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									                                                               1st Pd:
Homework and Class Work for
                                                               4th Pd: Will Quisenberry, Emma Newton, Brandon
ENG III: The Cultural Impact                                   Kenney

Monday, November 21, 2011                                      5th Pd: Madison Bowman, Lukkas Collins, Jaimee Harty,
                                                               Hayle Morehouse, Jaylia Purnell

INDEPENDENT WORK:                                              most popular of contemporary plants are the Dracaena
                                                               marginata, whose long sword-shaped leaves are edged
Amsco’s ACT Intentional Review PPT Slides #17-                 with a reddish tinge.
Find the Main Idea of Each Paragaph                            What is this paragraph about?
Read the following information. Take notes, recording
the most important and helpful information. These will          The first sentence mentions plant leaf shapes. The next
go in the Class Notes Section of your notebook.                two sentences give specific examples of plants and the
                                                               shape of their leaves.
The main idea of a paragraph is the most important thing
the writer has to say about that idea. The answers to          Main idea: shapes of plant leaves. If a test question
many ACT test items are based on the main idea of a            asked about plant leaf shapes, you would turn first to this
paragraph or a passage. Some ACT questions ask                 paragraph for an answer.
directly for the main idea.
                                                               EXAMPLE 2:
The first step is to read the passage once. As you read,
think about the main idea of each paragraph. Once you          Plant leaves come in various shapes, but sometimes a
know the main idea, you know where to look for                 plant is distinguished by the arrangement of its leaves on
                                                               the stem rather than by their shape. The oval leaflets of
information about a specific topic. If there is a test item
about a particular topic, you can then go directly to the      the Brassaia actinophylla radiate out from one point on
appropriate paragraph. The main idea of a paragraph is         the stem, whereas the leaves of the Pleomele reflexa
usually in the first or last sentence, so look there if        break out from the center head in a rosettelike effect.
you’re having a hard time figuring out a paragraph’s           What is this paragraph about?
main idea.
                                                                This paragraph seems very similar to the paragraph in
Once you know the main idea, write it next to the              the first example, but the main ideas are different. The
paragraph in your test booklet. Then read the questions        first sentence in example 2 mentions plant shapes and
one at a time and return to the passage to find the            leaf arrangements, and the last sentence gives specific
answer. Having labeled your paragraphs will make it            examples of leaf arrangements.
much easier to find answers to the questions.
                                                               Main idea: leaf arrangements and plants. If a test
EXAMPLE 1:                                                     question asked about leaf arrangements in plants, you
Plant leaves come in various shapes. Among the most            would first look to this paragraph for an answer.
distinctive leaf shapes are the fanlike, tooth-edged
foliage of the Fatsia japonica and the deeply lobed leaves
of the ubiquitous Philodendron selloum. But among the

        1.    Read the attached PPT slide over Agreement Rules 4,5,and 6. Memorize the pronouns and to which category
             they belong.
2. Read “The Mending Wall” by Robert Frost on pages 1002-1003 of literature book. Use Poetry Analysis
   handout (attached) to complete a written analysis of the poem. Turn in for credit.

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