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      • From: Angel Summer <angelonmyshoulder77@xxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 00:14:24 −0800 (PST)

On Nov 14, 2:07 am, Don E <d...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        I got a call from Summerbreeze who is broken down and not near the

        The meeting that was scheduled for Thursday in Washington, DC has been
        postponed. It is now set for December 17th. Nothing is happening on

        Don't shoot me; I am just the messenger of this message.

        Don E

Thanks for posting the message Don E. Help came today, in the early
afternoon from Sister Gypsystarchild and Tyr. They paid and arranged
the towing of our van to their home in Eugene, with no strings
attached, just love. I did not even have to surrender my pink slip for
the van. (Just a little sarcasm, since I read some of the posts here.)

Raven and I sat in Denny's parking lot for two days trying to get the
rig running before we told Gypsy the seriousness of the damage. A
locksmith assessed the problem that we first thought was an ignition
lock worn out, but it turned out to be more serious than that. The
steering column is out, totally locked up on us. Oh well. Just another
repair. We'll find some temp work and take care of it. Meanwhile,
Raven and I are comfortable in Gypsy and Tyr's home with a room and a
bed, food, and a computer to use. Now that is real love. Gypsy is an
old friend of ours from Oregon in 97, awesome sister, good family.

For the record folks, I did not cancel the meeting. Mark Rey canceled
the meeting when I called to let his office know that Raven and I
could not make it due to vehicle problems. I suggested a conference
number be set up so folks could call in like before to John Twiss. He
spoke with Amanda, Rey's Assistant, who was to set it up. When I did a
call back to get that phone number for the conference call to
circulate to family, I was informed by John Turay, another Rey
assistant, that Mark Rey canceled the meeting altogether and that he
was ready and able to schedule another one. I requested next month,

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December, believing I'll be in DC by van or plane or train or thumb,
who knows. But I have over a month to get there. Others plan to attend
but I am not posting that information here for them. Those "other"
folks can speak for themselves. December 17 at 3pm. If you want to
attend, please meet us at the United States Department of Agriculture
in DC, and call Mark Rey's office to let his Assistant Amanda Lockwood
know you are coming. Otherwise, all are welcome. See ya in DC.

peace and love folks,
all we are saying is give peace a chance
Summer Breeze

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