Juniata screws up_ Juniata pays up by wuyunyi


									   JUNIATIAN               H U N T I N G D O N , P E N N S Y LVA N I A
                   N OV E M BE R 3 0 , 2 0 0 7                                    J U N I ATA C O L L E G E                                     VO L U M E 8 9 , I SSU E 4

         Juniata screws up, Juniata pays up
                                    On-time graduation guarantee or fifth year free
   Sara Cieslewicz                       four years or less due to the fault      motivation for this new policy,       sors are doing, [and] our students     school graduates in the surround-
                                         of the College, will not be charged      Gabe Welsh, assistant vice pres-      that come here are very driven and     ing areas who apply to public
    “Our promise is that if we mess      tuition the fifth year or semesters      ident of marketing, said, “It is      very motivated,” said Welsh.           universities.
  up, you don’t have to pay,” said       beyond the eighth.                       a marketing ploy; let’s embrace          Students recognize the market-         Kepple said, “Our suspicion
  President Thomas Kepple on                “It’s a way of saying Juniata is      this.” said. But he added that the    ing ploy, but some see the necessity   was that people were not applying
  Juniata’s recently drafted On-Time     really good at this and other places     word about Juniata’s quality and      of it. Junior Jessica Milheim said,    because they saw the cost of Junia-
  Graduation Guarantee.                  aren’t,” said Kris Clarkson, dean        influence has been out longer than    “With tuition prices on the rise,      ta as being too high in comparison
    The On-Time Graduation Guar-         of students. “In six years’ time [at     this latest ploy.                     it’s almost necessary to find other    to state institutions.”
  antee will be implemented in nine      Juniata], almost 80 percent of the          “We took a good look at our        ways to get students to attend.”          The College is trying to send a
  months and will ensure that, start-    kids who start will graduate within      numbers. What this policy does           The College initiated the guar-     message out to those who don’t
  ing with the incoming Class of         six years. Of the 80 percent who         [is] put into practice what is        antee not only as a marketing cam-     realize how much financial aid is
  2012, students who have met all        graduate, 90 percent plus do it in       already essentially happening…        paign to compete with other col-       offered here. Kepple thinks that
  required commitments but are still     four [years] or less.”                   good work that our faculty are        leges in Pennsylvania, but also to
  unable to complete their degrees in       When questioned about the             doing, good work that our advi-       encourage applications from high                continued page 6

                                                                                                          All in hope of five golden rings
                  Security report
                  raise concerns
   Christina Gongaware                   analyzed the campus’ current secu-
                                         rity policies and introduced recom-
     A recent report by a Juniata        mendations for improvement.
  alumnus has brought up several            The most controversial topic
  questions in regard to campus          introduced by the review group
  security. Among the issues are         has been the question of whether
  whether or not campus security         or not Juniata officers should carry
  officers should be armed, their role   weapons. Each officer currently
  in patrolling off-campus residenc-     holds pepper spray and some wear
  es and other ways to ensure that       protective vests, but guns may
  Juniata remains a safe campus.         soon be a necessity as well.
     Alan Ringgold (‘67) conducted          Local and state police have
  the report after a four day visit to   both reported that criminality is
  campus in September. Dean Kris         on the rise in the Huntingdon area.
  Clarkson said that Ringgold, with      According to Clarkson, every law
  almost 30 years of experience with     enforcement officer in Huntingdon
  the FBI and as the acting Corpo-       supports arming the campus secu-
  rate Security Director of DuPont,      rity personnel.
                                                                                                                                                                          Kevin Dundore / Juniatian
  was “highly qualified for the job.”       Clarkson noted that the Juniata
  He led what was known as the                                                     On Nov. 11, students set up their tents in the annual Madrigal line. Dedicated tenters slept in the cold weath-
  Virginia Tech Review Group that                                                  er and survived ridiculously timed roll calls in order to reserve the best tables at this year's Madrigal.
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                   In them we trust                            Don't be a Bubba                            Composing with Chianti                              Battle of the Sexes
     this issue

                            Juniata elected three                               Director of Academic                       Columnist Claire Wil-                        Women's basketball
                            new trustees last spring.                           Student Services Sarah                     liams reviews "Will                          practices go co-ed to
                            Find out who they are                               Mae Clarkson tells the                     Write for Wine," a pod-                      give the Eagles a com-
                            and what they'll do to                              story of Bubba...and                       cast aimed at those with                     petitive edge on the court
                            improve campus.                                     how not to become him.                     a thirst for writing.                        this season.
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      -2-                                NE W S & F E AT U R E S                           Juniatian                                                  N O VEM BER 3 0 , 2 0 0 7

Beeghly library: Staff and students feel the squeeze
                                          it is we are expected to do.”
Kazia Eastep
                                              One idea for more efficient
   L.A. Beeghly Library was suf-          space usage of the current periodi-
ficient to its purpose at the time of     cals section (ground floor, behind
its 1963 construction. However,           the circulation desk) has been
the building’s 30,000 square feet         proposed. Library Director John
of floor space are no longer ade-         Mumford explained the idea of
quate for the increased resource          an information commons which
and space demands of student,             he hopes to see created as soon as
faculty and community patrons.            financially possible. The proposed
With Juniata’s financial atten-           floor design would include space
tion currently directed toward the        for group or collaborative work,
Founders Hall project, library staff      furnished with tables and chairs
members must overcome their big-          equipped with electrical outlets for
gest obstacle—their own facility’s        easier laptop use.
restricted space.                             The information commons
   “Space is always an issue….            space “shows a shift in recent years
Any way you slice it, we’re               regarding the nature of library use.
small—by square feet, seats,              A library was once intended to be a
shelves for collection—but I think        solitary study area. Now there is a

        "Any way you slice it, we're small--by
   square feet, seats, shelves for collection-- but
    I think the Juniata students use every inch                                                                                                                         Christopher Shannon / Juniatian

              available in the Library."                                            (Above): Junior Jessica Clemens works with reference librarian Andrew Dudash in Beeghly Library.
                                                                                    (Below): An artist's rendering shows a possible layout for the future of the library's main floor.

