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									APWH Ch. 23-25 Test Review
Ch. 23
1. The Portuguese mariner who             6. The reconquista came to an end in    11. The first European to sail around
   sailed to Calicut in 1498 was             1492 when                                the Cape of Good Hope was
   A. Dias                                   A. Constantinople fell to Islamic        A. Bartolomeu Dias
   B. Columbus                                   forces                               B. Vasco da Gama
   C. Cook                                   B. Jerusalem was recaptured by           C. Dom Henrique
   D. Vasco da Gama                              European forces as part of the       D. James Cook
                                                 seventh Crusade
2. Which of the following was not            C. The Muslim kingdom of             12. The profitable merchandise that
   one of the main inspirations for              Granada fell to Spanish              Vasco da Gama purchased in India
   European exploration?                         Catholic forces                      was made up of
   A. The desire to conquer China            D. The silk roads were overrun           A. Gold and silver
       and India                                 by Mongol forces                     B. Silk and artwork
   B. The search for basic resources                                                  C. Pepper and cinnamon
   C. The desire to establish new         7. Lateen sails had the advantage of        D. Silk and ceramics
       trade routes to Asian markets         A. Allowing for faster travel than
   D. The desire to spread                       anything available in the        13. Christopher Columbus's decision
       Christianity                              Islamic world                        to sail west to reach Asia was
                                             B. Working better in                     based on
3. The first European nation to                  crosswinds                           A. Assistance from an
   dominate trade with Asia was              C. Being so colorful that they                experienced Muslim sailor
   A. England                                    could be seen from many              B. Secret information on trade
   B. Spain                                      miles away                                routes that he had received
   C. Portugal                               D. Being able to take full                    indirectly from Chinese
   D. France                                     advantage of a wind blowing               sources
                                                 from behind                          C. Legends left over from the
4. The Portuguese viewed the                                                               earlier Viking voyages
   Atlantic Ocean islands as the          8. The astrolabe was designed to            D. His miscalculation of the
   perfect location for the cultivation      measure                                       distance from the Canary
   of                                        A. Latitude                                   Islands to Japan
   A. Cotton                                 B. Velocity
   B. Sugarcane                              C. Distance                          14. When Columbus reached this area,
   C. Indigo                                 D. Longitude                             he sent delegates to seek the court
   D. Maize                                                                           of the emperor of China.
                                          9. Which of the following were both         A. Cuba
5. Which of the following was not a          Chinese inventions?                      B. Japan
   reason for the European interest in       A. Sternpost rudder and                  C. Brazil
   finding a maritime trade route?               magnetic compass                     D. Nova Scotia
   A. The spread of the bubonic              B. Astrolabe and magnetic
        plague made the silk roads               compass                          15. On 12 October 1492, Columbus
        more dangerous                       C. Lateen sail and astrolabe             made landfall on an island that the
   B. Mongol domination had                  D. Square sail and sternpost             native Ta'nos called
        caused trade along the silk              rudder                               A. Palos
        roads to stop                                                                 B. Guanahan'
   C. The high prices charged by          10. Which of the following men              C. Calicut
        Muslim merchants                      conquered the Moroccan port of          D. San Salvador
   D. The demand in Europe for                Ceuta and sponsored a series of
        items such as Indian pepper           voyages down the west African       16. The first circumnavigation of the
        and Chinese ginger                    coast?                                  world was completed in 1522 by
                                              A. Christopher Columbus                 A. Francis Drake
                                              B. Henry VIII of England                B. Ferdinand Magellan
                                              C. Francis I of France                  C. Vasco da Gama
                                              D. Henry of Portugal                    D. Ferdinand Magellan's crew
Ch. 23 Continued…
17. Ferdinand Magellan established a        23. The Portuguese dominance of           27. The VOC was the
    trade route between Mexico and              trade was dependent on their              A. English East India Company
