nowadays, in supply chain, in consumer          that‘s a big opportunity.                               but if you think about it now - the PC is linked
attitudes, in buying and also in service delivery.                                                             to the TV, maybe your audio system and your
                                                       We can also push new products through to                i-pod - if it goes down, everything goes down.
One challenge is the massive pressure on costs.        market because we‘ve got big stores with lots           As customers in a digital age, whose gadgets
I have rent and rates costs this year which are        of space. There are three specific areas that I         are linked together, keeping them all working is
increasing in double digit percentage terms            intend to grow this year. Firstly I‘m introducing       going to be a great opportunity, that presents a
and these can‘t be traded away.                        new product categories such as large flat               tremendous challenge as well.
In your view, what are the key factors for success
in retailing?                                        Career History                                     What is your favourite music?
Firstly it‘s important to have a customer focus,     April 2005                                         I have really eclectic taste. I like the very
if not a customer obsession. You‘ve really got to    Appointed as managing director, PC World           original Billy Joel music - not the nonsense
feel it instinctively and intuitively.                                                                  he sang in the 80s though. I also like Jamie
                                                     January 2003                                       Cullum, The Arctic Monkeys and I‘m a big
                                                     Appointed as managing director, PC City Europe     Awesome fan, although my girls are a
Secondly, it‘s about having lots of energy, drive
                                                                                                        bit embarrassed.
and pace - more so now than ever before -
                                                     February 2000
because there is so much change to respond to        Appointed as managing director, PC City Spain,     What is your favourite holiday destination?
and the world is so competitive. You‘ve actually     when the Ei System chain of stores was             Skiing in Colorado with the family.
got to be thinking faster, doing things faster and   purchased by the Group. Previous role was as
making change faster than your competitors in        director of the Group‘s airport trading business   What car is on your drive?
order to be around and earn your right to stay.                                                         I have a 6-series BMW in the UK and a Volvo
                                                     1997 - 1998                                        XC90 in Madrid.
Lastly, you need to be innovative in order to        Appointed as retail director of Virgin Vie
meet the changing demands of the customer,                                                              What‘s on your bedside table?
but you also need to keep things simple. I‘ve got    1995 - 1997                                        Lots of pictures of my girls - my wife, Joanne
8000 colleagues - and my dream is that all           MBA at Manchester Business School                  and daughters Gemma and Emily. I‘m also
those people will share my passion for customer                                                         reading a book at the moment called ‘may
satisfaction. However, we don‘t always get it        Prior to 1995                                      include nuts‘ by John O‘Farrell. It‘s fantastic
right. It‘s essential that we give our customer      Held senior positions including roles at B&Q       and very funny.
                                                     and spent the early part of his career with
service team the right information, such as
                                                     Currys and Dixons Stores Group in the 1980s        What‘s your pet hate?
production specification, so that they can
                                                                                                        Half empty people.
support the customer effectively. So keeping
                                                     What are your interests?
it innovative, whilst also keeping it simple -       Family first, as I don‘t spend enough time         Which historical figure would you like to
those two things are very important in order         with them - they live in Madrid and I live in      have dinner with?
to be a successful retailer.                         the UK between Monday and Friday.                  There‘s no historical figure in particular that
                                                     Football, tennis and personal challenges - I       I would like to have dinner with, but I can
How do you keep track of customer satisfaction?      like to put a challenge into my life and do        construct my ideal table for personal
Customer satisfaction is something that we           one a year. The latest is the Three Peaks. Past    reasons. I‘m more interested in having
spend a lot of money on - we have mystery            challenges include hot air balloon racing,         forward thinking people, so perhaps
shoppers in all of our stores, every single week.    learning to sail - I am now qualified RYA 1        someone who is really good at anticipating
We do exit surveys on all our customers and we       and 2, scuba driving - I have taken all of the     the future, in terms of trends, and probably
have focus groups to tell us not only about what     exams and I‘m thinking of doing frozen             other people in my game.
we‘ve done, but what we are planning to do.          waterfall climbing which is wonderful or
                                                     possibly learning to fly.                          I would probably handpick six interesting
Finally, and it might sound strange, we monitor                                                         retailers including Philip Green and Stuart
                                                     What is your favourite food?                       Rose (although I wouldn‘t sit them next to
employee satisfaction as much as customer
                                                     My wife is a fantastic cook - and I only get to    each other). David Jones who runs Next - I
satisfaction - because if our employees are
                                                     eat with her for two nights each week - so         met him whilst I was at the Business School
satisfied and working at their peak, it‘s likely
                                                     anything she makes is fine.                        and who‘s been a mentor or mine since - he‘s
that they are delivering the right sort of                                                              fascinating. I would also have Alan Leighton
experience for the customers. And it always          What is your favourite gadget?                     who runs Asda and throw Richard Branson in
shows when they are satisfied by the impression      I like my blackberry - I‘m famous for using it a   for good measure (he‘s a crazy old guy and
that they make - every time!                         lot. However, my favourite gadget is probably      has some innovative views on the future). I
                                                     the next to arrive in my office. At the            would also have my current CEO, John Clare
                                                     moment I‘ve got a new one called the ‘Sling        and last but not least I would have to include
                                                     Box‘. This allows me, via broadband, to get        my brother.
                                                     my Sky digital content anywhere in the
                                                     world. So as I travel a lot, I can watch Bolton
                                                     Wanderers beat Manchester United on Sky
                                                     even though I may be in China!

