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Training program provides aeromedical sTaging skills chief serves


									Training program provides
aeromedical sTaging skills
chief serves 500 aT annual holiday breakfasT
                               Freedom Flyer
                                     C ontents
 viewpoints                                                                                            4
 esgr faCility helps support reservists                                                                6
 Chief serves 23rd holiday breakfast                                                                   7
 aeroMediCal staging squadron                                                                          9
 news briefs                                                                                          11

                             editorial staff
                             Col. MiChael J. underkofler
                                 MaJ. kelly ann Charland
                                         publiC affairs Chief
         Capt. allison eCung                           Master sgt. donna t. Jeffries
           publiC affairs offiCer                       nonCoMMissioned offiCer               in Charge

             shawn J. Jones                                 teCh. sgt. Jonathan white
                      editor                                               Journalist

                                      on         the Cover
  Maj. Henry Bernard, 514th Aeromedical Staging
  Squadron nurse, demonstrates how to perform a
  chest tube insertion on a medical training dummy.
  ASTS Airmen continuously train in order to staff
  aeromedical staging facilities, which provide
  patient transportation to aircraft and administra-
  tive processing to patients transiting within the
  worldwide aeromedical evacuation system.
                                                                     Photo by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries

This funded Air Force Reserve magazine is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. military and
their family. Contents of Freedom Flyer are not necessarily the official views of the U.S. government, the
Department of Defense, or the Department of the Air Force. All photos are Air Force photos unless otherwise
indicated. The editorial content is edited, prepared and provided by the 514th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
office, 2217 W. Arnold Ave., Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. 08641.

2 Freedom Flyer
           Airmen from the 514th Air Mobility Wing
           and 305th Air Mobility Wing completed a
           large-formation tanker surge, also known
           as an elephant walk, launching twelve
           KC-10 Extenders within 30 minutes of one
           another here Dec. 20.
              Photo courtesy of 87th Air Base Wing public affairs          Freedom Flyer 3
holy cow, batman! learning is forever
by col. michael underkofler                of superheroes who work to         have a well-trained and well-       not answer the school bell
514th Air Mobility Wing commander          keep our streets safe. He said     educated fighting force. This       next semester?
                                           he had never seen Batman or        doesn’t translate to just a force      At great expense the
   I was recently reminded by              any other superhero studying       of highly trained “techies”.        nation,     and     particularly
my two sons about how ner-                 in any cartoon or comic book.         Knowing how to manipu-           the military, has built an
vous they were to start second             Holy Cow Batman! I’m going         late a computer program, for        extremely respected, flexible,
and first grade at a new school            to have my hands full with         example, is great but in the        and responsive post-second-
after a fun-filled summer of               this one I thought.                words of Shakespeare, is not        ary education system.
swimming lessons, camp, and                                                                                          Even if the area you live in
a family vacation.                                                                                                doesn’t have the program or
   The younger one spoke                        “i believe we need warriors who possess                           field of study you are inter-
for both of them and boldly                                                                                       ested in pursuing, the internet
asked his mother and me,                      analytical thinking and sound writing skills                        is full of cyber classrooms
“How many grades do we                                                                                            and resources never once
have to attend and how much
                                             gained through the study of many disciplines.                        imagined.
