United States Transportation Command Global Patient Movement by lanyuehua


									               11 May 2010

    Lt Col Joseph Hendrix, USAFR, MSC
Global Patient Movement Requirements Center
   United States Transportation Command
                Scott AFB, IL

• Joint Patent Movement Expeditionary System
• Patient Movement Enablers
• Disaster Aeromedical Staging Facility (DASF)
  with Disaster Medical Operations Detachment
• Disaster Patient Movement Process
    Patient Movement (PM) Support in

• US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM)
  provides disaster PM, at the direction of the
  President or upon approval of the SECDEF after
  receipt of a Mission Assignment issued by FEMA

• TRANSCOM Command Surgeon provides
  deployable PM capability in support of declared
    USTRANSCOM PM Enablers
• Joint Patient Movement Expeditionary System
   • A Joint level enterprise system
     •   Flexible, Scalable, Adaptable
     •   Rapidly deployable contingency support
     •   Expeditionary patient movement (PM) coordination
     •   Expertise and liaison capability
     •   Can deploy to augment a Theater Patient Movement
         requirements center (TPMRC)
              JPMES Enablers

• Patient Movement Situational Awareness Team

• Joint Patient Movement Team (JPMT)

• Joint Patient Reporting Team (JPRT)

• Joint Patient Movement Requirements Center
Patient Movement Situational Awareness
           Team - PMSAT

1-2 person team
• O5-O6 (PM Subject Matter Expert)
• E-5/7 (TRAC2ES Expert)

Provides PM subject matter expertise to
• Defense Coordinating officer
• Joint Regional Medical Planners (JRMPs)
• HHS, State, National Guard, Local health officials
             PMSAT Deployments

• 2006 Hurricane Dean, TX

• 2008 National Level Exercise, Ft Lewis, WA

• 2008 Hurricane Gustav, TX

• 2008 Hurricane Ike, TX

• 2009 Inauguration, Washington, DC

• 2010 Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Earthquake, US Southern
  Command, Miami, FL
      Joint Patient Movement Team - JPMT

• PM enabler consisting of 4 personnel
   – 1 operations officer,
   – 2 nurses and 1 PM/TRAC2ES specialist).
• Teams may be augmented with a Team Chief,

• Deploys to a state/lead agency Emergency Operations
   – Provide medical regulating support during a military or
     contingency operation
      JPMT - Roles and Responsibilities

• Advises and supports Geographic Combatant
  Command on PM process/procedures of military
  contingency or civil support operation
• Ensures the lead agency understands the PMRC
  regulating process and policies:
   • Disaster Patient Movement Requirements process
   • Patient movement requests (PMR)
   • PM communication and coordination
• Assist hospitals and other health care agencies in the
  development and generation of contingency and
  multiple disaster PMRs
      Joint Patient Reporting Team - JPRT

• 2 to 4 personnel

• Deploys to a patient collection/transfer point and
  collocated with a Disaster/Mobile Aeromedical Staging
  Facility (DASF/MASF)

• Mission is to support patient accountability and
  guidance on PM processes and procedures.
     Joint Patient Reporting Team - JPRT

• Assist JPMT and MASF with patient
  accountability and manifesting
• Manifest patients that show up unreported
  and similarly remove “no-show” patients from
• Facilitate expeditious PM by liaising between
  JPMT, PMRC, aeromedical staging
              Joint Patient Movement
           Requirements Center - JPMRC

• Provides full-spectrum PM regulating, coordinating
  and accountability support at a forward deployed
  site for 180 days or less

• The Geographic Command will be tasked to deploy
  a JPMRC to assist a military contingency or civilian
  support operation, typically as part of a Joint Task
  Force (JTF)

• The Command Surgeon and supporting theater
  PMRC will be responsible for coordinating the
  deployment of the expeditionary team
              Joint Patient Movement
           Requirements Center - JPMRC

• Provides the theater PM requirements capability for the
  operational area for a JTF

• Performs integrated PM tasks for units assigned to the
  JTF or within the task force’s joint operating area

• May coordinate through the supporting PMRC to
  request and schedule strategic PM support, or work
  directly with the GPMRC as required
      Disaster Aeromedical Staging Facility DASF with
     Disaster Medical Operational Detachment (DMOD)

• DASF with DMOD
  • Disaster Aeromedical Staging Facility
      • DOD personnel
   Disaster Medical Operations Detachment
       Civilian Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
• Receive patients from local hospitals, special care
  facilities, and long term care facilities
• Prepare patient for AE flight
             Disaster Medical Operations Detachment (DMOD)

                                         Team Leader
                                    MD/DO Emergency Med/CC

                        Squad One                         Squad Two
                      RN Critical Care                 MD/DO Critical Care

                                                                                 Critical Care

MD/DO Emergency Med                                                          Respiratory Therapist

                                                                             MD/DO Emergency Med
    Critical Care



     Disaster Aeromedical Staging Facility with
     Disaster Medical Operational Detachment

• DASF with DMOD is a 55-person temporary AE
  staging facility with limited critical care capability
• The DASF with DMOD is equipped and staffed with
  patient care and support personnel for:
   – Routine processing of 35 patients at a time
      • Approximately 20% (6-8) of these patients could
        be critical care patients
   – Minimum flow of 140 patients in a 24-hour period
   – Maximum 2-6 hour patient hold time
                       PM Information System Flow

   Current Information Flow
                                                  GPMRC– DO receives               GPMRC– Provides
                                                  msn information from             manifest information
                                                  TACC. Missions are built in      to the FCC/JPMT/JPRT
                           Hospital Pt. List      TRAC2ES
                           Emailed to JFO/
                                                                                    JPMT– Provides
                                                 GPMRC– DO sorts master
                                                                                    manifest to EOC
                                                 excel spreadsheet by
                                                 APOE and submits
                            JFO/EOC              requirements to TACC
                            Reviews Pt. List
                            Sends request

                            to JPMT   *                                           MASF or JPRT
                                                                                  (Joint Patient Reporting
• This Process will vary                                                           Team) communicates
from State to State                             GPMRC – PMRS are edited           manifest changes to
                                                and validated by PMCC’s in        GPMRC; provides final
                                                Trac2es Web                       manifest and load number
• Process based on
Trac2es Web                                                                        immediately after wheels
                               JPMT-                                              up; appropriate changes
                               Verifies                                           made in Trac2es by
                               Required        JPMT – E-mail spreadsheet          JPMT/GPMRC
                               info is          to GPMRC so PMCC’s can
                               present         enter necessary information
                                               for validation

                                                                                    *  NOTE: If no JPMT
                                                                                    is deployed then
                                                                                    spreadsheets will be
                                                        JPMT – Submits Multiple     e-mailed to GPMRC
                     JPMT – Creates PMRs                                            for creating Multiple
                                                        PMR’s in Trac2es Web
                     Using “Multiple PMR”
                     Function (use each APOE
                     as Originating MTF)
                  Defense Support to Civil Authorities
                      Federal Patient Evacuation


                               JPRT                                              Hospital
                   State EOC
                                                 TACC        APOD
       DCO/E               JPMT       PMR
       • PM SAT           TRAC2ES                GPMRC                FCC
       • JRMPO                                                      (DOD & VA)

             JPATS?                         TRAC2ES - ITV                    JPATS?

                               NDMS PATIENT VISIBILITY
         STATE/HHS                        USTRANSCOM                    FCC/HHS/STATE

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