MBS Worldwide
Adriane McFetridge, Director eBay (MBA for Engineering Managers)
                                        What made you choose the MBA for                         Our community is incredibly important to us,
                                        Engineering Managers at MBS Worldwide?                   and we continue to work to make it easier for
                                        I have always found the complexities of working          them to interact, buy and sell in our marketplace.
                                        on an international level - whether it is in politics,
                                        business or relationships - very intriguing. When        How has the MBA programme helped you both
                                        I was investigating business schools to attend, I        personally and professionally?
                                        wanted to continue to further expand my                  On a personal level, the MBA programme
                                        knowledge of not only business fundamentals,             broadened my understanding of business
                                        but the nuances of conducting business on an             fundamentals and the intricacies involved in
                                        international level. Therefore, I felt it was            effectively operating a business. It‘s also given
                                        important to choose a school which would                 me the opportunity to meet and work with
                                        address those criteria. MBS Worldwide was the            individuals with a variety of backgrounds. This
                                        perfect choice! I was able to attend the school          has made the programme both enjoyable and
                                        remotely as I am still employed, and the course          very interesting.
                                        material addressed my desire to understand
                                        business with an international focus.                    As a director in a technology organisation, the
Adriane McFetridge                                                                               MBA programme has better enabled me to
                                        What are the current developments in online              understand the business implications of my
                                        retailing and the new wave of retailing, via             actions. As a result, I believe it has helped me
After three years of balancing a        channels such as auction sites?                          become a better manager and a better
career as a director at eBay - the      eBay is a bit unique as we provide the online            contributor to my organisation.
online retail store that has grown      marketplace, but eBay Inc. itself is not a retail
                                        organisation - we don‘t sell anything ourselves,         How has eBay supported your MBA?
from strength to strength over the
                                        so we can‘t address industry trends in the retail        eBay has been very supportive. As a company,
last decade - studying for an MBA       space. That said, what we‘re seeing in our               eBay provides employees with opportunities and
and adapting to married life, Adriane   marketplace is that online shoppers are becoming         formal support for furthering one‘s education.
McFetridge is now entering the          more savvy and are often looking for a more              My manager has also supported my educational
                                        personalised experience. Because of the flexibility      pursuit, providing me with assistance and guidance.
project stage of the MBA for
                                        of our software, we can offer more personalised
Engineering Managers. She is now        shopping experiences to shoppers looking for a           You are now approaching the project stage -
at a stage where she can put all of     specific buying experience. For example, we‘ve           what will you be focusing on?
her learning and industry specific      recently launched eBay Express, a site geared            My project will focus on the challenges of
                                        more towards shoppers looking for new, in-season         managing a global matrix organisation.
knowledge into practice - by
                                        goods that they can buy on the spot. We of course,       With the advancements in communications
addressing one of the many business     still offer the auction-style marketplace which          technology, more and more companies are able
challenges facing the company in        works best for hard to find and one of a kind            to build their business around this model.
today‘s fast changing online retail     items. We also offer classifieds and comparison          With this comes new challenges for managers
                                        shopping, through Kijiji and               and their teams.
sector. She previously studied for a
BSc in computer science and has an IT   What has made eBay a particularly successful             Have you realised a return on investment since
background, as do 18% of students on    online retailing model or business success?              undertaking your MBA?
the MBA for Engineering Managers.       With more than 203 million users worldwide,              I have realised a personal return in my
                                        eBay has built an incredible marketplace. It             understanding of the business and the impact
                                        removes the constraints of geography and                 of my decisions. As for a more tangible return
                                        brings buyers and sellers from around the globe          such as a promotion, it is hard to say. I have
                                        together. By removing some of the friction               been fortunate in my career and have found
                                        involved in trading goods around the world               all my endeavours to learn and grow have
                                        and providing a trusted environment in which             paid off considerably.
                                        people can interact, eBay has fostered a sense
                                        of community amongst its buyers and sellers.
Research Focus                                                                                                 Book Reviews
                                                         It also showed that, in an office environment,                                FASHION MARKETING
                                                         women prefer face-to-face communication to                                    Edited by Tony Hines and
                                                         email communication - which they tend to use                                  Margaret Bruce
                                                         to communicate with people outside of their
                                                         immediate environment. In contrast, men are just                             Fashion Marketing is a
                                                         as happy to email the person sat opposite them,                              collection of key chapter
                                                         as to speak to them.                                                         contributions from
                                                                                                                                      renowned academic and
                                                         In this scenario women tend to compensate by                                 practitioners addressing
                                                         reproducing the socio-emotional aspect of                                    many of the contemporary
                                                         face-to-face communication within an email            issues facing one of the world‘s largest and
                                                         and this leads to gendered patterns of email          most global industries.
                                                         communication. For instance, men are less
                                                         inclined to use greetings or ask social questions     With international contributions, the book
                                                         about the family, or the weekend in an email. In      outlines the dynamics of the fashion market
                                                         contrast, women tend to be more conversational        with comprehensive coverage of the vital
                                                         in style - writing longer, more detailed emails and   themes and a truly global scope, and provides
                                                         are more likely to take a few extra minutes to        an expert insight into the strategies, logistics
                                                         compose the content with the recipient in mind.       and technique behind fashion marketing.

                                                         Women also tend to express more support,              Professor Margaret Bruce is professor of design
                                                         positive feelings and thanks in emails - in           and management and marketing, and director
                                                         comparison to their male colleagues - and             of the Centre for Business Research at
                                                         even levels of politeness can identify the            Manchester Business School.
                                                         sender as female!

