Washington by lanyuehua


									Washington: 5 questions

How did Washington run for president with no one to go against?

Why was Washington so honored?

How was Washington a military general and then became the United States president?

What were the requirements for Washington to become president?

Did Washington even need a campaign?

Adams: 5 questions

What do you think about Adams action not to enforce the warning in Washington’s Farewell Address
about political parties?

If you were to be in Adams Cabinet, what would you advise him on according to the XYZ Affair?

What do you think Washington would have said to John Adams after Adams let political parties be

Why would Adams want to become president when his life was going well?

Explain why the Federalist Party is better than the Democratic-Republican Party?

Hamilton: 5 questions

Explain why you want the economy to focus more on manufacturing and shipping than farming ?

Explain why you believe in loose construction of the Constitution?

What are your opinions on starting a national bank?

How do Hamilton resolve the problem about state debts?

How much did the states owe for the Revolutionary War Expenses?

Jefferson: 5 questions

What do you think about the political style Jefferson used from styles of Adams and Washington?

How did people react when they found out Jefferson was giving his first presidential speech?

 Explain why you disagree with Hamilton’s plan for a National Bank?

Predict what would happen to the United States’ future if you didn’t create the Democratic-Republican

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