the Juniata students use every inch       shift toward group usage and com-         does not take into account the         ments,” said Mumford.                 library over Founders. But, it may
available in the library, and that’s      munal areas,” said Murray.                realistic ways in which a library        Renovations to Founders Hall        be that if we don’t do something
very encouraging,” said Head of               Mumford hopes that an infor-          should be used by students.”           will be especially beneficial to      now, Founders Hall might be toast.
Library Systems and Technology            mation commons would provide                “I think the library is a building   the English and History depart-       If Founders had been stable, I
Julie Woodling.                           “space that is comfortable and            being considered to have improve-      ments. Still some members of the      would have said library.”
   Despite the library’s small size,      technologically compatible, but           ments in the future--but with ren-     Juniata community were unhappy           Dudash said, “I think we need
daily usage and circulation num-          the key is that it is still in the        ovations to Good and Founders          that the library was not chosen for   a new library or an addition to the
bers are up. The daily exit count         library and those resources are still     Hall needing to be finished—my         improvements. Tuten said, “If it      library. Anything less than that is
is typically 800-1,000. The library       available.”                               understanding is that it is on the     had been up to me, I might have       shortchanging current and future
currently has a circulating col-              To make the commons, the print        table as an idea for future improve-   chosen to do renovations on the       students.”
lection of over 150,000 volumes           journals currently housed in the
and access to over 10,000 elec-           periodicals space would need to be
tronic journals. The library also         moved downstairs, and older peri-
has extensive special collections.        odicals would need to be stored
“I think that students have a lot of      elsewhere. The journals would
resources at their fingertips.Aall        remain accessible to students but
it takes to find and use them is a        would require time for retrieval.
quick question,” said Woodling.               “The [information commons]
   Senior Troy Crumrine uses the          design is great. Although trendy,
library daily. “I think it is func-       it is an excellent idea. It is positive
tional as it is. The library is one of    on an outward level, but there are
the most used buildings on cam-           possible ramifications related to
pus…the most heavily used part            access. It’s faux, but at the same
gets revamped when it needs it,”          time one of our goals as a campus
said Crumrine.                            is for it to be attractive,” said Head
   Head of Library Instruction            of Reference Services Andrew
Mary Murray said, “We do a really         Dudash.
good job of keeping the collection            History department chair Belle
up to date. It’s one of the things        Tuten also commented on the
emphasized strongly here—hav-             library’s appearance. “Rightly or
ing a collection that meets the           wrongly, when prospective stu-
students’ needs, a collection that        dents visit campus, they look at the
the students want to use. Space is        buildings and judge the institution
a completely different issue. We          based on what they see. The library,
need more space. We’re trying to          although constantly bustling, does
meet the needs of the students.           not give the impression of being
There’s just not enough room to do        a priority space,” she said. “The
what we would like to do and what         building is older and the space
                V OLU ME 8 9 , I S S UE 4                                           Juniatian                                       N EWS & F EAT U R ES                             -3-

      New trustees explain their roles and goals on campus
                                                                                                                                                                all decision will be based on rec-
 M. Piazza
                                                                                                                                                                ommendation from the College
   On Oct. 24 three new trustees                                                                                                                                treasurer and other reports from
were shown the ropes of to their                                                                                                                                the different individuals involved
new duties.        As trustees they                                                                                                                             in these services.
are responsible for ensuring the                                                                                                                                   “My goal as a trustee is to make
future of Juniata, be it financially                                                                                                                            sure that Juniata stays the won-
or academically. By voting and                                                                                                                                  derful institution that it is, while
debating on issues ranging from                                                                                                                                 at they same time encouraging
tuition increases to sustainability                                                                                                                             Juniata to be even stronger in the
on campus, these new trustees will                                                                                                                              future,” said Habecker.
be part of a board that affects every                                                                                                                              O’Donnell, the final new trustee
aspect of campus life.                                                                                                                                          elected last spring, is also very
   The new trustees are Nathan                                                                                                                                  interested in making Juniata’s
Ehrlich ('80), Gail Habecker ('76)                                                                                                                              future just as bright as its past.
and Rod O’Donnell. To become                                                                                                                                    He is the church representative
new trustees these three were                                                                                                                                   to the board, and is responsible
nominated by the specific trustee                                                                                                                               for bringing the Brethren church’s
committee in charge of nominat-                                                                                                                                 perspective to the trustees. As a
ing individuals. Then the entire                                                                                                                                church representative he is inter-
board voted on each candidate.                                                                                                                                  ested in the church’s involvement
Those candidates with the major-                                                                                                                                as well as the strength of the reli-
ity vote were chosen as board                                                                                                                                   gion department.
members.                                                                                                                                                           “Juniata is one of the few col-
   “I was nominated by the presi-                                                                                                                               leges that puts the theoretical idea
dent’s request as a possible alumni                                                                                                                             of being able to practice who you
                                                                                                                              Christopher Shannon / Juniatian
representative, possibly because I                                                                                                                              are, including your religion into
have been involved in alumni mat-       During their orientation in Oct., trustees met with students to hear about campus news and student concerns.            practice, and it’s part of what
ters ever since I graduated. But I’m                                                                                                                            makes Juniata so very strong,”
interested in the position as it will   to ensuring that Juniata continues    phia Eagles, and later became an         an issue before they vote on it.”        said O’Donnell.
allow me to have a say in Juniata’s     to be a place where students are so   attorney and then finally a Juniata          As a trustee member Habecker            He is also involved in the busi-
future,” said Ehrlich, alumni repre-    very important.                       trustee.                                 will work on the business affairs        ness information committee which
sentative to the board.                    Ehrlich was an English and            Habecker, a former music POE          committee discussing things like         is responsible for looking at Juni-
   As an alumni representative          history POE. His interest though      turned financial analyst, served on      the College’s budget, renovations        ata as a business and voting on
Ehrlich is responsible for helping      was not focused on only those         the board of trustees as the alumni      and tuition increases. As an invest-     decisions that will make it better.
to represent what Juniata graduates     subjects. While here, he partici-     representative before being elected      ment committee member she will           At the last trustee meeting this
would like to see happen on cam-        pated as an athletic trainer and      to a specific committee. She now         be responsible for making deci-          committee discussed how to make
pus. This covers anything from          was assistant coach of wrestling.     will work on the board’s commit-         sions on where Juniata invests its       campus and the school as green as
donor recognition to projects that      In addition to that, he was also      tee of business affairs.                 money. Specifically, Habecker’s          possible.
alumni would like to see com-           his senior class president and has       Habecker sees her fellow              vote will directly affect whether           As new board members, these
pleted. He is also responsible for      been responsible as class treasurer   trustees as “always asking ques-         or not students pay more the next        three all agree that being a trustee
bringing back reports from each         ever since he graduated. After        tions and debating at the full board     year for food and what building          is about ensuring the future of
of the general trustees meetings.       college he pursued a career as an     level even (after the presentation)      will be the most important to be         Juniata as an institution of learning
Ehrlich is already looking forward      athletic trainer for the Philadel-    until they completely understand         renovated. This committee’s over-        and growing.