Hemail or Shemail?                                       There do not appear to be a great deal of gender                              RETAIL MARKETING
                                                         differences in regards to frequency of emailing,                              2nd Edition
Professor Marilyn Davidson is co-editor of a new         but the research showed that women tend to                                    Professor Peter
book, Gender and Communication at Work, with             spend longer composing each email.                                            McGoldrick
Professor Mary Barrett of University of Wollongong,
Australia. The book explores many different              So in terms of organisational efficiency, from a                                Since its publication,
aspects of communication in the workplace, and           male perspective, women are often seen to be                                    the first edition has
one chapter - written by Dr Niki Panteli of Bath         investing unnecessary time in emailing. For men,                                established itself as
School of Management and Dr Monica Seeley,               email enhances organisational efficiency precisely                              the leading and most
founder of Mesmo Consultancy - focuses on the            because it allows for pared down, to-the-point        authoritative textbook on the subject. This
different approaches of men and women to email.          communication.                                        revised text confirms its reputation as the
                                                                                                               “essential” text for all courses in retail marketing.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus                  Email is perfect for rapidly distributing discrete
popularised the notion that, in relationships, men       nuggets of information to any number of               The edition, focuses upon the basic functions
and women communicate in totally different ways.         recipients ie one-way communication - Hemail.         and challenges of retail marketing management.
But in a business environment it‘s easy to forget        The removal of social cues allows for shorter,        The text retains the analytical and scientific
that men and women aren‘t automatically speaking         more efficient communication - a model which          approach to the strategies within retail
the same language. And this is highlighted in the        characterises men more that women. Conversely,        marketing, but also emphasises the vital role
differing e-mail style used by men and women.            trying use email for anything more interactive -      of flair and creativity. Current and emerging
                                                         arranging a meeting for example - can become          techniques are analysed, but no universal
Analysis of worldwide research findings show that        onerous and generate a mountain of email.             solutions are prescribed.
on average, people use email to maintain nine            From this perspective it is easy to see how the
relationships with other people regularly (regularly     arrival of a long and evolved email from a female     Professor Peter McGoldrick is director of
is defined as weekly contact). Of these nine, one-       colleague is not always viewed positively!            International Centre for Retail Studies ICRS,
third is also interacted with on a face-to-face basis.                                                         and professor of retailing at Manchester
So this means two-thirds of regular relationships        Gender and Communication at Work                      Business School.
are predominantly maintained via emails.                 is published by Ashgate.

Executive Coaching for MBS Alumni
Manchester Business School is introducing a                                   How to Make
coaching referral service for its alumni.
Coaching is now recognised as one of the                                      Coaching Work
most effective ways of supporting personal                                    for You
and professional development, so the School
has launched a service to put alumni, looking                                 Here are four steps to help you
to enhance their personal and career                                          make the most of the service.
development, in touch with some of the leading                                STEP 1 - LOG IN
executive coaches. The School has a bank                                      • Go to
of coaches in the UK, Spain, Asia and America.
                                                                              • For those alumni who do not have access to
                        Alumni relations manager Cecile Buckenmeyer             MBSNet please enter ID: mbsnet and
                        explains: “Many of our alumni are at the top of         password: manchester
                        their professions. They may not need training or
                        executive education, but may want additional
                        support. Coaching is a great way for anyone           STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR COACH
                        wishing to clarify their goals, both professionally
                        and on a personal level. It can help to enhance       • You can contact any short-listed coach directly.
                        their performance at work or gain a better focus        Alternatively, fill the online matching
                        and purpose in life. I hope that our new service        questionnaire and we will suggest a selection
                        will make coaching more accessible and that a           of coaches who fulfil your requirements
                        broad range of alumni will enjoy its benefits”.       • Arrange an initial meeting with your coach to
                                                                                discuss objectives.
                        The Alumni Relations Team has worked closely with
                        Margaret Chapman, newly appointed senior fellow
                        in executive education, to short-list 13 executive    STEP 3 - AGREE STRUCTURE,
Margaret Chapman
                        coaches, all highly qualified and experienced.        OBJECTIVES AND CONDITIONS
                        A key criteria was that coaches had to be committed   Agree the following:
                        to on-going development, be accredited (or working
                        towards accreditation with a recognised coaching      •   number and length of meetings
                        body) and abide by a particular code of conduct       •   communication between meetings
                        and ethics. Margaret is a trained coach, she has      •   fees and payment
                        researched and published in emotional intelligence    •   desired outcomes
                        and coaching, and is actively involved with the
                        Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development      Please feel free to contact us at any time if
                        (CIPD) in professional coach-development at           you need any advice in establishing this
                        national level.                                       coaching agreement.

                        As “coaching champion” for the School, Margaret
                        has already secured a major NHS contract to           STEP 4 - FEEDBACK
                        develop an internal community of coaches. She
                        intends to develop coaching activities within the     Your feedback will help ensure we continue to
Cecile Buckenmeyer
                        School, including research and executive education.   provide top quality referral services.
                                                   supervised specialist and a business manager        • They work to a clear professional
What is Executive Coaching?                        and executive. Executive coaching is not life         ethical standard
                                                   coaching, sports coaching or how to “dress to       • Their executive coaching work is
 John O‘Brien
                                                   impress”, although some elements of those             professionally supervised
                                                   may be touched on in some discussions.
                                                                                                       You also need to consider the relevant experience
                                                   The purposes of executive coaching are manifold,    of the executive coach. Does he/she need to
                                                   but are usually focused on enhancing the            have technical knowledge of your sector, role, and
                                                   performance of the individual within their role     markets? (This is not always necessary but there
                                                   in a business context. The work needs to be         are cultural differences between nations and
                                                   focused and there should be an element of           some business sectors where it is preferable that
                                                   evaluation of its effectiveness. There should be    the executive coach knows how things work.)
                                                   a clear “contract” covering the work and the
                                                   confidentiality of the relationship.                Then there is “chemistry”. Coaching does not have
                                                                                                       to be comfortable, but the sense of trust you have
                                                   Because there are no barriers to entry, there are   is critical and your conviction that this coach will
                                                   now literally thousands of “coaches” in the         operate ethically is of the utmost importance.
                                                   market. So how do you select the right one for
John O‘Brien of The Association for Professional   you? Effective executive coaches possess certain    APECS is the top level professional body for
Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS)         clear elements in their personal portfolio:         fully qualified executive coaches and executive
offers his advice on selecting the right                                                               coaching supervisors, and encourages the
executive coach for you.                           • Business/executive experience                     sharing of best practice in the field.
                                                   • Sound psychological knowledge
Executive coaching is a one-to-one professional      and understanding                                 It is supported by 22 major blue chip companies.
relationship between a properly qualified and      • A proper coaching model                           More information is on