    A. Spain                                    ability to                                B. Indirect trade route that
    B. Hawai`i                                  A. Force the native populations to            Portuguese mariners used to
    C. Portugal                                      convert to Christianity                  take advantage of wind
    D. The Philippines                          B. Form alliances with Chinese                patterns
                                                     princes to take advantage of         C. Portuguese missionary
18. Most of the actual exploration of                the large Chinese navy                   organization that spread
    the Pacific Ocean was carried out           C. Force merchant ships to call               Christianity along the trade
    by the                                           at fortified trading sites and           routes
    A. Spanish                                       pay duties                           D. United East India Company
    B. Portuguese                               D. Conquer territories and bring
    C. English                                       them permanently into their      28. The Philippines fell to
    D. Dutch                                         growing empire                       A. James Cook
                                                                                          B. Jan Pieterszoon Coen
19. The explorer who led three              24. Which of the following cities was         C. Miguel López de Legazpi
    expeditions into the Pacific in the         not a Portuguese trading post?            D. Ferdinand Magellan
    eighteenth century was                      A. Goa
    A. James Cook                               B. Hormuz                             29. The center of the Spanish
    B. Ferdinand Magellan                       C. Melaka                                 commercial activity in Asia was
    C. Francis Drake                            D. Bombay                                 A. Manila
    D. Vasco da Gama                                                                      B. Batavia
                                            25. In the end, Portugal was unable to        C. Bombay
20. The English explorer James Cook             maintain its early domination of          D. Melaka
    died during a fight in                      trade because
    A. Australia                                A. It was a small country with a      30. Under Spanish rule of the
    B. New Zealand                                   small population                     Philippines, the native population
    C. Hawai`i                                  B. A Chinese resurgence of naval          A. Was allowed to follow their
    D. Tahiti                                        exploration forced the                    own religious traditions
                                                     Portuguese out                       B. Was encouraged to pursue a
21. In their attempt to control the spice       C. A late outbreak of the bubonic              syncretic brand of Christianity
    trade in the Indian Ocean, the                   plague in the seventeenth            C. Converted almost exclusively
    Europeans during the period                      century killed half the                   to Islam
    between the sixteenth and                        country's population                 D. Was pressured to convert to
    eighteenth centuries                        D. The English, French, and                    Roman Catholicism
    A. Achieved a monopoly                           Dutch formed a lasting
    B. Used an alliance with southern                alliance designed to force the   31. Jan Pieterszoon Coen was
         Indian princes to achieve                   Portuguese to surrender              responsible for
         success                                                                          A. Forcing the population of
    C. Were never able to displace          26. Which of the following was not an             Indonesia to convert to
         the Chinese monopoly                   advantage that the English and                Christianity
    D. Met with limited success                 Dutch had over the Portuguese?            B. Founding the city of Batavia
         because of a lack of                   A. They possessed faster,                     on the island of Java
         personnel                                  cheaper, and more powerful            C. Bringing the Philippines under
                                                    ships                                     Dutch control
22. Hormuz, Goa, and Melaka were                B. They created joint-stock               D. Establishing the United East
    all seized in the early 1500s by                companies                                 India Company
    A. Vasco da Gama                            C. They had much better
    B. Afonso d'Alboquerque                         captains                          32. The most prosperous country in
    C. Francis Drake                            D. They were wealthier countries          Europe in the seventeenth century
    D. Zheng He                                                                           was
                                                                                          A. England
                                                                                          B. France
                                                                                          C. Spain
                                                                                          D. The Netherlands