     Juniata alumna publishes first novel                                                                              She is very insightful, very pas-
                                                                                                                       sionate. She’s poetic and her
                                                                                                                                                                lege close to home, Goodall found
                                                                                                                                                                that Katz took an immediate inter-
                                                                                                                       imagination is present in every-         est in her writing.
Sarah Ruggiero                             “Chaise” captures a terrifying     time in which to focus on her writ-      thing she does. She is completely           Goodall said that she dedicated
                                        world, controlled by fast food and    ing. She would often begin her           alive….She does all this as a full       the book to Katz because “Judy
   Juniata alumna, Becci Goodall        corporations. The story is por-       day at four in the morning to write      time mother and is absolutely there      was the first person to take interest
(’02), recently published her first     trayed through vivid portraits of     for an hour.                             for her kids,” said English profes-      in me and that ever noticed that I
novel “Chaise.”                         Goodall’s characters and excerpts        “I just got to thinking about life.   sor, Judy Katz, to whom Goodall          had talent. She was the first per-
   Goodall labels her novel to be       of the characters’ past.              I started writing about the things       dedicated the book.                      son to encourage me to work on
part of the genre of experimental          Goodall began writing her novel    that happen to women in our own             About her reaction to learning        it and first to show me how to edit
fiction, called speculative fiction.    in the summer of 2004. Over the       lives. A lot of the names [in the        about the dedication, Katz said, “I      my work.”
Speculative fiction is imagining        next three years, she wrote on and    book] are friends of mine, but the       was stunned. She kept it a secret.          “It’s so great to show what a
things that could really happen,        off again, with no intention of       things they do aren’t real,” said        I didn’t know she was going to           difference a person can make in
such as people with robotic body        writing a novel.                      Goodall.                                 dedicate it to me! I read it and I       another’s life. It’s amazing to
parts. She describes “Chaise” as           “I started my novel as a short        To her surprise, her story was        called everyone I knew and said,         honor Judy for all she has done for
a story about a nameless character      story. It was form of therapy. I      published in July, 2007 by an            ‘I can’t believe this!’ I am just        me,” said Goodall.
who succumbs to a mental break-         never set out to write to write a     online speculative fiction Web site,     honored and amazed.”                        The two grew together, bonding
down. Given the extent of her           book,” said Goodall.         As a     silverthought.com.       Editor Paul        The relationship between Katz         over school, writing and family, all
mental illness, which she denies,       single parent, working full time,     Hughes charged nothing for the           and Goodall stems back to Good-          the while forming a friendship that
she does not leave her couch for        while also attending graduate         cost of publishing.                      all’s junior year at Juniata. Trans-
years.                                  school, Goodall found minimal            “She’s very ironically funny.         ferring in from a community col-                 continued page 6
    -4-                          NE W S & F E AT UR E S                         Juniatian                                                   N O VEM BER 3 0 , 2 0 0 7

 Study abroad: Priceless experience can come with a hefty price tag
Bennett Rea                          the same amount as the euro.          abroad. The first, called “direct     studying abroad…especially in          purchase a cell phone in the
                                         This cost though, has not         exchange,” costs the College          Europe where the dollar is so          U.S. for Europe.” A student who
   The weak value of the dol-        deterred students from study-         nothing extra and will not affect     weak,” said Lakso.                     purchases a cell phone plan in
lar in many foreign countries        ing abroad. According to Jarmi-       future study abroad opportu-              The weak dollar does have          Europe will find it to be much
has made study abroad expenses       la Polte, the director of study       nities. The second is studying        effects on students while study-       cheaper and simpler according
higher for both the College and      abroad, in 2007-2008, 174 Junia-      through a third party provid-         ing abroad. Though tuition may         to Hernandez.
students, but it has not lowered     ta students will study outside the    er. The most common one for           stay fairly consistent, the cost of        Students who are planning
participation in the program at      U.S. Polte also said that there       Juniata is the Brethren Colleges      living in most countries in Europe     to study abroad can also com-
this point.                          has been no drop in the number        Abroad (BCA) organization.            has grown far more expensive           bat the rising costs by using
   Recently there has been a         of students going to Europe in            For students, choosing either     than it was previously.                Juniata’s resources. There are
decline in the value of the dollar   recent years. This is partially       option makes no difference                While room and board is paid       numerous scholarships available
across the world, especially in      because the tuition costs are fair-   economically. The cost will           for by the College, traveling and      for people studying abroad, as
most European countries. One         ly consistent from year to year in    be the same either way with           transportation are usually left        well as vacation travel allowanc-
dollar and forty-six cents only      the exchange program.                 their tuition, room and board         up to the student. Sara Hernan-        es. For example, Juniata’s study
exchanges to one euro. Just five         Students have several options     and financial aid all transferring    dez, a junior studying abroad in       abroad program may give a stu-
years ago the dollar was worth       when they choose to study             from Juniata to the foreign host      Seville, Spain, said that using        dent a $350 check per semester
                                                                           school. For some students, the        the public transportation or bus       so that he or she can travel while
                                                                           second option is more beneficial      system is pricy. “Using it every       abroad.
                                                                           because there are BCA directors       day can really add up,” says Her-          The financial aid office will
                                                                           at each foreign site.                 nandez.                                also maximize loans in order to
                                                                               The cost for the College for          It is also very common for         allow a student to study abroad
                                                                           this method, however, is variable     students studying abroad to trav-      at a lower cost, though it will
                                                                           and rising. The College is begin-     el to some of the surrounding          cost a good deal of money to pay
                                                                           ning to incur higher costs from       countries since they are so close.     them off later. “The bottom line
                                                                           dealing with the BCA because of       “I probably spend most of my           is: plan ahead,” says Polte.
                                                                           the dropping value of the dollar.     money on plane tickets to see              Going to a country in
                                                                           This means Juniata is writing         other countries in Europe,” Her-       Latin America and Africa can
                                                                           larger checks to make up for the      nandez said.                           also avoid the problem of
                                                                           dollar’s low value according to           A “cheap” roundtrip ticket for     the weak dollar altogether.
                                                                           Provost James Lakso.                  one from Seville to Paris, France      In countries such as Ecuador
                                                                               To deal with the rising costs,    costs around $251 at this time of      and The Gambia, the dollar is
                                                                           Lakso said, “We either need stu-      year. But since the dollar is only     extremely strong. Juniata has
                                                                           dents to move from third party        worth .685 percent of a euro, the      exchange programs set up in
                                                                           provision to exchange, or nego-       cost skyrockets to around $366.        both areas.
                                                                           tiate with BCA.”                      A student would be paying over             Even in Europe, there are
                                                                               Cutting the cost of the checks    $100 more just because of the          several countries in which the
                                                                           the College writes to the BCA         exchange rate.                         dollar is still strong, such as the
                                                                           would save money and prevent              There are some factors that        Czech Republic where Juniata
                                                                           restrictions being placed on          do make up for the weak value          has an exchange program in
                                                                           the program. But here could be        of the dollar. Clothes and alco-       place. Although the costs may
                                                                           unfavorable results if potential      holic drinks are cheaper in much       be high in many of the possible
                                                                           negotiations do not lead to suc-      of Europe than in the United           study abroad areas, there are
                                                                           cess.                                 States, counteracting the dol-         many opportunities to study in a
                                                                               “We may have to eventually        lar’s low value. Hernandez also        country where the dollar remains
                                                                           limit the number of students          advises students to “not ever          strong.