                                                                 Eve Konstantine                                      Elizabeth Moyles
The Coaches                                                      Leadership coach with an                             Coaching through individual
                                                                 approach that includes somatics                      and organisational change.
                Tom Preston                                      and intra-personal development.                      Location: UK
                Executive coach helping to break                 Location: USA (East Coast)
                the barriers to success.                                                               Jeff Hasenfratz
                Location: UK, Asia                 Peter Shotton                                       Mandarin speaking executive coach working
                                                   Support learning, growth and development.           with the senior managers of international
Clive Prout                                        Location: UK (Manchester)                           firms in Asia. Location: China (Shanghai)
Working with executives who want to
become more effective leaders.                     Helen Tiffany                                       Pattie Horrocks
Location: USA (West Coast)                         Performance coaching, stress management and         Executive coach with a focus is on helping
                                                   cognitive-based coaching. Location: UK              clients get clear about what ‘success‘ means
John O‘Brien                                                                                           to them.
Coaching individuals who are committed to                       Brian Guest                            Location: UK
developing top quality leadership approaches                    Career and leadership coach for
and who want to achieve high effectiveness.                     high potential executives operating                  Sue Powell
Location: UK (London)                                           internationally. Location: UK                        Manchester MBA. Executive
                                                                                                                     coach supporting leadership
                Ana Gomez                          Graham Lee                                                        development, career
                Spanish speaking life and          Executive coach and UKCP registered                               decision-making and
                business coach.                    psychotherapist. Published author in                              work/non-work balance.
                Location: Spain                    leadership development. Location: UK (London)                     Location: UK (London)

Alumni Group News
                                                   Jamaica                                           Kenya Group Launch
                                                   The Caribbean Chapter hosted a networking         Thursday, 7 September, was a day to remember
                                                   and social event in October at the Caribbean      for Kenyan alumni.
                                                   Centre in Kingston.
                                                                                                     The launch of the Kenya group was held at the
                                                   Over 30 alumni attended the event, as did a       Pepper‘s Restaurant in Nairobi. The alumni
                                                   number of new students who joined the             were welcomed by the chair, Mr Robert Karanja
                                                   School in July. The group presented Peter         (MBA DL ‘03) who said: "The foundation for a
 Barbados                                          Williams (MBA ‘99), former president of the
                                                   Caribbean Chapter, with a birthday cake and
                                                                                                     life long association had been laid".

                                                   had a special cake cutting ceremony to mark       Alumni took the opportunity to network
The Barbados group had its first meeting in        the occasion.                                     and exchange fond memories of their student
August at the Barbados Yacht Club.                                                                   days at MBS and to update each other about
                                                                                                     their present occupations. Old ties were
                                                   Peter Williams and Courtney Christie-Veitch
(Pictured left to right) Kobie Gibson, Michael                                                       renewed and new ones forged during the
Carter, Vince Yearwood, Susanne Cooper-Corbin,                                                       colourful event.
George Gleadall (chair), clyde Sealy, Mariano
Browne Jerry Arthur and Elizabeth Burrowes                                                           The alumni expressed excitement over the
(not pictured) attended the event.                                                                   launch of this local group and expressed their
                                                                                                     interest to remain active members.
The group centred its discussions around how
it could support current students and MBS in                                                         For further information on the Kenya Alumni
general, and it also agreed to collate a                                                             Group, please contact Robert Karanga at
comprehensive list of Barbadian alumni who                                                 
have lost touch with the School.                                                                     Tel: +254 (20) 374 66 66.

The group will hold informal bi-monthly
meetings, with George Gleadall remaining as
the chair until early next year.
                                                   Greece - Alumni Association Revived
North West                                         Forward thinking is a characteristic that seems
                                                   to prevail whenever alumni from different
                                                                                                     the MBS Alumni Association in Greece must
                                                                                                     have a strong position and presence in the
The North West Alumni Association (NWAA) held      generations meet to exchange ideas. It is also    Greek and SEE market and that the momentum
its first networking lunch in October. Chris       a very appropriate description of the meeting     is strong enough to carry the Association
Solley, director of the World Academy of Sport     that was held in Athens, on 23 October. The       forward. Everyone seemed determined to make
Executive Centre at Manchester Business School,    meeting was attended by approximately 30          this vision come true and more detailed
talked to an audience of 30 alumni and guests      alumni, spanning across three decades (80‘s,      implementation plans will be discussed in a
about the Centre, which develops unique            90‘s & 00‘s), and Cecile Buckenmeyer              next meeting after the election of a new
executive education programmes for the sports      representing the Alumni Relations Office.         Association Board of Directors and Audit
industry, underpinned by the world leading         The agenda addressed how the Manchester           Committee. The group looks forward to
academic team from the School. He discussed        Business School Greek Alumni Association          working closely within MBS staff to promote
the Centre‘s objectives, why the University of     (established in 1995) could be revived and        the new effort in Greece.
Manchester - in particular the School - was        to promote the MBS brand in Greece.
chosen as a partner and how the initiative sits                                                      Without any doubt, the meeting marks a step
with the University‘s 2015 vision.                 Everybody participated in a passionate            forward for all alumni residing in the country.
                                                   discussion, which touched upon all issues of      More developments will come soon, so please
The next event will be held early next year. For   the agenda. Alumni unanimously agreed that        stay tuned.
more information contact Lee Williams, chair of
the NWAA, at
                                                    Over 37 students and alumni met during
Squid Fishing in                                    August for a spot of squid fishing and dinner          London
                                                    on a boat cruise.
Hong Kong                                           Pauline Lai, former chair of the MBS Hong Kong
                                                                                                           The London Alumni Association (LAA) has joined
                                                                                                           forces with IBM Consulting to run a series of
 Squid fishing
                                                    Alumni Association, gave a welcome speech              faculty lectures. Rohitha Perera (MBA ‘96),
                                                    before the guests started fishing. This was            associate director at IBM Consulting, has been
                                                    followed by a fabulous seafood dinner. The             working closely with the LAA in order to make
                                                    group welcomed Laurence Chan (MBA ‘82),                these events a success and has been responsible
                                                    former MBSAA Singapore board member and                for organising IBM‘s sponsorship of the events.
                                                    Mysoor Anup (Exec MBA ‘94).
                                                                                                           The first lecture took place at IBM Consulting in
                                                    The Alumni Association in Hong Kong is extremely       Southbank in May when Gordon Mandry gave
                                                    active and regularly holds events ranging from         his last official lecture before retiring, to over 50
                                                    social evenings to management seminars and             alumni on the topic of Measuring and
                                                    careers advice and coaching. If you would like to      Managing Customer Value.
                                                    know more, please contact the Hong Kong Office
                                                    at                         The second lecture was presented by Professor
                                                                                                           Jeffrey Ramsbottom on the topic of Emerging
                                                                                                           Markets during October.