Ch. 23 Continued…                       Ch. 23 Continued & Ch. 24
33. The Dutch policy in Indonesia was 38. By 1750, all parts of the world         5. Henry VIII's reformation in
    A. To control the production of         participated in a global trade           England
         spices                             network in which Europeans               A. Was based on the ideas of the
    B. To convert the population to         played dominant roles except                 Anabaptists
         Christianity                       A. China                                 B. Was much more politically
    C. To rule the native population        B. South America                             driven than Luther's
         through strict control             C. Australia                                 reformation
    D. To introduce new agricultural        D. India                                 C. Was inspired more by John
         products to find a cash crop                                                    Calvin's thought than by
                                        CHAPTER 24                                       Luther's thought
34. Russian territorial expansion into  1. Luther's initial stimulus for             D. Made far more profound
    northern Eurasia began in               formulating the Ninety-Five                  changes in theology than
    A. The fifteenth century                Theses was                                   Luther's reformation did
    B. The sixteenth century                A. His excommunication from
    C. The seventeenth century                   the Roman Catholic church        6. The event that inspired Henry VIII
    D. The eighteenth century               B. The sale of indulgences               to confront the pope was
                                            C. His time spent in England             A. Henry's frustration with the
35. Russian merchants and explorers              during the English                       pope's inability to bring about
    began the expansion into Siberia             Reformation                              church reform
    in the quest for                        D. The turmoil caused by having          B. Henry's desire to gain a
    A. Gold                                      two popes during the Great               divorce
    B. Silver                                    Schism                              C. Henry's desire to unify all of
    C. Copper                                                                             Europe for a new round of
    D. Furs                             2. The author of the Ninety-Five                  crusades
                                            Theses was                               D. Henry's belief that the pope
36. In the long term, the Columbian         A. John Calvin                                was secretly backing the
    exchange                                B. Erasmus                                    French in the latest war
    A. Brought a lasting decline in         C. Voltaire
         population because of the          D. Martin Luther                      7. The author of the Institutes of the
         ravages of diseases such as                                                 Christian Religion was
         smallpox                       3. The Catholic church dramatically          A. Calvin
    B. Had very little influence on         pushed the sale of indulgences in        B. Luther
         world population figures           the sixteenth century because of         C. Zwingli
    C. Led to economic instability          the                                      D. Henry VIII
         because of a glut of Chinese       A. Need to match the resurgence
         silver                                  of the Byzantine empire          8. The city that stood as John
    D. Increased world population           B. Threat posed by Islam                 Calvin's model Protestant
         because of the spread of new       C. Need for Henry VIII to pay off        community was
         food crops                              the national debt                   A. Avignon
                                            D. Need to raise funds for the           B. Paris
37. From 1500 to 1800, the largest               construction of St. Peter's         C. Geneva
    contingent of migrants consisted             basilica                            D. Wittenberg
    A. Enslaved Africans                4. Who said, "I cannot and will not       9. Which one of the following was
    B. Hindu Indians fleeing                recant anything, for it is neither       not one of the pillars of the
         religious persecution              safe nor right to act against one's      Catholic Reformation?
    C. Northern Europeans seeking           conscience. Here I stand. I can do       A. The philosophy of St. Thomas
         economic opportunity in the        no other"?                                   Aquinas
         Americas                           A. Martin Luther                         B. The Council of Trent
    D. Chinese peasant families             B. Jesus                                 C. The Society of Jesus
         fleeing recurring outbreaks of     C. John Calvin                           D. The religious fervor of the
         disease                            D. Sima Qian                                 Renaissance popes
Ch. 24 Continued…
10. The Council that helped define       15. The Spanish leader who sent an        20. The Spanish Inquisition was first
    and advance the Catholic                 armada against England in 1588            established in 1478 by
    Reformation took place in                was                                       A. Charles V