homework do we have to do                        each field of study can bring different                             No matter your age or pre-
before we can get jobs and                                                                                        vious educational experience,
make money?”                                        skills and strengths to the fight.”                           opportunities abound.
   I quickly blurted out, “You                                                                                       Where do you first turn to
and your brother can get jobs                                                                                     return to the classroom?
after you graduate from law                   I recently served on a pro-     the “be-all and end-all”.              I’d suggest your unit’s
or medical school.”                        motion review board where             I believe we need warriors       training manager and the
   Luckily       his    mother             my belief that education and       who possess analytical think-       base education office. They
stepped in and refined my                  training are life-long and         ing and sound writing skills        are well suited to explain
answer by gently reminding                 key to career success was          gained through the study of         most of the training opportu-
him and his brother of all the             reinforced, yet again. Along       many disciplines. Each field        nities within your career field
things and words they had                  with career-specific training,     of study can bring different        and advanced military and
learned that summer through                the mid and senior enlisted        skills and strengths to the         civilian education programs.
reading story books or by                  members meeting this board         fight.                              They can also provide sug-
visiting interesting places --             had impressive records of             Besides the personal joy         gestions for ways to cover
even without having to take a              continuing education.              of learning something new,          the expense.
weekly vocabulary test.                       Most had worked in sev-         formal continuing education            It might seem impossible
   She introduced the concept              eral career fields, each requir-   has been shown to improve           now, but follow the lead of
that learning was a lifetime               ing its own course of study        one’s quality of life by reduc-     many others who continue to
event and offered proof by                 and credentialing process.         ing stress, delaying the onset      work and learn while juggling
pointing out all the studying              Most had undergraduate             of dementia, and improving          family obligations too. Fol-
done by our neighbors.                     degrees, several held gradu-       longevity. Other personal           low one course with another.
   One was studying for                    ate or professional degrees.       benefits are readily apparent.         I’ve seen it repeated many
a medical board certifica-                    These Airmen--members              Well-trained and well-           times. A couple courses turn
tion, one was sharpening his               of our Justice League--had         educated warriors consis-           into a new hobby, career
knowledge to teach at his                  indeed spent a lot of time         tently rise to the top of an        opportunity, or degree. You’ll
church, and another just liked             in and out of the classroom        organization. Both in and           be intellectually stimulated
to study American history                  studying.                          out of uniform, promotions          and will bring a new set of
every chance he got. Incorpo-                 Classroom time went             and earnings are closely tied       combat tools to your unit.
rating fun while considering               hand-in-hand with their            to learning. Studies continue          Now, if I can only get a
career paths seemed to satisfy             careers. Continuing educa-         to show the earnings gap            couple comic strips showing
one son. But our younger son               tion and training are hall-        between high school and col-        Batman cracking the books,
adamantly stated his desire to             marks of the profession of         lege graduates is widening.         I know I could get my future
join The Justice League, the               arms. Simply said, we won’t           Given that learning is fun,      Justice Leaguer convinced
fictional crime-fighting team              defeat the enemy if we don’t       healthy, and profitable, why        that learning is forever.
4 Freedom Flyer
                      Pulse CheCk:              How has a past New Year’s resolution turned out for you?