Australia                                                                                                  Jessica Pittman, chair of the LAA said: "Our
                                                                                                           partnership with IBM Consulting is an opportunity
The second meeting of the Alumni Group in                                                                  to bring leading faculty to the alumni community
Melbourne took place at the end of October.                                                                through topical lectures and lively discussions.
The group enjoyed networking over dinner,                                                                  We look forward to bringing you new insights
held at an Italian Restaurant. They also held a                                                            from our faculty in the coming year".
brainstorming session in order to discuss ways
that the group can support the School - one
being the organisation of an information                                                                   If you are interested in joining or setting up a
session for prospective students. The group hope     L to R: Paran Ramakrishnan, Ben Carney,               regional group, get in touch by emailing
to meet for dinner again early next year.            Sami Lambe and Richard Blundell             

                                                    CPA Australia). On completing the course six years
Keeping Up With the Times                           later, he was promoted to acting assistant assessor,
                                                    before later resigning to join the private sector.
Joseph Yu is proof that you are never too old to
learn, as he has just graduated from the Distance   He joined Cooper Brothers - now known as
Learning MBA programme at the age of 74.            PriceWaterhouseCoopers - in order to become a
                                                    practising accountant, before joining a Chinese                                                  Joseph Yu

Already a certified public account, Joseph is a     firm as a public accountant one year later.
typical example of pursuing higher education        Joseph was a certified public accountant by the        Space Joint Programme. However, he did not
throughout one‘s life. He began is working life     time the Hong Kong Society of Public                   complete this and finally joined the School‘s
in 1953 for the Hong Kong Government as a           Accountants was formed in the early 1970s.             MBA programme in 2002.
general clerical officer, whilst continuing with
his matriculating studies during the evenings,      He went on to obtain the chartered secretary           His motivation to study despite approaching
until he finally graduated in 1962.                 qualification, which enabled him to open up his        retirement age came from wanting to keep pace
                                                    own firm in 1977 until 2004. During this time, he      with the corporate world.
In 1963, he moved to the Inland Revenue             was encouraged by his staff to continue
Department, where he was encouraged to study        studying, and in 1995 embarked on a course at          Joseph said: "With my newly acquired knowledge,
with the Australian Society of Accountants (now     Monash University and Hong Kong University             I might consider taking up a teaching position".

                                                                                                         second and third respectively. Marlboro Lite
What a Load of Old Rubbish…                                                                              came top of the tobacco brands, as did Stella for
                                                                                                         alcohol and McDonald‘s for fast food.

                                                    The paper, How (and Where) the Mighty Have           He continues: “It‘s not surprising to see fast
                                                    Fallen, questions how consumers perceive             moving consumer goods being so prominent
                                                    branded litter and whether it affects their brand    when it comes to litter. The biggest offenders
                                                    perception, packaging plays a vital role in          reflect the status of the brands: Coke, Walker‘s,
                                                    communicating brand values, but Stuart and           Marlboro, Stella and McDonald‘s are all leaders
                                                    Cathy examine what happens when the context of       in their respective categories. We argue that
                                                    the packaging changes and how these brand            brands are still able to communicate a message
                                                    messages alter, when the packaging becomes litter.   when they are litter on the street, and the next
                                                                                                         stage of the research will be to investigate the
                                                    Dr Roper said: “What happens to a carefully          attitudes of consumers to branded litter. The
                                                    constructed message once the contents of the         positive, negative or indeed ambivalent attitude
                                                    package have been consumed? What of the              of consumers and the subsequent impact upon
                                                    potentially negative brand messages that are         brands and their image needs further research.”
                                                    displayed when packaging is not properly
                                                    disposed of and ends up as litter on the streets?    The findings of future research are likely to have
                                                    Has the impact of such potentially negative          far-reaching consequences. It was recently
 Dr Stuart Roper
                                                    brand messages been considered by brand              reported that around 300 tonnes of rubbish is
                                                    owners and the packaging industry?”                  discarded each day in Manchester city centre - a
                                                                                                         significant burden on the taxpayer.
Research undertaken by MBS‘ Dr Stuart Roper         The paper presents a study conducted in
and Manchester Metropolitan University‘s Cathy      Manchester city centre which identified the          If it is revealed that litter triggers negative brand
Parker, assessing the impact of branded litter on   brands that most frequently occurred as litter.      associations in consumers, then social responsibility
consumer perception, recently won the best          Walker‘s Crisps topped the list - with any city      for keeping the environment clean is set to
paper award at the annual Academy of                centre visitor having an 83% chance of seeing a      become a much higher corporate priority for
Marketing Conference, in London.                    discarded packet. Coke and Diet Coke came            some of the world‘s most well known brands.

