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  PLEASANT HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PTA • Volume 60, Issue 1 • September 2008

                                             by Beth Manning, President
           PTA Board Members
       2   PTA Membership
                                                 To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the
                                             affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the
                                             betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to leave the world a bit better
           Carnoween                         whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to
           e-Flyers are Going Green
       3   Innisbrook
                                             know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to
                                             have succeeded.
                                             – Ralph Waldo Emerson
           Reflections                            Welcome to a new year at PHE! 2008-09 looks to be a great year at PHE with
       4   Got Spirit?
           Principal’s Coffee
                                             lots of fresh faces, building on strong traditions but also new, great innovations in
                                             store. This year we have an eager principal ready to continue the changes she
           Stamp Club                        began last spring, an energized teaching staff excited about trying to introduce
                                             some new changes to the curriculum, and a terrific group of energetic parents
           Welcome Back Coffee               who have volunteered to serve on the PTA board. We hope you will feel energized
       5   All-in-One Day
           Parent Advisory Council
                                             by this new school year as well.
                                                  The PTA is looking forward to continuing many of our fun traditions this year
                                             including Movie Nights, Carnoween, and Assemblies. We are also proud to be
                                             venturing out of our comfort zone and trying some new things such as paperless
       6   FAME
           Library Corner                    Friday packets, an updated website, and fewer meetings with new and different
                                             speakers. We have plenty of opportunities for you to join in the fun and help out.
                                                  I encourage you to find your niche here at PHE: help in the classroom, library
           PHEEF News                        or computer room; assist with a program; attend a PTA or Foundation meeting;
           Box Tops
       7   PHE e-News
                                             and certainly support your child/ren and their teacher/s. Together we can make
                                             this the best year yet!

       8   Bulletin
           Looking Ahead                     CALLING ALL                     PTA MEMBERS!
                                             by Beth Manning
Pleasant Hill                                     Following are the dates to which you, as a member of the PTA, are welcome
                                             and encouraged to attend. At each meeting, we'll enjoy a presentation by a
                                             terrific speaker who will talk on various interesting subjects throughout the year.
                                             Watch your e-News and the PHE PRESS for reminders and more information.
                                                  Thank you for joining the PTA and being a part of supporting PHE and our
                                             children's education. All meetings will be held in the library, unless otherwise
Elementary School                            noted.
2097 Oak Park Boulevard
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523                                      Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 7pm
925 . 934 . 3341                   Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 7pm
Jennifer Voris, Principal                                         Monday, April 6, 2009 at 8am
Beth Manning, PTA President
Thanh Kemp, Editor                                                Monday, June 8, 2009 at 8am

PHE PRESS OCTOBER DEADLINE: September 19, 2008                                 EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO:
   PHE PTA BOARD                         PTA MEMBERSHIP
                                         by Katie Ferrari
           2008 - 2009                      Welcome back to PHE and a very active PTA!
  PRESIDENT                              Our membership drive is off to a great start! We
  Beth Manning               256-9035    had 460 members join at a busy All-in-One Day.                 Thanks to all who joined and are helping PHE
                                         “RACE” to success!
  Jennifer Gray               939-7593        The PHE PTA sponsors a wide variety of programs that enrich our            children's education and school experiences. For example, the PTA is respon-
                                         sible for FAME, assemblies, computer and library volunteers, Science Night,
  Kathy Gillman              280-1756    Reflections, Art in the School, room parent coordination, PHE PRESS                     newsletters, PHE Website, school directory, Carnoween, movie nights, Make-
                                         a-Difference days, and much more. All this happens thanks to your support.
  Jasen Jeffrey              766-6788         Please consider joining the PTA by completing this year's PTA                     Membership form “Help us RACE to Success” which can be found in the
  VP WAYS AND MEANS                      office in the membership box. Or you can find the form online at
  Annie Blodgett             944-8812 Only one form                 per family is necessary with all your children's names listed at the bottom of
                                         the form. The annual dues are just $7 per person, which supports our PHE
  VP HOSPITALITY                         PTA as well as the state and national PTA.
  Jennifer Tipton            939-3622                            Any classroom with 100% participation response in our membership
  VP HEALTH AND SAFETY                   drive will be rewarded with a special treat, so whether you join now or not,
  Open                                   please fill out the form and return it to the office/membership box.
                                             You want to do more than just fill out the form? Any help that you can
  SECRETARY                              give would be greatly appreciated. Have time, have a talent, lots of great
  Brenda Calabro-Collins     954-7957    ideas? Come to a PTA meeting! Please feel free to get in touch with anyone
                                         on the PTA board and get involved!
  Marian Bachofer            947-1453        Thank you to returning and new members for your support. Look on the                 back wall of the Multi-purpose room in a few weeks for your family's name!
                                         Start your engines and lets REV it up to make this a successful year for PHE!
  Teresa Leibnitz            944-9335       Call or email Katie Ferrari, Membership Chair with any questions (942-               0547) or
  Jay Fife                   934-4595