       senior airman                       senior airman              staff sgt.              chief master sgt.                    senior airman
        ana nichols                         faith barclay        matthew buonaspina               dejanovic                     kenneth rivera-ithier
      514th Aeromedical                       35th Aerial             35th Aerial                 514th Force                       514th Security
     Evacuation Squadron                    Port Squadron            Port Squadron             Support Squadron                    Forces Squadron
   “This past year, my             “A resolution that I have      “I was successful in    “To get fit and I stuck to          “Last year I made a
   resolution was to do               made in the past was      keeping a higher stan-     it! It was a life change         goal to gain my associ-
  more volunteer work,                to increase my credit    dard of physical fitness      which incorporated             ate’s degree. I achieved
 and I raised over $250            score. I am proud to say      and healthy lifestyle    emotional, physical and             it while deployed to
 for Lance Armstrong’s              that I was successful in    throughout the year by         spiritual health.”           Kuwait. My New Year’s
  Live Strong Founda-              accomplishing this goal.    raising my fitness score                                       resolution now is to
tion and built houses for            It took dedication and          and run time.”                                          gain my bachelor’s.”
 Habitat for Humanity.”                    discipline.”

freedom Wing involved in many big events of 2011
by lt. col. dennis duffy                             Our airlift capabilities helped keep the      ties in South America, the anti-pirate
732nd Airlift Squadron commander                     rebel’s supply chain moving.                  and counter-terror operations along the
                                                         The Freedom Wing was there.               horn of Africa, the tacticians in Europe,
   The frantic holiday shopping is over,                 In March, when Japan was hit with         and the air mobility experts the Freedom
allowing over-heated credit cards to cool            the triple catastrophe of a record-setting    Wing sends around the globe.
down. The family get-togethers are com-              earthquake that caused a horrific tsu-           These deployments supporting the
plete, and hopefully all the house guests            nami, which killed nearly 20,000 people       war fighters and peace makers in Afghan-
have returned home, and everyone is still            and triggered a disaster at the Fukoshima     istan and all over the world have become
talking to one another. And our thoughts             Nuclear Power Plant, it was our Airmen        almost routine despite the sacrifices
turn to the New Year, to resolutions for             who responded. In the midst of utter          made and the dangers faced by our Air-
reducing our waist lines, improving our              destruction, our Airmen assisted the peo-     men every day.
study habits and rearranging our priorities.         ple of Japan in their time of desperation.       The past year did not see a single day
   But before we focus on the promise of                 The Freedom Wing was there.               when Airmen from this wing were not
2012, let’s look back at just a few of the               In December 2011, when some of the        out there in the Central Command area of
514th Air Mobility Wing’s impressive                 last American military personnel and          responsibility, doing the nation’s business
accomplishments of the past year. While              equipment was leaving Iraq, they were         with a fire in their belly, far from home
the wing had precious little (or noth-               taken by our Airmen. The once bus-            and family. Our own wing commander
ing) to do with Charlie Sheen’s bizarre              tling bases in and around Baghdad were        led the way, deploying to the Combined
melt down, Kim Kardashian’s marriage                 reduced to empty buildings and slabs of       Air and Space Operations Center in an
(then divorce), or William and Kate’s                concrete, ready to be turned over to the      undisclosed Southwest Asia country as
royal wedding, the wing was right in the             Iraqi military.                               the Deputy Director of Mobility Forces
middle of many of the last year’s most                   The Freedom Wing was there.               for four months.
important happenings.                                    All these contributions by the Free-         So before you plunge into the routine
   In February, when the Arab Spring                 dom Wing come in addition to the ‘nor-        and responsibilities of the new year, take
spread the blossom of freedom to the                 mal’ deployments in support of Opera-         a moment to reflect on the impact that
shores of Tripoli, it was Airmen from the            tion Enduring Freedom to the garden           your wing has had over the past year, and
Freedom Wing who responded. Our C-17                 spots of Kandahar, Bagram, Manas,             remember those who are still deployed.
Globemaster III’s and KC-10 Extenders                Kabul, and the myriad of other places in      The Freedom Wing might not have any-
flew missions in support of the Libyan               the Southwest Asia. Not to mention Air-       thing to do with occupying Wall Street,
rebels during Operation Odyssey Dawn.                men supporting the counter-drug activi-       but we are changing the world.

                                                                                               Freedom Flyer 5

                                                                                                          Photos by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries
                                                                                           above: Key leaders from Joint Base
                                                                                           McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst cut the ribbon Dec. 3,
                                                                                           symbolizing the opening of the new offices
                                                                                           of the New Jersey Employer Support of the
                                                                                           Guard and Reserve. Pictured are, from left,
                                                                                           Col. Joseph Whitlock, 87th Air Base Wing
                                                                                           deputy commander, and NJESGR honorary
                                                                                           chairmen Col. (Ret.) Carmen Venticinque and
                                                                                           Brig. Gen.(Ret.) Robert Dutko, Sr.

                                                                                           left: Col. John M. Wood, 87th Air Base
                                                                                           Wing commander, center, signs an Employer
                                                                                           Support of the Guard and Reserve document
                                                                                           Dec. 21, pledging his commitment to sup-
                                                                                           port more than 13,000 Guard and Reserve
                                                                                           members who train at the joint base. On-
                                                                                           lookers include NJESGR state chair and joint
                                                                                           base Reserve and active duty leadership.