Bob Herz - Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
Bob Herz - chairman of the Financial Accounting     After graduating with a BA in Economics in 1974,
Standards Board (FASB), MBS alumnus (BA             Bob joined Price Waterhouse and later joined
Economics ‘74) and former student of Professor      Coopers & Lybrand becoming its senior technical
John Arnold - was presented with the Award for      partner in 1996. He assumed a similar position
Outstanding Alumnus of the Year during July‘s       with the merged firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers        L-R John Arnold,
graduation week. Professor Alan Gilbert,            (PWC), the world‘s largest accounting firm, in        Bob Herz and
                                                                                                          Alan Gilbert
president and vice-chancellor of the University     1998. Bob left his high-profile position as a
of Manchester presented the award.                  senior partner at PWC, to step into to the
                                                    chairman‘s role at the FASB in 2002.                 Bob has also chaired the American Institute of
Bob returned to the School recently to deliver                                                           Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Securities
a groundbreaking seminar examining the              During his distinguished career, Bob has             and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulations
latest developments in the convergence of           authored numerous publications on a variety          Committee and the Transnational Auditors
international accounting standards.                 of accounting, auditing and business subjects        Committee of the International Federation of
                                                    including the acclaimed The Value Reporting          Accountants, and served as a member of the
The lecture, organised by Professor Ted O‘Leary     Revolution: Moving Beyond the Earnings Game.         Emerging Issues Task Force, the FASB Financial
and colleagues in Accounting and Finance,           He also served as a part-time member of the          Instruments Task Force, the American
attracted leading figures from the North West‘s     International Accounting Standards Board.            Accounting Association‘s Financial Accounting
business community and senior academics from        He is both a Certified Public Accountant and         Standards Committee and the Practice Section
across the UK.                                      a Chartered Accountant.                              Executive Committee of the AICPA.
Alumni Diary
We are delighted to welcome our new alumni and look forward to receiving your news. This is your
chance to let everyone know where you‘ve been and what you‘ve been up to since graduating from
Manchester Business School. If you have news for the next issue, email

Jose Antonio Diaz_Infante (MBA ‘06) has            investment. The system is currently being          after a flying post in the RAF. Shweta
joined Citigroup in London as an improvement       trialled in Glasgow and Cheshire and we are        predominantly works in the Telecommunication,
manager for EMEA region.                           hoping set up some trials in London in the near    Media and Technology industries. She has
                                                   future. We expect that the drinks industry will    completed projects in the Caribbean, Dubai
Tom Kent (MBA ‘06) is working for EMAAR            face some major changes next year when the         and central Europe.
Properties in Dubai as a business analyst in the   smoking ban comes into effect and believe that
groups CEO‘s office.                               a more continental style seated drinking culture   Jonathan Wong (DipBA ‘04) has joined JP Morgan
                                                   will emerge".                                      at senior associate level as a senior
James Clark (BA International Business, Finance                                                       business analyst/project manager, and is based
& Economics ‘05) is currently working at Allianz   For more details on how this works go to           in their Hong Kong office. The role will include
Cornhill as a corporate management trainee                                managing teams to define the strategy, design
(CMT), and is based in Guildford, Surrey.                                                             and implementation of equity and derivatives
                                                                                                      technical platforms throughout the Asia region.
The CMT programme gives him the opportunity
to move around the country filling differing job                                                       Baby James
specifications, giving him access to the various
divisions of Allianz Cornhill and allowing him
to develop the cross-divisional skills essential
for management.

When he started, James was based in London
on Leadenhall Street, and will be returning to
Manchester to work in the Piccadilly One
offices to perform a business development
role in the new year.

Tom Meacock (MBA ‘05) and Sharon became
the proud parents of Noah Samuel on 6 June,
weighing 7lb and 13oz. Tom, Sharon and Noah
are now settling into family life in Sale,                                                            Peter Chambers (MBA ‘01) and Julia Chambers
Cheshire and would like to thank everyone for                                                         (MBA ‘02) became the proud parents of James
their kind support and best wishes.                                                                   Richard Chambers weighing 8lb 12oz on 11 July.
                                                   Chris and Anna

Matthew Veasey (Exec MBA ‘05) and Joe                                                                 Katherine Mason (MBA ‘01) is working as
McGrath (MBA ‘03) have recently joined forces      Chris Jones (MBA ‘04) and Anna Wycherley           director of process excellence, medicines
to form Txt2Table. Txt2Table lets you order your   married in Clachan Church, Kintyre on Saturday     and nutritionals group, Asia Pacific Region,
drinks in pubs, clubs and bars via a text          8 July. The couple honeymooned in Sri Lanka        Janssen-Cilag, a division of Johnson and Johnson.
message from your mobile phone.                    during August.
                                                                                                      Lee Williams (MBA ‘01) and Zoe became the
Joe explains: "We developed txt2table as a         Shweta Sharma (BSc Management ‘04) is              proud parents of a little girl called Nyah at
result of consumer research, highlighting the      currently working as a strategy consultant at      1:24am on 9 September 2006, weighing in
need for improved service with a low cost          Deloitte, based in London. She joined Deloitte     at 10lb 2oz.