    A. Trent                                 A. Philip II                              B. Don Carlos
    B. Pisa                                  B. Don Juan                               C. Fernando and Isabel
    C. Wittenberg                            C. Fernando                               D. Philip II
    D. Rome                                  D. Charles V
                                                                                   21. Which of the following states
11. The Council of Trent                 16. The leader of England during the          developed constitutional
    A. Rooted out the Arian heresy           attempted invasion of the Spanish         governments in the seventeenth
    B. Successfully reached a                Armada was                                century?
        compromise in the early              A. Henry VIII                             A. England and France
        Protestant movement between          B. Charles II                             B. Spain and the Netherlands
        Luther and Calvin                    C. Mary I                                 C. Russia and Italy
    C. Played a key role in Henry            D. Elizabeth I                            D. England and the
        VIII's break with the Catholic                                                     Netherlands
        church                           17. The most destructive European
    D. Took steps to reform the              conflict before the twentieth         22. The English Civil War ended with
        Catholic church                      century was                               the trial and decapitation of
                                             A. The Thirty Years' War                  A. James I
12. Ignatius Loyola was instrumental         B. The Seven Years' War                   B. Charles I
    in                                       C. The Hundred Years' War                 C. Elizabeth I
    A. Creating the Society of Jesus         D. The Franco-Prussian War                D. James II
    B. Calling together the Council
        of Trent                         18. Charles V was the                     23. The architect of French absolutism
    C. Making astronomical                   A. Pope who called the Council            was
        discoveries that called into            of Trent to address abuses in          A. John Locke
        question the Ptolemaic                  the Catholic church                    B. Cardinal Richelieu
        universe                             B. Spanish king who attempted to          C. Charles II
    D. The formation of Spanish                 invade England in 1588                 D. Montesquieu
        absolutism                           C. English king who broke with
                                                the Catholic church for            24. The individual associated with the
13. The explosion of witch-hunting in           political reasons                      phrase "l'état, c'est moi" was
    the sixteenth century was most           D. Leader who tried, but failed,          A. Charles V
    probably caused by                          to centralize authority in the         B. Philip II
    A. A dramatic increase in the               Holy Roman Empire                      C. Cardinal Richelieu
         practice of demonology                                                        D. Louis XIV
    B. The publication of                19. Which of the following factors
         Copernicus's theories               was not one of the reasons for        25. Which of the following was not
    C. The conquest of Spain by              Charles V's failure to build a            one of the policies pursued by
         Islamic forces                      centralized, sovereign state in the       Louis XIV?
    D. Tensions between Catholics            Holy Roman Empire?                        A. The maintenance of a huge
         and Protestants                     A. Frequent invasions by                      standing army
                                                 England                               B. An attempt to make the
14. Ninety-five percent of the               B. Internal religious tensions                nobles an active part of the
    condemned witches were                       between Protestants and                   government
    A. Men                                       Catholics                             C. Use of the more dependable
    B. Catholics                             C. External pressure from the                 middle class as officials
    C. Protestants                               French                                D. The creation of the palace at
    D. Women                                 D. German nobles who refused to               Versailles
                                                 bend to Charles's will
Ch. 24 Continued…                                                                     Ch. 24 Continued & Ch. 25
26. Versailles was the magnificent        32. The system by which unfinished           38. Most Enlightenment philosophers
    royal palace of                           materials were delivered to rural            believed
    A. Charles I                              households for production was                A. In a geocentric universe
    B. Frederick the Great                    known as the                                 B. In the notion of progress
    C. Peter the Great                        A. Guild system                              C. In a very active God who
    D. Louis XIV                              B. Joint-stock company system                     played a constant role in
                                              C. Union system                                   human affairs
27. Catherine the Great's attempts at         D. Putting-out system                        D. That the world was getting
    reform in Russia were essentially                                                           worse because of corrupt
    ended by                              33. The first great philosophical                     human nature
    A. The Great Northern War                 proponent of capitalism was
    B. The "Time of Troubles."                A. Voltaire                             CHAPTER 25
    C. The English Civil War                  B. Adam Smith                           1. Do–a Marina was
    D. Pugachev's Rebellion                   C. Montesquieu                             A. The first viceroy of the
                                              D. Isaac Newton                               Spanish colonies in the
28. The most important consequence
    of the Peace of Westphalia was
                                          34. The Ptolemaic universe was based           B. The leading Spanish banker
    A. Laying the foundation for
                                              on                                            who funded exploration
         English control of most of the
                                              A. The idea that the earth rested          C. The Portuguese explorer who
                                                  on the back of a giant turtle             first sighted Australia
    B. Combining the Spanish and
         French thrones                       B. A motionless earth                      D. A Mexican woman who
                                                  surrounded by nine hollow                 aided Cortés in his conquest
