pronunciation by wuyunyi



  / z / and / ∫
            Listen & Repeat
/ z / and / ∫ /

Practise in words:
 television       Asia       shop      washing

  pleasure        illusion   machine   English

  measure         message    Swedish

   Practise in sentences:

1. It’s his pleasure to visit Asia.
2. You shouldn’t have any illusion about television.
3. A message may be a good measure to help you relax.
4. Does this shop sell washing machine?
5. Is he English or Swedish?
6. Is there anything special on TV tonight?
Practise this conversation:
A: Did you watch Treasure shining in the Island on
TV last night?
B: No, I watch a programme called Leisure time.

Make a similar conversation about these TV
Measure of Shella
Reading for pleasure
Casualty in a Luxury Hotel
The color of Purple Shape and the Color Beige
Vision of the Crashing future
                                                    LANGUAGE FOCUS
Practise this conversation:
A: Good morning. Welcom to ABC Travel Agency. Can I help you?
B: Oh, sure. I’ve seen on the television last night that your company
has opened a discount campaign. Would you please give me some
further information ?
A: Yes, certainly. What sort of holiday interests you most?
B: Some where with great pleasure under warm sunshine.
A: What about a luxurious cruise?
B: Well, what exactly happends on a luxury cruise?
A: A cruise is a holiday on a ship. The ship itself is very luxurious;
It’s like staying in a luxury hotel. The ship sails to various places.
Passengers get off and see the sights.
B I’m not sure. What other holidays can you suggest?
A: Here’s a Supervacation brochure. It gives information about lots
of holidays. See what suits you best. Then we’ll fix it.
B: Thanks for the information. I expect to see you soon.
A: Oh, It’s my pleasure.

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