Alumni Diary
                                                    Margaret Agar (nee
Keyji Johnsen (MBA ‘01)                             Milton) (MBA ‘01) and
and Miwa Hamasaki                                   Richard became the
married on 8 April in                               proud parents of
Kobe, Japan.
                                                    Thomas on 3 June,
                           Baby Thomas
                                                    weighing 8lb 1oz.

                          Lesley Cuzons (nee Cashmore) (Exec MBA ‘99)
                          has been appointed as managing partner at
                          Yorkshire Bank‘s financial solutions centres in
                          Manchester and Stockport.

                          Keith Jones (MBA ‘97) completed the Three
                          Peaks Challenge during September, when he
                          and five others climbed Ben Nevis, Sca Fell and
                          Snowdon in 24 hours. The challenge of the trek
                          in itself was enough, but one of these moun-
                          tains was also climbed in the dark!

                          This was a personal challenge but he also
                          helped to raise money (nearly £6000) in the
                          process for The Christie Cancer Trust.

                          Mark (Exec MBA ‘96) and Alison Haslam (Exec
                          MBA ‘96) - who met whilst studying for their
                          MBA at Manchester Business School - opened
                          the doors to Rivington Taylor, a multi-million
                          pound independent family furniture business, in
                          Bolton during November, following Mark‘s
                          return to his home town after 20 years working
                          across the country.

                          With 40,000 square feet of space spread over
                          two floors, this is the largest furniture and bed
                          store in the region.

                          Mark said: "We can offer something a little
                          unique, as this is an excellent showroom with
                          lots of great furniture displayed in inspirational
                          settings - more choice than any other showroom
                          in the area. What the customers will also get is
                          the business owners actually involved with the
                          day-to-day operation of the shop, not a distant
                          shareholder without any real feel for what‘s
                          happening at ‘the coal face”.

                          For more information go to
 Ironman Pablo               Pablo Kalberman         Simon Shorter (MBA ‘92) and Helen are proud         departments at Polaroid, but later expanded to
                             (MBA ‘96) has been      to announce the birth of their fourth child         become a competitive walk between firms in
                             keeping extremely       Madeline Rose, who was born on 5 October            the photographic industry and although it is
                             fit since graduating.   weighing 8lbs 9oz. Madeline is a lovely sister      now open to the public, , it still goes by the
                             He originally ran       for Hannah, Rebecca and Ben (the twins).            name of Photoplod and is now the walking
                             marathons and then                                                          equivalent of the London Marathon.
                             progressed to racing    Peter Winter (MBA ‘91) has been appointed
                             triathlons (Olympic     pro-vice chancellor (enterprise) at                 There has been frequent talk of a team entry
distances). After completing several Half Ironman    Loughborough University.                            from the London MBS chapter, but although
competitions, he finally completed his first full                                                        they seem to have several able women they
Ironman race in 12 hours and 47 minutes, during      Verina Ingram (centre)                              have not yet been able to produce enough men
May 2005 in Florianopolis, Brazil. In May this                                                           with the necessary robustness!
year, he returned to Florianopolis and completed
his second Ironman.                                                                                      Photoplod is a marvellous social event, but it is
                                                                                                         highly competitive and by no means trivial.
Pablo said: "The most important objective in                                                             Anyone who thinks they could get together a
an Ironman is to finish; the experience from                                                             creditable team should check the rules on
crossing the line is hard to describe, almost                                                   or contact Timothy. His
impossible. It is happiness and excitement, but                                                          details are on the website.
also very emotional and you end up crying!
Besides training your body and fitness for such                                                          OBITUARY
an event and building your endurance, you also       Verina Ingram (Management Science ‘89) is cur-
need mental training and getting used to             rently working as an interim manager at the         Malika Talati (MBA ‘01) died tragically on the 14
loneliness on top of the bike; learning to be        Forest Governance Facility in Cameroon. Verina      May 2006, aged 32.
patient, having a second plan in case something      met recently with fellow alumni at a recent
goes wrong, managing various variables and           reunion weekend in Manchester where they            Following graduation, she took up a position
focusing on your goal”.                              spent the weekend visiting their old haunts         with IBM in New York. She was a vibrant and
                                                     from their student days.                            lively member of her class, as those of you who
“An Ironman race is like being a manager, like                                                           knew her would agree. Her contribution to the
launching a new product, similar to making a         Richard Clegg (MBA ‘76) celebrated his 50th         Business School and the alumni association in
business work or a machine function. It‘s about      birthday in September. Guests at his                New York, will be sorely missed.
pushing your mental and physical limits".            celebrations included classmates Tony Birts,
                                                     Barbara Burke, Mike Derbyshire, Barry Jones,                                    Malika achieved
                                                                                                         Malika Talati
Marian Sudbury (Exec MBA ‘96) is running her         Andrew Robertson and Pete Royle.                                                many goals in a
own research, coaching and mentoring agency,                                                                                         short period
InSync. The company, run by two research             Timothy St. Ather (MBA ‘74) completed a 42                                      of time that many
professionals with a combined 45 years of            mile walk across the South Downs on behalf of                                   may not achieve in
experience, specialises in helping businesses        Save the Children in June of this year. He raised                               a life time. Her
grow through understanding their customers           a total of £1020 for the charity.                                               enthusiasm for life
and their market. InSync also coaches staff to                                                                                       was unabated to her
deal with the impact of change, thus greatly         Timothy is the founder of this event which was                                  last day. She will
increasing the chance of research leading to         started as a social event when he was head of                                   leave a legacy in
action. This provides Marian with a unique           personnel at Polaroid, 30 years ago. It became a                                many hearts that will
insight into the leadership issues faced by the      fund raising event several years later almost as                                live on. Our thoughts
research industry.                                   an afterthought.                                    are with her family and friends and she will be
                                                                                                         sadly missed by all those who knew her.
For more information, please contact Marian at       Originally named Polaplod the event started                                 out as a competitive team event between

Inside Track
Paul Haslam (MBA ‘91) who runs his own
retail consultancy business explains why
retailers face a winter of discontent as
the cost base rises, while the total
consumer market shrinks.
Retailers and consumers both face rising costs over the coming months and this means trouble. Consumers have been hit with
way above price and wage inflation, increases in home energy prices (45% year on year), fuel and council tax. Additionally the
chancellor‘s previously announced income tax rises come into play in November and interest rates are still rising. All this adds up
to a shrinking retail pie and as if this wasn‘t enough there is, what I call, hidden inflation where we are being encouraged (rightly)
to buy organic and fair-trade goods - the price difference here again is significantly above Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation.

