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					Performa mesh trays

Flexible solutions for cable routing in
commercial and industrial applications
Performa - a complete range
● A market leading solution for light and medium-duty installations.
● Five surface treatments to cope with any environment.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                              2
    The high performance
    mesh tray range
Several innovative benefits

                                            ● Performa Zinc+ : A new surface
                                              coating with improved corrosion
                                              resistance, aesthetic finish and less
                                              environmental impact.
                                            ● Double transversal wires for
                                              outstanding working-load.
                                            ● E90 fire resistance certification.
                                            ● Reduced installation time with screw-
                                              less accessories.
                                            ● Patented solution for safety edges.
                                            ● Delivered in colour-coded protective
                                              film for easy identification.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                                             4
For all environments and installations
● Five surface treatments:
  Electro-zinc, bi-chromate, hot-dip
  galvanized, stainless steel and the
  new Performa Zinc+.
● Three heights and nine widths. The
  105 mm height provides maximum
  cable capacity and working-load.

                                       3 heights

                              9 widths

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011          5
Save time and money
● Easy to make angles on site. Just
  cut and bend the angle, then fixate
  with the fast-fix locking-clips.
● Most accessories are screw-less.
  No tools needed. Simple and

       Fast coupler                         Locking-clip

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                  6
Strong, safe and reliable
● Patented double transversal wires improve the
  work-load by increased mechanical resistance.      Safety edges

● Open structure – no overheating of cables and no
  gathering of dust.
● Patented edge design protects hands and cables.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                           7
Applications vs surface treatments
● Performa in any environment:
      ● Indoor non-aggressive atmospheres
        such as offices and commercial
        Use electro-zinc or bi-chromate
      ● Outdoor or aggressive atmospheres
        such as urban or industrial buildings:
        Use Performa Zinc+ or hot-dip
      ● Harsh atmospheres such as corrosive
        or hazardous industries, farms, road
        tunnels etc:
        Use Performa Zinc+ or stainless steel
      ● Food industry and atmosphere with
        Use stainless steel

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011        8
Approvals and certificates
● European standard approvals:
      ● E-90 certified for maximum fire
      ● CE marked
      ● IEC 61537
      ● IK10 classified
● CB test certificate
      ● Performa has passed the test
        conditions in compliance with
        IEC 61537.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   9
Protection and easy identification
  ● Colour-codes for
    easy identification of
    surface treatments.

  ● Delivered in a
    protective transparent
    plastic film.

  ● No problems with
    dust and humidity
                                            Electro-zinc Bi-chromate    Hot-dip     Performa   Stainless
    during storage or                           EZ           BC        galvanized     Zinc+      steel
    transportation.                                                       HDG        ZA, ZM       SS

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                                                              10
Performa Zinc+
    Your best friend in
    corrosive environments
A new and friendly solution for
demanding installations
● Optimal in harsh
  environments: e.g. road
  tunnels, farms, industries
  and greenhouses.
● Exceeds the corrosion
  resistance of hot-dip
  galvanized steel trays.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   12
Performa Zinc+ – a class 8 range
● A class 8 range for the
  complete system according to
  IEC 61537.
● Still intact after 2000 hours in
  salt-spray test.
  Hot-dip galvanized develops
  red-rust corrosion much earlier.

            Zinc+ after 2000 hours

            HDG after 2000 hours

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   13
Friendly features – what does it mean?
● Installer friendly: Easy to work with.
● Energy friendly: No energy-
  consuming galvanizing process.
● Environment friendly: Great
  persistence and longevity.
● Resource friendly: Produced with
  less metal needed.
● Budget friendly: More cost-effective
  in comparison to stainless steel.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   14
Some installer-friendly features
● Time-saving screw-less
● Superior ductility – no cracks,
  no reduced corrosion resistance
● Smooth surface and safety edges –
  no injured hands or cables.
● Simple installation – easy to shape
  bends and raisers on site.
● Excellent galvanic protection –
  scratched surfaces and cut edges
  are self-repairing.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   15
Corrosion classes

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   16
Fire resistance
    Performa is also
    approved for E90 and
    E30 installations
Another hot Performa advantage
- certified fire resistance
● Tested and approved for both
  E30 and E90.
● E90 means that mesh trays and
  accessories, with E90 cables, are
  certified to stand 90 minutes in up
  to 1000º C without loss of

                           During the test   After the test

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011                     18
About the test
● Performed and certified by the
  IBMB institute.
● Performa exceeds the fire
  resistance test.
● Trays with accessories and
  Dätwyler Pyrofil KERAM cables
  were tested for 90 minutes in
  temperatures up to 1000º C.
● Tested according to DIN 4102-12.

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   19
    Easy and quick
Comprehensive range of accessories
● Fulfils any project specification
● Routes all kinds of cables
● Handles any building infrastructure
  constraint on site (floor, wall or
● Provides solutions for horizontal or
  vertical installations

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   21
Screw-less accessories
● Fast coupler for straight elements
● Fast-fixing to fix mesh trays to profiles
  21x41 and 41x41
● Fast-fix horizontal brackets
● Locking-clip for bends
● Fast-fix suspended brackets
● Fast-fix hanger

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011     22
Make your own accessories
from length material
● No need to order accessories for
  direction changes, like bends,
  junctions, crosses etc…

● Accessories easily made
  directly on site with an
  easy-to-handle cutting tool

● The double transversal wires
  give you several cutting points

● Easy to create a quick and
  safe solution

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   23
Performa in reality
    Solar farm and
    animal farm
Solar farm

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   25
Animal farm

Schneider Electric - LSB02524 – Nov, 2011   26

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