    C. Promoting the notion that
                                                  spheres                                   of the Aztecs
         the European nations
                                              C. A heliocentric structure
         viewed each other as
                                              D. The unifying principle of            2. The term "mestizo" refers to
         sovereign and equal
                                                  gravity                                A. The coins that were used in
    D. Ending the carnage of the
                                                                                             the Aztec empire
         Seven Years' War
                                          35. On the Revolutions of the                  B. An individual of indigenous
29. Which of the following conflicts is       Heavenly Spheres was written by                and European parentage
    the largest war to unfold in the          A. Ptolemy                                 C. The Spanish plantations on
    wake of the Peace of Westphalia?          B. Galileo Galilei                             which millions of Central and
    A. The English Civil War                  C. Isaac Newton                                South Americans were
    B. The Thirty Years' War                  D. Nicolaus Copernicus                         enslaved
    C. The Hundred Years' War                                                            D. The Aztec term for the
    D. The Seven Years' War               36. That planetary orbits are elliptical,          mysterious disease that
                                              not circular, was demonstrated by              devastated their population
30. The fundamental principle of              A. Galileo
    diplomacy in early modern Europe          B. Voltaire                             3. The most important factor in
    was                                       C. Newton                                  explaining the Spanish victory
    A. French domination                      D. Kepler                                  over the Aztecs and Incas was
    B. The Auld Alliance                                                                 A. The overwhelming Spanish
    C. Raison d'etat                      37. The theory of universal gravity is             superiority in guns and
    D. The balance of power                   associated with                                cannons
                                              A. Isaac Newton                            B. The devastating loss of life
31. By 1800, the population of Europe         B. Galileo Galilei                             caused by European-borne
    had risen to                              C. Denis Diderot                               diseases
    A. 81 million                             D. Nicolaus Copernicus                     C. The Spanish strength in
    B. 180 million                                                                           numbers
    C. 240 million                                                                       D. The military precision of the
    D. 310 million                                                                           well-trained Spanish troops
4.      The British initially made use of Australia
A.      Because of its rich silver mines
B.      Because of its extraordinary agricultural abundance
C.      As a busy port on the route from Acapulco to Manila
D.      As a penal colony
Ch. 25 Continued…
5. The first people of the Americas to   11. The conquistador who conquered      17. The Treaty of Tordesillas
   come into contact with the Spanish        the Inca was                            A. Granted England control over
   were the                                  A. Balboa                                   Australia
   A. Maya                                   B. Cortes                               B. Split Central and South
   B. Aztecs                                 C. Cabral                                   America between Spain and
   C. Inca                                   D. Pizarro                                  Portugal
   D. Ta'nos                                                                         C. Ended the Seven Years' War
                                         12. The last emperor of the Inca            D. Limited Spanish northern
6. Christopher Columbus's first plan         empire was                                  expansion at modern-day
   was                                       A. Motecuzoma II                            Florida
   A. To build trading posts where           B. Atahualpa
       merchants could trade with            C. Topa Inca                        18. The Portuguese began to show
       the local population                  D. Viracocha                            much more interest in Brazil
   B. To plunder the legendary                                                       A. After the establishment of
       wealth of the Aztecs              13. The conquistadores                          profitable sugar plantations
   C. To form an alliance with the           A. Established empires in Central       B. After the English victory over
       Aztecs against the Inca                   and South America that lasted           the Spanish Armada
   D. To form an alliance with the               until the eighteenth century        C. After brazilwood became a
       French before attacking the           B. Lost control because of a                major cash crop
       Ta'nos                                    bloody battle between the           D. After a Spanish military loss
                                                 forces of Cortés and Pizarro            to France removed Spain as a
7. The encomenderos were                     C. Eventually lost control and              serious rival for control of
   A. Aztec priests who viewed the               were replaced by formal                 Brazil
       Spanish as visiting gods                  rule by the Spanish crown
   B. Spanish settlers                       D. Eventually died of the very      19. The English, French, and Dutch
   C. The first society of the                   same smallpox that they had         A. Were like the Spanish in that
       Americas to come into contact             unwittingly introduced to the           they viewed the Americas as a
       with the Spanish                          Americas                                land to exploit rather than a
   D. The Spanish administrative                                                         place to settle
       officials who ruled over the      14. The two centers of Spanish royal        B. Did not play a role in the
       colonies and reported back to         authority in the Americas were              Americas until the mid-
       Spain                                 A. Lima and Chanchan                        eighteenth century
                                             B. Mexico City and Cuzco                C. Never showed any serious
8. The population of the Caribbean           C. Lima and Mexico City                     interest in the Americas
   went from about 4 million in 1492         D. Tenochtitlan and Mexico City         D. Were more interested in
   to _______ in the 1540s.                                                              setting up permanent