Meanwhile…                                              So what would I be doing in the short term if          • Plan for the “expected” as well as the
The retailer faces the same cost pressures with         I was a retailer…?                                       “unthinkable”. Have a business continuity
rises in council tax for businesses, rents (11%), the   Providing my product is right - without good             plan. Companies often think of business
minimum wage (19%) and National Insurance               products or services you are dead in the water.          continuity problems being triggered by
contributions. With increasing competitive                                                                       disasters like Buncefield last year, but they can
pressures and with the retail pie decreasing, he is     I would:                                                 be sparked by small events, for example a
faced with the need to increase market share, in        • Get my message out - so at least maintain              heavy snowfall, key staff falling sick during
order to survive and ultimately maintain profits.          marketing spend if not increase it                    busy periods. Remember a week‘s lost sales in
                                                                                                                 December are more than likely to be three or
Competition for the retail pie continues to be          • Make shopping as easy as possible - so don‘t cut       four weeks‘ lost sales in January or February
fierce. Tesco continues to grow and bulldoze into         staff. Consider creating a multi channel offer.
new markets (only recently they announced a               Retailers who have a transactional (i.e. you can     • Look at the stock loss and look for
skiwear range), M&S is recovering fast, clawing           buy from it) website are not hurting as much           opportunities to save money. Every pound of
back market share back in food and clothing,              as traditional retailers at the moment. The single     stock loss saved goes virtually straight to the
whilst attacking new areas such as small electrical       biggest growth area of internet shopping is            bottom line and may also result in an extra
goods.The amount of money spent on the internet           buy online, pick up at store (approximately            sale. Shrinkage is a huge cost to the retail
will reach a new high (30% annual growth).                twice as fast as internet sales growth)                industry and careful design of business
                                                                                                                 processes can engineer these mistakes out of
Technology will make a big claim on the pocket          • Sort information into meaningful and timely            the business and improve your profitability.
this season as consumers‘ trade up to mobile              key performance indicators, that will tell me if
phones with cameras and mp3 players and the               something is going differently from the              In the longer term there are lots of possibilities,
flat screen TV becomes a household necessity.             projections. Areas to consider are store             but between now and Christmas I would
Cheap flights continue to funnel spending money           performance, distribution, as well the               advise retailers to focus on the present, to
overseas rather than on to the UK high street.            favourites like best and worst sellers. If           ensure they are still here next year to enjoy
                                                          something is going incredibly right this may         planning future strategies!
The impact on a retailer‘s profit and loss could be       be the opportunity you were looking for
dramatic, with many retailers going bust unless they
have clear strategies to mitigate these cost rises      • Tighten stockholding through specific use of
whilst finding a way to grow the sales. Rent quarter      technology available - getting the right
day in March will be an uncomfortable time for            product at the right place, at just the right
many retailers as they try to balance the cash flow.      time will free up capital for use elsewhere

Manchester                               London
Lee Williams (MBA ‘01)                   Jessica Pittman (MBA ‘04)               Gillian King (MBA DL ‘05)         

Paul Handforth (MBA ‘99)                 Ida Huang (MBA ‘05)           

INTERNATIONAL                            India
                                         Piyush Seth (MBA ‘04)                   New York
Australia                                  Larissa Hrabec (MBA ‘01)
Sami Lambe (MBA ‘00)                                                                     Indonesia
                                         Pamela Teo (MBA DL ‘01)                 North America
Barbados                                          Elizabeth Pia Minah (MBA ‘04)
George Gleadall (MBA DL ‘98)                                                            Ireland
                                         Colin Gerrish (MBA ‘00)                 Portugal
Canada (Toronto)                              Joao Duque (PhD ‘95)
Steven Edwards (Exec MBA ‘04)                                                     Jamaica
                                         Courtney Christie-Veitch (MBA DL ‘97)   Scandinavia
China                               Louise Asp (MBA ‘00)
Mijia Wu (MBA ‘01)                                                                           Japan
                                         Tetsuo Iida (MBA ‘04)                   Singapore
Cyprus                                                  Stanley Sia (MBA DL ‘01)
Michael Charakis (MBA ‘01)                                                                   Kenya
                                         Robert Karanga (MBA DL ‘03)             Spain
France                                          Javier Martin (MBA ‘96)
Timothy Griffin (MBA ‘88)                                                                     Korea
                                         Edward Suh (MBA ‘03)                    South Africa
Germany                                                Robert Stratton-Brown (MBA ‘01)
Paul Baker (MBA ‘94)                                                              Mexico
                                         Alvaro Bravo Bartolozzi (MBA ‘05)       Taiwan
Greece                                             Alex Chen (MBA ‘99)
Dimitrios Vlachos (MBA ‘90)                                                                 Middle East
                                         Malini Anand (MBA ‘04)                  Thailand
Hong Kong                                      Paitoon Chetthamrongchai (PhD ‘98)
Pither Yeung, Wai (Mingi) (MBA DL ‘06)                                                Lincoln Behm (MBA ‘05)


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