                                                                                Wondering how to file for an Incomplete or a Withdrawal?
                                                                                  An incomplete is given at the discretion of the professor. This must be approved before the end
                                                                               of the fall semester. It requires a satisfactory explanation, which usually includes an illness or an
                                                                                  After an incomplete is filed, a student has three weeks into the spring semester to complete all miss-
                                                                               ing work. The deadline for incomplete work due in the spring semester is Feb. 8.
                                                                                  A student wishing to withdraw from a course has until the scheduled date a professor has set on
                                                                               the course syllabus to do so. To receive a withdrawal, a
                                                                               student must complete a form that is to be signed by both
                                                                               the professor and academic advisors. The form must be
                                                                               submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
                                                                                    If passing the course at the time of the withdrawal the
                                                                               student will receive a WP (withdrawal pass). If you were
                                                                               failing at the time of the withdrawal a WF (withdrawal
                                                                               failure) will be given.
                                                                                  Withdrawals will not be calculated in a student's GPA,
                                                                               but will appear on his or her official transcript. An unoffi-
                                                                               cial withdrawal will be calculated as an F. Withdrawals are
                                                                               considered unofficial if the student fails to make satisfac-
                                                                               tory arrangements at the Office of the Registrar.
                V OLU ME 8 9 , I S S UE 4                                          Juniatian                                       N EWS & F EAT U R ES                           -5-

          Suggestions for improved security being considered
                                                                                  continued from page 1

police (JCPD) have become more        ship with students. Clarkson           the officer.”                              Ringgold’s group also recom-        of the duties.” Juniata currently
involved in incidents involving       acknowledged that perception.            Currently, only two officers          mended locking the residence           employs seven full-time and two
students living in close proximity    “When the officer is carrying a        have the credentials to carry a         halls. While the doors, frames, and    part-time officers.
to campus. JCPD aids Huntingdon       gun and the student isn’t, you’re      weapon, which poses another             swipe locks have been in place, a         Clarkson considers this the most
officers in emergency situations      obviously not on the same level        problem.                                glitch in software has delayed the     important suggestion of all and
and are expected to pull over dan-                                                                                                                          sees it as the best way to make
gerous drivers on and near cam-                                                                                                                             Juniata safer. If new staff is hired,
pus. Clarkson said that “there is              "When the officer is carrying a gun and the student isn't, you're                                             there will be a concerted effort that
already a level of concern that we                      obviously not on the same level anymore."                                                           at least some of them are female.
are putting our officers in danger-                                                                                                                            Increased training was another
ous situations.”                                                                                                                                            of the research group’s sugges-
   Freshman Britney Lenig sup-        anymore,” he said.                        Clarkson says that the board of      process. Clarkson envisions that       tions. A mock emergency exer-
ports the idea of JCPD officers          There is also the worry that arm-   trustees, who will ultimately make      the process will be in place by the    cise was conducted on Oct. 31 to
carrying guns. She thinks that “it    ing officers would lead to more        the arming decision, is “fairly         end of the semester.                   ensure that all emergency systems
would deter students from partak-     accidents than actual protection.      divided” and “has a very important         While he said that “everyone        and personnel were functioning
ing in any violent activity.”The      “It’s only causing more risks,”        and difficult decision to make.” A      knows that someone intent on get-      properly.
main opposition has argued that       said freshman Ariele Maury. “If a      decision will not be made until at      ting through will get in,” Clark-         Huge changes in security have
the arming of campus police will      personal [sic] can get a hold of the   least next year, as the trustees will   son said that the system is still      already been made around cam-
drastically change their relation-    gun, then they can use it against      not meet again until April.             important to non-students who are      pus. A siren has been installed. A
                                                                                                                     looking for easy targets for theft.    text-messaging system has also
                                                                                                                     It will also become important for      been put into effect. Notifications

        Campus hosts Model UN conference
                                                                                                                     any student who loses his or her       will also be available through
                                                                                                                     ID card to report it. This will stop   WKVR and Channel 98. A system
                                                                                                                     any non-student from entering the      of feedback on the resolution of
                                                                                                                     residence halls.                       campus police incidents has been
   Laura Hess                                                                                                           Hiring additional security staff    completed, which will aid officials
                                                                                                                     was another important recommen-        greatly in organizing updating
     On Nov. 12 200 high school students from 14 different high schools across Pennsylvania came to                  dation. According to the research      files. Updates will continue to be
   Juniata for the 10th Annual High School Model United Nations Conference.                                          group, a larger JCPD would allow       made to security as a whole as the
     The conference is annually sponsored by Juniata’s Model UN club and is advised by Emil Nagengast,               for “greater flexibility in schedul-   group’s recommendations become
   department chair of politics. The overall goal of the conference was to allow high school students the            ing and a more equitable sharing       realities.
   chance to examine current world issues and explore peers’ opinions about them.
     Holding the annual event was prompted by Juniata students in the Model UN club in 1997. Juniata’s                               Where on campus?
   high school conference has continued to grow every year since its implementation. Nagengast said, “The
   conference promotes Juniata to prospective students while involving them in internationality.”
     The conference provides the high school Model UN chapters with an opportunity to participate in a
   Model UN Conference modeled after the National Collegiate Conference which Juniata students attend
   each year in Washington, DC.
     The high school students spent the day, simulating the problems and complexities of international
   delegation in committees that mirrored actual United Nations’ procedures. Students were responsible for
   researching their previously assigned countries’ backgrounds and preparing debate material on assigned
     Some of the debate topics this year included the genocide Darfur, the situation in Iraq, women’s rights
   and the Iran nuclear proliferation. From the information they gathered, students acted as delegates from
   the assigned countries in the simulated UN committee meetings held all over campus.
     Jiwoong Park, a senior at Juniata Valley High School and a prospective Juniata College student com-
   mented on the conference experience. He said, “It is a great learning experience. It’s hard to actually
   argue a country’s point of view thoroughly, but this gives us a good sense of what has to go on at UN
   committee meetings.”
             Model UN on campus is a club as well as a credit course. There are currently 19 students
   involved through the course. An additional 20 students participate strictly through the club. Juniata’s
   Model UN members facilitated the high school conference by serving as committee chairs, committee
   assistants, home government people, other country representatives and errand runners.
     The home government was based in the TLT computer lab where Nagengast and Model UN mem-
   bers were connected to each committee via the network to answer questions and print each committee’s
     Juniata’s Model UN members, who served as simulated country representatives, kept the committee
   debates interesting by delivering made-up crises and offering controversial views to the committees.
             The conference was an overall success and Model UN members look forward to next year’s
                                                                                                                                                                      Kevin Dundore / Juniatian
   event. Senior Jigar Patel said, “This year’s high school conference was one of the most interesting ones I
   have seen in the past four years I have done this. The high school students were way more prepared than             Do you know where the above picture was taken? Send your
   they have been in the past and that made the conference successful.”                                                guess to the Juniatian at juniatian@juniata.edu. The first correct
     Students interested in more information on how to join Model UN should visit http://www.juniata.                  answer will receive a free Espresso Bar drink from Sheetz. Con-
   edu/faculty/nagengast/modelun.htm.                                                                                  gratulations to last issue's winner: Samantha Schrieber!
    -6-                            NE W S & F E AT UR E S                           Juniatian                                                  N O VEM BER 3 0 , 2 0 0 7

