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					Steps to Install Microsoft Office XP Standard
When you install Microsoft Office XP Standard version, you are given the
opportunity to update programs or remove programs and select the ones you want
to install.

Following are suggested steps to install specific programs from Office XP. When
you install Word during this setup, if Works 2003 Suite is already installed it will
not be affected. Word still appears on the Works task launcher and can be opened
from there as usual.

1      From the plastic case, install the (first) Microsoft Office XP Standard CD.
       The Installation Wizard opens and reviews what is on the hard drive. A user
       information form opens.

2      Type your information and click Next.
       A license agreement window opens.

3      Click to put a checkmark in the I agree check box and click Next
       The upgrade or custom window appears.

4      Click Custom in the Install type section and click Next.
       The next Setup dialog box opens.

5      Click to put a checkmark next to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
       (or whatever programs you wish to install) and click Next.

6      Click the radio button next to Install applications with the typical options
       and click Next.
       If you already have Office programs installed on your computer you will
       see a dialog box that gives you the option to choose the programs you wish
       to remove.

7      Click the radio button next to Remove only the following applications and
       click to put check marks next to all the applications that appear in the list
       below (or select the ones that you wish to remove) and click Next.
       A window opens that shows you a list of what applications are being
       removed and installed. If the information looks correct, click Install, if it
       does not, click Back and change the options.
       The final Office XP Setup window opens showing the installation progress
       bar and text explaining what is occurring.

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