   A. 8 million                          15. The chief Spanish royal                     colonies than the Spanish
   B. 5 million                              administrators in the Americas
   C. 4 million                              were                                20. Which of the following sites in
   D. A few thousand                         A. The viceroys                         North America was originally a
                                             B. The peninsulares                     Dutch colony?
9. Hernán Cortés was responsible for         C. The conquistadors                    A. Plymouth
   the conquest of the                       D. The encomiendas                      B. Jamestown
   A. Ta'nos                                                                         C. Port Royal
   B. Chimu                              16. The power of the viceroys was           D. New York
   C. Inca                                   checked by reviews conducted by
   D. Aztecs                                 A. The mestizo                      21. Spanish migrants who were born
                                             B. The zambos                           in Europe were known as
10. The last emperor of the Aztec            C. The encomiendas                      A. Zambos
    empire was                               D. The audiencias                       B. Encomiendas
    A. Atahualpa                                                                     C. Mestizos
    B. Motecuzoma II                                                                 D. Peninsulares
    C. Itzcoatl
    D. Topa
Ch. 25 Continued…
22. The English colony of Jamestown         25. The Indian population in what is      30. In North America, the Europeans
    A. Was nearly destroyed due to              now the United States stood at five       initially found a profitable
        mass starvation                         million to ten million in 1492 and        commodity when they bartered for
    B. Was wildly successful and                at ________ in 1800.                      A. Fur
        quickly recouped the original           A. Fifteen million                        B. Maize
        financial investment                    B. Ten million                            C. Tobacco
    C. Mysteriously disappeared                 C. Eight million                          D. Indigo
        during a period when the                D. Six-hundred thousand
        English were too busy to send                                                 31. Plantations created a high demand
        aid                                 26. The métis were                            for
    D. Served as a remarkably                   A. French Jesuit missionaries             A. Cheap labor
        satisfactory location for the           B. Migrants who had been born             B. Cash crops
        Puritans                                    in Europe                             C. Tobacco
                                                C. The Spanish administrative             D. Money
23. Which of the following was not a                officials who reported back
                                                                                      32. The first plentiful labor force for
    difference between the Spanish                  directly to the king
                                                                                          North America was
    approach to colonization and that           D. Individuals of French and
                                                                                          A. Indentured servants
    of the English and French?                      indigenous parentage                  B. Peninsulares from South
    A. Private investors played a
         much greater role in the           27. For the Spanish, the greatest
                                                                                          C. African slaves
         English and French approach            attraction of the Americas was
                                                                                          D. Métis purchased from Canada
    B. The English and French                   A. Precious metals
         viewed the indigenous                  B. Tobacco                            33. The Virgin of Guadalupe
         populations as their equals            C. A new class of trading                 essentially became a national
    C. The English and French did                    partners to buy Spanish              symbol for
         not encounter large,                        manufactured goods                   A. Peru
         centralized states                     D. Sugar                                  B. Mexico
    D. The Spanish saw the Americas                                                       C. Argentina
         as a land to exploit rather than   28. By the seventeenth century, the           D. Brazil
         one to settle or colonize              most prominent site of agriculture
                                                in Spanish America was the            34. The first recorded European
24. Which of the following was not              A. Métis                                  sighting of Australia was made by
    true of the American Indians that           B. Hacienda                               the
    the English and French came into            C. Repartimiento                          A. Portuguese
    contact with?                               D. Quinto                                 B. Dutch
    A. The North American Indians                                                         C. English
         did not have large, centralized    29. To provide labor for their sugar          D. French
         states like the Aztecs and Inca        plantations, the Portuguese
    B. The North American Indians               A. Offered higher wages than          35. Which of the following countries
         did not live in densely                    their Spanish counterparts did        established the first permanent
         populated areas                        B. Copied the Spanish                     settlement in Australia?
    C. The Indians practiced                        encomiendas                           A. England
         agriculture, but moved                 C. Made extensive use of                  B. The Netherlands
         frequently in pursuit of game              indentured servants                   C. Portugal
    D. The Indians guarded their                D. Relied on imported African             D. Spain
         claims to private ownership                slaves as laborers                36. In the 1670s and 1680s, the
         of land even more jealously                                                      Spanish were interested in
         than the Europeans did                                                           consolidating control in this area
                                                                                          because it lay directly on the route
                                                                                          from Acapulco to Manila.
                                                                                          A. Guam
                                                                                          B. New Zealand
                                                                                          C. The Marquesas Islands
                                                                                          D. Tahiti

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