           Fifth year free guarantee isn't as free or easy as it seems
                                                                                    continued from page 1

people don’t realize that the real     advancing their career, students at     won’t receive everything for free.    eligible for the guarantee. These      approved leaves of absence.
cost of going to a public college      Penn State are in their fifth year or   “It will cost the students some-      are titled “the student’s commit-         Senior Todd Beaumont said, “I
for a year or two years extra in       maybe sixth,” said Kepple.              thing…room and board some-            ment” and “the College’s commit-       think that the advisors should be
some cases makes that education           In regards to where the money is     where, whether they live on or off    ment.”                                 able to handle this responsibility.
more expensive than four years at      coming from to fund this program,       campus,” said Kepple. Along with         Students are only eligible for      I don’t see any [thing] different
Juniata.                               Kepple said, “It’s almost no cost;      room and board expenses, the stu-     the guarantee if they are first year   from their current responsibili-
  “The real cost of not graduat-       we expect there won’t be many           dent will have to pay for books and   students when they sign the agree-     ties as academic advisors. I think
ing in four year is not the cost       students to do it. The truth is…        fees other than course fees.          ment, have declared their final        with a fifth year free incentive, it
of tuition, [it] is loss of income,    it just means adding one or two            According to the rough draft       POE prior to earning 60 cred-          will ensure students graduate in a
loss of time in grad school, and       students to a senior level class. We    of the guarantee sent out to fac-     its, have met with their academic      timely fashion.”
lost time in getting to your career.   have the space in those classes.”       ulty and staff, there are two sets    advisors every semester and have          The guarantee does not apply
While Juniata students are out there      Students who take the fifth year     of requirements for a student to be   registered for classes as early as     to international students, transfers
                                                                                                                     they could (notifying advisors         or students whose graduation is
  Alumna writes                                         Community Service
                                                                                                                     when a required course is unavail-
                                                                                                                                                            delayed for not paying their grad-
                                                                                                                                                            uation fees. Double majors that
      book                                ▪The Community Service Office is bringing the “White Ribbon                    They must also complete 30          require more time, or students who
                                        Campaign” to campus. The campaign is aimed at “men working to                credits each academic year and not     seek dual certification in education
                                        end men’s violence against women.”                                           drop any course required for their     are not covered either.
     continued from page 3                Men on campus will try to recruit 250 other men to sign a pledge           degree or POE after their third           “I think that the school should
                                        saying that they will never physically harm a woman. Those who sign          semester, maintain academic prog-      guarantee that fifth year option [for
would last long after Goodall’s         will wear white ribbons. The first 100 to sign will receive a “wife lov-      ress and stay out of trouble.          dual certifications]. Dual certifica-
graduation.                             er” undershirt to oppose the “wife beater” tank.                                The key is the College’s com-       tions make students more market-
   Goodall described her rela-            Students can sign the pledge tonight at the JC Up Late event and           mitment. Advisors are expected         able, so Juniata should commend
tionship with Katz as a mixture         tomorrow, Dec. 1, at the men’s and women’s basketball games.                 to continue to keep up the vigilant    them for that ambition,” said Mil-
between family and friend. She                                                                                       work that the policy boasts about      heim.
said, “When I was in school, she           ▪A blood drive will be held on Dec. 5 from 12-6 p.m. in Ellis Ball-       in their commitments as advisors.          Clarkson said, “If people are
was a mentor and often like a           room. The entire campus community is invited to donate in honor,             According to the guarantee these       here doing what they should do
mother to me. She was always            or in memory of, a loved one. Donors can sign the dedication banner          include informing their advisees       and they are taking a normal
there to pick me up when I needed       at the drive. Appointments can be made in advance by visiting www.           about College degree and POE           course load (and they are)...they
encouraging words.”                     givelife.org.                                                                requirements, providing the neces-     are going to graduate in four years.
   Goodall showcased an excerpt                                                                                      sary courses in a timely manner,       Who wants to stay longer than
                                           ▪Juniatians can also contribute to annual Toys for Tots campaign          encouraging students to study          they have to?”
from “Chaise” during last month’s       which runs until Dec. 22. Students, staff and faculty can drop off toys at
celebration of women writers,                                                                                        abroad, supporting their students         “If there is any senior out there
                                        the Community Service Office in Ellis Hall.                                   in obtaining research and intern-      this year [who will not be able
“Unlock Your Voice,” which is              Volunteers are also needed to help sort, bag and tag toys on Tues.,
run by Katz. She has performed                                                                                       ship opportunities, and stopping       graduate in four years] because of
                                        Wed. and Thurs. evenings from 7-9 p.m. Volunteers should contact Me-         the plan’s clock if students must      some reason we created, I’d like
at Unlock Your Voice numerous           lissa Herheim at 814-658-6812, Crystal Plumley at 570-439-0176 or
times in the past, both as a student                                                                                 withdraw because of serious health     to talk to them. We’ll see what we
                                        Shauna Morin at morins@juniata.edu.                                          or family problems, or any other       can do,” said Kepple.
and an alumna.
   “Her performance was very
inspiring and truly celebrated the
work of women writers,” said
sophomore attendee, Chloe Pott.
   Goodall is now the editor of the
writer's workshop forum entitled,
Megans-closet.com.         Megans-
closet is an online community
where writers can post personal
works for a group of writers to
   She is also the editor of the
upcoming “The Misfit Literati: a
reader's guide to the underground
press.” This will be a quarterly
newsprint that will review and fea-
ture the best of new writers.
   Goodall will perform in a poetry
slam at Boxer’s Cafe, located at
410 Penn Street, in downtown
Huntingdon, on Dec. 3. She will
sell her book at the event, donating
all proceeds to All Ways of Lov-
ing, a Juniata Club.
   “Chaise” can be purchased for
$12.95 at Boxer’s Café and the
Juniata Bookstore.
     VOLUME 89, ISSUE 4
                                                   COMMENTARY                                                                                          JUNIATIAN                          7
       A bonehead if there ever was one
                                          A friendly reminder from Academic Support Ser vices
    Dear Students,                          The manager went to Bubba and        of wisdom in mind during the           the strongest person can cave to       want people to bully or pressure
    It is time again for me to send     said, "Thank you for your interest,      weeks ahead:                           during a busy and stressful time.      others or take credit for work that
you all my end-of-semester warn-        but we've decided to give the Yan-             Keep your head. Everything             Do not e-mail or share files,     is not theirs. So just say no . . . you
ing, which can variously be en-         kee the job."                            will get done, and will get done       papers, programs, presentations or     won’t e-mail that file or document,
titled “Do the Right Thing,” or             Bubba asked, "And why are you        before you leave for the holiday       work electronically. Ever. Do not      or let that person review your lab,
“Don’t Do Something Crazy . .           giving him the job? We both got          break. Don’t panic.                    EVER do this.                          but you’ll be happy to sit down and
. Like Cheat,” or “You’re Better        nine questions correct. This being             Do not use any words, any-            Please don't collaborate when     talk someone through it.
than This.” Before I enumerate all      Alabama, and me being a Southern         where, from any source that are        directions have been clear from           I think that’s everything. Let
the ways to avoid heartache and         boy, I should get the job!"              not cited correctly—especially         your faculty that you are not al-      me give credit to Darwin Kysor,
stomach ache, please read below             The manager said, "We have           words you have found on the Inter-     lowed to.                              director of Career Services, who
and meet Bubba, a bonehead if           made our decision not on the cor-        net. You understand the principles           If a study guide or answers      sent me the Bubba story way back
ever there was one.                     rect answers, but rather on the one      of intellectual property, and you      manual is on reserve in the library,   in August. I’ve been saving it all
                                        question that you both missed."          know which intellectual property       you have a solemn responsibility       these months, just to share it with
           The Bubba Test                   Bubba then asked, "And just          is yours and which is someone          to keep your person IN the library     you now. The most important thing
   Bubba applied for an engineer-       how would one incorrect answer           else’s. So does your faculty know      and return the text within the des-    for you to know is that we have
ing position at an Alabama refin-        be better than the other?"               this distinction.                      ignated time. If you do not, the li-   great confidence in you, consider it
ery.                                        The manager replied, "Bubba,               Lock your computer when-         brarians will be sharing your name     a privilege and honor to teach you,
  A Yankee applied for the same         it's like this ... on question #4, the   ever you step away from it, even in    with me.                               and wish you a very successful end
job and both applicants, having the     Yankee put down, "I don't know."         your dorm room or suite. I’m not             Be assertive. Even say no to     of semester.
same qualifications, were asked to       And you put down, "Neither do I.”        kidding about this.                    people who are asking for help that
take a test by the manager. Upon            The example above being emi-               Do not share your password       you know is more than help. We           Be careful out there,
completion of the test, both men        nently clear to all of you, I’m sure,    and username with anyone. This         want to support and encourage co-                  Sarah May Clarkson
only missed one of the questions.       please keep the following words          represents temptations that even       operative learning, but we do not            Academic Support Services