  Ben Samrick                943-1176

  Rachel Van Cleave
                             932- 4674                             SUPPORT PHE
                                                                         by Stacey Schiager
  HEAD ROOM PARENT                           Join eScrip and support our school! Yes, it’s that easy. Sign up with
  Mike Stephens              705-1025    eScrip and every time you shop at any of the over 6,000 merchant locations,
                                         a percentage of your purchase will go to PHE.
  Mary Gray                  934-6489        To sign up with eScrip, go to Click on Sign up and                  enter our PHE Group ID# 137137216.
  MEMBERSHIP                             You shop...our kids win! It’s free, it’s easy and powerful!
  Katie Ferrari             942-0547     Here are just a few of the companies you may already know:

  Thanh Kemp              932-8654

Page 2                                    PHE PRESS September 2008                                     Volume 60, Issue 1
                   by Anne Winterich

                Carnoween is PHE’s annual Halloween
              carnival – a Pleasant Hill tradition for over 40
years! Parents, students, and teachers participate to make           lnnisbrook Wrapping
this a great day for young and old.                                       Paper Sale
    This year, Carnoween will be held Saturday, October                                by Amy Samrick
25th from 10:30-3:00. Mark your calendars now for this
very fun day! Look for upcoming flyers and announce-                   The Innisbrook wrapping paper fundraiser starts
ments detailing volunteering and ticket sales. Proudly             September 4th and we need everyone's support. This
sponsored by the PHE PTA.                                          is one of the major fundraisers for the PHE PTA. The
                                                                   selling of wrapping paper by your children has
             HELP! CARNOWEEN NEEDS YOU!                            consistently raised enough money to give every
                                                                   teacher in our school an additional $1000 in class-
    We are in desperate need of a silent auction chairper-         room supplies. These are supplies that are needed
son! This is a great job for a couple of friends who are           but are often missing because of funding issues.
organized, good with people, and willing to ask (via letter,
phone and in person) local businesses and community                    We have a higher goal this year as the state budg-
members for donations to our silent auction portion of             et cuts have created an even larger deficit in our
Carnoween. The job entails sending donation letters, mak-          classrooms. We are asking for your help as the
ing phone calls and visiting shops/services, organizing the        money that is earned goes directly to helping your
donations, and manning the silent auction booth the day            children. Also, out of town family and friends can
of Carnoween, (there are people who will help run the              help by placing an on-line order that benefits the stu-
table that day too!), sending thank you letters and publish-       dent and the school at - make
ing donors afterward. Please contact Anne Winterich 256-           sure they enter our school code on their order:
7122 or Jennifer Gray 939-7593.                                    15102487.
                                                                      We need your help and support! This year our
                                                                   sale will run from September 4th through
                                                                   September 23rd. Contact Annie Blodgett or Amy

by Kathy Gillman
                                                                   Samrick at for
                                                                   more information.

    Did you know that currently PHE distributes over 3000
flyer pages a week to the student body? Most of these pages
are read once and then head directly to the recycle bin.
    In an effort towards eco-conservation, the PHE PTA will
be distributing the weekly flyer packets, normally included
in your child’s backpack each Friday, exclusively via our
weekly eNews. Our goal is to try and become as paperless
in the process as possible.
    What does this mean to you? Well, if you are already
signed up for our weekly eNews, then you are already in
the loop – you will be able to download flyers by clicking on
the links on the right side of the online newsletter. Once
downloaded to your computer, you can choose to read the
                                                                       Earn Money for PHE
flyers electronically or print on your home printer.
                                                                             just by Shopping Online!
                                                                                      by Kathleen Olson
    Have email but not signed up for eNews? To keep                  The next time you shop online (spring clothes,
receiving these important flyers, you need to sign up for        Valentine gifts, etc.), log on to first.
eNews: just send an email to with            Once you are registered, you will automatically be routed
“sign me up” in the subject line. Please include your name       back to a list of your favorite shopping websites, including
and your child’s name and grade.                                 Land's End, Gap, Old Navy, J.Jill and many more. Shop as
                                                                 you normally would, and a percentage of the sale (2- 4%
   No access to email? Not to worry. Your child will be on       usually) will be sent back to our school! For more informa-
the list to receive weekly printed packets.                      tion, email Kathleen Olson at