 New facility promotes reserve access to civiliaN employmeNt support
by master sgt. donna T. Jeffries                                 The new facility will be host to an employment initia-
514th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs                        tive program, in which Guard and Reserve members and
                                                              veterans who are underemployed can find assistance. Look
   It’s become a little easier for Freedom Wing Airmen to for postings in the future about specialized trainings about
receive support with civilian employment issues.              Employment Opportunities.
   A ribbon-cutting ceremony held here Dec. 3 marked             New Jersey residents can boast that the NJESGR leads the
the official opening of a new facility for the New Jersey nation in accomplishments. In 2011 the committee records
Committee for Employer Support of                                                  briefing more than 4,700 service mem-
the Guard and Reserve, an organization                                             bers and acquiring 910 Statements of
dedicated to promoting cooperation             The esgr office is open on          Support from civilian employers as
between Reserve component members              the following weekends:             part of its activities. With more than
and their civilian employers and to                                                6,265 volunteer hours given the orga-
assisting in the resolution of conflicts        Jan. 21-22        Jul. 14-15       nization has saved the federal govern-
arising from an employee’s military             feb. 11-12        aug. 11-12       ment in excess of $142,600.
commitment.                                     mar. 10-11       sept. 15-16          The demands placed upon service-
    The new facility, located at 5511           apr. 21-22        oct. 20-21       members in the Guard and Reserve can
Texas Avenue, is on one of the instal-                                             have a significant impact on a service-
                                                may 19-20         nov. 17-18
lation’s main roads, making the local                                              member’s civilian employment. The
ESGR representatives more accessible             Jun. 9-10         dec. 8-9        ESGR can help both servicemembers
to all Guard and Reserve units here.                                               and civilian employers in understand-
   Col. (Ret.) Carmen Venticinque,                                                 ing and resolving issues related to
NJESGR honorary chairman, was instrumental to making these demands. The aim of the ESGR is to develop and
the move.                                                     promote a culture in which all American employers support
   He said the move helps dispel the perception that ESGR and value the military service of their employees.
supports only Guard interests since the old ESGR offices were    For more information, call (609)562-5550 or visit www.
located in the Army National Guard building on Fort Dix.

6 Freedom Flyer
                                                                                                                                                     Photos by Shawn J. Jones
Chief Master Sgt. Antoinette Kolesnikov (wearing red apron in center) hosted her 23rd holiday breakfast Dec. 13. It was attended by approximately 500 guests, includ-
ing Freedom Wing Airmen and alumni, professional sports personalities and regional and national media outlets.

 special guests highlight chief’s holiday breakfast
 by shawn J. Jones                                                                                          coming back,” she said. “It’s
 Freedom Flyer editor                                                                                       like mini-reunions for many of
     For the past 23 years, Chief                                                                              This will be the chief’s last
 Master Sgt. Antoinette Kolesnikov,                                                                         breakfast, as she is due to retire
 514th Force Support Squadron, has                                                                          before the next holiday season.
 hosted a holiday breakfast for the                                                                            “Since this was the last one, I
 Airmen, friends and family of the                                                                          wanted to make it special,” she
 514th Air Mobility Wing.                                                                                   said.
     In the first few years, the break-                                                                        In this case, making it special
 fast was mainly for twenty or so                                                                           involved several special guests.
 of her co-workers, but over the                                                                            The Food Network’s Sunny
 years it has steadily grown into The Food Network’s Sunny Anderson (right) and Master Sgt.                 Anderson, who is a former Air-
 the 500-person event that was held Megan Parrot, 514th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, make grits           man, attended the early portion
 here Dec. 13.                            for the 23rd Annual Holiday Breakfast hosted by Chief Master Sgt. of the breakfast as a celebrity
     Guests were treated to omelets, Antoinette Kolesnikov, 514th Force Support Squadron. Anderson          chef. Among the many other
 bacon, grits and many other tradi- previously served as a broadcaster in the Air Force.                    noteworthy visitors were three
 tional breakfast foods. While the                                                                          original Tuskegee Airmen,
 chief does receive some food and cash donations, the major- an original member of the WASP (Women Air Force Ser-
 ity of the breakfast is paid from out of her own pocket. Kole- vice Pilots), civil rights pioneer and former Freedom Wing
 snikov said the point of the breakfast is to show appreciation commander Maj. Gen. Joseph McNeil and representatives
 for her co-workers in the 514th Air Mobility Wing.                        from the Philadelphia Soul and Philadelphia Eagles football
     “I do it because it’s one way I can personally say thank teams.
 you for everything they contribute,” she said.                                Kolesnikov’s 23 years of giving attracted the attention of
     The event has become very popular with Freedom Wing several large media markets. Interviews and footage from
 alumni, with many returning year after year.                              the breakfast were broadcast nationally on NBC Nightly
     “To me, it’s a real testament to this wing that they keep News and regionally on NBC Philadelphia.