                                                                Thinking about thinking
                                                        Time travel provides insight on global warming

 Ryan Hamillton                         from ancient Greece, I decided to            Jumping back into my time ma-      Gandhi said, “Whatever you do          As we waited for President Bush
                                        hop, skip and jump forward in time       chine I arrived in the 20th century    about global warming will be in-       and former Prime Minister Blair,
   The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was       to visit my other favorite philoso-      to talk with John F. Kennedy. His      significant, but it is very important   I sipped a beer. Ahmadinejad said,
recently awarded, jointly, to the In-   phers. I found Descartes sitting in a    advice: “Ask not what you can do       that you do it.”                       “In Iran we don’t have global
tergovernmental Panel on Climate        leather armchair in his study. When      for global warming, but what glob-        Benjamin Franklin commented,        warming like in your country. Iran
Change and Al Gore. The award           asked for his thoughts on global         al warming can do for you.”            “In this world nothing can be said     emits no CO2. I don’t know who
was given in recognition of the ef-     warming he replied, “I think the            Franklin D. Roosevelt ex-           to be certain, except death, taxes     told you that.” He promptly got up
fort to spread knowledge about cli-     earth is warming, therefore it is.”      plained, “We have nothing to fear      and global warming.”                   and left.
mate change. To learn more about           Nietzsche only forcefully grum-       but global warming itself.”               Martin Luther’s solution, “Pray,         Sadly, my other two guests
this controversial and important        bled, “Global warming is dead.”               Nixon declined to comment.        and let God worry about global         never arrived. It looked like I was
issue, I knew my research would             In hopes of finding a solution, I     Storming away I heard him ex-          warming.”                              on my own. The words of Einstein
need to be unconventional.              revved up my time machine once           claim, “I am not a dirty polluter.”       Back in 2007 once again, I felt     came to mind. “Do not worry about
   Without a moment’s hesitation,       again. Shakespeare lamented, “I             When I arrived to talk with         there was still insight to be found.   your difficulties with global warm-
I fired up my hybrid time machine        wasted resources and now doth my         Reagan, he was in the middle of a      In an unprecedented feat of di-        ing; I assure you that mine are still
and embarked on an epic adven-          resources waste me.”                     speech. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down      plomacy and plot levering, I con-      greater.”
ture to get the low down on global         Emerson was certain, “The end         this wall!” Seeing me in the audi-     vinced George Bush, Tony Blair            It was late in the day and the sun
warming and possible solutions.         of the human race will be that it        ence he added, “And use it to seed     and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to             had set. I could only finish my beer
Who better to ask than those great      will eventually die of global warm-      a coral reef in the Caribbean.”        meet me at Boxers in Huntingdon.       and begin the walk home.
minds and influential leaders of         ing.”                                       At that moment I thought, when
our past?
   Of course, I made my first stop
                                            It seems that the issue of global
                                        warming falls into the hands of us
                                                                                 the future of the entire world is at
                                                                                 stake, the megalomaniacs of the
                                                                                                                                   Make the Juniatian work for you
ancient Greece for an appointment       all. However, little can be accom-       past will certainly have an opinion,         The Juniatian encourages members of the campus community
with the man often noted as the fa-     plished if world leaders are not en-     so I zipped back in time again. Hit-      to send the editors news leads, story ideas and general questions
ther of western thought. In typical     gaged. With this in mind, I decided      ler was adamant: “We need to stop         to be investigated.
form, Plato replied, “Global warm-      to ask past American presidents for      global warming or it will conquer            In order to publish a newspaper that appeals to the interests
ing is not the worst that can happen    their perspectives. Thomas Jeffer-       the world before we do.”                  and needs of the entire campus, the staff also accepts requests for
to men.”                                son said, “When in the course of            Napoleon was busy, but took a          coverage of student achievements, club events, academic depart-
   Aristotle was only slightly          human events it is no longer pos-        moment to say, “Global warming            mental happenings, residential life programs and other campus-
more helpful. He said, “The gods,       sible to live with global warming it     is a set of lies agreed upon.”            related activities.
too, are fond of a joke, but global     becomes necessary for a people to            Ironically, my time was running          Please send your suggestions or requests to juniatian@juniata.
warming isn’t very funny.”              remove global warming from their         out. With desperation, I punched          edu. Or submit your idea(s) anonymously to the Juniatian's post
    Without any tangible solutions      society.”                                the random time travel button.            office box, #667.
    -8-                            CO M M E NTA RY                                   Juniatian                                                    N O VEM BER 3 0 , 2 0 0 7