Volume 60, Issue 1                                PHE PRESS September 2008                                             Page 3
   Make -A-Difference - Day
                     by Marian Bachofer                           REFLECTIONS ART SHOW
     Come join us on Pleasant Hill Community Day,                                        by Sharon Kurk
Saturday, September 20, to help improve our campus at
                                                                       UNLEASH YOUR CHILD'S TALENTS WITH
our PHE's "Make a Difference Day". Our Fall Make-a-
Difference-Day will run from 9am - 2pm. We need volun-                           REFLECTIONS!
teers to help remove weeds, plant new ground cover (and                Students who participate in the arts do better in school,
hopefully defy the odds that our resident gopher will notice),    and the PTA Reflections Program gives students an oppor-
install mulch in flower beds, finish painting the Dino prints     tunity to receive recognition for their artistic endeavors.
and clean out some school closets (no skeletons expected).
                                                                      Encourage your child to create an original work of art
    Please bring gloves, a shovel and hoe. It would also          based on the 2008-2009 Reflections Program theme,
be helpful if we had a couple of wheelbarrows. Please label       “WOW!”
any items you bring. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
This is also a good opportunity to know and work with other           There are six arts categories to choose from: Film
                                                                  Production, Dance Choreography, Musical Composition,
PHE parents. For more information, please contact Mike
                                                                  Photography, Visual Arts, and Literature.
Stephens at 705-1025 or
                                                                      Reflections Program awards are given at the local,
                                                                  council, district, state and national levels. National award-
                                                                  winning entries are showcased in the PTA Reflections
  Got Spirit?                                                     Program gallery at

         by Carrie Wallahan                                           All entries must be accompanied with an entry form,
                                                                  so pick one up in the office. Please turn in all entries by
    Thank you to all of the
families who purchased Spirit
                                           PHE                    contacting Sharon Kurk at or 938-
                                                                  4033. Entries are due by October 31.
Wear at All-in-One-Day! For those                                      For more information or forms go to,
of you who didn't get a chance to pur-                            click on Reflections under the Programs heading.
chase t-shirts or sweatshirts, you can pick up a form at the
front office, leave a check in the spirit wear box, and we will
get your items to you as soon as possible. Be sure to note
your child’s name and teacher on the order form. There
also will be additional opportunities to buy Spirit Wear at
                                                                                  Pleasant Hill
upcoming school functions, like Carnoween. Also, be look-                      Elementary School
ing out for notices about our Vintage Sweatshirt sale com-
ing up this fall. Cheap Prices for Good Deals! Once the
inventory is gone, some of these sweatshirts will not be
                                                                              STAMP CLUB
seen again.                                                                      START STAMP COLLECTING:
                                                                                 GATHER, SORT and TRADE
     And just in case you didn't know, or had forgotten,
every Friday is Spirit Day. Wear your PHE shirt or sweat-
                                                                                             Learn about People, Places
shirt or our school colors (blue and orange) and show
                                                                                             & Countries
your spirit!
                                                                                             Focus on Sports, Space,
                                                                                             Animals, Cars or Flags

THE PRINCIPAL'S COFFEE IS                                         Join now! Get FREE* stamps and hinges.
by Jennifer Voris
                                                                  WHERE: PTA room, off of the multi-use room
                                                                  WHEN: 2nd Thursday of each month during lunch recess
  This year the Principal's Coffee will be at 8:00 am on the      2008: Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, Dec 11
third Tuesday of every month, in the library. I look forward      2009: Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 12, Apr 9, May 14, Jun 4**
to having a cup of coffee or tea on Tuesday, September 16
at 8:00 am as we chat about the current happenings at             WHO TO CONTACT: Mark Sturgess (937-7328 or
school... Our first topic will be about Step Up to Writing, *No charges or cost. Free
the Kindergarten through High School writing process that         stamps are bulk items gathered over the years for young
will be implemented this year at PHE. Please bring your           collectors. (For those already collecting, bring no
ideas for future meetings on 9/16. See you there!                 valuables please.) **not 2nd Thursday.