                                                                                                                 Freedom Flyer 7
Maj. Henry Bernard, 514th Aeromedical Staging Squadron nurse, demonstrates how to perform a chest tube insertion on a medical training dummy. ASTS Airmen continuously train in order t
ment necessary for 24-hour staging operations, patient transportation to aircraft and administrative processing to patients transiting within the worldwide aeromedical evacuation system.

traiNiNg preps airmeN to fill vital liNk iN aeromedical evacuatioN
by master sgt. donna T. Jeffries                                                        cal treatment facilities onto evacuation aircraft and from those
514th Air Mobility Wing public affairs                                                  aircraft into advanced medical facilities away from the area of
   One month the training may focus on intravenous inser-                                 The squadron’s nurses and medical technicians receive
tions and suturing wounds, while the next month it’s cath-                              monthly training through the readiness skills verification
eterizations and placing chest tubes.                                                   program, which covers patient assessment and care, ban-
   Regardless of the focus, the results are the same – Air-                             daging, suturing and other basic medical skills.
men of the 514th Aeromedical Staging Squadron leave                                       The training program is especially essential for the
their training weekends with the medical skills needed                                  squadron’s enlisted Airmen, said Maj. Gail Garland, a
to keep patients stable as they transition from frontline medi-                         nurse with the 514th ASTS who manages the training
 8 Freedom Flyer
                                                                                         above left: Maj. Robert Blancke, 514th ASTS chief nurse, gives his students a lesson in nasogastric tube
                                                                                         insertion during the unit’s monthly readiness skills training session. The squadron’s Airmen continually train to
                                                                                         ensure they are able to keep patients stable as they are moved from frontline medical treatment facilities onto
                                                                                         evacuation aircraft and from those aircraft into advanced medical facilities away from the area of operations.

                                                                                         above right: Medical technicians from the 514th Aeromedical Staging Squadron watch a demonstration on
                                                                                         nasogastric tube insertion at the medical skills lab located near the 87th Medical Group clinic here.
                                               Photos by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries
to staff aeromedical staging facilities, which provide personnel and equip-              bottom: Blancke provides training to fellow ASTS Airmen, who take care of patients at transition points
                                                                                         within the aeromedical evacuation system.

            program. While all of the squadron’s medical officers are                                             The training also proves useful when Airmen are off duty.
            required to have prior clinical experience, less than half                                            “Because I don’t do this on the outside, the level of
            of its enlisted Airmen have any medical experience at all.                                         training I get here gives me skills I can even use with my
               Tech. Sgt. Ursula Simmons, a medical technician with                                            students at my civilian job,” said Simmons, who serves as
            the squadron, said the continuous training she received                                            a special education teaching assistant in her civilian job.
            through the program helped her while serving at the con-                                           “Once, I had a situation with a student choking and I was
            tingency aeromedical staging facility at Ramstein Air                                              able to use the Heimlich maneuver.”
            Base, Germany, and has prepared her to deliver medical                                                The ASTS reservists host their training at the medical
            care while deployed.                                                                               skills lab, located near the 87th Medical Group clinic here.
               She said the training has helped her better understand                                          The lab features multiple training stations complete with
            some of the unique medical aspects of serving in a staging                                         medical equipment, training dummies and the necessary
            facility, such as assisting with the unloading of patients                                         computer and audiovisual technology that make training
            from an aircraft on an active flightline.                                                          efficient and effective.
                                                                                                                                            Freedom Flyer 9
The following enlisted Airmen
were promoted in December.

