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					Patient Management

Master Patient Index / Registration

·       Patient Registration – System generates unique registration
number and captures following data
Contact telephone
Date of Birth/Age
Blood Group
Registration of newborn babies that includes default information from the
mother's record

Out Patient Consultation
Appointment Scheduling

·       Setting up schedule for doctors by days of weeks and time slots

·       Booking of OP Appointment

·       Modify Appointment

·       Record new or repeat visit

·       OP Consultation charges based on consulting doctor

Patient Visit
During patient visit, following data is captured by reception

·       Referring Doctor/Hospital details

·       Blood group

·       Mode of payment of the patient (like cash/ cheque/

·       Check consultant’s availability and change if required

·       Cancellation of visit (if required) and refund of charges

·       Patient history

OP Module includes following functions for the consulting doctor

·       Access to patient medical record including previous visit records

·       Order Entry

·       Laboratory/ Radiology investigations

·       Prescription
·       Access results from radiology and LAB

·       Treatment analysis

·       Diagnosis, ICD code, Case Sheet

·       Vital signs

Post Consultation
System enables following function

·       Refer OP cases to in-patient department for admissions

·       Refer to hospital admissions for day case treatment

·       Book important dates for assessments, treatments, repeat visits

Accident & Emergency

The system records following details

·       Patient history

·       Date and time of visit

·       Reason for attendance

·       road traffic accident

·       work related accident

·       Other reason – facility to write

·       Patient condition on arrival

·       Payment status : Direct/company/ insurance

·       Source of referral – PHC / GH / Private doctor, etc

·       Consulting doctor

·       Laboratory/ Radiology investigations

·       Prescription

·       Access results from radiology and LAB

·       Treatment analysis

·       Diagnosis, ICD code, Case Sheet

·       Vital signs
·       Post Consultation System enables following function:

·       Refer to in-patient department for admissions

·       Book important dates for assessments, treatments, repeat visits

Medical Records

·       Date and time of contact;

·       Where (e.g. health center, hospital, inpatient care, emergency,
home visit;...

·       Health problem;

·       Type of care provided (medical intervention);

·       Medication provided (by class or specific type); and

·       Disposition.

·       Monitoring all clinical data of patients, retrieval / provision
for medical record data, maintenance of ICD and CPT information.

·       An abstract of clinical data about patients.

·       Retrieval of medical records and maintenance of ICD information.

·       Reports generation on various parameters such as ICD, age, sex

·       Patients' physical measurements, vital signs, and other physical

·       Patients' present illness

·       The past history section relating to patients' previous surgery,
allergies, medication history and diseases

·       Patients' surgical records including all surgical procedures


·       Maintains details pertaining to all the pharmaceutical and other
general medical items available in the hospital.

·       Generate indents

·       Entry of prescriptions and medication orders at outpatient
·       display other drugs currently taken by the patient flag up any
drug interactions/contra-indications/over dosage/special instructions etc

·       Entry of prescriptions by pharmacists in the pharmacy.

·       Dispensing against prescription

·       Stock Returns

·       Generate stock status reports based on multiple parameters like
expiry date, stock-outs, over-stocked items

·       Register for controlled drugs and narcotics


·       Parameterization of Lab Tests

·       Request comments

·       Result comments

·       Individual/Group test codes

·       Profile test patterns

·       Referred laboratory codes

·       Work lists Result Entry and Validation

·       Provides for entry of results, directly from automated, DICOM
compliant analyzers or manually by patient registration No., test code,
or work list.

·       Integrated with patient billing


·       Scheduling of examinations for casualties and outpatients

·       Maintains status and the results of various Radiology
investigations done at the hospital like X – Ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultra
Sound, etc.

·       Result

Hospital Administration Management Medical Stores & Purchase

·       Management of procurement and inventory of inventory of drugs,
medical and surgical supplies, and laboratory items.

·       Record receipts, requisitions, issues, returns, transfers and
·       Maintain re-order levels and automatic generation of requisitions

·       Issues to various departments in the hospital like pharmacies /
counters / patients.

·       Receipts of indents from various departments

·       Entry of supplier Quotations

·       Entry of supplier invoices against purchase orders

·       Generation of Purchase Orders with delivery date from purchase

·       Supports direct purchases

·       Receipt of Material (Direct/ Indirect)

·       Material Received Note

·       Reports : Consumption, Movement analysis, Vendor Performance and

Medical Equipment Maintenance

·       Maintains list of Equipment

·       Details Of Manufacturer

·       Details of Insurance

·       Details of Installation

·       Warranty Information

·       Repairs

·       Equipment Repair Request

·       Job Order Form

·       Entry of details of repairs, including cost

·        Planned and Unplanned maintenance: Planned Preventive Maintenance

·       Issues to Department & Returns

·       AMC Particulars – fresh, renewals, failures and action taken

·       Spares price list

·       Vendors and Service Providers list
Central Sterile Stores Department (CSSD)

·       CSSD maintains a master file containing all sterile items :
instruments, metal-ware, consumables and linen.

·       Grouping of items are grouped into sets depending on type of
surgery or procedure

·       Maintains : Set preparation, Requisition, Issue, Return

HRM (Human Resource Management) & Payroll

·       Maintenance of employee bio-data : name, address, age, sex,
qualifications (academic and professional), license registration numbers
if applicable, experience, post held, employment history

·       Leave records : nature of leave, duration

·       Support an appraisal and evaluation system that is flexible and
is defined by job title and job descriptions

·       Duty Roster

·       Absentee Percentage and report generation

·       Holidays & Leave information

·       OT & Night Duty Allowance information

·       Daily requirement of Staff department wise

·       Interface with time recording machines or other methods of
recording attendance at work

·       Absentee Percentage and report generation

·       Holidays & Leave information

·       Setup fixed and variable allowances and deductions each grade

·       Setup salary for each employee based on grade

·       Generation of Payroll based on days worked for each employee,
calculation of OT & Night Duty allowance

·       Pay slips

Management Information Services (MIS) Reports

·       List of Patients Registered OPD/ IPD daily, across date range,
·        List of Patients consulting Doctor wise

·        Investigations Report

·        List of Tests Carried out Daily, across date range

·       List of Emergency cases Treated in Casualty – Monthly or across
date range

·        Department wise/ Unit wise Billing Report

·        Incidence of diseases- ICD coded

·        Incidence of diseases- Age wise

·        Stock Statement

·        Material Requisitions

·        Material Issues Report

·        Consolidated Hospital incomes from various Departments/ Unit

·        Inquiry on Billing rates for various Services

·        Purchases & Return Statement

·        Other required reports

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