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					Name                      : Dr. Sudhir Verma

Designation               : Assistant Professor

Qualification             : Ph.D.

Fellowships/Awards : Merit scholarship holder in Ph.D.

Discipline                : Soil Science                                 Phone: 01792-252328
                                                                           Fax: 01792-252211
Specialization            : Soil Physics & Water Management                       e-mail:
Mission                    : To impart education and conduct research on soil physical processes,
                             soil carbon dynamics, soil hydrology and soil quality changes
                             associated with land management practices
Work Experience           : More than five years of experience in different organisations as
                            mentioned below.

S.No.     Designation             Department/ Organization                         Period
1.        Senior Research Fellow Project Services Division-cum-Project             9th Aug., 2002 -
                                  Monitoring Unit (NATP), CSK HPAU,                26th Jan., 2003
                                  Palampur (HP), India.
2.        Senior Research Fellow Centre for Geo-informatics Research and           27th Mar., 2006
                                  Training, CSK HPAU, Palampur (HP), India.        - 10th Jul., 2006
3.        Professional Consultant International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) -   12th Jul., 2006 -
          (Scientist)             India office, NASC, Pusa, New Delhi.             22nd Feb., 2007
4.        Soil Scientist          Department of Research and Development,          23rd Feb., 2007 -
                                  Agri Centre for Excellence, FieldFresh           19th Nov., 2007
                                  Foods Pvt. Ltd., Ludhiana.
5.        Senior Field Officer    Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Ltd.       20th Nov., 2007
                                                                                   - 9th Sept., 2009
6.        Assistant Professor        Department of Soil Science & Water            11th Sept., 2009
          (Soil Physics)             Management, Dr. YS Parmar University of       – till date
                                     Horticulture & Forestry, Nauni, Solan (HP)
                                     India – 173 230

Teaching Activities:
        Involved in teaching of BSc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. classes.
        Advance Trainings Acquired:

             1. International Workshop-cum-Training Programme on “Micro Irrigation
                Technologies and Automation in Irrigation Systems” organized by FICCI in
                collaboration with MASHAV, Israel from August 6-10, 2007 at New Delhi
             2. Participated    in    Management      Development     Programme      on    “Project
                Formulation and Appraisal” conducted by Institute of Rural Management,
                Anand (IRMA) from March 31- April 5, 2008.
             3. Training on “Advances in analysis of soil, plant and irrigation water” from
                January 4-24, 2011 at Centre of Advanced Faculty Training, Department of Soil
                Science, PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab (India).

Research Activities:
        Projects in hand
Sr. Name of the Project                                  Funding                Year of     Total
No.                                                      Source                  start      outlay
1.   “Augmentation of water resources through            MoWR, GOI,              2010        42.5
     water harvesting in hilly areas” (As Principle      New Delhi                           lakh
2.   “Development and popularization of                  Dept. of Agri. (HP)      2010       23.0
     contingent plan for horticultural crop              under                               lakh
     production under changing climatic scenario in      RKVY
     Solan district of Himachal Pradesh”
     (Associated as Co-PI)
3.   “Evaluation of completed watershed Projects         Govt. of HP              2010       2.26
     under DPAP/DDP/ WDP/ IWDP”                                                              lakh
     (Associated as Co-PI)

Project Title: Augmentation of water resources through water harvesting in hilly areas
 • To harvest runoff and stream flow for increasing irrigation potential and increasing spring
 • To refine and demonstrate technology of roof rain water harvesting at farmers’ field

Research papers:
1.   Pathak, H., J.K. Ladha, Yadvinder-Singh, A. Hussain, F. Hussain, R. Munankarmy, M.K.
        Gathala, Sudhir Verma, U.K. Singh, and Minh-Long Nguyen. 2009. Resource-
        conserving technologies in the rice-wheat system of South Asia: field evaluation and
        simulation analysis. In: Ladha JK, Yadvinder-Singh, Erenstein O, Hardy B (Eds.)
        Integrated crop and resource management in the rice-wheat system of South Asia. Los
        Baños (Philippines): International Rice Research Institute. pp. 297-318.
2.   Sudhir Verma and Pradeep K. Sharma. 2008. Long-term effects of organics, fertilizers and
        cropping systems on soil physical productivity evaluated using a single value index
        (NLWR). Soil and Tillage Research 98:1-10.
3.   Sudhir Verma and Pradeep K. Sharma. 2007. Effect of long-term manuring and fertilizers
        on carbon pools, soil structure and sustainability under different cropping systems in wet-
        temperate zone of north-west Himalayas. Biology and Fertility of Soils 44:235-240.
4.   Pradeep K. Sharma and Sudhir Verma. 2006. Impact of Integrated Nutrient Management on
        soil physical productivity. In: Balanced fertilization for sustainable crop production -
         Proceedings of the National seminar on Integrated Nutrient Management for balanced
         fertilization. CSK HPAU, Palampur. November 17-18, 2006. pp 39-43.
5.    Sudhir Verma, S. K. Subehia and S. P. Sharma. 2005. Phosphorus fractions in an acid soil
         continuously fertilized with mineral and organic fertilizers. Biology and Fertility of Soils
6.    S. K. Subehia, Sudhir Verma, and S. P. Sharma. 2005. Effect of long term use of chemical
          fertilizers with and without organics on forms of soil acidity, P adsorption and crop yields
          in an acid soil. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 53(3):308-314.
7.    Sudhir Verma and S. K. Subehia. 2005. Zinc availability in an acid Alfisol as influenced by
         long term cropping in a wet temperate zone of Western Himalayas. Agropedology 15:95-
Books/ Manuals
8.    Satish Bhardwaj, I P Sharma and Sudhir Verma. 2010. Sustainable management of micro-
          watershed resources of north-western Himalayan region. Dr. Y S Parmar University of
          Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan.
Book Chapters:
9.    Sudhir Verma and I P Sharma. 2010. Water management for sustainable watershed
         development. In: (Eds. Satish Bhardwaj, I P Sharma and SudhirVerma) Sustainable
         management of micro-watershed resources of north-western Himalayan region. Dr. Y S
         Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan. Pp 18-21.
Technical Reports:
10.   Verma, K S, Mankotia, M S, Bhardwaj, S K and Sudhir Verma. 2010. Assessment report on
         impact of climate change in horticulture in Himalayan region under Indian network for
         climate change assessment under NPCC and NATCOM, Ministry of Environment and
         Forests, GOI, New Delhi, HP. Department of Environmental Science, UHF, Nauni.
Papers/Abstracts in Conferences/ Symposia proceedings
11.   Sandeep Sharma and Sudhir Verma. 2010. Long-term effects of lantana addition on soil
         nitrogen fractions and their relation with crop yields and N uptake under rice-wheat
         cropping. In: Abstracts of the 5th International Nitrogen Conference. 3-7 December,
         2010, New Delhi, India
12.   P. K. Sharma and Sudhir Verma. 2006. “Soil evaluation for sustainability under different
         cropping systems using organic and inorganic fertilizers”. 18th World Congress of Soil
         Science held at Philadelphia, USA (July 9-15, 2006).
13.   S. K. Subehia, Sudhir Verma, and S. P. Sharma. 2002. “Sustainability of maize-wheat
         cropping system in a Western Himalayan soil”. International conference on “Challenges
         and options for the sustainable development of the Himalayas beyond 2002” held at CSK
         HPKV, Palampur from 1st - 4th October, 2002.

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