                                                                          Juniatian Policies
 Corrections: The Juniatian makes every effort to avoid errors in its articles. However, some mistakes will inevitably occur. The Juniatian will print a retraction for any printed, factual
 item proven to be incorrect. Readers who believe they have spotted an incorrect fact should e-mail juniatian@juniata.edu with “correction” in the subject line.

 Opinion: Unsigned editorials published in the commentary section reflect the opinion of the Juniatian as determined by the editorial board. Views expressed in commentary, arts &
 entertainment and sports columns reflect the opinion of the writer and not necessarily the opinion of the Juniatian.

 Letters to the Editor: Points of view which differ from those presented in any Juniatian article should be expressed to the editors in the form of a publishable letter to the editor. Stu-
 dents, faculty, staff alumni: send letters to juniatian@juniata.edu. We print all letters to the editor that are of interest to the campus community – in response to one of our articles or on
 a separate topic. Please limit letters to about 300 words, and note that longer submissions may be printed partially due to available space.

 Anonymity: Letters to the Editor can be printed anonymously per the editors’ discretion on an individual basis. Letters printed anonymously must still be submitted to the editors with
 a name. Note your desire and reason for anonymity when you send your letter, and an editor will contact you.

    Ask the Administration                                                     students who assist in the planning
                                                                               and executing of the event. For
                                                                                                                        well spent!
                                                                                                                          With that said, JAB still invests
   “At the beginning of the semes-
ter, a big deal was made about
                                          “Madrigal is the last tradition
                                       of the semester, and probably one
                                                                               example, the major event provides
                                                                               incredible leadership opportuni-
                                                                                                                       a lot of money and time into pro-
                                                                                                                       ducing Madrigal to ensure it is a
                                                                               ties for about 30 students. If those    memorable evening for JC stu-                Established in 1924
the new ID card key entries that       of the most expensive for students
                                                                               30 students attended a leadership       dents and guests.                             as a continuation
were supposed to be activated on       to attend (if you consider purchas-
                                                                               conference, it would cost approxi-
the dorms. Now, with only three        ing attire, pre-gaming materials,                                                                                             of The Echo, 1891
                                                                               mately $1,000.00/person (confer-                                Staci Weber
weeks to go before break, we still     tickets, etc.). So is it the most ex-
                                                                               ence fees, transportation, room                    Director of the Office of
don’t see any of them in use. Is       pensive tradition for Juniata to of-                                                                                           Rebecca DeHass
                                                                               and board). So, the leadership                           Student Activities
the College still planning on mak-     fer? If not, which one is, and how                                                                                              editor-in-chief
                                                                               benefits alone make JAB’s money
ing the change to ID card entry?       much does the most expensive
If not, why, or if so, when?”          tradition generally cost?”                                                                                                      Jason Najarian
                                                                                   You can ask the questions for once...                                                 news editor
   The delay has been caused by            Madrigal may costs the students
some software problems. The con-       the most to attend; however, other            In each issue, President Kepple and other administrators will                      Monica Tully
tactor for the system is attempting    Juniata traditions cost JAB more           address the campus community's concerns or questions.                                 section editor
to correct the software problems       money to produce. The most fi-                 Kepple will make public his thoughts on campus issues in his
and we expect to have a new soft-      nancially expensive tradition on           "Presidential Perspective." Though he has plans for his column                   Manal DaherMonsour
ware package for the system before     campus would be the major event            this semester, the president welcomes topic suggestions.                            section editor
the end of this semester. Our origi-   which costs around $35,000.00,                When Kepple cannot submit his column, due to College-related
nal plans were to have the system      followed by Friday Night Live at           travel, Provost James Lakso will offer his take on a topic pertain-                   Sarah Dotter
up and operating by the middle         approximately $19,500.00, then             ing to campus.                                                                        section editor
of the first semester, but we were      Springfest at $14,000.00.                     For the "Ask the Administration" feature (see above), the Junia-
unable to meet that goal. Our new          While these numbers sound high,        tian forwards legitimate student, faculty and staff questions to the               Emily LaBrecque
goal is to place the system in ser-    it is important to break each dollar       administrators most equipped to answer them.
                                                                                                                                                                      section editor
vice sometime during the first two      amount down and look at what the              To submit your topic ideas to Kepple, or to ask questions of the
weeks of the spring semester.          costs need to cover (production,           administration, please e-mail the Juniatian at juniatian@juniata.
                                                                                                                                                                      Josh Lingenfelter
                                       marketing, artist and agent fees           edu.
  Working for you and with you,        and catering), how many students              All questions and comments will be kept anonymous and will                         sports editor
                     Tim Launtz        attend and the leadership opportu-         be forwared to administrators via the Juniatian's e-mail account.
     Director of Residential Life      nities provided to each of the JC                                                                                             Dave Sollenberger
                                                                                                                                                                     asst. design editor

                                                                               letters, advising evaluations, fac-     and make changes to their courses                Kate Goulet
          Provost Perspective                                                  ulty service (committee work,
                                                                               advising of student groups) and
                                                                                                                       based on what they read. For this
                                                                                                                       reason as well, it is important for
                                                                                                                                                                      asst. design editor

