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Major: Music                                                                 Emphasis_______________________________________

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                    Course                                                                      Course
                 MAJOR FIELD                                                 Minor:
Require a "C" or better + GPA 2.75 or better
MUSIC 1090 Body Works for Musicians
MUSIC 1190 World Rhythm Rudiments
MUSIC 1290 Computer Appl. In Music
MUSIC 1530 Aural skills I
MUSIC 1630 Aural skills II
MUSIC 1730 Music Theory I -Fundamentals                                         PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION
MUSIC 1830 Music Theory II-Tonal Theory                                      Require a "C" or better + GPA 2.75 or better
MUSIC 2250 Hist&Lit.West.Music I                                             TCHG 1230 Intro to Ed
MUSIC 2350 Hist&Lit.West.Music II                                            TCHG 2010 Computer Appl. In Ed OR
MUSIC 2450 World Music Survey                                                TCHG 2130 Human Growth & Dev OR
MUSIC 2530 Aural Skills III                                                   PSYCH 3130 Child or 3530 Adol Psych
MUSIC 2730 Music Theory III- Tonal Theory                                    TCHG 3320 Intro to Inclusion
MUSIC 2920 Beginning Conducting                                              TCHG 3630 Ethnic/Gender Equity in Ed
MUSIC 3250 Hist&Lit West.Music III                                           TCHG 3840 Rdg for Mid/Sec Teachers
MUSIC 3350 Hist&Lit West.Music IV                                            TCHG 4660/4760 Student Teach/Intern
MUSIC 3530 Orchestration & Arranging                                         TCHG 4990 Licensure Portfolio
MUSIC 3630 Aural Skills IV
MUSIC 3730 Music Theory IV-Form Analysis                                     Methods of Teaching Major/Minor (3-6)
MUSIC 3830 Theory V-20th Century Theory                                      INSTRUMENTAL EMPHASIS
MUSIC 3920 Intermediate Conducting                                           MUSIC 3260 Inst Methods I
MUSIC 1XX0 Performing 1510/1610/1710                                         MUSIC 3360 Inst Methods II
MUSIC Piano Prof. 4th Semester                                               CHORAL EMPHASIS
MUAP 4910 Recital Semester                                                   MUSIC 3460 Choral Music Method I
MUAP Applied instrument or voice                                             MUSIC 3560 Choral Music Method II
                                                                             MUSIC 3860 Elem Music Methods
                                                                             GENERAL MUSIC
CHORAL EMPHASIS                                                              MUSIC 3760 Sec Gen. Mus. Methods
MUSIC 2770 Diction I                                                         MUSIC 3860 Elem Music Methods
MUSIC 2870 Diction II
MUSIC 4320 Adv. Conducting -Choral                                           PLUS Option A, B or C
                                                                             Option A
INSTRUMENTAL EMPHASIS                                                        TCHG 4020 Educ. Media Tech
MUSIC 2170 High Brass Tech.                                                  TCHG 4210 Pre-Student Teaching
MUSIC 2270 High Brass Tech.                                                  TCHG 3110 Key Concepts Mid.Lev.Ed
MUSIC 2370 Percuss. Tech.                                                    TCHG 3120 Characterist of Transecents
MUSIC 2470 String Tech.                                                      Option B (Option A plus the following)
MUSIC 2570 High Woodwind Tech.                                               TCHG 4220 Adv. Interaction & Com
MUSIC 2670 Dble Reed Woodwnd Tech                                            TCHG 4620 Teaching Transescents
MUSIC 3660 Jazz Tech                                                         Option C
MUSIC 4220 Adv. Conducting-Inst                                              TCHG 4050 Mid. Level Prof. Prep

                   Major GPA                         0 ###            0          Professional Education GPA
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