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									                          Combat Security Breaches of Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing is often termed as “pen test” and is a testing process that is conducted to review
the perimeters of a network for security breaches and other network vulnerabilities. This process is also
known as ethical hacking as the test is carried on by a group of security experts who have been sanctioned by
the organization to hack the network in an initiative to recognize the probable vulnerabilities. As and when
the vulnerabilities are discovered it becomes easy for the enterprise to safeguard itself against any further
network attacks.

The way network penetration testing works
Network penetration testing operates on the premise that hackers and third party intruders have greater
knowledge of network weaknesses than the enterprises running the networks. It is said that hackers are
always a step ahead of the network security professionals. Hence it is not required that the network security
team performs the same tests making use of similar ways that the intruders would use to create security

A standard network penetration test on most occasions comprise of two stages. The first stage comprises of
detecting the potential vulnerabilities within the network and then the second stage works towards
exploiting these vulnerabilities. The second stage is carried on with the approval of the enterprise. The
reason for this is because it is technically an illegal operation in order to breach the network security.

Network penetration testing companies generally deploy security professionals who have the desired
knowledge with the same method that the hackers make use to attack a network. They are trained and have
the expertise in performing this test in a way that it does not jeopardize the enterprise’s critical data or give
rise to any other application risks. Today eminent companies specializing in data center solutions have
introduced advanced network penetration testing programs that offer benefits such as:

·    Covers all sorts of vulnerabilities comprising data-in-motion leakages
·    Offers automated testing
·    Results in business logic verification
·    Provides coverage to all attack paths via loophole correlation
·    Provides an online vulnerability management dashboard
·    The reporting is compliance friendly
·    Offers research driven delivery
·    There is threat modeling, expert validation as well as automated exploitation

What is the result of network penetration testing?
As soon as a network penetration test is complete, the security professionals or experts create a report for
the enterprise that comprises of potential vulnerabilities within the network system. This report offers a way
to analyze the network system from an external cyber criminal’s perspective. This is done so that the
required steps can be implemented to offer optimum network security.

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