Johnny Colon, 514 SFS
Raymond Colon, 514 FSS
Henry McKay, 514 CES
Kristin Nikola, 514 LRF
Eric Tullock, 514 CES

airman 1st class
Christopher Gordon, 714 AMXS
Jeremy Oatman, 714 AMXS                                                                                                                  Photos by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries
David Debra, 76 ARS                         left: Airmen from the 514th Air Mobility Wing, here, deliver pajamas and sweat pants to the Children’s Specialized Hospital
                                            in New Brunswick, N.J., as part of the unit’s community outreach program. The donation will be used to cloth young patients
senior airman                               who do not have an extra change of clothes. right: Master Sgt. Amanda Heffner, an outreach volunteer from the 514th
Balewattie Bandhu, 514 AMDS                 Civil Engineer Squadron, helps unload a truck full of toys Dec. 19 at the Salvation Army in Trenton, N.J. Airmen from here
Azaan Butt, 88 APS
                                            give more than 200 volunteer hours annually to assist the Salvation Army with its holiday efforts.
Daniel Casachahua, 714 AMXS

                                            giving back not just for holidays
Efia Colliins, 732 AS
Saul DeJesus, 714 AMXS
Marvin DeLeon, 88 APS
Nazareth Garcia, 514 LRF
Michael Killebrew, 714 AMXS
Richard Klein, 514 CES
Kervin Philitas, 514 MXS                    by master sgt. donna T. Jeffries                               need The Salvation Army’s help.”
Vanessa Schoening, 514 CES                  514th Air Mobility Wing public affairs                            Other unit-sponsored acts of kindness
Ama Sey, 514 SFS                                                                                           include donations to food pantries both
Michael Shea, 76 ARS                           Giving is a key theme many embrace                          on and off base and sponsoring quarterly
Brent Welton, 514 SFS                       during the holiday season. Reserve Air-                        clothes, toys and shoe drives.
                                            men here are no exception; however, their                         “Our goal is to touch the lives of oth-
staff sergeant                                                                                             ers everywhere,” said Senior Master Sgt.
                                            giving nature is evidenced throughout the
Tanile Burns, 514 LRF
Joni Gomez, 514 OG                          year.                                                          Sebrena FlaggBriggs, outreach volunteer.
Andrea Mackereth, 88 APS                       As part of a Freedom Wing commu-                            “We do what we can to meet community
Melinda Metzger, 42 CBCS                    nity outreach program, unit members give                       needs and bring smiles and comfort when
Owen Monk, 514 SFS                          their time, talents and resources to numer-                    we deliver,”
Kareem Stroman, 42 CBCS                     ous civilian nonprofit organizations and                          Giving back to the community is
Dimitriy Tsvetkov, 714 AMXS                 causes yearlong.                                               another example of the busy lives of
                                               Chosen 300 Ministries Inc., in Phila-                       Reserve Airmen, who already balance
Technical sergeant
                                            delphia is one location where Airmen                           commitments to their civilian jobs, their
Richard Kivelier, 514 SFS
Raven Moses, 88 APS                         regularly help feed the homeless and bring                     military duties and their families.
Hector Vargas, 714 AMXS                     clothing donations. Another beneficiary                           “Our Airmen not only support our mis-
Anthony Vespa, 514 SFS                      is the Children’s Specialized Hospital                         sion to fly, fight and win, but volunteer on
Scott Wagen, 88 APS                         in New Brunswick, N.J., whose young                            their own time to support many commu-
                                            patients were recent recipients of a pajama                    nity programs local to the base and within
master sergeant                             and sweat pants drive. And yet another                         their communities,” said Chief Master
Deborah Fryslin, 514 AMDS                   cause is the Trenton Salvation Army holi-                      Sgt. Michael Ferraro, 514th Air Mobility
Petra Murray, 514 AMDS
Jessica Osmer, 78 ARS                       day efforts in which Airmen give more                          Wing command chief master sergeant. “It
Tracey Schwalbe, 514 AMDS                   than 200 hours annually picking up, pack-                      is an intrinsic and selfless act that stems
                                            aging and distributing food and Christmas                      from their core values of Service Before
senior master sergeant                      toys for families in need.                                     Self.”
Daneian Easy, 42 CBCS                          “I feel fortunate to be a part of this pro-                    For more information about how you
                                            cess,” said Master Sgt. Amanda Heffner, a                      can get involved in a community outreach
chief master sergeant                       five-year volunteer of the program. “The                       project, contact your unit Human Resource
Curvin Hamilton, 514 CES                                                                                   Development Council representative.
                                            parents who come to register definitely
Ronald Wink, 88 APS

