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									                                                                                 How to Play
                                                                RAPID ROULETTE

• Orphelins - 5 piece bet. One piece on each of the
  following betting areas, 1, 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34.
• Neighbour Bets - 5 piece bet which includes the selected
  number and the two numbers either side of the selected
  number in the wheel, e.g. 5 and the neighbours means
  one piece on each of the following straight ups 5, 10, 16,
  23 and 24.
Is a Rapid Roulette terminal a gaming machine?
No. The Rapid Roulette terminal replicates the same actions
as a Roulette gaming table.
What are the odds?
The odds are exactly the same as for Roulette on a gaming

   Straight Up                   Pays               35-1
   Split                         Pays               17-1
   Corner                        Pays                 8-1
   Street                        Pays               11-1
   Six Line                      Pays                 5-1
   Dozens & Columns              Pays                 2-1
   Even Chances                  Pays                 1-1

What else do I need to know?
• Six lines and the first four (0, 1, 2, 3) are placed on the
  opposite side to a Roulette table.
• Should you have any problems please alert the dealer
  located near the playing area.
• Pressing the “Undo” button once cancels the last bet
• Pressing the “Clear” button cancels all bets placed for
  that spin.
• The house margin is always the same at 2.7 %.
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Good Luck!                                                              The Reef Hotel Casino supports responsible gambling.
                                                                      Need help? Call the Gambling Help Line on 1800 858 858.
How to Play Rapid Roulette                                          How do I know when to bet?
Now you can enjoy the excitement of a Roulette game in              The screen will alert you to start betting when it displays a timer
comfort, in front of your own terminal. The Rapid Roulette          in the corner of the screen. When the timer reaches zero the
terminal replicates the Roulette layout and a touch screen          screen will show “no more bets” and the game will be locked
allows you to place your bets just like placing chips on a table.   out. You will not be able to place or remove wagers at this
How does it work?
                                                                    Part of your screen display will show a live video display of the
A camera positioned above a Roulette wheel transmits the            ball dropping in the wheel. When the ball drops, the winning
action live to your terminal. When the ball drops into the          number is highlighted and all winning bets are paid. The terminal
wheel, sensor-heads detect the winning number, which is then        is now ready to take bets for the next spin.
transmitted to your terminal.
                                                                    How much can I play?
Is playing on a Rapid Roulette terminal the same as Roulette at a
gaming table?                                                       You can play as much or as little as you like within the prescribed
                                                                    limits. You nominate the value of your chips and simply touch
Yes, playing a Rapid Roulette terminal is exactly the same as       your preferred betting area once to play one chip, twice to
playing at a Roulette table. The only difference is you place       play two chips etc.
your bets on a screen. The odds are exactly the same and the
result is decided by the ball coming to rest in the wheel.          You may increase the value of the chips you are placing by
                                                                    touching the chip increment area and selecting the value of
Are there any special features?                                     the chip you wish to place.
There are many special features on a Rapid Roulette terminal        Regular Bets
such as:
                                                                    The Rapid Roulette Terminal also offers a “Recall” option that
• The ease and comfort of your own terminal.                        allows you to play exactly the same bet spin after spin with
• No pushing from other players trying to reach bets at the other   one touch of the screen. Simply touch the “Recall” area on
  end of the table.                                                 the screen and your bets from the previous spin will be instantly
• An exciting array of “Set Bets”.
                                                                    Set Bets
• Replay last bets option.
                                                                    The Rapid Roulette Terminal also features a range of “Set Bets”
• A clear, easy to read, easy to use screen.                        that are a popular feature of Roulette in European casinos.
• Visual display of the winning numbers.                            Simply touch the area marked “Race Track” and you will access
                                                                    a screen displaying the following bets:
• Easy cash out.
                                                                    • Tiers - 6 piece bet. One piece on each of the splits 5/8, 10/11,
How do I collect my winnings?                                         13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36.
When you are ready to leave the game simply press the “cash         • Grand Series - 9 piece bet. One piece on each of the following
out” button and you will be issued with a payment voucher             betting areas 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 19/22, 32/35, and 2 pieces on
which you take to the cash desk. The cash desk staff will verify      each of the following betting areas, 0/2/3 and 25/29.
the voucher and pay you in cash.


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