Page 4                                            PHE PRESS September 2008                                   Volume 60, Issue 1
                  welcome back
                  coffee                 by Kathy Gillman
                                                                                 ALL-IN-ONE DAY
                                                                                          by Jasen Jeffrey

               First day of school morning madness was                     All-in-One Day was a great success for PHE's
            tamed a bit for PHE parents with a hot cup of             families and staff. We set an attendance record as
coffee and something sweet to eat at the annual back to               90% of the families (representing close to 572
school coffee.                                                        students) attended and maneuvered their way
                                                                      through the Mutli-Use room signing up for school
   Returning parents reconnected with one another after                                                     ,
                                                                      lunches, joining the PTA and PHEEF purchasing
the summer break. Parents new to PHE were greeted and                 school supplies, and – of course – finding out who
welcomed into the PHE family.                                         their teachers were going to be!
    Thanks to the many folks who worked together to make                  Most significantly, parents took the opportunity
this annual event such a success, especially Starbucks                to sign up for over 650 volunteer positions for
Coffee at the Palos Verdes Mall who donated the coffee
                                                                      programs and events taking place throughout the
that we enjoyed (special thanks to PHE parents Vienero
                                                                      year. Thanks to all willing to take on roles as room
Monti and Julie Omerod who work at Starbucks and
helped coordinate). A big thank you also to all our bakers:           parents, FAME docents, library volunteers, copy
Kathleen Olson, Kim Sanner, Eileen Guichard, Jill                     enthusiasts, and many new roles at PHE. We are
Scheidel, Jennifer Philson, Carrie Wallahan, Sheryle                  grateful for your commitment to give of your time
Burnard, Lisa West, Tiffany Grayson, Amy Tcheng, Erika                and talents to enhance the educational experience
Vesterguaard, and Brenda Collins. Finally thanks to Leroy             of our students.
Pruitt who, as always, helped us get the MU room ready
                                                                           Many thanks also go out to the 460 people –
for action!
                                                                      parents, teachers and staff – who joined the PHE
                                                                      PTA. Your membership in this dedicated and inno-
                                                                      vative organization is much appreciated. We know
                                                                      our membership will continue to grow as the school
                                                                      year continues.
                                                                           Finally, kudos to the entire staff of parent volun-
                                                                      teers who joined forces to make the day a success.
                                                                      Special thanks go to Marla Powers and Cathy Waite
                                                                      for all of their help and leadership they provided.

    PHE parents gathered in the MU for some coffee and sweets.

                              PARENT ADVISORY COUNCIL
                               by Beth Manning

                                    Are you interested in knowing "the scoop" about the MDUSD first hand? Then consider
                             representing PHE on the Parent Advisory Council. These meeting are extremely informative and
                            are a great way to hear and address questions to the upper ranks of MDUSD. District
                           Superintendent Gary McHenry runs the meetings and there are always at least two assistant super-
                        intendents present, as well as 2 school board members. PAC has instigated and helped implement
                    some needed changes in MDUSD over the years. They function like a true advisory board. They've worked
on Measure C, inter/intra transfer issues, researching the practicality of a parcel tax two years ago, discipline policies, com-
puter use policies, diplomacy with the teachers union, improving MDUSD communication, and lately a revised and pending
middle/high school homework policy.
    Meetings are held at the Dent Center every first Wednesday from 7:00-9:00 pm. They end promptly at 9. Discussions
are often lively and always informative for everyone involved.
    Attending PAC is a great way for PHE parents to stretch a bit beyond the PHE community to learn of larger district
issues and especially to see and learn from reps within our College Park High School feeder pattern. No pre-registration is
necessary if you would like to attend these meetings - you can just go.
If you have questions, you may contact Leanne Hamaji at