10 Freedom Flyer
news briefs
local vfW hosts veterans info sessions
   Veterans of Foreign War Post 6590 is offering
claim assistance and veterans benefits informa-
tion sessions on the first Monday of every month
from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on a first-come, first-served
basis. The post is located at 22 Cookstown-
Wrightstown Rd. Cookstown, N.J., behind the
Bamboo House and 3 Brother’s Pizza. For more
information, call 609-758-7466.

academy seeks reserve airmen
   Through the LEAD program, 85 slots are
available to highly-qualified Reserve and Guard
Airmen at the Air Force Academy in Colorado                                             Photo by Master Sgt. Donna T. Jeffries
Springs, Col., via a preparatory school. Every
year, many of these slots go unfilled and a great
opportunity is wasted. Admissions standards are                Spotlight:
                                                        master sgt. Holly rivera
high, and the academy is demanding of its stu-
dents, but the rewards are substantial. Selectees
receive a full scholarship to one of the nation’s
best schools and the opportunity to become a
commissioned officer. Applications and letters        unit: 514th Logistics Readiness Squadron
of recommendation are due Dec. 31. The rest of
the package, such as high school transcripts and      position: Logistics Support
test scores, is due Jan. 31. For more informa-
tion, visit, click          civilian employment: 514th LRS Air Reserve Technician
admission and then Airmen, call (719) 333-
2653 or type Air Force LEAD program into a            hometown: Columbus, N.J.
search engine.
                                                      favorite pastime: Reading and home renovations
free tutoring for reservists, families
                                                      best school subject: Math have been made available to
Guard and Reserve servicemembers and their            favorite reality show: Biggest Loser
dependents. Military families in the Army,
Marines, Navy, and Air Force are eligible for         favorite guilty meal: Lasagna
free access to the Department of Defense online
tutoring program, which allows K-12 and adult         Thing that makes you go hmmm? The Jersey Shore TV show
students to connect to a live tutor online at any-
time for help with their homework, studying,          last book read: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
college coursework and more.
                                                      little known fact: I grew up on a farm. We grew hay, straw, soy
nco development                                       beans and corn. I Iearned to drive a tractor at 10 and was able to drive
                                                      a car with a farmers license one year earlier than most teenagers.
   A command-sponsored Noncommissioned
Leadership Development Course will be held            pet peeve: Liars
here May 14 - 25. This class is targeted for staff
sergeants, but technical sergeants and highly         What chore do you put off doing? Cleaning the bathroom
motivated senior airmen will be considered on         because it’s disgusting.
a space-available basis. Unit funds will not be
required for those in military status. Airmen         best movies ever seen: Harry Potter series
interested in attending should contact their unit
training manager. Applications must be submit-        in ten years you see yourself: I don’t know. I don’t think that far
ted to the wing training office by Feb. 14.           in advance.
                                                                                  Freedom Flyer 11
freedom flyer Affairs
514th Air Mobility Wing Public
                                             pictured: Freedom Wing Airmen visited the
                                             grave of World War II ace Thomas McGuire,
2217 W. Arnold Ave.                          one of the Joint Base’s namesakes, at Arling-
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ 08641
                                             ton Cemetery in Virginia in December.
for The family of:                                           Photo by Chief Master Sgt. Chryl Ruff

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