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									                      ‫دکانـــــــــــو وزارت‬                          ‫د افغانستان اسالمی جمهوریت‬
                      ‫وزا رت معـــــــــادن‬                           ‫جمهوری اسالمی افغانســـــتان‬
                                           Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
                                                  Ministry of Mines
                                            ‫پروژه انکشاف متداوم منابع طبیعی‬
                           REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST

              Consultancy Services: Economic Geology Advisor (Minerals)
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project
Natural Resources Sector
Consulting Services: Individual Consultant
IDA Grant No.: H699-AF
Project ID No.: P118925
Reference: MoM/PMU/SDNRP-ll/CT-60
Expressions of interest
No. of positions: 1

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has received a grant from the World
Bank toward the cost of achieving Sustainable Development of Natural Resources in
Afghanistan. The Project is being implemented through a Program Management Unit (PMU)
within the Ministry of Mines; The PMU is now seeking a well qualified individual consultant
for the position of Economic Geology Advisor (Minerals).

Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for developing mineral exploration and development programs in close
coordination with DG AGS, AGS management and field technical teams in accordance with
the priorities of the national government, Ministry of Mines, AGS and global commodity

The incumbent should be highly dynamic and visionary with the responsibility of enhancing
the value of the mineral resources in Afghanistan through direct technical support and
collaborations with other agencies supporting AGS.

In close consultation with Director General AGS and AGS management, the incumbent shall
     Identify and review areas of interests for field work and recommend appropriate, cost-
        effective exploration approach.
     undertake field inspections, provide direct field mentoring, introduce new skills and
        guidance where necessary to AGS field teams, where deemed secure and fit.
     provide and seek for better coordination, collaboration and monitoring of agencies,
        consultants, and other partners supporting AGS related projects.
     initiate and develop new changes and must possesses the ability to make sound
        suggestions or recommendations at all stages of mineral resource assessment.
     audit field operations for technical and system evaluation to ensure good procedures
        and compliance with industry acceptable practices and standards.
     assist AGS management in reviewing AGS field data compilation and reporting
     provide general technical support and advice to AGS and MoM.

Qualification Required:

Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) annex building room number 12th second floor Abdul Haq Circle Kabul Afghanistan:
aimalsultan@gmail.com, haroon.pmu@gmail.com
       Higher degree in geology, science, economic geology or postgraduate qualification in
        related field. An advanced degree in one of these fields is desirable
      Minimum of 15 years’ hands-on experience in leading teams on large mineral
        exploration and development programs.
      Sound and analytical knowledge of major exploration and testing procedures, ore
        genesis ore deposit geology and models, up-to-date with global market trends.
      Relevant exposure, knowledge, skills and experience in:-
     1. Geological and structural mapping
     2. Geochemical and geophysical exploration techniques
     3. Major ore deposit types relating to magmatic-hydrothermal and sedimentary process
        including porphyry Cu-Au- Mo, epithermal, mesothermal; Gold systems in orogenic,
        RIR, and OIR related systems; skarns, VMS, MVT, sedimentary copper and iron
        deposits and etc.

         Able to operate relevant soft wares including Arc Info, MapInfo, Surpac, Geosoft;
          other computer skills preferred are MS Office software such as Word, Excel and
          Power Point
         Ability to integrate pertinent data and define sound exploration targets and possess
          inherent ability to fast assessment.

      The Economic Geology Advisor shall report directly to the Director General, AGS for
      technical matters and Project Management Unit, World Bank for administrative

Submission Guidelines:
The consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s
Section V of Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank
Borrowers (revised Jan 2011).

Expressions of interest (including CV and three referees) should be sent to the email address
below by no later than 15:00 hours (local time) 16th April 2012 Reference
MoM/PMU/SDNRP-ll/CT-60 must be quoted on all correspondence and the Expression of

Ministry of Mines, Program Management Unit (PMU)
Attention: Mr. Abdul Moeen Zarif
Afghanistan Geological Survey Building (AGS), 2nd floor, Annex,
Close to Abdul Haq roundabout, 3rd Makrorayan, Kabul, Afghanistan.
Email: mzarif@mom.gov.af or moeen.pmu@gmail.com
Cell phone Nos.: +93 (0) 777308051 or +93 (0) 788308051

Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) annex building room number 12th second floor Abdul Haq Circle Kabul Afghanistan:
aimalsultan@gmail.com, haroon.pmu@gmail.com

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