Volume 60, Issue 1                                    PHE PRESS September 2008                                            Page 5
                                                                                LI BRARY CORNER
                                                                                by Erika Vestergaard
  Fine Arts Mini Experience
                       by Danna Katz
                                                                NEW BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!
   Welcome to fall 2008 and we hit the ground running
this year with our ever-popular FAME program. For those              Ms. Niven, PHE Librarian, spent her summer days
who are unfamiliar with it, the Fine Arts Mini-Experience       organizing and culling the book shelves. The result? Some
program is a six-year program that exposes our children to      old, never read books are now gone. And in their place?
the worlds of art and music. This program is sponsored by       Hundreds of new library books! As these books are cata-
the PHE PTA and is staffed by trained parent docents. If        logued, they will be put onto the PHE shelves. Alan
you are interested in joining the program as a volunteer, we    Vestergaard, 3rd grader, got an early glimpse at some new
always have room for you!                                       Star Wars books. His assessment: “Pretty Cool!”
   Our FAME lessons are designed to be fun and
interactive yet brief enough to hold the students’ attention.
A typical lesson will include an age-appropriate discussion     VOLUNTEERS
of the lives of an artist and composer. The kids will view a         The PHE Library is open Wednesday – Friday. Classes
replica of a painting, and then discuss the elements of it.     visit the library in 30 minute time slots continuously
A featured piece of music from the composer is played and       throughout the day. It is a busy library! Thanks to the
often there is an associated fun activity with this as well.    parent volunteers who have signed up to help with each
FAME lessons are always a guaranteed hit with the kids.         time slot. If you missed the All In One Day sign up, and are
   A graduating PHE student will have been exposed to 36        interested in helping out in the library, please email
separate lessons, highlighting some of our world’s most or speak with Ms Niven.
important artists. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of our    Although most classes have enough library volunteers,
FAME volunteers, we are able to keep the arts alive in our      short-term help is also needed in the library throughout the
school.                                                         year.

LESSON 1:                                                       USE SCREEN TIME TO FIND BOOKS!
Paul Klee & Sinbad at Sea                                            Check out the PHE library online from your home!
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov & “Sinbad at Sea” from                  If you are curious about the availability of a book, log onto
SCHERAZADE                                             PHE students are encour-
                                                                aged to search the library catalogue for their favorite titles.
LESSON 2:                                                       Give it a try!
Edouard Manet & The Fifer
John Phillip Sousa & Stars and Stripes Forever

LESSON 3:                                                       READING CLUB
Claude Monet & Water Lilies                                         1st-5th grade PHE students are all Reading Club
Camille Saint-Saens & “The Swan” from CARNIVAL OF               members. Soon students will be bringing home reading
THE ANIMALS                                                     logs in order to track minutes read. For every 500 minutes
                                                                read, students will receive a stamp on their certificate and
LESSON 4:                                                       a prize from the prize box in the library. Minutes can be
Wang Yani & her brush paintings                                 logged for reading and for listening to a story being read!
Ludwig van Beethoven TBA

Henri Rousseau & Jungle Scene with Setting Sun
Heitor Villa-Lobos & “Bachianas Braileiras #1” from

Leonardo da Vinci & Mona Lisa
Ludwig van Beethoven & Fur Elise

  If you are interested in this fun program, please contact
Heather Leone (287-9927 or

Page 6                                           PHE PRESS September 2008                                   Volume 60, Issue 1
                                                     by Steve Oldenbourg

    The Pleasant Hill Elementary Education Foundation (PHEEF) membership drive at All-in-One-Day
kicked off the school year with a record-breaking effort. The Foundation raised $21,726 and pledges are still
coming in. Donations were received from over 160 different parents, grandparents, guardians, and school staff. This year’s
membership drive resulted in a 30% increase in donations over last year. This significant increase will directly impact our
kids at PHE. Thank you to everyone who contributed.
    Since our inception in 1998, the Foundation has become an integral part of the school’s community and the services
offered to our students. Our fundraisers, that include membership, spell-a-thon, eScrip, and the extremely popular Spring
Gala, bring in funds to pay for classroom aides, K-3rd PE assistants, MARE, the computer lab instructor, and supplemental
materials. Our membership drive is year round so it’s not too late to join by dropping off your donation in the PHEEF mail-
box in the school office. Did you know that many companies will match employee donations to educational causes? Contact
your human resources office to find out if your company will match your gift. This is an easy way to raise additional funds
for the school.
                                    GET INVOLVED AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
   We are looking for volunteers to help with the Foundation. We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 8:00AM in
the library. Our next meeting is October 14. We are always looking for energetic individuals and currently we need people
who have expertise in accounting, graphic design, and web design. Please join us at one of our meetings and help us do
great things for our kids and school! If you are interested in helping or just want to learn more about the Foundation, please
contact Steve Oldenbourg at 925-943-7307.