                                                                               professional development activi-        students to offer honest and fair               Chris Shannon
                                       James Lakso is the College's            ties (research, professional papers,    evaluations of teaching effective-               photo editor
                                       Provost and a professor of eco-         conference presentations, grants,       ness.
                                       nomics. Lakso began his tenure          new course development) to make            We struggle with a couple of                Kevin Dundore
                                       at Juniata in 1970.                     recommendations on faculty ten-         potential negative consequences                asst. photo editor
                                          It is course evaluation season at    ure and promotion.                      when relying heavily on student
                                       Juniata. Students have received            It is very important that students   evaluations in promotion and ten-           Prof. Amy E. Mathur
                                       an e-mail from the faculty Person-      take the time to fairly and hon-        ure decisions. The first is that               faculty advisor
                                       nel Evaluation Committee (PEC)          estly offer their views on teaching     faculty might require less student
                                       asking them to complete evalua-         effectiveness. This evaluation of       work or lower their standards in an             Produced by
                                       tions for some or all of the courses    teaching effectiveness is the most      effort to recieve good student eval-        The Writing Practicum
                                       they are taking this semester. It       important part of the PEC pro-          uations. I can’t say that this never
                                       is a regular end-of-semester ritual     cess.                                   happens, but my own experience
                                       which students should take very            Faculty members not currently        in almost 40 years of teaching at            667 Juniata College
                                       seriously.                              being considered for promotion          Juniata is that this is not a serious       Huntingdon, PA 16652
                                          The PEC will use the data from       and tenure also have course evalu-      problem. What I have observed is               (814) 641-3379
                                       the student evaluations, as well as     ations done. I can assure you that                                                  juniatian@juniata.edu
                                       information provided by colleague       faculty review these evaluations               continued page 10
               V OLU ME 8 9 , I S S UE 4                                          Juniatian                                          C O M M EN TARY                         -9-

           Life on the Lake
  Hunting as Environmentalism: not
     the paradox you may think
Brittany Moyer                            This is specifically true for
                                       deer, the favorite game for many
   Think back to Monday’s              hunters. Deer are herbivores that
weather. Remember how rainy,           love to feed on young tree sap-
windy and generally miserable          lings, which are low-growing and
it was? Still, hundreds of Hunt-       widely accessible. However, this
ingdon County hunters bore the         has tremendous effects on for-
elements and watched for move-         est health and regeneration, since
ment in the forests on opening         the deer’s grazing can stunt a
day of Pennsylvania’s 2007 deer        tree’s growth or even kill it com-
season. And dare I say, I am           pletely. Deer are also notorious
appreciative of these hunters.         for eating and disrupting agricul-           Join Brittany in a discussion on the Arch about this week's column, the Raystown Field Station
   I used to be against, or at least   tural crops and home gardens. If             or sustainability.
uncomfortable with, recreational       left unchecked, deer populations
hunting. Something about romp-         have the potential to skyrocket,         The PGC is responsible for           “People look at me and say,         ously set up their tree stands 50
ing around the woods with a rifle      causing severe damage to both         wildlife management, wildlife        ‘How can you be an environ-            yards apart from one another.
and taking aim at unsuspecting         forests and agriculture.              protection and wildlife habi-        mentalist and hunt?’” Pearson          Around 9:30 a.m., Pearson’s dad
animals—just for fun—didn’t               In this regard, environmental-     tat management, three areas          said. “But it’s not just me; there     heard one shot ring out; Pearson
seem right to me. Hunting for          ly conscious people should be         of which any environmentalist        are other environmentalists who        had shot and killed a 130-pound
food is one thing; hunting to          grateful that there is a captive      should realize the importance.       also hunt. It’s not like I’ve broken   doe, which his family will use
be able to mount some stuffed          audience of deer hunters in Penn-     When I learned that the Com-         some sacred rule of environmen-        for deer steaks, burgers and
creature on your wall is another.      sylvania to help manage the deer      mission is funded almost entirely    talism.”                               jerky.
The majority of my friends back        population.                           by license dollars spent by Penn-       Pearson also spouted off the           So, next time you hear an envi-
home in the Washington, D.C.,               In Pennsylvania, hunting is      sylvania hunters and trappers, I     ways in which hunting is a great       ronmentalist bash hunting, ask
area felt similarly, as do many        regulated by the Pennsylvania         again found myself indebted to       wildlife management option,            him how much he values healthy
environmentalists and wildlife         Game Commission (PGC), which          these folks.                         which in turn helps to maintain        forests and farmlands.
lovers.                                was first established in the early       Junior Brian Pearson, who         forest health, prevent agricultural
   But in many ways, this is a         1900s to monitor the dwindling        is also living at the Raystown       losses, and lessen the amount of          Junior Brittany Moyer is one
naïve point of view. As life and       deer and other wildlife popula-       Field Station with me this semes-    deer-vehicle collisions.               of 10 students living and studying
studies at Raystown Lake have          tions, which were important food      ter, has been hunting since he          Last Monday, the rain didn’t        at Juniata’s Raystown Field Sta-
taught me, hunting does have           sources. Today, the PGC sets the      was 13 years old. As an environ-     stop Pearson and his father from       tion (RFS) for the fall semester.
an important cultural value, and,      laws and regulations surround-        mental education POE, he has         hunting on opening day of the          Interested in applying to spend
when well-regulated, it is also        ing Pennsylvania game hunting,        often undergone scrutiny for         deer season. They were out in          at semester on the lake? Contact
extremely important in wildlife        including the season dates and        his seemingly paradoxical inter-     the woods of Sinking Valley by         Chuck or Sharon Yohn, co-direc-
management.                            bag limits.                           ests.                                6 a.m., where they had previ-          tors of RFS.

                                                                                                                                  Provost Perspective
         to the idea of giving a loved one a basket filled with sustainable gifts this Christmas. (Such things                             continued from page 9
         have been advertised on campus for $45). We love the “go green” movement as much as the next
         recycler, but an energy efficient light bulb for Christmas? That’s no can of Who-Hash.
                                                                                                                  that students are smart enough to      for tenure. We know that such
         to the number 7…the maximum number of days left on which we could possibly have class in                 know when they are being bribed        experimentation often results in
                                                                                                                  with the promise of easy grades        lower student evaluations at first,
         to the illegal arrival of camo-clad hunters skulking around the Raystown Field Station on Monday         for little work and don’t give good    but that such experimentation is
         morning. Students studying on the lake this semester were instructed to wear orange if going out-        evaluations to faculty who don’t       really necessary to improve teach-
         side and they struggled to concentrate during classes while the sound of gunfire rang through the        expect much of them. In fact the       ing and learning over time. Senior
         trees. We told you that living in the wilderness was dangerous. We don’t care what Thoreau said.         best teaching evaluations I have       faculty and administrators have to
                                                                                                                  ever seen were for faculty who         be sure that student evaluations are
         to the low number of Madrigal tenters this year. At one count, we marked only 23 tents “lined up.”       were both demanding and fair.          not used to punish faculty who are
         The line for cough syrup at the Health and Wellness Center is longer than that.                            The second potential negative        truly interested in trying new and
                                                                                                                  consequence is that faculty might      innovative approaches.
         to security, facilities and Res. Life for their quick response to the possible CO leak in Sherwood       be discouraged from experiment-           Our job is to make honest and
         prior to Thanksgiving break. They immediately knew something was wrong when the building no              ing with new teaching methods or       fair decisions about promotion and
         longer smelled NORML.                                                                                    radically changing their approach      tenure. We need student help to
                                                                                                                  in a course when be evaluated          do that.

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