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									Placement preparation

   Dr Laura Bradley
   Placement Tutor
           Application Forms
 Applying     For Jobs

    Making a successful job application means
    convincing someone else that you are:

• Qualified
• Interested
• Personally suited
               Application Forms
•   Timely applications are essential
    – It is always good to get your application in on
        time, but in a more competence climate it’s
    – Start looking for jobs early and keeping closing
      dates for application at the forefront of your
•   Be a well informed candidate…
    – Keep up to date with what’s going on in the
      world of for example, IT and
      telecommunications, business….
                Application Forms
•   Most employers in Northern Ireland will not
    accept a CV.
     – If they are recruiting they will usually respond to
       your CV by sending you their company
       application form.
     – This is the result of local fair employment
     – Local companies will often include a separate
       form for equal opportunities monitoring.
•   A CV is widely accepted outside NI and will also
    provide a useful summary when you are
    completing company forms.
             Application Forms
• You need to know about the company and the
  vacancy you are applying for.
   – You must demonstrate that you have thought
     about you application and really want to work for
     this organisation.
• The main difference between a CV and a
  company form is that you have control of the
  design of your CV while an application form is
  designed by the employer to provide the
  information they regard as relevant to the post.
   – Most major companies are looking for job
     related     knowledge and relevant experience
     as well as transferable skills.
               Application Forms
•   Amass your Evidence
    – Look at the selection criteria
    – Find evidence to meet these criteria
•   Do exactly what they say
    – Employers will ask you to send them a CV, a
       particular application form or to apply online
        SAF       Standard Application Form
        EAF       Employer Application Form
           Application Forms
• Target your application
  – Target the company – shows that you have
    made an effort
• Don’t be afraid of hard forms with difficult
  – Answers should be meaty with no waffle
• Don’t leave any gaps
  - Account for any gaps in education /
• Get a second opinion
  - Get someone to proof read your form
            Application Forms
•   Be aware that some employers put a lot of
    stress on past academic performance e.g. A-
    level grades.

•    If your A - levels are weak, stress your more
    recent degree course grades. Employers are
    also interested in the depth of your
    knowledge of IT subjects.
            Application Forms
•   Being interested in working for the company is
    an essential requirement, not just for your own
    job satisfaction but from the employer's point of
•   Do some research on the company, then use
    your answers to application form questions to
    demonstrate what you have learned about
•   Quote your sources so the selector can see the
    trouble you have gone to.
   Application Forms

 Past experience is considered the
best indicator of future performance.
             Application Forms
•   When trying to demonstrate your personal
    suitability for a job, a good approach is to use
    key words from the job description. Try and
    match these with examples drawn from your
             Application Forms
               Action Words
Action Words

Try using some of the following to add colour to your
  application and to project a positive image.

achieved elected           initiated pioneered
advised encouraged         launched planned
arranged enhanced led      proposed assisted
exceeded managed           represented
clarified facilitated      mastered researched
completed founded          negotiated simplified
         Online Applications
• Quicker and easier for the company
• Online forms take as long as paper ones to
  complete and require just as much preparation
  and thought
• If you can, download the form and fill it in
  before going live
• Cut and paste your perfect answers from a
  word processor if possible
• Save regularly in case of crashes
            Online Applications
• Some online forms incorporate an aptitude or
  personality test. These may be timed and you only
  get one chance, so don’t start them until you are
• Very few forms have spell checkers, so take care
  that your English is OK
• Don’t rush it. Only press ‘submit’ when you are
• If you haven’t heard from the organisation after a
  few weeks, give them a call. Machines can have
                  Job Advert
•   Fast growing, dynamic….
    They won’t want to spend a lot of time holding
    your hand. You should demonstrate you are
    keen to learn new skills.

• Belfast, London and Dublin
  They are mobile, are you?
                 Job Advert
• Financial Services etc
  Do you know what these business sectors do?
  Can you provide other examples than the ones in
  the advert?
• Smart
  What are your grades like?
• Capable
  Evidence of achievement.
• One in ten chance
  Its competitive. What makes you better?
                   Job Advert
• CV
  Legible – spell checked – thorough – differentiating

• The Interview
   Introductions – Background – how you ended
  where you are
   Summer jobs, responsibility
   What do you know – How can you apply it
   What are YOU looking for
                Employer Views
Liberty IT
• ‘A good academic background is most important
  along with a passion for what the candidate enjoys,
  should it be building websites for friends or a love
  of music or sport’

Northbrook Technology NI
• ’Information is tailored to the position applied for
• Logical sequence of information
• Information supplied is up to date’
              Employer Views

Intel Ireland
• ‘Short and to the point
• State degree and graduation year
• Correct spelling’
• ’Neatly presented information – type if you don’t
  trust your own handwriting
• Relevant information – demonstrate you have the
  skills required
• Don’t leave blank spaces’
              Application Forms
              Sample Questions
•   Example Questions About You
    – Describe a situation where you have had to
      influence people
    – Please give one or two recent examples to
      illustrate your abilities to work effectively with
    – Looking at your life as a whole, indicate three
      key events or experiences which you considered
      to have been instrumental in shaping who you
    – Please identify any major successes in your life
      to date
            Application Forms
            Sample Questions
•   Example Questions About The Job
    – What relevant skills and qualities can you bring
      to    the organisation?
    – Why do you think you would be suited to a
      career in consulting?/ banking
    – Explain which specific factors attract you to
      your choice of career
               Application Forms
               Sample Questions

•   Open-ended Questions
•      Structure is the key here:
    – state why you are interested in this job and this
    – describe the key qualities that you can bring to
      the job [with evidence that proves you have
    – Detail any work experience or course work that
      has been of special relevance
    – List any technical skills
               Application Forms
               Sample Questions
•   Business Awareness
    Please indicate any particular sectors of our
    business that especially interest you, and give the
    reasons why.
•   Job Awareness
    Please give an indication, with reasons, of the type
    of work you would like to pursue, mentioning any
    relevant qualities or expertise you possess.
•   Problem Solving
    Describe a problem or project you have had to
    solve. What methods did you use?
             Application Forms
             Sample Questions
•   Team Work
    Have you ever been a member of a successful
    team? In your opinion why was the team
•   Planning & Organising
    Give details of your main extra curricular
    activities to date. What have you contributed and
    what have you got out of them?

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