   Box Tops at PHE!                      by Jennifer Tipton
      Keep clipping and saving those Box Tops! There will be classroom contests during the year and the Box
   Tops Store will come back soon! For a complete list of products that contain Box Tops, please go to New items have been added this year, including Juicy Juice (100% juice), green giant
   select vegetables, Chex mix bars and more! Remember, Box Tops can also be found on a lot of paper products and
   baby items, as well as food items. Last year we collected over $700 from clipping and collecting Box Tops! Way to go
   PHE! Keep up the good work!

by Kathy Gillman
                                                                 by Kathy Gillman

    Each Thursday, the PHE PTA emails                               A TERRIFIC RESOURCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
parents an information-packed newslet-
ter about what’s happening at PHE                                       PHEShare is an online “bulletin board” that allows
called the PHE e-News.                                                 PHE families to share information with one another.
                                                                      Looking for a gardener, electrician, music lessons?
   PHE e-News is an excellent way to be                              Why not ask other PHE families for recommendations?
connected and get up-to-date information                            PHEShare can also be used to sell, buy, or give away
on PHE events. Parents or guardians with an                        items or to borrow something.
email address (home or work) can sign up (many of you
have already done so at All-in-One-Day). Both parents are            How does it work? Any subscriber can post messages
encouraged to sign up. We do not give or sell your email         to the group. Once posted, other members can then
address to anyone.                                               respond to directly to you. Information posted to PHEShare
                                                                 is only visible to registered members and is moderated by
    To sign up, just send an email to        a PHE parent, so you can rest assured that your informa-
with “sign me up” in the subject line. Please include your       tion is secure.
name and your child’s name and grade.
                                                                    To join, email and include your
                                                                 name and phone number.

Volume 60, Issue 1                              PHE PRESS September 2008                                               Page 7
                                             Tear This Page Off and Save

                                  PHE Calendar of Events
          September 2008
    Sunday            Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday           Thursday              Friday               Saturday
               2                 1                 2                  3                 4     Bullying        5                     6
                                                                           Innisbrook Sale    Assembly
                    * HOLIDAY *                        Parent Advisory          begins       10:45am & 1:45pm
                      Labor Day                            Council
                                                                           Back-to-School    School Spirit Friday
                     NO SCHOOL                          Meeting 7pm                           Wear your blue
                                                                               Night            and orange!
               7                 8                 9                  10               11     Kids on     12                        13
                                                                                              the Block
                                                                                              Assembly grades
                    PTA Meeting          PHEEF                                                K-2, 9:45 am
                      8:00am             Meeting                           Stamp Club
                                                                           (Lunch Recess)    School Spirit Friday
                      Library          8am Library                                            Wear your blue
                                                                                                and orange!
              14                15    Principal's 16                  17   Kids on      18                  19      Pleasant Hill   20
                                                                           the Block                                Community
                                      Coffee                               Assembly grades     School Spirit        Service Day
                                      8am Library                          3-5, 2 pm
                                                           School                             Friday - Wear               Make-a-
                                     ESL for parents       Pictures          Site Council     your blue and
                                                                            Meeting 3pm                               Difference Day
                                      7pm Library                               Library          orange!               9am - 2pm

              21                22                23                  24               25                   26                      27
                                     ESL for parents     Innisbrook                            Spirit Friday -
                                      7pm Library        Orders Due                           Wear your blue
                                                                                               and orange!
                                                          5th Grade Outdoor Ed.
                                29                30
                                     ESL for parents
                                      7pm Library

               BULLETIN                                                    LOOKING AHEAD
LABEL THOSE JACKETS: As the weather starts to cool               Oct 9          Stamp Club lunch recess
down and the jackets come out of the closet don't forget to
                                                                 Oct 14         PHEEF meeting 8:00am Library
label them. Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters are all com-
monly left on the playground ending up in the Lost and           Oct 20-24 Red Ribbon Week
Found. Those with names in them are returned to student
                                                                 Oct 22         Picture Make Up Day
classrooms. PLEASE, take a few minutes with the sharpie
pen and go through your child's closet, write their FIRST and    Oct 23         Site Council 3:00pm Library
LAST NAME somewhere on each of their jackets, sweat-
                                                                 Oct 24         Carnoween Family Dance 7-9pm MU
shirts and sweaters. You'll be thankful that you did on that
cold December morning when your child still has his jacket!      Oct 25         Carnoween 10:30am - 3:00pm

Page 8                                           PHE PRESS September 2008                                           Volume 60, Issue 1

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